8 Surprising Facts About Electric Longboards

Last updated 21. January 2020

Electric longboards are all the rage these days. It’s hard to go anywhere in an urban area and not see someone enjoying their day riding one. In addition to simply being fun to ride, they are also a great way to get around without worrying that you will be stuck in traffic. While you likely already have an idea of what an electric longboard is, here are 8 things that just might surprise you.

1. They Have A Great Amount Of Power

Given that they have relatively small motors you would expect that they would face challenges from time to time, but the fact is that they are extremely powerful. Not only can they get you up hills, but they actually can handle some pretty extreme inclines. There really isn’t any reason to worry that it won’t easily take you up even the steepest hills in your city.

2. They Are Easy To Ride, Even If It’s Your First Time

Some people fear that they won’t be able to ride them, or that they might be dangerous. It’s easy to imagine yourself not being able to keep it under control with how powerful they are, but the truth is that they are very easy to ride. You should be able to smoothly sail your way around town as long as you simply keep your knees bent, should width apart, and your eyes on where you are going. It is far easier than trying to use a non-powered longboard or skateboard as all you have to do is steer.

3. It Can Take You Anywhere You Need To Go

When living in a city traffic can be absolutely unbearable. Many people opt to use public transportation to avoid this issue, but even better than that is having your own electric longboard to get you to where you need to go. An added benefit is that it is rather compact and easy to carry inside. This can save you a great money on Uber and bus fare as well as even some time.

4. Easy Stopping

With any moving object, it is important to be able to put on the brakes. With these electric longboards, it is easy and extremely effective. The brakes will bring you to a smooth stop so that you do not have to worry that you will hit any objects or pedestrians in your path. They are just the right strength for you to remain in control, yet not risk running into anything.

5. Great Control

These boards were created to make just about any path accessible. Taking a quick turn is no hassle. Simply lean your body in the direction that you wish to go. They even have the ability to make a pretty tight u-turn. It will take a very short time for you to get the feel of just how much weight you want to use to get the steering that you desire.

6. Helps You To Live A Green Lifestyle

Driving a car to get to where you need to go puts out a ton of emissions. Even if you are already going greener by taking the bus or other public transportation, you are still leaving a pretty heavy carbon footprint behind you. However, when using an electric longboard to get from point A to point B you will be much closer to living a truly green lifestyle. The only footprint is from charging your board, which requires very little energy when compared to how far it will take you on each charge.

7. They Are Extremely Safe

Some people believe that anything that uses a lithium battery is a major hazard, but that simply is not the case. As long as your board has been UL certified it has been rigorously tested to ensure that the components are safe for your use and can be stored in your home without any reason to worry. Checking reviews before making a purchase can also help to give you some peace of mind that the one you buy will be completely safe.

8. Riding Is Good For The Brain

While riding your longboard won’t turn you into a genius at an Einstein level, it can help to make new connections in your brain and improve its function. This is because you will be working to create new maps in your head of how is best to get around and will constantly be experiencing new things. Additionally, it will improve your problem-solving skills and even give you a little bit of a workout, compared to sitting in your car or riding public transportation. It can even improve your health somewhat as you will be having more fun each day, experience less stress and be getting fresh air while going to the places that you need to be.

These are just a few of the reasons that longboards have grown in popularity in recent years. If you are looking for a way to beat the hassle of traffic, want to spend more time outdoors or simply want to pick up a new hobby this is a great choice. Do not let any fears you might have about your ability to control it keep you from giving it a try. You will find that it is easy to master and is a ton of fun. Go out and investigate your options so you can find the electric longboard that is right for you.


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