When someone suffers a leg injury, it can be a challenge to adapt to. With decreased mobility and a long healing process, patients can feel trapped and frustrated. This is especially true for those who find the tension of crutches to be too painful to use.

Luckily, many people who suffer foot and leg injuries are finding a new source of mobility in the all terrain knee scooter. These vehicles have proven less physically stressful than crutches, and more mobile than other forms of medical devices. With the ability to tackle any territory, they are the perfect thing to help you get through the healing process.

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What is the Best Knee Scooter for All Terrains?


1. All Terrain KneeRover

All Terrain KneeRover

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Featuring 12-inch pneumatic tires, the KneeRover All Terrain knee walker is well suited for maneuvering all kinds of territories! The versatile material used in the walker all terrain tires allows it to adeptly tackle uneven surfaces like grass and gravel.

This all terrain scooter for sale utilizes a heavy-duty double bar construction to provide ultimate support. With the ability to support 350 pounds, the scooter can also accommodate users between the heights of 5”6” and 6”6”. It’s versatility, durability, and maneuverability combine together to create an efficient and effective product.


+ Heavy-duty structure with lightweight frame

+ KneeRover Stabilizer

+ Adjustable lock handbrake

+ Premium tire-rod steering helps combat bumpy terrain

+ Portability

Why We Liked It – Its size capabilities make it one of the best all terrain walkers for adults. We especially like the automotive tie-rod steering system, which gives the wheels maximum control and stability.

2. Petite All Terrain KneeRover Jr

Petite All Terrain KneeRover Jr

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The petite rover is ideal for small adults and children between the heights of 4’3” and 5’9”. With a weight capacity of 250, it does bear a slightly lighter load than other models. This is due to the fact that this particular scooter is intended for smaller users. Despite the smaller frame, the wheels are just as durable as the senior model.


+ Convenient detachable wire basket

+ Durability

+ Lightweight frame allows for easy transportation

+ All terrain rover is great for kids and adults alike

+ Available in vibrant colors like red and coastal teal

Why We Liked It – KneeRover’s Jr model is perfect for accommodating smaller people as they navigate their busy lifestyles. The lightweight frame pairs wonderfully with the adjustable knee pad, creating perfect all terrain walkers for adults, children, and everyone on the smaller side!

3. KneeRover PRO All Terrain

KneeRover PRO All Terrain

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The KneeRover PRO is an all terrain knee walker scooter which comes equipped with a shock absorber. The scooter uses Integrated Shock Technology to actively absorb any bumps that you may experience on the road. This provides a thoroughly smooth ride and protection for your injured leg.

The absorber enhances the comfort of the ride while also empowering the choice of terrain. Paired with a wide wheelbase and 12” walker all terrain tires, the scooter is highly resistant to any surface area damage.


+ Easily maneuverable and steerable

+ Comfortable for long periods of time

+ Shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride

+ Able to adjust and accommodate to your needs.

+ Incredibly sturdy through aluminum double bar construction

Why We Liked It – What sets this scooter apart from others is truly the inclusion of the shock absorber. The Integrated Shock Technology provides a smooth and bump-free journey wherever you are. There are some users that have even taken this model backpacking across the cobblestones of Italy!

4. Azoob All Terrain Steerable

Azoob All Terrain Steerable

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Of the models on this list, this scooter is made with the highest emphasis on practicality. The seat and basket are both removable and can be detached for portability. Its height can range from 39” to 47”. Yet, this height can be compressed to a meager 19” when folded.

It’s important to note that this model does not come equipped with a plush knee cushion. If you are in search of that extra support, Azoob does suggest purchasing the accessorized knee pad.


+ Practically designed for ease of use

+ Lightweight frame improves portability

+ Can support up to 300 pounds

+ Easily adjustable without the use of tools

+ Parking brake locks wheels in place

Why We Like It – This is a great product if you are in search of something that will support you while remaining portable and movable. We love how easily the streamlined handlebar can be folded into a compact structure. We especially love that, despite its compactness, the frame is not structurally compromised and provides a stable ride. This what makes this all-terrain knee scooter for sale a steal!

5. KneeRover QUAD

KneeRover QUAD

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The QUAD all terrain rover has a total of four large pneumatic wheels. The 12” wheels, which need to be filled upon assembly, are deftly able to combat any possible form of terrain. This makes it perfect for grass, cobblestone, sidewalk, or any other form of bumpy territory. This all terrain outdoor walker also features a drum braking system, which is incredibly reliable for quick stops and smooth brakes.


+ Large tires provide a steady experience

+ Reliable drum brake system ensures safety

+ Premium tire-rod steering provides excellent stability

+ 3” seat pad contours and cushions your knee

+ Can support 350 pounds and heights between 5’-6’4”

Why We Like It – If you prefer your scooter to be heavy duty, then the QUAD is for you. The durable knee scooter wheels prove why the QUAD is a great accompaniment to any outdoor adventure.

6. KneeRover HYBRID

KneeRover HYBRID

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The hybrid gets its name because it combines the stability of the KneeCycle with the KneeRover all terrain knee walker. This marriage ensures that the scooter will remain upright and maneuverable, indoors and outdoors!

The four knee scooter all-terrain wheels provide a structural integrity that actively grounds and stabilizes users throughout their ride. Its lightweight frame still maintains a sturdy experience that will not tip or fall over. And with 9” pneumatic walker all-terrain tires, this model can be operated by users any age, and those suffering any level of a foot injury.


+ Easily folds for compact storage

+ Accessible parking brake for easy stopping

+ Handlebars are fully adjustable.

+ Incredibly stable 9” extra-large front tires

+ Maneuverable in both indoors and outdoors

Why We Like It – This scooter truly combines the best of both worlds. Its 9” front tires combined with its 7.5” polyurethane rear tires yield excellent stability and control. Most importantly, we love it because it truly allows you to maneuver the entirety of the world, both inside and outside.

7. KneeRover GO Knee Walker

KneeRover GO Knee Walker

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For those in search of a lightweight and portable experience, then the KneeRover Go is for you. This all terrain knee scooter for sale is actively designed for those who emphasize portability and transferability.

Weighing only 20.4 pounds, the walker is structured to fold into the most compact size possible. The smaller 7.5” walker all terrain tires ensure a smaller turning radius. This means it can be used on both rough terrains and in smaller spaces.


+ 7.5” polyurethane tires absorb shock

+ Can accommodate heights from 4’ to 6’2”

+ Very lightweight

+ Quick release folding mechanisms make for easy storage

+ Rotating front axle provides easy transport

Why We Like It – The KneeRover GO takes the amenities of the KneeRover all terrain knee walker and compresses it for easy usage. We love how easily transported this model is. With a 90 degree rotating front axle, the entire unit is perfect for quick storage and transport!


All Terrain Knee Scooter Buyers Guide

When you’re searching the sprawling world of walkers and scooters, there are some things you’ll want to look out for. We put together this buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision for your health and recovery.

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What is an All-Terrain Knee Scooter?

A knee scooter is, quite simply, a moving walker which houses the patient’s injured leg. Patients rest their injury on a specialized seat, and use their other leg to propel the walker forward. Equipped with three to four wheels, this piece of medical equipment provides comfort and stability as patients navigate their day to day life.

What Knee Scooter for All Terrains?

The best knee scooter for you will depend on what you value most. For example, do you want something practical and affordable, or are you willing to pay extra for something more feature-packed? Are you short or tall? All of the products on this list are highly recommended, and there really isn’t a “best”.

To determine the best knee scooter for you, you’ll want to consider the following factors.

Weight & Height Capacity

As with anything you buy for medical reasons, you need to make certain your scooter can accommodate you. Many all terrain walkers for adults have specific weight maximums and height ranges. You’ll need to make certain that the walker falls within these categories and can adequately support you.

Make certain to find an all terrain knee scooter for sale that supports your weight. Many models feature a weight maximum that can range from 250 to 350. Before purchasing, always make certain to look for this statistic. If the saddle is weighed down, then the axle will enact resultant force on the wheels, causing them to stall.


If you are in search of an all terrain outdoor walker, you will want to pay attention to its ability to be steered. There are two options within this category; a non-steerable scooter and a steerable one. A scooter that is easily steered will feature pivoting front wheels; this allows you to enact turns. These turns can be further specified by the turning radius —which will be examined in the next section.

An all terain scooter that cannot be steered will have wheels that remain locked in position. Should you need to move in an alternative direction, you will need to physically pick it up and readjust. This method is more advantageous to those who are using their electric mobility scooter to move outside and in one direction.

Many people prefer a scooter that can pivot, solely because it offers versatility and a higher mobility. Yet, there are others who prefer the stability that comes when the walker all terrain tires cannot pivot. They prefer their mobility scooter to be heavy duty and without the possibility of tipping or swerving.

Turning Radius

The turning radius is the smallest possible turn your walker is capable of making. So, a large turning radius will only allow you to make big turns, whereas a small one will allow you to navigate sharper curves. If you are going to be spending a lot of time inside, you’ll want to find something with a smaller turn radius. If not, you’ll be forced to constantly lift and adjust your rover to navigate enclosed areas.

Not every company advertises their turning radius. You can normally do some scouring in reviews to find customers’ take on this statistic. Another way to ascertain the radius is to pay attention to the size of the walker all terrain tires. Large wheels have a large circumference, thus they also have a bigger radius. This means that their rate of turn is going to be quite sprawling. Smaller knee scooter all terrain wheels make for sharper turns and more efficient cornering.

Your preference of turning radius is based entirely on your lifestyle. If you are using your all terrain rover mostly for outside activities, then the radius doesn’t really affect you. Yet, if you are going to be inside a lot, you’ll probably want to find something with a smaller turn radius.


If you’ve been researching scooters, you may have noticed that many come equipped with a wire basket. These baskets allow for storage possibilities should you need them. Yet, not every all terrain outdoor walker has this included with purchase. Instead, many sell them as an accessory.

If you are a person who commutes, or a student, then you’d probably want to invest in something with this perk. Many all terrain walkers for adults also offer the wire basket as a detachable add-on. This way, you have the flexibility to add or remove the basket based on your preferences.

Seat Comfort

This one is imperative for your comfort: if you are going to purchase an all terrain scooter you need to make certain that the seat will accommodate you without pain. You are going to spend a prolonged amount of time in the all terrain walker. Thus, if it ever is uncomfortable, then you run the risk of causing your body discomfort, and possibly further injury.

When searching for an outdoor walker, look for a seat that has a plush fabric and can support your weight. If a product has a padded seat, it will specify the material and depth of the cushion. Some products have seats with 3.5” inch fabric, whereas others do not sport this amenity at all. Luckily, the companies that do not sell the cushion tend to offer it instead as a separate accessory.


In essence, a scooter is a vehicle. No vehicle is successful without good braking systems. Even the finest mustang becomes useless if the brakes do not work! This is why you need to research the brakes that your scooter uses and make certain that their methods are effective.

If you ever feel that the handle push it too loose or too tight, you can always adjust the braking tension. To discern where your brakes are, simply follow the cable that connects the hand brake to the scooter. These will normally be found near the wheels. Here you will discover a washer which can be equally tightened or loosened to your preference.

Knee Pad Height

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll need to search for an all terrain knee walker for sale that will comfortably fit your measurements. To find this out, you need to look into the knee support height range.

The injured leg should be comfortably situated within the middle of the cushion. Meanwhile, the uninjured leg should be able to remain straight down. If you cannot adjust the knee support height to accommodate this position, then you run the risk of causing prolonged harm to your body.


This is imperative to look for, especially if you are an active person. Many people purchase an all terrain scooter because they want to avoid the cumbersome nature of crutches. Yet, knee scooters can become cumbersome if they aren’t easily transported or made portable.

If you see yourself as being always on the go, then you’ll want to look for a walker that is compact, light, and portable. Many designs include a foldable feature for the axle to easily fold into the center frame. Some even have detachable handles or rotating axles, which can further compress the entirety of the scooter.


An all terrain rover will cost anything within the range of $100 to $400 USD. If you are interested in accessorizing a basic scooter with cushions, baskets, and other accessories, then the price will be a little higher.

If you are insured, there are ways to have the walker covered by your insurance company. This is because, at its core, it is a medical device. This device is necessary for furthering your way of life, and thusly covered by your insurance.

The best way to know if your insurance will cover something like the KneeRover is to contact them directly. Upon approval, find a local DME provider that can request payment from your insurance company. The paperwork that you will need is a signed prescription from your healthcare provider and documentation of medical necessity.

Expert Tip:

You might be able to travel over grass and rocks, but you should still avoid steep sidewalks and hills no matter what knee scooter you choose. You don’t want to reinjure yourself!

Did You Know?

Your tibia (more commonly known as the shin) is one of the strongest bones in your body – that’s why putting weight on your uninjured leg is much healthier than putting that weight under your arms as you would with a pair of crutches.


An all-terrain scooter is an excellent alternative to crutches. It’s ease of use and transport create the perfect sidekick to a recovery process. Most importantly, it gives a patient the opportunity to navigate their lifestyle and recover in style.

The choice is entirely up to you. We all have different lifestyles, body types, and preferences. Thus, the perfect one is simply the one that fits within your own specifications.

Once you find the walker that is right for you, the rest is easy! All that’s left is to simply continue your healing process, and most importantly, continue with your life.

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