The Ancheer Electric Bike is a special bike featured on My Pro Scooter. It is a high-quality electric bike with all the latest technology and designed for speed, comfort, and durability.

Made from sustainable aluminum alloy, the frame is fully foldable for easy storage, waterproof (of course), equipped to deal with all weathers and strong yet lightweight simultaneously. This is complemented by its safety grip, strong tires which can accommodate a range of different terrains from city riding to mountain biking.

Ancheer have installed a three-speed smart meter button so that you can program the bike however you like. This is alongside the 21-speed gear system, which means easy riding everywhere and anywhere and a bike that really accommodates your weight and height. You can ride up to 50 KM on one single charge owing to the powerful battery. The motor itself allows for up to 25KM/H top speeds, of course, the battery won’t last as long if you’re doing this top speed the whole way.

The bike is even equipped with an LED headlamp so that you do not need to worry about being caught short out in the dark. This is a safety feature and means that night time riding is just as easy as riding in the day time. Therefore, you get a longer adventure.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter 350W

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Key Features

+ Aluminum frame
+ Durable
+ Front & Rear Brakes
+ 21-Speed Gear
+ LED Headlamp
+ Night ride capable
+ 30 Mile Range
+ 250W Motor


Big Range: The range of this electric bike is quite impressive. From a full charge, you can go between 25 and 50 KM. Of course, this number varies within the range according to how fast you are going and how much you brake, etc., just like a normal vehicle.

A big range also equals a strong battery. The battery attached to this electric bike can also be removed for ease of charging, and therefore can be charged on or off the bicycle frame which is great for those people who may be lacking in space or power outputs.

Well Designed: To complement the aluminum frame, the bike itself comes with front suspension so that you get a greater level of shock absorption. This means that you can take the road less traveled and really get out there and have a true adventure on rough terrain without worrying about causing injury to yourself or the bike.

One Year Warranty: With this bike, you are covered for up to a year for the motor and the battery. This has taken into consideration the parts which are most likely to get damaged or become faulty within the least amount of time.

Storable: The bike is collapsible and therefore can be stored extremely easily without taking up too much space.


Limited Parts Warranty: Although the product comes with a good length of a warranty, it is limited in what it actually covers. The whole bike itself is not covered should you run into any trouble. Therefore, you may be facing extra costs for taking out additional insurance policies.

Who is it suitable for?

This bike is made for the more serious bikers, though that isn’t to say that a beginner would not get as much out of it. It is designed to be able to cope with a whole manner of different terrains and would be suitable for adventurers as well as city commuters. Maybe you are a bit of both!

It is designed for adults, and older teenagers as well. It can hold up to 330 lbs. which is quite substantial. Though this would be a dangerous bike for children as the top speed can reach up to around 25 KM/H.

Why We Like It

This is a good electric bike with all the features that you could ever desire from your model. It is affordable, high tech savvy and can accommodate a range of different body heights and shapes owing to its clever design and strong frame. Therefore, it really is very versatile. You don’t have to be a pro biker to purchase it, as it can be just as fun to ride around town or cycle out on your daily commute.

The best part is the capability to ride at night, so your cycling journey doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.

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