The world of mountain bikes is a vast and complicated one filled with technical jargon and seemingly impenetrable lists of specifications, making it hard to find out exactly what the best beginner mountain bikes in 2021 are. Most guides are focused on more advanced mountain bikes aimed at experienced cyclists who know what the complex language and concepts mean, neglecting the needs of beginners who just want a good, simple bike to ride on rough trails.

There are many great options out there for beginners, but cutting through the technical details to find the best can be difficult and time-consuming.

To save you the effort, we’ve done the work in cutting down the wide market to 6 good choices of an entry-level mountain bike, narrowing the field for you to make your life easier. In the list below, we’re going to break down the specifications of 6 of the best beginner mountain bikes on the market in 2021 to help you find the ideal mountain bike for your personal needs.

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View The Best Beginner Mountain Bike in 2021 Below


1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

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The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike more than earns its name, coming equipped with monstrously large 4 inch tires. These offer padding similar to suspension, allowing you to glide over almost any surface with ease and comfort. The width of the tires also gives an advantage when crossing more unstable surfaces such as sand or mud, and the rough knobbed surface of the tires themselves gives a strong level of grip against the ground. The frame is made from durable steel rather than the more common lightweight aluminum construction of most bikes, which adds to the weight but also offers a stronger construction than many alternatives.

+ Extra large tires
+ Tough alloy wheel rims
+ Twist shift gears
+ Sturdy construction
+ Front and rear disc brakes

Why We Liked It – The 4 inch tires of the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike make it stand out from the competition. No other bike offers quite such large tires, and they make a substantial difference to the comfort of riding on rough surfaces.

Alternative; all mountain bikes in-review.

2. Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

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The Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike’s compact 26 inch aluminum frame is lightweight and relatively small but comes with both standard front fork suspension mechanisms and a rear floating beam suspension mechanism to absorb shock and prevent it from impacting your arms and shoulders, reducing the risk of injury when biking on rough terrain.

This advanced dual suspension design absorbs the highest level of shock possible, ensuring a comfortable ride even at high speeds over rough, difficult terrain. The bike is equipped with 21 speed Shimano gear shifters and a rear Tourney derailleur, giving a high level of control and precision in gear shifting, and the front wheel includes a disc brake to give more refined control over your stopping distance. The Kent KZ2600 is a compact trail bike packed with premium comfort features, making it an excellent high-end choice for anyone who wants to get started with the highest comfort on the market.

+ Large gear range
+ Floating beam suspension system
+ Tough alloy wheel rims
+ Front disc brake
+ Lightweight aluminum frame

Why We Liked It – The Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is equipped with a more advanced and comfortable suspension system than much of the competition. The floating beam suspension system built onto the rear of the bike adds an extra level of comfort and smoothness in addition to the more common front fork suspension system expected from most mountain bikes.

If you’re not too worried about budget, there are some fantastic mountain bikes for under $1500.

3. RALEIGH Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike

RALEIGH Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike

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The RALEIGH Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike is an unusual design in that it is specifically focused on helping beginner mountain bikers to build skills and confidence without getting overwhelmed by extraneous features and details. This is a hardtail mountain bike, featuring only front suspension, which reduces comfort a little in a trade off for reduced weight, complexity, and cost; the difference in comfort is minimal, and the ease of maintenance is significantly increased.

The RALEIGH Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike does not compromise on components, however, featuring disc brakes for precision stopping control and a full set of advanced Shimano gear shifters and derailleur.

+ Range of sizes available
+ Designed to build skills
+ Lightweight aluminum frame
+ Disc brakes
+ Wide gear range

Why We Liked It – The RALEIGH Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike is an exceptionally accessible choice for newer mountain bikers looking to learn more about trail riding without getting overwhelmed by complex high end bikes. It is a sturdy, well designed piece of equipment with a focus on simplicity but does not compromise on the details.

4. Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Womens Road/Mountain

Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Womens Road/Mountain

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The Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Women’s Road/Mountain bike is a hybrid design, combining features from both standard mountain bikes and women’s road bikes to make a bike that fits comfortably on either a busy urban road or a wild mountain trail.

This model of bike features the shock absorbing front fork design of a mountain bike to reduce impact and shock before it reaches your arms and shoulders, protecting them from strain and injury, as well as the simple hardtail rear of a road bike, keeping weight and costs down. Both the mountain bike seat and handlebars are padded for comfort, and the seat can be easily adjusted or removed with the quick release mechanism built into the seat post.

+       Tough alloy wheel rims
+       Wide gear range
+       Front shock absorbing fork
+       Comfortable padding
+       Easily adjustable

Why We Liked It – The Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Women’s Road/Mountain Bike’s hybrid design offers it a level of versatility missing from most mountain bikes. This is ideal for riding on any surface, reducing the need for dedicated mountain and road bikes and allowing you to get by just fine with a single bike.

5. Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike

Kent T-29 Men's Mountain Bike

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The Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike is a lightweight, simple model designed for minimal weight and complexity. The main frame of the bike is made from lightweight aluminum, while the wheel rims are made from a tough aluminum alloy, balancing low weight with high strength and ensuring that your wheels do not deform and harm your riding experience.

The wheels themselves have a 29 inch diameter, reducing the feel of impacts and rough terrain under your wheels for a more comfortable ride. The bike is delivered approximately 85% assembled, but some further assembly is required on arrival. Fortunately, it has been designed to be easy to assemble, reducing the potential difficulties of getting started on mountain biking.

+ Lightweight aluminum frame
+ Wide gear range
+ Tough alloy wheel rims
+ Large wheels
+ Easy to assemble

Why We Liked It – A simple option, the Kent T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike does not compromise on comfort or weight. It is an exceptionally lightweight option with an aluminum frame and alloy wheel rims, and its large wheels and wide gear range ensure that your ride should always be comfortable.

6. Mongoose R3577 Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose R3577 Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

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The Mongoose R3577 Girl’s Maxim is a lightweight aluminum framed mountain bike with a range of premium components for added control and comfort. The 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur, in combination with SRAM twist shifters for smoother and more intuitive gear changes, offers a high level of control over your riding experience, while the strong alloy brake system gives strong, fast braking power with minimal added weight.

In addition to this, the bike features full suspension on both the rear and front wheels, ensuring your comfort by reducing the shock and impact against your arms at the front and reducing the feel of bumps against your body at the rear.

+ Lightweight aluminum frame
+ Wide gear range
+ Shimano derailleur
+ Alloy brakes
+ Full suspension

Why We Liked It – The Mongoose R3577 Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bike is a lightweight option that does not compromise on comfort and control, making it a great higher end beginner option for those relatively new to mountain biking who want good control over their experience.


Buyers Guide


Alloy wheels

The wheels of your bike are constantly pressed against the ground and have to strike every bump in the road, meaning that they take far more strain and punishment than most other parts of the bike. Especially with cheaper wheel options, this can lead to damage if you use your bike a great deal. A slight bend in the wheel rim from an unfortunate impact can have a major effect on your riding experience, hurting the level of control you have over your bike in the field and impacting the precision of your steering and the comfort of your ride. Alloy wheels are stronger than aluminum without making a massive difference to the weight of your bike, reducing the chance of damage and helping your bike to stay in perfect riding condition throughout its lifespan with minimal maintenance.


Tire sizes

Different mountain bikes come with different sizes of wheel, changing your experience of riding the bike substantially. Larger wheels prevent you from feeling the roughness of the terrain to its fullest extent, making otherwise uncomfortable bumps seem smaller and easier to ride over comfortably and smoothly and reducing the shock of impacts as you cycle, protecting your arms slightly. Conversely, smaller wheels allow you to feel the full range of textures beneath your wheels, giving you a better sense of what exactly you are riding across. Larger wheels may seem like a clear winner when it comes to comfort, but smaller wheels also come with certain advantages; their increased ability to feel the ground beneath you gives more control, helping you to feel closer to the trail beneath you and to adjust your riding approach to fit changing surfaces more rapidly and fluidly.


What’s the difference between full suspension and hardtail?

Hardtail bikes offer suspension systems at the front fork but not the rear wheel, while full suspension bikes incorporate both front and rear mounted suspension systems. This helps to absorb the shock of rough terrain more effectively, reducing the impact shocks that reach your body. Hardtail bikes tend to be cheaper than full suspension bikes, which is a worthwhile consideration, but affordable full suspension bikes are becoming increasingly affordable and accessible. Dual suspension designs are likely to provide a more comfortable riding experience, while hardtail designs are more common in road bikes and other models aimed at smoother terrain.


What are disc brakes?

Disc brakes feature a larger pad than alternatives, giving a far greater contact area against the wheels. This enables your bike to stop faster and more smoothly with a full squeeze of the brakes, or to stop slowly and gently with a gentle squeeze, giving more control and a more comfortable braking experience. Plus, as a lesser but still valuable benefit, the larger and stronger pads of disc brakes tend to last a little longer before requiring replacement, reducing the level of maintenance needed to keep your mountain bike in good working order.



There are a number of great beginner mountain bikes on the market in 2020, as well as a far wider range aimed at more advanced, confident users. The 6 above are among the best simple, entry level models of mountain bike available, and all of them are great starter options. All of these are balanced, lightweight, and durable while avoiding unnecessarily complex features that could easily overwhelm a newer mountain biker.

The question of which beginner trail bike is ideal for you and your preferences will depend on which features you would prefer to prioritize; some of these focus on comfort, while others focus on smooth gear shifts or precision braking and still others on a completely stripped down, basic experience. Your decision should focus on your personal plans for your mountain bike as well as your level of knowledge and confidence. Are you planning on using this for road cycling as well as mountain biking, or just for trails?

Do you feel confident maintaining more advanced suspension systems? How many gears is too many for you to easily keep under control? All of the bikes we’ve broken down for you above are great choices, but your answers to these questions and more can help you to choose the best option for your personal needs from our curated list, allowing you to buy with full confidence that you’ve chosen an excellent bike for your needs.


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  • Bicycle is equipped with an alloy crank that delivers smooth gear changes,...
  • Mountain bike has twist shifters with a rear derailleur to make gear...
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Schwinn Bonafide Men and Women Mountain Bike, Front Suspension,...
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  • Effortless gear change with 24-speed trigger shifters and front and rear...
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes deliver precise stopping power in any...
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  • Microfiber sweat wipe
  • PALM: One-piece, pre-curved microfiber


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Road bikes mean different things to different people. For some, they’re the ideal commuting method, for others, they’re a way to get out and explore their surroundings, for others still, they’re something to race on. If you’re looking to purchase a road bike you might easily be overwhelmed by the level of choice that’s available to you.

There are plenty of different features available. What you’ll generally be looking at, though, is a bike that is generally built for speed. A road bike is exactly what it sounds like: a bike designed to be ridden on roads. So, you should expect fairly slim road bike tires, minimal (if any) suspension, and possibly a racing geometry with dropped handlebars.

In this article, we’ve chosen ten possibilities for a beginner road bike. In each case, we’ve explained what the bike is like and why it might be a good choice for you. To do this, we’ve highlighted some of each bike’s best features.

Remember – safety first! Get a road bike helmet here.

View The Best Beginner Road Bike Below

1. Schwinn Network 3.0 700C Men’s Hybrid

Schwinn Network 3.0 700C Men's Hybrid

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This bike has more of a hybrid feel to it than a pure road bike. That might not, however, make it a bad thing. Hybrid bikes can offer a really great solution for urban environments. So, if you’re looking for a commuting bike and you’re wanting to get around a city, this might be a great option. It has an aluminum alloy frame which means the bike is lightweight but sturdy.

A lightweight frame is really what you’re looking for in a road bike because it means you can achieve those high speeds. The Schwinn Network 3.0 has a suspension fork, which makes it much more of a hybrid bike. This means it adds a fair bit of weight, but it’ll absorb the shocks and vibrations from a badly paved road. It also offers suspension in the seat post, offering even more comfort. It has 700c road bike wheels and will fit adults from 5’4” to 6’0”.

+ Hybrid design
+ Aluminum alloy frame
+ Front suspension
+ 700c wheels
+ Ergonomic grips

Why We Like It – If you’re looking for a bike that is well suited to urban environments with strong road bike credentials, the Schwinn Network 3.0 offers you a really good solution. You’ll get a comfortable ride without having to over-compromise on speed.

Got a budget in mind? Try one of these beginner road bikes under $500.

2. EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550 21

EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550 21

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This bike looks much more like a traditional road bike. It has an eye-catching design and has some genuinely exciting features. It is built around a steel alloy frame, which is heavier than aluminum but offers a sturdy alternative. The bike has aerodynamic tubing which minimizes wind resistance when achieving those top speeds.

In conjunction with this is the racing geometry and dropped handlebars. They encourage you to ride in a way that maximizes leg power and reduces drag. At the front and rear, it has disc brakes which offer superior stopping power to conventional V- or caliper brakes.

Disc brakes are especially useful if you’re planning on riding in adverse weather conditions. At this price point under $500, disc brakes are a surprising feature. Also available on this bike are wheels with three aero-spoke wheels. They look great while minimizing air resistance.

+ Racing geometry
+ Disc brakes
+ Aero-spokes
+ Striking design
+ Surprising value

Why We Like It – This is a striking looking bike that has some great features. For what it is, it’s extremely good value. A true road bike

3. Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

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Single speed bikes recently saw a huge spike in popularity. They’re definitely a fashion statement in a lot of urban centers. Unsurprisingly, this ‘fixie’ (fixed speed bike) has a paint job to match its cool image. Single speed bikes aren’t just about looks though, they’re a good option as an urban bike.

They’re straightforward and easy to repair and will see you achieving impressive speeds. This model has a steel frame and drops handlebars. It’ll encourage a racing position and reduce wind resistance when you’re cycling at speed. It is a little on the heavy side at 29.5 pounds, but it’s still a great bike.

It features alloy side pull breaks front and back which will give you strong conventional stopping power. There are an alloy hub and alloy rims too. A great value bike offering you an exciting fixed speed option.

+ Fixed speed
+ Front and rear pull brakes
+ Welded steel frame
+ Alloy hub
+ Great value

Why We Like It – If you like the sound of a single speed bike, this is going to be a real contender. It’s a great value, and the core components that are offered are of high quality. Plenty of opportunity for upgrading and personalizing.

4. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed

This is another, slightly more expensive single speed, bike. This bike has a ‘track frame’ that is built for speed. It’s made from 6061 aluminum which is lightweight and offers a bike that can achieve some serious speed. It has a Flip Flop Hub in the back wheel which means that it can be ridden either fixed gear or freewheel.

A truly fixed gear bike means that your legs have to keep moving with the wheels. A freewheel bike is how most bikes are designed, they feature a ratchet mechanism which allows you to stop pedaling while the wheels are still turning. The Flip Flop Hub means that you just have to take the wheel off and put it on the other way round to change your riding method.

An advantage of fixed wheel cycling is that you can break by just pedaling slower. In response to this, the 6KU offers front and back brakes that are easily removable if you’re a ‘fixie’ purist.

+ Aluminum racing frame
+ Flip Flop Hub
+ Range of sizes available
+ Front and rear brakes that are easily removable
+ Flat handlebars

Why We Like It – A seriously cool fixed speed bike. It’s perfect for zipping around an urban environment or even a racetrack. The Flip Flop Hub can let you experiment with fixed gear riding.

5. Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 1 Gravel

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 1 Gravel

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A gravel bike is a very specific kind of road bike in that it is designed to be ridden partially off-road. It has the same kind of geometry, but it basically has thicker tires, allowing it to ride on gravel tracks. They also make great commuter bikes because they can easily tackle the potholes and curbs that urban environments will throw at them.

This gravel bike has a lightweight aluminum frame which will mean a great combination of durability and weight. There are flat handlebars which offer a more comfortable, upright riding position. There’s a high-quality Shimano Acera 9 speed drivetrain which will offer ample gearing for tackling most hills. Additionally, another great feature of gravel bikes is that they’re usually fitted with disc brakes. These offer you superior stopping power, especially in wet conditions. Another advantage for commuters.

+ Aluminum frame
+ Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes
+ Shimano Acera 9-speed gear system
+ Gravel bike design
+ Flat handlebars

Why We Like It – A great gravel bike that has been built using some high-quality components. The aluminum frame will give you a lightweight bike that can get some great speeds. Some off-road capability makes for a versatile bike.

6. Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speed Road Bike

This is a classically designed road bike. It has a chromoly steel frame which combines extreme strength with a surprisingly low weight. Chromoly is quite a bit sturdier than aluminum and quite a lot lighter than regular high tensile steel.

This means that the bike should last you a very long time and would be very well suited for touring. It has a 16-speed Shimano Claris gear system which will offer you plenty of gearing range to tackle a wide range of terrains and profiles. You’ll have great pedaling efficiency and be able to achieve genuinely impressive speeds.

The front and rear alloy caliper brakes will offer you responsive braking with good stopping power. The handlebars are dropped, encouraging a racing posture that will reduce wind resistance. It features Hutchinson Nitro II tires with all-weather treads that offer an excellent level of safety and control, even in wet-weather conditions.

+ Classic design
+ Durable and light chromoly frame
+ 16-speed gear system
+ Hutchinson Nitro II tires
+ Range of colors and sizes

Why We Like It – A classic road bike with some impressive components and features. Would be suitable for race training.

7. Schwinn Women’s Phocus 1600 700C

A Schwinn road bike with a women’s design. Women’s bikes tend to be a little smaller and have narrower handlebars and different road bike saddles for longer rides. This Schwinn bike has an aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork. This results in a lightweight bike that handles very responsively. Carbon fiber is a very high-end material that is lightweight and usually very strong.

It’s fairly common to have a carbon-fiber fork as it reduces the overall weight while giving extra strength where it’s needed most. This bike has a 16-speed drivetrain that offers great versatility for climbing. The Promax alloy caliper brakes offer precise stopping without adding too much weight.

The wheels feature high profile alloy rims with paired spokes, meaning they’ll be nice and durable. It’s a bike that’ll happily take you around town or on adventures down country roads.

+ Women’s frame
+ Aluminum frame
+ Carbon fiber fork
+ 16-speed gear system
+ Promax brakes

Why We Like It – A great classic road bike with a women’s frame. The carbon fiber fork is a surprising feature on a bike of this price and makes for a nippy ride.

8. Vilano – Aluminum Road Bike Commuter Bike

Vilano - Aluminum Road Bike Commuter Bike

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This is a great value bike for what it is. It’s a classically designed men’s road bike with racing geometry and dropped bend-over handlebars. The aluminum frame is made from 6061 alloys and is a genuinely very impressive feature on a bike of this price. It’s been drilled so that you can easily install a water cage if you’re wanting to go on long rides. There’s a 21-speed Shimano gear system that’ll help you handle steep terrain.

For shifting, there are simple but effective Shimano A050 thumb shifters. The wheels are 700c and double walled. They’re of a high standard and will give you good rolling capacity. The bike is very lightweight and will get you around quickly. For the price, this is a great bike.

+ 6061 Aluminum Frame
+ Exceptional Value
+ Shimano 21-speed gear system
+ 700c double-walled wheels
+ Drop bars

Why We Like It – For the money, this is a great bike. An aluminum frames mean that you’re looking at a very lightweight which means you’ll be able to achieve those top speeds. The drop bars will reduce your air resistance.

9. Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike

The Raleigh Merit 2 is an endurance road bike. It’s built to combine comfort with speed. Its geometry is race-orientated but isn’t too aggressive. It has a full aluminum frame and fork offering a nippy and responsive ride. The aluminum means that you’re looking at a lightweight bike that has a good level of acceleration. The crank is made from aluminum too, shaving off a few of those ounces. The Merit 2 has disc brakes at the front and rear.

This allows for slightly wider tires which will give you a bit more stability on rougher roads and will help when you’re tired after a long ride. The disc brakes also offer superior stopping power. There is a 16-speed Shimano gear-system with Claris shifters. The Clari’s model will give you smooth gear shifting confidently. The frame has built-in rack and fender mounts, so it has the potential to be converted into a speedy commuting bike.

+ Aluminum frame and fork
+ Shimano Claris Shifters
+ Clement Strada LGG tires
+ Disc brakes front and rear
+ Built-in fender and rack mounts

Why We Like It – A really strong offering from Raleigh. It has some great components and a good central frame and fork. If you need something that can take you the distance at speed, this would be a really great choice.

10. Schwinn Phocus 1500 Flat Bar Road Bike

Schwinn Phocus 1500 Flat Bar Road Bike

Check Price on Amazon

This is an upright geometry, and flat bars make it look closer to a fitness or hybrid bike. However, the aluminum frame means you’ll be able to compete at a speed level. It comes in either a 17″ (with a women’s bike geometry) or 19″ (with men’s bike geometry), so you should be able to choose a bike that fits you well.

In both models, the geometry encourages an upright seating position which is more comfortable. It has moderate width tires which give the versatility of being able to achieve reasonable speeds without compromising on stability. There are mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear, offering great stopping capacity. The wheels themselves have high profile double wall alloy rims and will offer a sturdy but speedy ride.

+ Upright geometry
+ 24-speed gear system
+ Aluminum fitness frame
+ Double wall alloy wheels
+ Alloy crank

Why We Like It – A great versatile bike that would suit someone who was looking for something to get them out and about. It’s a responsive ride that’s great fun to ride without compromising on comfort.

Beginner Road Bike Buyers Guide

When you’re thinking about what beginner road bike to purchase, you want to think about exactly how and where you want to ride it. Are you a speed freak? Or do you want something more sensible for commuting? Maybe you’re just looking for a bike that can get you out to do a bit of exercise. Whatever you’re looking for in your bike, it’s about weighing up your options (including cheap road bikes) and making the choice that’s right for you. Different materials, designs, and components can hugely affect the price and performance of a bike.

In this section, we talk you through what to look for in a road bike and explain what sorts of features result in what sort of bike.


The material that your bike is constructed from is going to hugely affect its performance. With road bikes, you tend to want to have the lightest weight bike that you can have. This being said, you still need to have a strong material so that your bike is durable. There are a few different kinds of material that you can choose from. Most of the weight is taken up in the frame itself, but occasionally the forks are made from something separate.

Steel is a very common material in bikes. High-tensile steel is the cheapest bike material. It is strong and very durable. It isn’t the lightest material, and you might end up with a fairly weighty bike. Chromoly steel is much lighter but just as strong. It’s a bit more expensive but is extremely durable and a good option for touring bikes.

Aluminum is commonly found on road bikes and is a good option. It’s lightweight and strong. It’s a bit more expensive than high-ten steel, but you’ll notice the difference when you need it.

Carbon fiber is very lightweight and can be made very strong. It’s the most expensive of the materials and usually found on the highest-end bikes.


Typical racing geometry encourages the rider’s back to be horizontal. This is because it severely reduces air resistance, particularly when you’re traveling at speed. This geometry is usually encouraged by drop handlebars, which allow you to grip the front of the bike at a lower point. If speed is your concern, this is the geometry you should be looking at.

A more upright geometry is generally thought of as more comfortable, though. It’ll usually have flat handlebars and encourage a vertical sitting position. If you do build up speed, you’ll notice a lot of drag against your chest.

It is, of course, possible to get a geometry somewhere in between the two which combines speed and comfort.


Gears are useful because they allow you to get tackle climbs more easily. Any gearing gives you much better climbing potential. Often, in fact, more gears don’t necessarily give you a better bike. An 8-speed should give you ample capacity to get up all but the toughest of climbs. Fewer gears also mean less to get wrong.

A single-speed bike (without any gears) might be an option you’re considering. They’re fairly popular bikes in cities. If you live in a flat environment, they might be an excellent choice. There’s very little that can go wrong on a single-speed bike and they let you achieve high speeds with ease. You’ve even got the option of becoming a purist and opting for a fixed-speed, which means that you can brake just by pedaling more slowly. These take a bit of getting used to, so be careful.

Tires and Wheels

When it comes to road bikes, usually you’ll be looking at fairly thin tires. This is because, again, they minimize air resistance. If, however, you’re not a racer, adapting your tires can be a really great way of giving your bike more versatility. By choosing a bike with slightly thicker tires, you’re going to be giving yourself more stability. This means you’ll be able to ride more confidently on potholed roads or in wet conditions.

Wheels should be sturdy but lightweight. Double-walled wheels will give you a good level of durability. Aero-spokes are a flashy option that will cut down on air resistance, but most riders think they’re probably style over substance unless you’re paying for carbon fiber.


There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to road bikes. At the entry level, they benefit from ‘trickle-down’ technology where cutting-edge technology on high-end bikes eventually becomes affordable for beginners a few years later. This means you don’t have to break the bank to end up with a really decent ride. Road bikes usually mean speed which means being lightweight.

If speed is what you’re looking for, consider every extra ounce carefully. Especially if you live in a hilly area, you’ll want to think about getting a lightweight frame. If you’re looking for something to get you out and about and you’re not ready for racing geometry, find something with flat handlebars that will still offer an enjoyable ride.

Whatever your decision is, make sure you consider your options carefully. The more time you take, the more you’ll enjoy riding your bike and the more you’ll want to ride it! This’ll mean being fitter and healthier as well as having fun outside.

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What To Look For When Buying A Skateboard

Buying your first skateboard can be a very exciting process. There are hundreds of designs to look through, and thousands of colorful, witty designs to choose from. Each skateboard is different and has different features. Some boards are perfect for cruising, while others are made to endure a lot of batters, ollies, flips, and slips.

That’s why it’s important to ask a few key questions: Are you going to be using it every day? Is it for a new hobby? Is it for competition practice? What surface will you be skating on? Will you be partaking in park skating or street skating? How important is the design? And how much are you willing to pay for it?


Skateboards are known for having witty, eccentric designs. This means that are dozens of possible patterns and designs to choose from. Each company has their own trademark. For example, enjoi is known for their panda logo, and they make sure to include it in a lot of the skateboards they make.

Knowing what kinds of designs you gravitate towards will help you make an easier decision. You have to remember that you will be using this skateboard for years/months to come. Therefore, it’s important to choose a design that you think is cool, not a design that will look cool to others!


Skateboards come in a lot of various sizes. Some are meant for kids only, while some are able to be used only by adults. Regular skateboards are around 7.5” x 31”-8.5” x 32.5”, while skateboards for children are commonly sized 7”x28”. This ensures that young kids won’t be overwhelmed, as larger boards are harder to manage. A perfectly sized helps children ease-in into the skateboarding world, allowing them to see if it’s the right sport for them at an early age.


Choosing skateboards that are made out of good, sturdy, and durable wood is vital. Most boards nowadays are made out of Canadian Maple. The skateboard deck is usually made out of a dozen or so layers. This ensures that your board will be reliable and can take some beating when you fall off or start doing skateboard tricks. You should also look for pro boards that have metal skateboard trucks since these are the ones that support decks best.

Skateboard Wheels – PU Wheel, Urethane Wheel

You should also look for the type of skateboard wheels that you will be getting with your skateboard. Soft wheels are great for cruising around uneven surfaces, while harder wheels are better for skateboard tricks and hard falls, which is vital for various skateboarding styles. The key thing to remember is the smaller wheels are slower, but also provide you with more control, which isn’t the worst thing for beginners and children in particular.

Price Range

Beginner skateboards can vary in price. They can range anywhere from 150$ well down to 35$. If you want something that will last you for a while, you might want to opt for a board made of quality materials, but if you are a total beginner and just want to see if this sport is the right one, get the affordable choice and then upgrade if needed.

Looking to go electric? Check our our review of the top electric skateboards! You could also try these top-rated electric longboards.

These are the best skateboards for beginners:

1. Punisher Girls Skateboard – Best Overall Skateboard for Beginners

Reasons to buy
  • High-quality riding experience at a low cost
  • unique deck shape provides strength for a 200+ pounds rider
  • Comes in 10 unique designs

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Founded in 2008 in Pennsylvania, Punisher’s goal has been to make graphically pleasing skateboards that have designs that resonate with the rider on a deeper level. Each artist is handpicked by Punisher to design an original, unique image that is then incorporated into the skateboard. The fantastic graphic designs combined with the quality of the skateboard itself make for a very personalized riding experience.

If you are looking for a skateboard that will provide you with all the necessary features you need to ride safely and efficiently, then the Punisher Butterfly Jive will be the perfect board for you. No matter if you want to give this skateboard to one of your kids or if you want it for yourself, it has the perfect size to fit just about anyone.

The Buttefly Jive measures around 32 x 14 x 9 inches and weighs about 7 pounds.
Being made out of Canadian Maple, this skateboard is both lightweight and durable. The maple skateboard is known for having good endurance qualities and for being flexible. This helps the rider perform tricks easier, and ride on more bumpy roads smoother.

The concave deck shape allows the skateboard to be ridden by riders weighing up to 200 pounds. It also helps ensure that your feet stay firmly on the board, being positioned at an appropriate angle.

The Butterfly Jive has the perfect price for anyone that is looking for a durable skateboard. It has a great design and wonderful craftsmanship for the price.


  • Can take up to 200 pounds weight
  • Original graphic design
  • Concave pro deck
  • Heavy-duty grip tape

  • Bearings could spin longer

Our Verdict on the Punisher 31-Inch Skateboard

It’s hard to argue against the fact that Punisher makes some of the most amazing boards out there. Especially when it comes to graphics and design, the company puts a lot of effort into making their boards stand out.

2. Bamboo Blue World Peace – Premium Choice Skateboard For Beginners

Reasons to buy
  • More pop when doing trick
  • Bamboo boards are more durable than maple ones 
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors

Check Price On Bamboo

The simple, yet beautiful graphic that makes this board an eye-catcher was designed by Anthony Nathan of Sacramento. It not only looks cool but also promotes a very powerful message – that we should all strive for a more peaceful future for everyone. 

Another quite unique feature of this board is that the deck is made out of bamboo, which makes it lighter, stronger, and harder to break than the usual maple boards. The manufacturer tested this even by driving a car over the board and it passed the test with flying colors. So if you want a flexible board that’s strong enough to withstand all sorts of jumps and the roughest of landings, then go for bamboo. 

Another great thing about bamboo is that it is an eco-friendly and sustainable material. Boards are a 6 ply bamboo and maple hybrid that improves sustainability while maintaining strength.


  • Strenght
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly

  • Bamboo is a little bouncy

Our Verdict on the Bamboo Blue World Peace

It is almost impossible to break this board, no matter how insane tricks are, and how rough the landing gets! It’s very flexible, providing more pop than other boards, while still being extremely affordable

3. The Magneto Kids Skateboard – Editor’s Choice

Reasons to buy
  • Kids’ feet fit perfectly on this deck without the added length and weight.
  • A shallow concave for added comfort while skating.
  • High Rebound Urethane wheels that make the ride smooth and extra stable

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The Magneto Kids Skateboard is one of the best specifically designed options for kids and teens looking to try skateboarding for the first time. At 27.5 inches, its deck is a little shorter than the conventional skateboard, which makes it the perfect size for kids and teens to learn on. It’s also excellent for adults and advanced skaters who’re looking for smaller boards that are easy to carry. You will absolutely love this skateboard, and your kids will love you even more for getting them these new wheelers as well.

This fun mini-skateboard has a durable, stylish deck that’s made with 7 plies of hard maple. It also has double kicktails on its front and back with a shallow concave for more comfort while skating.

With a 27.5” long deck that’s 7.75” wide, the Magneto Skateboard fits perfectly well on kids’ feet without the added weight and length.

This board offers stability and flexibility and packs a lot of speed to keep kids practicing. This is undoubtedly the best skateboard training tool your kids can hope for. Its ABS wheels allow it to go over cracks and uneven surfaces without any difficulties.

The Magneto Skateboard is super-soft and has high-traction 52mm 95A polyurethane wheels. The deck is made using 7 plies of hard maple and double kicktails on the board’s front and back. It is also very lightweight, which is great for going really fast, even in tight spots.

The Magneto Kids Skateboard is very affordable and is ideal for novice riders and kids enthusiastic about their first rides.


  • Rides well
  • Is stylish for kids
  • Can perform tricks
  • Extremely soft wheels for high traction skateboarding

  • Bearings could be better

Our Verdict on The Magneto Kids Skateboard

What’s attractive about this one is that it can be used by adult skaters, if they want to do tricks on smaller ramps, but primarily this board was designed for kids who are just getting started. It’s more lightweight and also shorter than the usual board, giving kids more control over it.

4. SkateXS Personalized Kids Skateboard – Best Beginner Skateboard for Kids

Reasons to buy
  • Both top and bottom of the deck come in different colors
  • Only top name brand components
  • Personalized board with your kid’s name on it

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SkateXS has been widely known to be the best brand for kids that are looking to advance their skateboarding skills. These skateboards have been designed with children in mind. That’s why there are many customizable features that you can pick when purchasing this product. If you are an avid skateboarder and want to introduce your kids to skateboarding, or just a parent that has been hearing about skateboards for weeks now, you can safely pick this product by SkateXs to help your kids safely advance their skateboarding skills.

SkateXS makes skateboards for kids, but the quality of the product is just as high as skateboards for adults. Many parents report their children being incredibly satisfied with the product. The reviews are 90% positive, and it’s easy to see why so many family members and friends turn to buying this skateboard for their young ones.

This skateboard is designed specifically for kids, and the dimensions reflect that. The board is available in three sizes, mainly size recommended for ages: 5-7, 8-10, and 11-12. You may wish to look at penny boards or mini cruiser skateboards for young kids.

The SkateXS Panda is a very sturdy and environmentally friendly product. The bamboo that it’s made out of offers a lightweight skateboard that the kids can easily carry around. It makes it also a lot safer because falls are bound to happen, and when they do, you don’t want a super heavy board falling on your kid. 

SkateXS has provided this skateboard with many choices. Mainly, the various color options and the option to put the name of your child on the skateboard itself. The Skateboards grip tape is excellent and the overall quality of this board can be compared to that of quality adult boards.


  • Premium grip tape
  • Removable shields
  • 8 colors to choose from
  • Light, bamboo pro deck

  • Boards are kid-size, so teens will find them too small

Our Verdict on the SkateXS Personalized Kids Skateboard

This is one of the best beginner boards for kids out there. It’s very lightweight, flexible, and comes in three different sizes appropriate for children of different ages. It does cost a bit more than others, but you do get quality for your money.

5. Powell Golden Dragon – Great Skateboard for Beginners and Advanced Riders

Reasons to buy
  • Affordable complete skateboard for both beginners and advanced riders
  • Colorful screen-printed bottom
  • High-rebound, hand-cast polyurethane wheels provide great roll and gr

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Powell Peralta is a brand that has been around since the late 1970s. The Powell Golden Dragon has been on the market for over four decades now, and its popularity hasn’t decreased. It’s easy to see why even legends like Steve Caballero recommend these skateboards. Powell is known for having boards that fit every age range and skill level, satisfying the needs of many. It’s also probably the reason why the product is surrounded by 5-star reviews.

Powell Peralta has gained increasing popularity in the 1980s when skateboarding became an increasingly more sought-after action sport. Since then, they have been developing skateboards tailored to customers, taking reviews, and critiques into consideration every time they were building a new model. The Powell Golden Dragon is a direct result of such careful consideration and tailored-modeling.

Powell Peralta is known for its eccentric and original designs. This board, in particular, is covered with a black and red dragon. A design that will surely make just about anyone excited to ride!

The board is about 31 inches long, the skateboard deck shape is 126 and the width is about 7 inches. The wheels themselves are about 54mm by 37mm. This skateboard is very durable thanks to the robust polymeric strap. Even if your board breaks, this strap will keep it together and keep you from doing the splits!

The wheels are a surprisingly smooth ride and allow for fast and aggressive gliding. This can apply to people who weigh up to 200 pounds! Despite the polymeric straps and grip tapes, the skateboard is still very lightweight.


  • Robust polymeric strap
  • Smooth wheels
  • Has high-rebound
  • Stiff and durable

  • The wheels are a bit hard

Our Verdict on the Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard

A simply great skateboard for beginners with a beautiful design and quite a legacy, considering that it has been around for decades. According to the numerous user ratings, it’s also extremely reliable.

6. Cal 7 22″ Mini Cruiser – Best Plastic Skateboard for Beginners

Reasons to buy
  • Available with tons of colorful and graphic decks.
  • Easily fits into a carry-on or backpack
  • Affordable board for beginners

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Enjoy the Cal 7 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard on your neighborhood pavement. The bold design of this board helps you to stand out among the rest. It’s convenient to place in a carry-on suitcase or a backpack for long journeys.

These fun Mini Cruiser Plastic skateboards come in many colorful designs so you can ride in style from place to place. It’s 23 inches long, and the skateboard’s deck has a width of 6 inches that provides plenty of room to cruise.

The 78A wheels are shock-absorbing when traversing on rugged streets. The soft wheels of this Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard can handle tight turns.

The very affordable Cal 7 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard is ideal for novice riders who want to cruise solo or with fellow skateboarders.


  • Affordable 
  • Strong, yet lightweight
  • Sturdy, aluminum alloy trucks
  • A great choice for beginners 

  • Not as fast as others

Our Verdict on the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser

This is a great board considering the price it sells at. It’s lightweight, flexible, and quite durable. We also love that it comes in so many colors – the hardest part will be picking one.

7. Enjoi Whitey Panda Wide R7 – Simple Design with Lots of Features

Reasons to buy
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Durable board, perfect for beginners 
  • Available in different sizes

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Founded by the pro skateboarder Marc Johnson in the year 2000, Enjoi has been on the market for over two decades now. They have since expanded and in addition to skateboards, started producing skateboarding accessories and clothing. A panda is featured on most of their products and has quickly become the company’s trademark.

If you are looking to buy a reliable skateboard that will keep you busy for years to come, the Whitey Panda is the ideal choice. It’s a very good entry-level skateboard that can be put through a lot of wear and tear. The solid, metal skateboard trucks ensure that you will be kept sturdy and safe both on and off the ground. This helps the rider feels more confident when doing tricks, no matter where they are.

With their unique, geometric design of a panda placed on the back of this completely white skateboard, you can easily see how proud Enjoi is of their logo. The dimensions of the Whitey Panda are about 7.75 x 31.5″, which makes it a perfect entry-level skateboard for both kids and adults alike, making it one of the most versatile boards out there.

Made of Canadian maple, the Whitey Panda skateboard has a solid construction. The specialized resin glue holds everything together perfectly, making a durable and sturdy board to practice on.

The core of the skateboard trucks is extremely lightweight, compared to the other skateboards we listed. They still sport heavy-duty aluminum, but their initial design helps the skateboard be lighter and easier to pivot. It also arrives un-assembled which allows for the adult or child to have a sense of accomplishment when they put the board together. 

The Whitey Panda skateboard has a very reasonable price for an entry-level skateboard. This is a skateboard that will allow you to have a safe and balanced street skating experience as a beginner. Check out the top skateboarding shoes here.


  • Lightweight
  • Canadian Maple Skateboard
  • Concave skateboard deck
  • Custom skateboard
  • Easy to assemble skateboard setup

  • The bearing could be faster

Our Verdict on the Enjoi Whitey Panda Wide R7

The clean and sleek design of this skateboard might not be everybody’s favorite, but it’s still quite unique. It’s suited for both kids and adults who want to try this sport and offers a lot of nice features for a more than reasonable price.

8. Powell Golden Flying Dragon 2 – Affordable Board for Beginners and Advanced Riders

Reasons to buy
  • High-quality board from a well-known manufacturer
  • An affordable option for beginners
  • Two stunning designs to choose from

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Powell has made sure to provide their customers with more than one design of one of their most sought-after skateboards. The Golden Dragon 2 is very similar to its predecessor, the Golden Dragon, and is just as reliable as its sister model. When it comes to skateboarding, you can’t ask for a better board than the Golden Dragon 2. It’s durable, firm and thanks to the concave skateboard deck design, will allow you to do many tricks. Even tricks that other boards would possibly not support as well.

The Golden Dragon 2 can also reach very high speeds thanks to the smooth wheels that have been incorporated into the design. Many people report this skateboard to hold up very well, even after several seasons and years of use. This makes them perfect skateboards for adults and kids that are looking to use the board very regularly for practice purposes.

The design on this skateboard is just as attractive as the design features on the Golden Dragon’s 2 sister model, the Golden Dragon. This particular design boasts a menacing-looking dragon that peers out of black flames. The sizing of the Golden Dragon 2 is about 31 x 7.5 x 6 inches wide, which is perfect for both adults and children (usually over 8).

Many people have stated that they have used this skateboard relentlessly for years, and it still holds up its wonderful craftsmanship. Powell is definitely a reliable, quality brand that will allow you to enjoy riding for a long time yet.

Having been on the market for over 35 years, Powell has developed the features of their skateboards to near perfection. The struts on this board are metal, allowing for heavy-duty riding. The Golden Dragon 2 also has the perfect price for anyone that is looking for a budget-friendly skateboard.


  • Comes with warranty
  • Concave skateboard deck
  • Appealing design
  • High-quality wood

  • Bushings aren’t that great and might need to be replaced

Our Verdict on the Powell Golden Flying Dragon

A universal deck, that can fit both children and adults is what separates this model from others. It basically offers all its predecessor did, but at a somewhat lower price. It’s definitely a great option for beginners.

9. Krown Rookie Checker – Best Budget Beginner Skateboard

Reasons to buy
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum 5.0 trucks
  • Precision speed Abec 7 bearings
  • Great for beginner and intermediate riders

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Krown has been producing skateboards since the late 1990s, which was the time when skateboards lived through a revival and became a popular hobby once again. Since then, Krown’s goal has been to create quality skateboards with budget prices. This has made Krown skateboards well sought after among beginners who want to try out extreme sports, and need a starting board. Even though Krown started out selling only skateboards, they have evolved to also sell longboards, pads, helmets, and the alike over the years.

The diversity of Krown makes them a reliable brand, and that’s why the Rookie Checker is one of their most popular products. It provides the riders with sturdy, durable craftsmanship that many customers are looking for when buying a budget skateboard.

Krown’s skateboard is available in 7 checkered colors. It’s a great design for anyone that is looking for a board that both looks and skates well. The Checkered Rookie has dimensions of 7.75” x 31.5”. It’s ideal for any beginner that is looking for a well-sized skateboard. It’s narrow and lightweight, which makes it great for cruising.

Krown made this skateboard from heavy-duty aluminum with an 80 skateboard grip tape. This helps you skate safely, not worrying about the durability of your product.

Thanks to the modern concave design that allows for more pop, this skateboard is perfect for helping you learn all kinds of tricks.

The Checkered Rookie is by far one of the cheapest products on our list so far. That’s why it’s one of our top choices when it comes to buying budget boards!


  • Comes in 7 colors
  • Narrow and lightweight
  • Modern, concave design
  • Budget-friendly

  • Trucks could be better

Our Verdict on the Krown Rookie Checker

Great choice if you are a beginner and still not sure if you will like this sport because the board offers all a beginner needs at an incredible price.

10. BELEEV Cruiser Skateboard – Best Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners

Reasons to buy
  • Strong and durable to withstand riders up to 220 pounds
  • Double asymmetric kick tail concave design for easier braking
  • The color and graphic design on the board is quite creative and eye-catching
BELEEV cruiser Skateboard

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BELEEV is a well-known company in the skateboarding market. Their products can be used by kids, teenagers, and adults. The company usually aims at making boards that serve dual purposes. Their boards offer stable rides for beginners. Advanced riders also get the flexibility to do different tricks when riding at high speeds using BELEEV boards.

If you want to invest in a durable skateboard that’ll last for years, BELEEV Cruiser is an excellent choice. It’s a perfect entry-level skateboard that offers various impressive features. Plus, this company has put a lot of work into ensuring the safety of riders hence one feels more confident when skating on different surfaces.

It features a compact design meaning that you can comfortably pack it into your bag if needed. Plus, the board comes with light-up wheels for cool cruising. Also, it comes in 4 colors for different personalities and tastes.

It measures 22 inches which is a perfect size for people who want to enjoy a smooth comfortable ride. It is also 6 inches wide which leaves enough space for kids’ feet to fit perfectly on its surface.

BELEEV Mini Cruiser has a durable board made of several layers of maple. It supports riders weighing up to 220lbs. Additionally, it features thick aluminum trucks that ensure maximum speed and control.

It comes with PU wheels and High-Speed ABEC-7 Bearings along with a Shock Absorption System to ensure that you ride smoothly even on uneven bumpy surfaces. Kicktail is also included to offer added control when skating which makes it great for various maneuvers. 


  • Small cruiser size for maneuvering easily
  • Portable design
  • Multifunctional T-tool included for adjusting the board
  • Slip-free surface for safety while skateboarding

  • A little creaky

Our Verdict on the BELEEV Cruiser Skateboard

The first thing you’ll notice about this board is the unusual shape of the deck that looks a bit like a surfboard. That does not only look really cool but also adds to the overall comfort of the board. Combined with its smaller size, it’s the perfect choice for young kids who want to try this sport.

11. Landwalker Pro Cruiser – Urban Style Beginner Skateboard

Reasons to buy
  • Double kick skateboard made from 8-Ply maple wood
  • Dual concave board design ensures feet have the best positioning
  • Suitable for teens and adults
Landwalker Pro Cruiser

Check Price on Amazon

If you are eager to have a new skateboard and need to take into consideration your budget, then Landwalker’s might be the perfect choice for you. It’s one of the cheapest products on this list, while still giving you sufficient endurance and quality performance. Thanks to the high-density wooden deck, you can rest assured that even if you fall, your skateboard will remain in one piece. 

Landwalker’s goal is to provide sturdy skateboards, that are affordable and that won’t break easily. We can safely say that they succeed in fulfilling their motto. The skateboard is surrounded by 5-star reviews all around and is an Amazon’s Choice product. This should convince any wavering customer to grab this skateboard quickly!

Landwalker’s complete skateboard design focuses on a witty, rainbow-checkered design. On the pattern, we can see a pug dressed in skateboard pads and a helmet. If you like skateboards that carry a funny message, to show off your personality, then Landwalker’s design is perfect for you. It also comes with a green cover and a panda design as an alternative option.

The Landwalker Pro Cruiser is ideal for adults and teens. Its dimensions measure around 31 x 8 x 6 inches, weighing in at about 5 pounds. The heavy-duty Canadian Maple makes this board one of the most durable boards out there. Crafted with an 8 layer system, the density of this skateboard will ensure that you won’t be breaking it anytime soon.

The concave design helps you gather more speed, making kicks and tricks easier to manage. This helps ensure that you have your feet positioned well, giving you proper posture to develop good habits.

Landwalker’s skateboard has the perfect balance between a good price and good riding quality. The materials used when building this board ensure that it will serve you for years to come.


  • Heavy-duty wood
  • Ideal for adults and kids alike
  • Concave design
  • Witty cover pattern
  • 1-year warranty

  • Bearings could be better

Our Verdict on the Landwalker Pro Cruiser

Considering the price you pay, this board is amazing. Sure, you might need to push it a bit more than you would need with a premium board, but it still rolls very smoothly and provides both flexibility and stability so you can do all sorts of trick with it.

12. Geelife 22″ Mini Cruiser – Best Mini Cruiser for Beginners

Reasons to buy
  • Durable, Sturdy, and Portable
  • A well-built skateboard is safe to ride and suitable for any level of riders
  • Arrives assembled and ready to ride straight out the box
Geelife Mini Cruiser

Check Price on Amazon

The Geelife 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser is a colorful board that very young riders will enjoy a lot. The smaller plastic deck is perfect for young kids to cruise around the neighborhood and get themselves used to the feel of a skateboard. 

The Geelife board is about 22 inches long, the width of the skateboard deck is 6 inches with pro aluminum board trucks with a dazzling paint scheme. The top of the deck also has an anti-slip pattern, to keep your kid’s feet stable on the board. 

Even though it’s small and it might look like a toy, this board is unbelievably stable. It can handle a load of up to 330 lbs, which is way more than most of the other boards on our list. It’s also very portable, due to its size and small weight. 

Your kid will have a blast riding this board on the streets or in the park, and it surely will turn some heads, thanks to its awesome design.


  • Geelife Comes Already Assembled For Ease Of Use
  • Electricity generation provides constant LED lighting.
  • Geelife is suitable for all riders from beginners to experienced.
  • Reinforced deck board provides strength for riders.
  • Multi-colored board that brings a hip style

  • It’s very flexible, which might not suit every riding style

Our Verdict on the Geelife 22” Mini Cruiser

A very colorful board with light-up wheels – what kid wouldn’t love it? It’s really not suited for intermediate riders who take this sport seriously, but for kids, beginners, and just about anyone who just wants a fun ride around the block, this board is definitely a good choice.

13. Krown Rookie – Best Cheap Skateboard for Beginners

Reasons to buy
  • Cool graphic design in five color options
  • Perfect board for fresh beginners 
  • Extremely affordable, yet durable

Check Price on Amazon

Krown’s motto is to provide quality skateboards on a budget. They manage that surprisingly well; not only do their products retail at budget prices, but they can take quite a beating too. Their skateboards arrive readily assembled and ready to ride, so you won’t have to spend hours fiddling with screws and bolts to ride your new prized possession! No matter if you are a beginner or an expert looking for a good board to ride on, Krown’s products are made to fit everyone’s needs.

Krown’s board design is simple but speaks a thousand words when examined closely. There are flames on the sides of the board, available in 6 colors. If you are fussy about what your skateboard looks like, then Krown will surely provide you with enough suitable options!

Krown’s skateboard measures around 7.5-Inch x 31-inches wide. It weighs about 4.5 pounds, which makes it a great choice if you don’t want a big, heavy skateboard falling down on you.

The Candian maple construction helps the skateboard be a durable alternative to the more expensive boards out on the market today. The aluminum trucks help ensure that your board won’t break anytime soon, and the skateboard’s grip tape allows you to stay on your board firmly at all times.

The board is professionally assembled for pro skateboarders, and you can rest assured that each component of the design meets industry standards. Krown also included a modern concave design for improved comfort when skating, be it on the roads or the skate park.

Being the cheapest skateboard on our list yet, it’s ideal for those who would like to try skating but aren’t sure if they are going to stick with that hobby.


  • Professionally assembled for pro skateboarders
  • Light-weight
  • Attractive design
  • Durable skateboard deck
  • Aluminum Truck

  • A little stiff to tilt

Our Verdict on the Krown Rookie Skateboard

It’s the perfect first board for any beginner. It looks very cool, the maple deck is flexible and the whole board is durable enough to withstand any learning curve. It won’t last forever, but honestly, for that price, it does not have to.



Skateboards have been gaining an increasing popularity since the end of the 1990s. Since then, it has been a common hobby and form of entertainment for many. However, due to the popularity of skateboards now, it can be hard to find a reliable and quality product. There are plenty of skateboards out there that will break easily when placed on harder gravel. That’s why we made this article, the list and the information sections, to help you choose the best product for you.

The best thing you can do is go to a local sport’s shop, look at the skateboards; determine which size fits you best. Then, you can go back to looking at online products and safely choose a good candidate. This way, you will be able to have a product that fits you both design and cut-wise.

There are many quality brands out there that offer quality products, and we hope that you pick a skateboard that will be able to accompany you for years to come!


1. How to Choose a Skateboard for Beginners?

Unfortunately, there is no one skateboard that is ideal for beginners, and choosing Skateboards for them can be difficult. Learners come in different sizes, weights and heights, and that’s why it can be difficult to generalize. It also depends on what you want to do with your skateboard as a beginner, and whether you will be using it for cruising, tricks or both. Regardless, there are a few guidelines that can help you decide which beginner skateboard is perfect for you, all of which we listed above and below!

2. What Size Skateboard is best for Beginners?

What size skateboard for a beginner7.5” to 8” skateboards: These are the standard boards that are most commonly used by adults. They are perfect for cruising and doing more advanced skateboard tricks.

8.0” to 8.25” skateboards: These boards are ideal for skate park use, where you have ramps and other obstacles to go over.

8.25” + skateboards: These boards are perfect if you want to feel the old-school skateboarding vibe. They are great for cruising due to the stability they provide, and extensive ramp/skate park use.

3. Beginner Skateboards for Kids: Best Skateboard for 7/8/9-Year-Old Beginner?

SkateXS is a very popular brand among parents that have kids that are enthusiastic about skating. They have a variety of skateboards, plenty of color choices, and even add a name tag of your child on the grip tape. This helps the child feel like they have full control over the board and its development. This, in turn, will make them treasure it more.

SkateXS has custom skateboards for kids of every young age. From ages 5-7 we have skateboards sizes 7” x 28”. For kids between the ages of 8-10, we have skateboards sized between 7.25” x 29”. These are the perfect sizes for young kids since it helps them feel less overwhelmed by the board. It also helps provide them with a board that is ideal for their side, encouraging safe cruising and skateboard tricks.

4. Best Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners?

Best cruiser skateboards include large wheels since they offer you both stability and speed. They usually have much softer wheels than the regular skateboards you use for doing skateboard tricks and ollies. A good beginner cruise skateboard for beginners can be the La Sports Retro board. It has a simple design and is surrounded by 5-star reviews all around! Many customers report it feeling sturdy and firm while going at very good speeds.

5. Best Skateboard to Learn On?

It’s best to not go overboard with spending a lot of cash on your first skateboard. After all, it will take a lot of beating, and will surely be reduced to looking like a scratched plank of wood! Best skateboards to learn on include budget, beginner skateboards that offer you all the quality features a more expensive skateboard would, but at a lower expense. If you are new to skateboarding, it’s also recommended to get a skateboard with smaller wheels, since they go slower and are less intimidating!

Expert Tip

You are going to fall. A lot. Especially if you are a beginner, and that’s why it’s recommended to wear protective safety gear for skating, such as knee pads and a skateboarding helmet.

Did you know

Skateboarding was invented in the 1940s, when the people of California wanted something to do when they couldn’t surf. Originally, skateboarding was called ‘sidewalk surfing’! Skateboarding is now a very popular form of transport as this study shows.

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It can be a daunting task for a beginner scuba diver to wrap their head around all the essential equipment that is needed for a successful, safe dive. It doesn’t need to be. Each item of kit plays an important role, and after your first dive, you will see in action how each piece of equipment is important and why.

But before you set out on your first dive, then read this guide, as it will explain the functions of the most essential pieces of diving equipment.

Exposure Suit

An exposure suit is worn to regulate your body temperature while you are underwater. It is essential for every scuba diver.

A wetsuit is the most common form of exposure suit. It is a skin-tight suit that is usually made from closed-cell foam neoprene. It offers you insulation while you’re underwater. The thicker the material the wetsuit is constructed from, the more insulation you will get, so thin wetsuits are for warmer waters, and thick ones are for tepid or cold water.

A drysuit is slightly different. These are designed for extremely cold waters. As the name suggests, you are kept completely dry, because air is used for insulation, rather than water, which it is with a wetsuit. This means that drysuits are looser than wetsuits, which also allows for more layers to be worn underneath them

Dive Mask

Dive mask

The primary function of the dive mask and the most important is that it allows the scuba diver to see while underwater. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some offering panoramic views, and others offering more limited views, but then being less cumbersome.

The two most common types of diving masks are the half mask and the full mask.

The half mask is similar to a pair of goggles. They go around the head and cover both the eyes and nose, but they do not cover the mouth.

A full mask covers the whole of the face. This means that that the breathing apparatus must be integrated into the mask. A full mask is far more common in scuba diving.


Worn on your feet, fins increase your potential for efficiency and speed when kicking, which is due to their huge surface area, and other features such as vents. The reason why divers wear them is that it means that you can move through the water purely by the use of your feet, therefore it frees up your upper body completely.

Diving Tank

Without your diving tank, you’d only be able to be under the water for as long as your lungs can handle. Which wouldn’t be very long at all? The diving tank contains the essential compressed air or gas mixtures that you will breathe while diving.


The other part of your breathing apparatus, besides the diving tank, is the regulator. This screws into the diving tank. And it also will go into your mouth or connect to your full-face dive mask. Its purpose is simply to reduce the pressure of the gas in your tank to ambient pressure which you are then able to breathe.

Dive Computer

Dive computers come in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and offer lots of functions. But their main purpose is to monitor and measure the time and depth of your dive. This then means that it can warn you or advise you as to the ideal ascent rate and if you missed any decompression stops. Some dive computers will also monitor the levels of gas in your tanks. Many can be worn on the wrist, like a watch.

Pressure Gauge

This piece of equipment has a single purpose which is to tell you how much gas you have in your diving tank. This knowledge is extremely important so that you’re able to regulate breathing and plan your ascent.

Depth Gauge

This is another simple piece of equipment that has one purpose, which is to gauge your depth, therefore telling you what depth you are at while you are underwater, and it will also show you your maximum depth.

Buoyancy Control Device

The buoyancy control device – also known as BCD – is worn by a diver to make sure that neutral buoyancy is established. This basically means that it stops you from sinking to the ocean bed or floating back up to the surface of the water. It is manually operated and requires a lot of attention.


A snorkel is a tube that is usually made from plastic or rubber. One end is put into the diver’s mouth, while the other should be above the surface of the water, therefore allowing the diver to breathe. Scuba divers use these when near the surface so that air in the diving tank can be reserved for greater depths.

Dive Knife

A dive knife is a knife with a serrated edge and is usually made from stainless steel or titanium. It offers divers security underwater, so if they become entangled in a fishing net, for example, they can cut themselves free.

Surface Signaling Device

There is a range of signaling devices available, such as lights, whistles, and air horns. These are basically used to attract attention if the diver is at the surface and needs help.

Now you know all the most important pieces of equipment for scuba diving. After your first dive, you will quickly become acquainted them. I hope you enjoy your scuba diving adventures!

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