Bike bells may not be as exciting a piece of kit as some of the other cycling accessories on the market, but they’re still an important part of your cycling toolbox; as such, it’s worth trying to get the best bike bell you can when you’re looking to buy a cycling bell. Bells are an important safety feature, helping drivers to be aware of you almost as much as reflective gear does, and they come in almost as many different varieties and designs as reflective clothing, too! Most bikes don’t come with bike bells as standard, so you’re going to have to buy a separate one to ensure your safety.

We’ve put together this helpful list to make your life easier, breaking down the features and specifications of 10 of the best bike bells on the market in 2021. This should help you to understand what you’re looking at when you try to buy a bike bell and narrows down the wide field to our top 10 great choices.

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1. REKATA Aluminum Bike Bell

REKATA Aluminum Bike Bell

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The REKATA Aluminum Bike Bell is a bright, friendly entry-level bell designed to get the job done with a minimum of fuss. Requiring only a single screwdriver to install, this bell is easy to attach to your bike, and has been designed to be easy to ring for any size of hands; whether you’re buying it for a serious adult cyclist or a child’s first bike, this is great and easy to use choice.

This bike bell for adults comes in multiple color options and styles, with a spectacular 30 options available. No matter the color is chosen, though, the REKATA bell is made from lightweight, durable aluminum to keep it ringing clearly without wear and damage for a long time.

+ Easy to install
+ All-ages friendly
+ Clear sound
+ Durable aluminum construction
+ Multiple color options available (30+)

Why We Liked It – The range of colors available and the ease of installation makes it clear that the REKATA Aluminum Bike Bell is a model designed for everybody. It might not offer any fancy extra features, but it’ll make other road users aware of you no matter who you might be or what kind of bike you might be riding. Those looking for bike bells for adults should consider this one!

2. BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

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Another easy to install option, the BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini  bicycle bell is a small, easy to use bike bell for smaller bikes. The adjustable clasp can fit a wide range of smaller models of bike, although it may struggle to fit over wider bicycle handlebars, making it worth measuring your bike handlebars before buying.

Made from brass, this mini bell offers a loud, clear sound for its small size, keeping you easily detectable by other road users, at the cost of a slight weight increase over aluminum equivalent bike bells. It is also worth noting that this mini bicycle brass bell is designed with right-handed cyclists in mind, and may prove somewhat less effective when mounted on the left-hand side of a bike’s handlebars.

+ Easy to install
+ Clear sound
+ Small size
+ Sturdy construction
+ Adjustable
+ Brass bell

Why We Liked It – Small and unobtrusive, the BONMIXC mini bell packs a surprisingly loud and bright sound into its diminutive body, keeping you safe and easily detectable when cycling on busy roads.

3. KNOG Oi Bell Aluminium Bike Bell

KNOG Oi Bell Aluminium Bike Bell

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A bizarre-looking object with an equally strange name, the KNOG Oi classic bike bell is a major departure from standard bike bell designs. Rejecting the large, rounded shapes of most bells, the KNOG Oi Bike Bell instead offers a sleek design in which the ringer is wrapped around the handlebar for a stylish and unobtrusive result.

This KNOG Oi classic bike bell has been precision engineered from aircraft-grade aluminum to produce the most audible ring possible, with a high pitched top note to cut through the drone of traffic and a deeper harmonic to add a longer ring time and a more resonant, full-bodied sound.

+ Aircraft-grade aluminum ringer
+ Easy to install on curved or flat bars
+ Range of sizes available
+ Cable management system
+ Exceptionally audible ring

Why We Liked It – The KNOG Oi classic bike bell is so different from most other bike bells on the market that it stands out clearly from the crowd. It might take some getting used to, but the attractive design and loud, clear ring make it a great choice for those who want something a little different and a bit more premium – and for those who like to get peoples attention!

4. accmor Classic Bicycle Bike Bell

accmor Classic Bicycle Bike Bell

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The accmor Classic Bicycle Bike Bell has been designed for maximum safety on roads and off-road terrain alike. It offers a very loud, clear ring as well as a mounting ring designed to fit most road bikes, mountain bikes, and BMX bike models, allowing cyclists of any size, age, or bike habit to stay safe when cycling. The body of the bell is made from high-quality aluminum, with engineering plastic fittings, ensuring that it will not suffer from rust or material fatigue and maintaining a clear, audible ring throughout its long lifespan.

The accmor Classic Bike Bell also distinguishes itself from the competition with the range of styles available; every color is available in both right and left-handed models, allowing easy, comfortable and natural use for both right and left-handed cyclists.

+ All ages design
+ Loud ring
+ Available in right and left-handed models
+ Durable construction
+ Fitting your bike is easy

Why We Liked It – The versatility and clarity of the accmor Classic Bike Bell is impressive; usable on the road, mountain or BMX bikes by right and left-handed users, this is a bell designed to be worthwhile and effective for pretty much every type of cyclist.

5. Awpeye 2 Pack Bike Bell, Aluminum Alloy

Awpeye 2 Pack Bike Bell, Aluminum Alloy

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The Awpeye 2 Pack Aluminum Alloy Bike Bell is a good value pack of 2 identical aluminum alloy bike bells, ideal for equipping the whole family at once. These bells are lightweight and sturdy, with the aluminum ringer being light and rust resistant and the high-quality plastic mount lasting effectively through extensive use.

The mount can be adjusted to fit a range of different bicycle handlebar sizes and can be installed with no more bike tools than a single screwdriver. This is a good starter option for equipping multiple bikes with clear, safe bells without needing to worry about extra features or complex mechanisms.

+ Clear ring
+ Affordable 2-pack
+ Adjustable mount
+ Lightweight aluminum construction
+ Easy to install

Why We Liked It – The Awpeye Aluminum Alloy Bike Bells are good, strong bells ideally suited for most users, and the 2 pack nature of this option makes them a good choice for equipping multiple bikes at the same time without breaking the bank.

6. AD Bicycle Bell – Aluminum Bike Bell

AD Bicycle Bell - Aluminum Bike Bell

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The AD Aluminum Bike Bell is a lightweight, simple choice of bell suited for cyclists of all ages and ability levels. Its hard plastic mount can be easily fitted onto any style of bike, from road bikes to mountain bikes and BMX bike models, and any size, from kids bikes to larger adult models.

It is worth noting that over tightening the mount can lead to a more muffled ring or, at worst, unnecessary strain to the weaker plastic parts, but it is adjustable enough that this should not be too much of a risk. The ringer itself is made from aluminum, keeping the weight of the bell low and preventing rust.

+ Loud ring
+ Easy to install
+ Lightweight, durable construction
+ Fits most adult and kids bikes.
+ Suitable for all ages

Why We Liked It – This is a great entry-level choice; the AD Aluminum Bike Bell offers a loud, clear ring with minimal effort or expense involved, making it a good fit for childrens bikes or adults’ bikes in need of a simple, loud bell.

7. MOFAST Bike Bell Adult

MOFAST Bike Bell Adult

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An easy to use the model of a bike bell, the MOFAST Bike Bell is a bright and fun option that’s great for kids. The body of the bell is made from sturdy, lightweight aluminum for strength and long-lasting protection, while the ringing lever is large and easy to use. The plastic mount is not the strongest available, however, so this is a better choice for kids or light, careful users than for serious high-intensity cyclists.

Fortunately, it is an affordable and easy to install option, making it easy to replace should problems occur. It is also worth noting that it is only available in a right-handed design, and therefore might prove harder to use effectively for left-handed cyclists.

+ Lightweight aluminum construction
+ Easy to install
+ Bright, loud sound
+ 24 styles available
+ Child-friendly

Why We Liked It – The MOFAST Bike Bell is a great entry-level option for kids, offering bright, friendly colors and a loud sound at a low cost. It might not be the most premium design on the market, but it’ll get the job done efficiently and keep cyclists safe on the roads.

8. Lexco Bicycle Hamburger Bell

Lexco Bicycle Hamburger Bell

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If you’re bored of the near-identical designs of most bike bells on the market, then the Lexco Bicycle Hamburger Bell might be the right choice for you. This bell is designed to look like a large, colorful hamburger mounted on the bike handlebars, and its novelty design brings a level of fun and absurdity to your morning commute.

It might not offer the loudest sound or the most durable mount construction, but that’s more than made up for by the sheer fun its design brings. It won’t hold up to mountain biking, but for anyone looking for simple handlebar bells or a good option for a child’s bike, this is a great choice.

+ Novelty design
+ Large size
+ Sturdy steel construction
+ Easy to install
+ Ideal for road cycling
+ Great look and Sound

Why We Liked It – Obviously the Lexco Bicycle Hamburger Bell isn’t a good choice for serious mountain bikers, but if you want something a bit more light-hearted it’s an excellent option. The sheer fun on offer from a bike bell like this still counts for something, and it makes a great gift for adults and kids alike. Not for someone who prefers classic looks, though…

9. Kickstand Cycle Works Classic Bicycle Bell

Kickstand Cycle Works Classic Bicycle Bell

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One of the few bells targeted at left-handed cyclists, the Kickstand Cycle Works Classic Bicycle Bell has been specifically designed to be mounted on the left side of the bike handlebars. This means that it’s not a great choice for the right-handed majority of the population, but the sparse nature of the left handed bike bell market is such that this is a valuable design feature.

Its attractive, minimalist design comes in 21 different colors, allowing you to easily choose an option to fit whatever design of bike you happen to use. The Kick stand Cycle Works Classic Bicycle Bell offers a clean, bright sound, keeping you safe on the roads, as well as its more unique design features.

+ Easy to install
+ Attractive design
+ Clean sound
+ Left-handed design
+ 21 colors available

Why We Liked It – It’s rare to see a bike bell specifically designed for left-handed users, and rarer still to see a left-handed bell with an attractive design. The Kickstand Cycle Works Classic Bicycle Bell is one of these rare bells, and well worth considering for any left-handed cyclist.

10. TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell

TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell

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The TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell is an unusual but effective design, optimized for safety on mountain biking trails. Its default mechanism is motion activated, ringing constantly with the motion of your bike on rough terrain. This effectively alerts both other users of the trails and the local wildlife, keeping everyone safe. This quick release model also features a lockable stealth mode, controlled by a toggle.

This prevents the bell from ringing at all, keeping things quiet and calm when you don’t want to make a noise. The motion-activated nature of the ringer means that this isn’t a good bell for road cycling or other such forms of cycling focused on smooth surfaces, but it’s exceptionally effective and safe for cycling on rough terrain such as mountain trails.

+ Stealth lockable mode
+ Solid brass construction
+ Loud ring
+ Motion activated
+ Quick release model

Why We Liked It – The auto-ranging design of the TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell makes it exceptionally safe for mountain biking, and it’s unusual to see a bell so focused on the protection of wildlife as well as human trail users. It is also a quick release model.

Bike Bells Buyers Guide

Bell designs

Mountain and city bike bells come in a range of different styles and designs for a different bike style. Most feature a single metal ringing dome mounted on a plastic clasp, but even these models have variations. Some have spring-loaded hammers mounted on the outside of the bike bell, while others have external levers which drive internal hammers. The internal models are generally more durable than the external ones but tend to be specifically right or left-handed rather than ambidextrous.

Other bike bell designs exist, however, and those can have radically different ringing experiences. Models such as the KNOG Oi Bike Bell replace the domed bell completely with a wraparound bike bell, producing a more unobtrusive and stylish result and a different ringing sound from most alternatives.

Models such as the TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell, however, is more traditional bells suspended from the handlebars of your bike, providing excellent ringing power on rough surfaces but having a minimal effect during road cycling.

Most bike bell designs are a matter of personal preference; the KNOG Oi Bike Bell will provide the same experience no matter how you use it. Some, like the TIMBER! Mountain Bike Bell is designed for a specific form of cycling and has more specific uses than others.


The ringing body of a bike bell is generally made from metal, but there is a range of different commonly used metals. Most bike bell ringers are made from aluminum, as it is exceptionally lightweight and significantly cheaper and easier to obtain than stronger materials such as titanium. Aluminum is, however, not the strongest of metals; it’s pretty durable, but can still be damaged through intense heavy use. Stronger bike bells can be made from brass, a sturdy metal more capable of surviving heavy use and abuse, but these come with a corresponding extra weight.

They tend to be cheap and sturdy, though, so make a good option for those expecting their bike bells to suffer through intense use and abuse. Falling in between the aluminum and brass bell options, however, are bike bells made from aluminum alloys, combining the light weight of alloys with the durability of other metals for an excellent hybrid of weight and strength.

Why do I even need a bike bell?

Bike bells may not be a legal requirement, but they come highly recommended. A good, clear bike bell can make the difference between safety and anger for both you and other road users. Cutting through traffic noise, a bike bell can make a car driver aware of oncoming cyclists, protecting you from the risk of major accidents, while it can also have a similar effect on pedestrians.

This is perhaps more important than your own personal safety; a bike impact can do an enormous amount of damage to an unsuspecting pedestrian, and most bikes are naturally far quieter than cars, making them harder to detect.

A loud bike bell can make your bike far more noticeable to a pedestrian, enabling them to avoid you far more effectively and keeping you both safe from harm and accidents. While most bike accessory products are designed to make your own cycling experience easier and safer, a bike bell can make a massive difference to the safety of those around you as well; an important consideration, and one often easily overlooked.


There are many different types of bike bell available on the market in 2020, and all have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. A good bike bell is an important part of your arsenal as a cyclist, and any bike bell is better than nothing. These are some of the best, though, and all are worth considering. Your decision on which bike bell is the best for you will be dependent on how you like to cycle and whether you’re right or left handed.

Most bike bells are designed for right-handed cyclists, so if you’re left-handed it’s worth paying close attention to those few brands which make left-handed or ambidextrous bike bell designs. Otherwise, though, it’s mostly down to personal preference and aesthetic tastes.

Hopefully, our list will have helped you to understand the shape of the bike bell market in 2020. There are many different options out there, and the 10 we’ve discussed above are all among the best for different reasons. Depending on your personal cycling habits, any of these would be a good option; with our help, you can buy a bike bell with full confidence that you know enough about the market to pick the right model for you.

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