Picking the right mountain biking helmet can be the difference between having a terrible time versus having the time of your life. A good bike helmet gives you high visibility, proper protection, and complete comfort. Choosing the wrong brand, size, or style can result in a nagging headache, which takes all the fun out of it.

You might have a hard time finding the best MTB helmet under $100 for you, but you’re in luck! We’ve scoured the internet for reviews, blogs, and videos to find the greatest helmets around. Whether you’re looking for the right price range, color, style, and so on, we’ve got it all covered for you.

It’s always nice to feel good in your gear when you’re on the trail. A helmet should be visually appealing and the safest piece of equipment that you have. If you’re in the market for a stylish, durable mountain bike helmet under $100, check out the list below and select your favorite!

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1. CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

The CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet found its way onto the list due to its simple design and efficiency. If you’re one of those cyclists that don’t need the most futuristic setup, then you’ll love what’s in store with this helmet. Don’t worry though, you aren’t sacrificing any durability or safety with it.

As we said before, looking stylish definitely feels good when you’re on the trails. This helmet comes with a plethora of color combinations, including Black, Blue & White, Red, White, Black & Green, and many more. You truly get to select the perfect look and make it your own from one of these choices.

Made with durable PC material and high-impact foam, your head will be protected from direct fall damage. There are 18 vents on the top of the helmet, which all help you air out a bit when things are getting intense. The visor on the front helps keep the sun out of your eyes, and you can remove it if you’d like.

+ Made with durable materials to prevent damage and cracks
+ Multiple color combinations to choose from
+ Several vents air out your head and create aerodynamic flow

Why We Like It – The initial simplicity of this helmet is an attractive feature, as is the overall safety of it. With so many colors to choose from, this helmet can be unique to you!

2. Lixada MTB Helmet

Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet Under $100

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Trying to find a lightweight, low-profile set of gear? Check out the Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet under $100 for your collection. The unique matte color scheme across all options is unlike almost any other selection on the market. With a built-in visor to keep the sun out, you don’t have to concern yourself with bringing a hat along for the ride.

There’s also a built-in head sizer that adjusts to fit you perfectly. It ranges from 22 to 24.4 inches wide, which is great for pretty much all adults. The chin strap is also adjustable, so you can feel secure throughout the whole time. The inner padding helps reduce sweating, but you can remove it if it’s too much excess.

Feel free to select from the 10+ color options to pick exactly what works for you. Red, Yellow & Black, White, and plenty of triple-color schemes are available with this Lixada helmet. You can also remove or keep the padded chin strap. When you’re going up and down hills, the constant friction can cause discomfort in other straps. You won’t have that issue with this one!

+ Comes with a padded inner lining and chin strap
+ All kinds of color combinations for you to choose from
+ Almost everything on this MTB helmet is adjustable

Why We Like It – The matte color scheme is visually appealing, while the padded comfort throughout the helmet is great for protection.

3. Base Camp NEO MTB Helmet

Base Camp NEO MTB Helmet

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The Base Camp NEO MTB Helmet provides an even more minimalist appearance, with the two colors being all black or all white. Instead of focusing too much attention on appearance, Base Camp put their attention towards providing higher levels of protection and a market-high comfort levels in each unit.

The chin strap, overall size, and visor are all adjustable to your liking. Simple measurements are provided by the company to ensure that you set everything as you should. Much like the first product on the list, the NEO mountain bike helmet comes with 18 vents to cool you off when you’re on the go.

The overall coverage presented by this helmet is nearly unparalleled in the industry. It protects your forehead all the way to the top of your neck, as well as the full sides of your head. Constantly hitting the roots and other debris on the trail can have an annoying impact on your head. With the padded cushioning on this helmet, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

+ Comes with two simple designs, matte black and matte white
+ Some of the best overall protection in a mountain bike helmet
+ Adjustable helmet size, visor, and chin strap

Why We Like It – It’s always nice to find a high-quality piece of gear that integrates safety and comfort in every stitch. However, the safety features don’t impact the aesthetic appearance of the helmet.

4. Lixada Bicycle Helmet Mtb

Lixada Bicycle Helmet Mtb

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For the cyclist that goes more often than not, this Lixada Mtb helmet under $100 is a perfect solution. We all know how annoying it can be to build up sweat and heat while cycling, but there’s almost nothing we can do about it. However, this helmet helps tremendously reduce this petty problem via several little added features.

One of the main reasons that you can forget about sweat with this helmet is the 21 vents spread throughout the top of it. These holes not only let air in, but they let sweat out. There’s also moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial padding on the inside to prevent smell and excess perspiration. Strap on the helmet and forget about sweat!

The quick-release buckle lets you put on and pull off the helmet with ease. You can adjust the back of the helmet to perfectly fit your head shape as well, which is always a nice added bonus. Simply rotate the adjuster on the back and you’re all set. Choose between Blue, Dark Blue, Red, and Yellow color options.

+ Anti-bacterial padding that you can remove and wash
+ 21 vents to provide a nice cooling breeze
+ Several different colors, including yellow, red, blue, and dark blue

Why We Like It – Having so much focus on aerodynamics and cooling off is an amazing work of art. These helmets are excellent for any cyclist who spends most of their free time on the trail, street, or bike park.

5. Exclusky BMO MTB Helmet

Exclusky BMO MTB Helmet

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Much like the previous helmet at number 4, the Exclusky BMO MTB Helmet is packed with 21 vents spread on top of it. It also protects the occipital bone on the back of your head, which is one of the most vulnerable points with a lot of other helmets. However, it’s one of the most impacted parts during a fall, so protecting it is crucial.

You can also select one of four design combinations, including Black & Green, Pure Black, Pure Red, and White & Black. Some of the options have unique designs on them, which is a great appearance addition. Durable EPS foam and PC material protect you from falls and other dangerous impacts. They’re both very breathable, as well.

Remove the interior lining of the helmet when it gets dirt. You can then scrub down the helmet itself and wash the lining separately. Instead of harboring unwanted bacteria and dirt between the two of them, you’ll have a perfectly clean set of gear. The wheel on the back lets you adjust the helmet when you put it back together after washing.

+ Maximum airflow with 21 vents lining the top of the helmet
+ Several color options to choose from
+ High-impact, great durability, and all-around protection

Why We Like It – This helmet uses pretty much every resource available with mountain biking helmets to create a stylish, protective layer that doesn’t get in your way.

6. Giro Fixture Bike Helmet

Giro Fixture Bike Helmet

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The Giro Fixture Bike Helmet is a mega-stylish mountain bike helmet under $100 that’s a great selection for amateurs and pros alike. It uses a locking mechanism to perfectly fit your exact head shape and size. We’ve all used those annoying bike helmets that don’t exactly fit right or the ones that wobble around when you’re riding!

You’ll notice almost immediately that it’s molded for comfort. Instead of being blocky or digging into your head, this helmet protects you with a cradling feel. The body is made of a hard shell to keep you safe from falls and drops. You wouldn’t want to crack the helmet simply from dropping it at the end of a cruise.

This helmet is definitely one of the most customizable choices around. Grey, Black, Lime, and Dark Red all come in matte colors, so choose your favorite and gear up! It also comes with a removable visor, padding that dries quickly, and a locking buckle on the chin strap. There are several ventilation holes on the top to keep you cool.

+ Protects your head from all sorts of impacts
+ Wide variety of colors to choose from
+ Comes with a removable visor that adjusts to your head size

Why We Like It – The Giro Fixture Bike Helmet is a great choice for people who love ergonomically fitting gear. It’s a nice way to stay cooled off without risking any protection or construction.

7. Demon United Podium Full Face MTB Helmet

Demon United Podium Full Face MTB Helmet

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For an added layer of protection, you could always consider getting a full face helmet. The Demon United Podium Full Face MTB Helmet offers coverage over your jaw, mouth, and ears as well as the rest of your head. It’s incredibly stylish, and the fact that it comes with a bag to store it in just makes it all the better.

The stylistic design is only the beginning of everything these helmets have to offer. Gloss Black & Orange, Grey & Blue, and a multitude of other colors are available to select. You can adjust or remove the visor, which is nice for sunny or windy days. There’s also enough room to wear goggles or sunglasses, so you won’t be impeded.

Coming in at only 2 pounds and 2 ounces, it’s quite a lightweight helmet. Although there are only 13 holes, they’re conveniently placed to allow for maximum airflow. The padding surrounds the inside of the helmet, which protects you from all angles. It’s super breathable, and it helps you get rid of sweat without letting it build up.

+ Weighs a super light 2 pounds and 2 ounces
+ Covers and protects your face and the rest of your head
+ Several unique colors and fun designs

Why We Like It – Full face MTB helmets under $100 almost always have an amazing appearance, and the fact that it protects you completely is a wonderful bonus.

8. VICTGOAL Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

The VICTGOAL Adult Cycling Bike Helmet is primarily focused on keeping you safe while you’re out on the trail. Safety might not always be the most exciting thing to think about when you’re buying a new helmet, but it’s obviously essential. These helmets are also super comfortable, as they’re padded on the inside to support your head.

With 24 vents lining the top of the helmet, you’ll stay cool off the whole time. The slanted shape helps you glide along without any wind resistance, which is far better than those typical rounded helmets. It also uses a hardened shell with a washable, sweat-resistant interior padded lining. Simply detach it, scrub down the helmet, and place it right back in.

The sun visor is removable, but you can leave it in for added aerodynamics. With a unique spin on things, this helmet adjusts with an interior webbing to secure the helmet to your head. It takes only a matter of seconds and works for anyone with a 22 to 24-inch head. One of the best features about this helmet is the fact that it barely weighs more than half a pound!

+ Super comfortable and adjustable to your exact size
+ Uses science to promote airflow for quicker speeds and reduced heat buildup
+ 5 different colors to choose from

Why We Like It – Finding an MTB helmet under $100 that keeps you truly cooled off is very rare. Most companies make false promises, but VICTGOAL made an impressive product with this one.

9. Shinmax Bike Helmet

Shinmax Bike Helmet

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The Shinmax Bike Helmet takes cycling to a whole new level. Riding around at night normally means you have to strap on some sort of headlight, or always stay on the watch for cars and people walking. This helmet comes with a built-in taillight on the back with a spare battery included in case yours runs out.

The taillight has three different modes; Steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing, which you can use according to the situation. Spare lights are available if you ever decide that you want an extra, or if yours breaks several years down the road. A remote controller that changes the light patterns is also included with your purchase.

A detachable visor on the front of the helmet keeps the sun out of your eyes, but it takes only a few seconds to remove it if you’d like. There are plenty of holes spread throughout the top of the design that helps you stay cooled off, preventing sweat and bacterial growth. The interior also has an adjustable crown to fit your head size.

+ Comes in a wide variety of colors, like Titanium, Blue-White, and Green
+ Includes a multi-mode taillight with a remote controller
+ Remove and replace the sun visor on bright days

Why We Like It – The light on the back of the helmet saves you time and money on finding the right headlight. It’s also nice because it shows drivers and other people behind you what you’re doing, instead of only showing people in front of you like most other headlights.

10. Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet

Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet

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The Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet also uses a taillight that’s hooked up on the back of it. Much like the previous edition, this one has three different modes; Steady, slow flash, and fast flash. Also like the other helmet, you’ll get an extra battery and a remote included to keep you in control of the light patterns at all times.

With more than enough colors to choose from, you’ll feel your best while wearing the best as well. The interior setting is adjustable, making it perfect for almost any adult. You can make it stretch from 22 inches to 24 inches. It comes in at an ultra-lightweight 0.59 pounds, which is lower than the vast majority of competitors could say.

Choose from a multitude of colors, including Titanium, Green, Black and White, and a triple colored White-Red-Grey amongst a few other options. Over 20 ventilation holes line the top of the helmet to cool off your head and hair as well as provide slightly better aerodynamics when paired with the natural slant.

+ A wide range of colors to choose from when buying the helmet
+ Comes with a 3-mode taillight installed on the helmet
+ Adjustable interior to fit perfectly to your head

Why We Like It – The adjustments, color selection, and added taillight make this one of the best deals on the market. You usually would have to buy some of the pieces separately, but this helmet is basically an all-inclusive bundle.

MTB Helmet Under $100 Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know which MTB helmets under $100 are considered the best around, you might still have a few questions to help you choose which one. Sure, it’s nice to clear off the thousands of options to consider, but ten is still quite a few. To help you along in choosing which mountain bike helmet under $100 is right for you, we’ve made a little buyer’s guide.

Do you need a full face mask to go mountain biking?

Do you really need to have a full face mask if you want to go mountain biking? Some say yes, while others say no. The truth is that it’s fully up to you. If you’re going in rough terrains with ramps or steep declines, then we’d definitely say that a full face mask is a good idea. You should always protect your head at all times, especially in risky situations.

However, if you’re simply cruising through light hills or dirt paths, then you’ll probably be fine with just a typical MTB helmet under $100. Always try to find one with a visor though, as they help keep the sun out of your eyes. Also, any helmet you choose needs to be adjustable. After all, there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ cycling helmet! Being able to adjust it all allows you to customize the helmet exactly as you need it without sacrificing any extra safety measures.

When and where do you go mountain biking?

Knowing when and where you bring your mountain bike will tell you a number of things. For starters, it lets you know if you need a visor or not. While we definitely said it’s always a good idea to have a visor, not all helmets are created equally. If you find yourself cycling in an area that isn’t too sunny, then you might not need one. However, it’s still always a good option to have for ‘in case’ scenarios.

Another reason why you should know when and where you’re riding is that you’ll probably need a taillight if you’re going at night. Regardless of where you are, you should always be illuminated when it’s dark outside. This’ll protect both you and the people, cars, or animals you come across.

All in all, choosing a new MTB helmet under $100 should be a fun process. Now that you know what you need to know, which one did you choose?

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