The first rock climbing shoe that Black Diamond has created, if you’re looking for high-quality climbing shoes that can assist you when it comes to performing your best, there may not be any need to look further than this.

Adored by many leading publications and customers as being the ‘perfect entry-level’ climbing shoes, it’s safe to say there’s a lot to touch on here. The Black Diamonds are a fantastic choice if you’re trying your hand at any type of climbing for the first time, or even if you’re just looking for super comfortable shoes you can wear and enjoy throughout your day to day life.

Built with comfort, durability, and performance in mind, everything from the materials used to the masterful design and how everything has been put together has been entirely constructed with you in mind. Interested?

Let’s take a detailed look into what the Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes can do for you.

black diamond momentum climbing shoes

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Key Features

The Perfect Sole

Measuring in at 4.3mm thick, the rubber sole of the Black Diamond’s is incredible, and easily one of the noteworthy features that make this climbing shoe as popular as it is. This specific sole is designed to maximize your grip on the rock’s surface, all while giving your feet the support it needs and has been chosen for optimal efficiency!

Easily Adjustable Design

Due to the fact these climbing shoes feature a Velcro strap, this provides a much more adjustable shoe that not only helps you find the perfect fit but also makes it easy to make adjustments while you climb. In fact, this shoe comes with two straps at the top, making it even easier to ensure the shoe fits you in the best way possible.

Industry-Leading Technology

The majority of these shoes (the outside material bit) is simply amazing. It’s crafted using Engineered Knit Technology which keeps everything together, even when you’re tackling the most hardened rock faces. What’s more, this all helps to make these shoes incredibly breathable, meaning you won’t have to worry about sweaty and wet feet!

A Flexible Midsole

The midsoles of your shoes go through a lot; especially when you’re out cragging, so you need a shoe that can keep up with your pace. Fortunately, the Black Diamond’s come with a soft, flexible midsole that moves when you move.

This means the shoe isn’t so rigid, like some more traditional climbing shoes, that you can’t move your feet, but it’s not weak enough that you have problems feeling the rocks, or the shoe breaking. This also helps to maximize comfort!

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The Affordable Price Tag

One of the main reasons people love Black Diamond’s is the affordable price tag. Since these are aimed towards people who are starting rock climbing for the first time, these are super affordable meaning you won’t need much of an investment to get your climbing career started.

Wear All Day, Any Day

Easily the most repeated feature and benefit of these climbing shoes are just how comfortable they are. Every aspect of the shoe has been designed with comfort in mind to ensure you’re feeling your best and focusing on what’s important, rather than sore feet.

This means these shoes are perfect for wearing practically wherever you want! Whether you’re at the gym, going to work, or even relaxing at home, these shoes just keep on giving!


Don’t Push Too Hard

Since these shoes are designed with beginner climbers in mind, you’re not going to want to tackle anything too extreme because they simply won’t last. As you get more experienced and tackle more challenging climbs, you’ll need to upgrade. However, for your first few years, these will be ideal!

Who Is It Suitable For?

Beginners to the climbing world!

If you’re just starting out with climbing, whether you’re seeing whether it’s something you enjoy, or you’re just getting a feel for what you’re doing and building up your skill and experience, these are the shoes you’re going to want by your side… or on your feet!

Why We Like It

What you’ll adore most about these climbing shoes is how they allow you to perform your best and focus on what matters most to you. If you get the wrong shoes, you end up fiddling around with your shoe mid-climb, or you’ll find yourself distracted and not enjoying yourself.

Instead, these shoes take away this risk and ensure you can remain fully present throughout your climb, making sure this is a hobby you’re going to continue to fall in love with.


Finding climbing equipment that has everything you need for the best experience is hard work, especially when you need to make sure everything is safe and secure. After all, it’s your life on the line, so the quality and durability of your equipment are paramount, especially when it comes to the harness.

With this in mind, today we’re going to take a look at the Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness, one of the most coveted climbing harnesses in the industry. Hailed as being extremely comfortable and effortless to use, when searching for the right harness, you may not need to go further than this.

However, you need to make sure you’re making the right choice, so for the rest of this guide, we’re going to detail everything you need to know as to whether this investment is right for you.

Key Features

Incredibly Lightweight

One of the best features of the Black Diamond Harness is just how lightweight is. Weighing in at only 354 grams (with packaging), this is incredibly light, which means you won’t be weighed down or restricted in movements while you’re climbing out and about.

Easy to Maintain

Due to the durable materials, you won’t want to machine wash this piece, but you can always hand wash it, so it’s easy to keep clean after your climbs. This is simple stuff, which means there’s no need to worry about fiddly cleaning practice.

Designed to Fit You

A highlight of the Black Diamond Climbing Harness is that fact it can fit comfortably on you, no matter who you are, how tall you are, or what size you are. Every aspect of the harness is adjustable, and in multiple ways, making it easy for you to get the right fit that’s safe and snug.

Couple with your very own Black Diamond Climbing Shoes.

Fantastic Customer Service Team

Black Diamond is renowned around the world for its friendly and supportive customer service team. Whether you have a question you want to ask, a problem with your order or product, or you just wanted to see what the team can do for you, reach out and they will be more than happy to help you!


Protected for Two Years

With each harness, you’ll have the guarantee of a two-year warranty. This means from your original purchase date; you have 24 months of complete cover. If your harness has any problems, or it’s not what you expected, you can simply get it replaced or refunded!

Multiple Designs Available

Looking for a harness that matches your individual style and personality, and even matches the rest of your climbing apparel? Don’t worry; there are six different variations to choose from, each with a different color and aesthetic to help ensure you find one you love.

Extremely Popular Around the World

Black Diamond Harness is adored by satisfied customers all over the world and is well respected within the climbing community. With dozens of five-star reviews and plenty of happy climbers across the Earth, hundreds of people can’t be wrong!


That’s right! There’s literally nothing bad to say about this harness. Of course, it may not have some of the customizable features that other premium brands have, and you may not be the lightest, but it still goes above and beyond the call of duty, especially for the price.

Who Is It Suitable For?


Well, ideally this harness has been made for women climbers of any age, but over the years the harness has expanded out and been used by pretty much anyone. From children and teenagers to adults on vacation, if you want to climb, this is the only harness you’re going to need.

If you’re small to average in size, this harness is perfect. If you’re on the larger size, you may need to look into another more suitable, but check the sizes to see what the average requirements are to make sure!

Why We Like It

What you’re going to love about this harness is just how easy it is to use. Ideal for both beginner climbers and experienced climbers alike, there’s no reason to fiddle around with straps and buckles while trying to get the perfect fit.

Instead, everything has been designed to be effortless, and everything is in the right place, and there’s no need to worry about the little bits and pieces getting in the way. Just get in the harness, tighten it up, and off you go!

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