Scooters are definitely one of the favorite ways of travel for kids. They are compact, portable, fast, and above all: fun. They also remain the parents’ favorite go-to toy thanks to scooters not taking up too much space in the house, and being easy enough to take on trips.

Either way, whether you’re choosing a new scooter for yourself or for your child or family member, you may find yourself confused as to which product you should go for. The buying options are endless, and picking one scooter from the batch may seem close to impossible.

To solve this problem, Kota Pro decided to introduce their scooters to the market. An ambitious, 22-year-old Dakota Schuetz who first fell in love with scooters at the age of 10 founded this gem of scooter brands. Since then, he has competed at the highest level, and now his goal has become to inspire many other young and adult riders to take a go at riding a scooter.

Below we have a list of the five best Kota Pro Scooters. After a lot of research and looking into the products, we decided that these five out shine the most among the others. They have great designs, great durability, and are ideal for kids and adults alike.

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1. Kota Ninja

Despite the Kota Ninja pro scooter only being on the market for a short amount of time, it has already conquered the hearts of many. All family members, thanks to it being versatile enough to support any scooter rider that weighs up to 160lbs, can love it. If you are a beginner or intermediate scooter rider, then this scooter will be ideal for you. It’s the perfect entry-level scooter, mainly thanks to the fact that it lives up to all beginner performance expectations.

You don’t have to look far to find out that the Kota Ninja pro scooter is one of the most durable scooters available. Thanks to its daring name, it’s also easy to see that this scooter was built to support all kinds of tricks. If you like riding dangerously, going to the skate park and riding around ramps and rails, then this scooter will be the ideal companion.

The design of the Kota Ninja pro stunt scooter is relatively simple and modern. When choosing this scooter, you will also be able to choose between two colors: purple and green. The patterns themselves fit very well with the sporty theme, and are ideal for showing off at the local skate park.

The Ninja pro complete scooter is perfect for adults and kids alike. It supports about 160lbs of weight, and is stated to be ideal for beginner and intermediate riders. The scooter deck is about 4.5″ Wide x 19.5″ long, with the scooter bars being 21.5″ high and x 20″ wide.

With its durable 100mm 7 Spoke Alloy Core wheels, the scooter can speed through pavements effortlessly and without any drawback. Also, the wheels can easily be exchanged, should they wear out or should you want a change in the design.

Many customers seem to praise the Kota Ninja for its durability. Especially if you are a scooter rider that likes to live more on the dangerous size, you can rest assured that this scooter won’t end up in the junk pile anytime soon.

With the ODI Kota signature grips, this scooter can be easily steered, and riding can be comfortable and carefree. The scooter itself comes partially assembled, and can be used by anyone over 7 years of age.

+ Perfect for tricks
+ Ideal for beginners
+ 100mm 7 Spoke Alloy Core wheels
+ Soft ODI Kota signature grips

Why We Liked It: It’s durable, sturdy, and lightweight, so that you can take it with you wherever you go, even if you’re not riding it.

2. Kota Icon

Kota Icon Pro Scooter

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The Kota Icon pro scooter definitely has a simple, more minimalistic design than the Kota Ninja. It’s ideal for people who want a simple, clean scooter that will fit with just about any outfit and accessory. The scooter itself weighs about 6.8lbs, which makes it one of the lightest scooters on our list.

The Kota Icon pro scooter ideal for carrying around, or for taking on trips, and that’s its most praised feature. If you find yourself traveling a lot, or finding that you have to always drag your favorite trick scooter to contests, then making the Kota Icon a travel companion should be a fantastic idea.

The Kota Icon pro scooter comes in two designs: as a simple, black-coated scooter with orange wheels, and as a silver scooter, with silver wheels. If you are one for simple, clutter-free designs then the Kota Icon scooter will be the ideal go-to choice for you.

The Kota Icon pro scooter has a deck width of 4.75″ and a length of x 19.5″. Thanks to the frame being manufactured from aluminum, you will be able to have a sturdy ride no matter what terrain you are riding on. The scooter bars themselves have a standard size of 31.8mm, and their dimensions equal to 23″ height x 22″ width.

The Kota Icon scooter has the signature extra-wide Kota wheels; aluminum fork and scooter bars, Mini HIC compression and soft-feel grips that help the scooter rider gain easy control over the scooter. The flat 2-bolt brake also ensures that you can stop whenever you like, whenever you need, wherever you are.

Dozens of scooter riders have already been satisfied thanks to purchasing this Icon scooter. It’s one of the lightest scooters on the market, and is ideal for doing tricks and riding fast. If you like spending a lot of time experimenting at the skate park, then this scooter will be ideal for you.

Thanks to the extra wide scooter wheel set-up, this Kota Icon pro scooter is much sturdier and stable than other scooters. You will be bale to feel safe and remain worry free no matter how fast you are riding, or what tricks you are doing.

+ Extra wide wheels
+ Double clamp
+ Mini HIC compression
+ Flat 2 bolt brake

Why We Liked It:  Kota’s goal is to get as many young kids and adult on scooters as possible. This was not only as a career goal, but for pure fun, too. That’s why the Kota Icon is ideal for both aspiring professionals and hobbyists; no matter which group you belong to, you will be able to find something features that suit within the Icon.

3. Kota Recon

Kota Recon Pro Scooter

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No matter if you are passionate professional or budding enthusiasts, the Kota Recon complete pro stunt scooter is ideal for any scooter rider that likes to have a reliable riding kit. If you find yourself often on the road, then this scooter may be the ideal companion to take with you.

It’s compact, lightweight, and comes partially assembled, which means that it’s easy to transport, should you need to. The assembly itself shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes with the proper tools, and the scooter should be ready to ride within minutes. The Recon came on the market after Kota decided to launch a series of full-range freestyle scooters completes.

Kota’s are Scooters that could be used by both kids and adults alike, in parks and around neighborhoods. No matter what skill level you are at, what age you are or what color you like, Kota will have you cared with the Kota Recon complete pro stunt scooter.

The Recon complete pro stunt scooter comes in two colors: a bright, energetic red, and a pastel-like white and blue color combination. No matter which one you end up choosing, both look great in action, and the splash art along the framework adds an extra charm to the design.

The Kota Recon complete scooter is a quality scooter that will be able to dominate any skate park within seconds. It’s ideal for both kids and adults, and the scooter deck is about 4.5″ in width and x 19.5″ in length.

The Kota Recon is also the first Kota scooter to come with 28mm wide wheels. This means that the scooter has a grippier feel, which will give you a smoother, more enjoyable ride. The Tukno bar that is also included in this design is also one of Dakota Schuetz’s favorites, since it ensures a sturdy, strong, reliable grip.

Those who have purchased the Recon look to be satisfied with the product even years later. It holds up great, has soft, comfy grips, and the wheels don’t wear out within months. If you are a regular rider and need a reliable trick scooter to help you achieve your goals, then the Recon will be perfect for you.

Thanks to the extra-wide 28mm wheels that come with the Recon, you will be able to enjoy a smoother rider than before. The grip will be stronger, making you feel more grounded on the floor, and mid-air tricks will become easier, especially when landing.

+ Durable wheels
+ Ideal for Intermediate-Advanced riders
+ Features Tukno style scooter bars
+ Bigger scooter deck

Why We Liked It: The Recon is definitely highly affordable, and ideal for anyone that wants or needs to ride on a budget.

4. Kota Mania

The Kota Mania scooter has been specifically designed to suit the need of riders that have already reached the intermediate level. It’s definitely the beloved scooter of riders that have already been enjoying the sport for a longer amount of time. However, the scooter is also ideal for any enthusiastic beginner that is willing to take riding seriously. That’s why Kota states that the Mania pro scooter is perfect for intermediate riders or for future professionals with ambitious goals.

If you are tired of complete pro scooters ending up in the junk pile after more aggressive tricks or riding sessions, then the Kota Mania pro scooter might just be the ideal choice for you. Their scooters have been made to endure all sorts of wear and tear and beating, as well as 360 twirls and heavy-impact landings. That’s why many intermediate riders turn to purchasing a Kota trick scooter: they help them develop and explore their style, without robbing their budget.

The Kota Mania pro scooter complete comes in two colors: a green, black and red combo, and a white, blue and yellow combo. The graffiti pattern that climbs up the front and back of the neck of the complete pro stunt scooter also adds to the charm of the Mania, and makes the scooter much more attractive and inviting to look at.

The deck of the Mania scooter has about 4.5″ in width and 19.5 in height and is made from a sturdy, aluminum metal. This means that you won’t have to worry about this complete pro stunt scooter breaking on you anytime soon! The bars of the scooter are about 23″ x 22″ and the wheels 110mm x 24mm.

The Mania pro scooter is right in the middle of the Kota complete pro scooters. It has 110mm wheels, a lightweight deck that is ideal for tricks and flips, and Tukno style scooter bars that will allow you to ride fast and smooth. No matter if you’re a beginner or intermediate rider, this scooter is ideal for both skill levels.

Many customers seem to praise this scooter most for its build and durability. It’s also very easy to assemble, and you will be able to speed away on it within moments. It’s definitely the perfect gift for an aspiring enthusiast.

The scooter weighs about 8.4 lbs., which is about just as much as any average scooter. The fork is made from sturdy steel, as is the bar, and 7 Spoke Alloy Core wheels will take you everywhere you need to go without trouble.

The wheels have a good grip, and you won’t have to worry about sliding and wearing them out anytime soon.

+ Built to last
+ Lightweight deck with grip tape
+ Good grip 110mm wheels
+ Tukno bars

Why We Liked It: If you are willing to invest into purchasing the Mania scooter, you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy this scooter for years to come, even with every day use!

5. Kota Icon Pro Scooter

Kota Icon Pro Scooter

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You don’t always need a fancy, flashy trick scooter. If you want a simple solution to do whatever stunts you want without too many additions, you’re in the right place. The Kota Icon Pro Scooter is designed to last for years, based on simplicity and ease of use for people of all ages.

With a combination of steel and aluminum, you can rely on the high level of durability and lightweight nature of the scooter. Two clamps prevent the height from adjusting while you’re using it. The sandpaper grip on the deck is great for keeping a good footing when moving quickly.

+ Simple design built to last for a long time
+ Incredibly durable and fairly lightweight
+ Rear brake for easy slowing and stopping

Why We Like It – We like this scooter by KOTA because it’s perfect for beginners trying to learn the ropes.

Kota Pro Scooter Buyers Guide

What to Look For When Buying a Kota Pro Scooter?

If you have been looking for a reliable, durable scooter, search no more. Kota will have you covered in every aspect, no matter if you’re an adult professional, a beginner hobbyist or just an enthusiast. Dakota Schuetz, a 4x Championship winner that started his scooter journey at the young age of 10, founded the brand.


Since Dakota has achieved his goals and success, his new goal has become to inspire as many young and old scooter enthusiasts as possible. Usually, scooters are not built to endure aggressive flips, 360 turns or heavy-impact landing. Usually, scooters are made for cruising and for fun.

Kota’s scooters are different. They are built to last, and if you want to quickly advance in your freestyle scootering, then buying a Kota sent scooter will be a fantastic first decision.

However, since Kota is still quite new to the market, you may want to be more informed about what they offer.

That’s why we decided to compile all the vital information about Kota scooters, and put them in one, comprehensive article. An article that can hopefully help you make a well-informed decision on which Kota scooter you should buy, should you want one!


All Kota scooters are designed to help fit the sporty, daredevil aesthetic. With that said, you will be able to find many designs in the Kota arsenal that suit all kinds of personalities.

No matter if you like a plain, simple, clean design that doesn’t clutter the appearance of the scooter, or if you like stacked up stickers and graffiti patterns, Kota will have you covered.

Their complete pro scooters fit the visual appearances of both adult and young riders, and that’s one of the reasons that many people turn to purchasing their products. They look great, and are meant for all skills and age levels. You won’t have to worry about being bound to one design that you may not like, since there are many colors and patterns to choose from.


Kota has ensured that they have a scooter that covers every skill and age. If you are an adult looking to get into professional freestyle scootering, or a young primary school student that is looking for a new way of transport, then Kota has a perfect scooter for both scenarios.

Depending on your age and size, it’s important to take a look at the Kota deck sizing charts, bar size charts etc. to get a general idea of which pro scooter would suit you most. Some scooters like the Kota Mania also come in smaller sizes, like the Kota Mini Mania, which is a slimmer, more compact version of the product that suits younger riders better.



Most Kota scooters come with a lightweight scooter deck, which makes them ideal for tricks. If you like riding that is more on the edge, more aggressive, then the Kota scooters will be the perfect fit for you.

They are made to endure, and are tested by Dakota himself before they are available for worldwide purchase and shipping. This ensures that each stunt scooter is safe and withstands the test of time, for even the harshest of daredevil riders.


The Kota scooters are ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders alike, and that’s why each scooter has its own specialties. The 7 Spoke Alloy Core wheels that they use also help in getting the good, sturdy grip that many riders long for.

You won’t have to worry about slippery surfaces, tipping over or having trouble no matter what flat terrain you ride on. Even though the wheels are exceptionally durable and don’t wear out quickly, you can also replace them should you wish too.


Many customers seem to praise the Kota scooters for their durability. You can rest assured that if you purchase one of their scooters, you will have a faithful riding companion for a good few years.

This also means that the Kota scooters may not be as affordable as other scooters on the market, but they certainly make up for this by being built to last. These scooters don’t show wear and tear quickly, and that’s also why they are perfect for competitions and more serious riders.

The Kota scooters are also light weight and easy to carry around; most don’t weigh more than 6lbs, which makes them ideal for doing tricks and taking on tours or trips.

Safety Features

Since Kota also makes kids scooters, it’s vital that they are tried and tested before they are shipped out. The Kota scooters usually come partially assembled, and that’s why it’s important to have all the right tools by your side when they arrive, since you will have to put them together.

This process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, however it’s important to make sure every bolt is tightly screwed, without any rattling being present. This will ensure that you will have the best riding experience possible, with as little room for accidents.

All Kota products are made from quality materials like aluminum to help ensure that you stay safe when riding, no matter how aggressive you get.


Kota scooters are undoubtedly some of the newest scooters on the market. Regardless, they have made an impression on many professional and hobbyist riders already. If you like doing tricks, riding safely and having fun with your stunt scooter without needing to worry that it will break, then a Kota will be the ideal complete pro stunt scooter to have in your riding arsenal. Trips to the skate park will become more exciting, and you will be able to explore a whole new world of riding.

It’s important to check all the features of the particular Kota scooter you want to buy before you purchase one. All of them are different, are made for different skill levels, and have different designs. Thanks to the versatility of the Kota scooter, both the youngest and oldest scooter enthusiasts can enjoy an evening day at the skate park.

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Expert Tip

If you are a beginner to scooter riding, it may be a good idea to attend a Kota Scooter Kamp. Dakota has been known for hosting these camps all across the Unite States; helping young kids develop their passion for riding.

Did you know?

The founder of Kota Pro Scooters, known as world champion Dakota Schuetz, started riding at the age of 10. Now being 22, he has won several world championships and made appearances on popular TV channels like the Ellen Show.

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