Dirt scooters are relatively new to the scooting game and often people do not even know about them. Scooters are not limited to pavements or skate parks only, they have crossed those platforms and now they are capable of riding on much tougher grounds.

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Our Rated Top Dirt Scooters Compared

1. Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot Pro Scooter

Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot Pro Scooter

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Have you ever faced the challenges of riding a scooter through the grass or dirt? The good news for you is that the Razor Phase Two beats all odds. Thanks to the heavy-duty tread and ultra-wide tires, you’ll be able to glide over all sorts of terrain. These bulky tires won’t

slow you down a bit on pavement either.
Use the rear brake with your foot to stop your movement immediately. Being able to control the acceleration and deceleration that quickly is priceless. The powder-coated bars and rubber grips on the handles are perfect for getting a good grip. It maintains a stable handlebar design to increase stability and durability at the same time.

+ Comes with bulky all-terrain tires
+ Uses a special design for added support that also prevents bending of the bars
+ Reliable hand grips for optimal control

Why We Like It – We like the Razor Phase Two Scooter because it’s the perfect scooter for the trail. Take it on your local sidewalk, down a dirt path, or through a grass field without a problem.

2. Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter

Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot Pro Scooter

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Razor gives many big scooter brands the run for their money and this is one such product. With 200 mm pneumatic tires and a BMX style tubular steel fork, this one provides an unparalleled dirt riding experience. The whole structure of the Razor Pro RDS dirt scooter is strong with aircraft grade aluminum frame that is also super light. It can easily withstand up to 120 pounds for dirt style and even more while normal riding. The Razor Pro RDS dirt scooter has a triple stacked headtube clamp that keeps the structure together during the most aggressive rides. It only requires a little assembly that you can do on your own.

+ Triple stacked headtube clamp
+ 200 mm pneumatic tires
+ BMX style tubular steel fork

Why We Liked It: The bright red color depicts the passion for scooting and is what gives this one a unique look. These products tend to be stronger and less stylish but that is not the case when it comes to Razor. This Razor Pro RDS dirt scooter is the most stylish look dirt scooter in our list.

3. Pulse Performance DX1 Freestyle

Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot Pro Scooter

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This kick scooter from Pulse has some serious work done on the wheels. It has 8 inches air filled knobby tyres that ride just as good as they do on pavement. They have the ability to absorb the nastiest of shocks from the debris and cracks. This too is inspired by BMX style bikes and the rear fender brakes provided work in a similar fashion. The frame is made from polished stainless steel which is again reinforced with heat treated aluminum to make it extra special and of course extra tough. The grip tape on the aluminum deck helps the rider keep his or her feet firmly which as you would know is very important in terms of safety.

+ 8 inch air filled knobby tyres for smooth ride
+ Aluminum treated
+ Grip tape

Why We Liked It: The aluminum frame of the Pulse DX1 freestyle dirt scooter is one of the strongest we have seen so far within the Pulse Performanc products. This is unlike any other frame from even the higher end brands that tend to be costlier than the Pulse DX1 freestyle dirt scooter.

4. Osprey Dirt Scooter

Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot Pro Scooter

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The Osprey Dirt Scooter is a top-notch choice for both adults and teens who want to explore the outdoors on wheels. You don’t need a mountain bike to traverse the trails at your local park when you have one of these. They come with 8” x 2” tires that’ll climb right over all sorts of obstacles and debris in your path.

If you like choosing from various colors, then you’ll love the palette of this product. It comes in Sky Blue, NATO Green, Matte Black, and a couple of other choices. The aluminum frame is lightweight, but you’ll also notice that it’s quite durable compared to other scooters in its price range.

+ Comes in a wide variety of colors
+ Comfortably ride over dirt and grass
+ Lightweight aluminum composition

Why We Like It – We like the Osprey Dirt Scooter because it takes the annoying bumpy feeling out of riding through grass, dirt, and concrete.

5. Swagtron KR1 All-Terrain Dirt Kick Scooter

Razor Phase Two Dirt Scoot Pro Scooter

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If you often find yourself getting into unpredictable situations on your scooter, then you’re in luck. The Swagtron KR1 All-Terrain Dirt Kick Scooter can take on jumps and ramps like a walk in the park. Dirt trails are no challenge either, and riding through the grass is as easy as cruising on a bicycle.

The 5-inch deck is great for handling sharp turns by preventing your feet from falling off the sides. Crafted with stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about this scooter breaking down any time soon. It also comes with 8-inch tires to glide right over the dirt.

+ Made out of durable steel
+ Perfect suspension and deck for handling jumps
+ Bulky tires to take on numerous types of terrain

Why We Like It – We like the Swagtron KR1 Scooter because it opens up so many trails and other opportunities for outdoor exploration.

What is a dirt scooter?

If you are buying a pro dirt scooter, you would already know but just in case you need a full fledge definition here it is: the stunt scooters are designed to be ridden on tough terrains like mud or rocks. For this reason they tend to be bigger in size and have very strong components. The tyres are bigger and usually air filled to absorb shocks from such bumpy and uneven terrains.

You can call them stunt scooters 2.0 if you will because these are even stronger. As riders master one skill set they quickly want to try something even more harder and that is where dirt style comes in. For those who have gotten bored of skate parks, the uneven streets or rocky hills throw a challenge they very much accept. These are designed for such adventurous riders only and in that sense designed to withstand the worst beatings you could possibly give to your kick scooter. You can buy these rides direct from Amazon brand new, with next day delivery from Amazon Prime.

Who should buy one?

This question is important as pro dirt scooters are not for everyone. First off, these are big and heavier as compared with stunt scooters so not appropriate for children. Secondly, they should be ridden by someone with experience and who ideally is a pro scooter champion already. That does not mean you have to be an actual champion of some world competition, it only means that you should have some prior experience.
If you want something that is optimized for stunts then this is not the scooter you should get as it can be difficult to do tricks or flips with this. This is more for riding roughly on tough terrains not performing stunts.

Weight of the Scooter

It is important to take into consideration the weight of the scooter itself because a scooter that is too heavy for you will be difficult to handle. While these are definitely heavier than stunt and regular scooters, some are heavier than others. Make sure you get the weight that is controllable by you i.e. if you yourself are not heavy then get the lightest you can. You can find some designed specifically for children like Madd Gear Pro Mini XT.

Weight Limit & Height

Since this kind of off-road scooters have strong builds usually of steel and heat tested aluminum, so they have the capacity to withstand heavy individuals. Nevertheless, it is important to know the maximum weight limit beforehand. Most of these will easily be able to bear a maximum weight of up to 200 pounds and some even more.
Same is the case with height as these are designed for late teenagers and scooter for adults basically who are generally taller. Some in fact have enough handle bar height to accommodate individuals in the six feet range. So make sure you check the maximum weight limit and height when you buy a pro dirt scooter.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires are the real deal of this type of kick scooter because these are what distinguish them from other kinds. These tend to be bigger than other types and are air filled much like on a bike. This is because they are designed to tackle tough terrains. Most of these would be made from high rebound PU with stronger hubs. They have aggressive treads that play the important role of protecting the tire. Wheels and tires should be yet another important consideration because they will determine the aggressiveness, so to speak, of your rides and also its maneuverability. You might want bigger tyres if you need a smooth ride on some of the toughest terrains in your town. On the other hand smaller wheels which work for maneuvering it a bit and doing some tricks although you should not do that as they are not designed for this purpose.

Handle bar Styles

These have bigger handlebars that are made with Hidden Internal Compression or HIC stems and bars. There are two styles essentially: the Y bar and the straight/flat handle bar. There is not much of a difference between the two in terms of performance and it is more of a personal choice. The Y bar, although, looks a tad bit more stylish. Nevertheless, both of these would have soft rubber grips that provide comfort which is necessary in such rides.

Which brand to choose?

These are relatively newer and manufacturers are rapidly producing new models just as their popularity is increasing. You can find good dirt kick scooters from some of the most famous brands in the scooting world including Razor which is known for its affordability. Other brands include Royal Pro, Gritt Flux and MGP.
The higher end brands tend to have stronger and long lasting components that have been made using the latest technology and complex forging processes. For this reason, these usually are the lightest too which is what is ideally you would want.


Your budget in buying these things is extremely important because at the end no matter what you like, you have to get something within the amount you have set for yourself. Luckily enough, there are affordable dirt scooters too. Most would cost under $200 and you can easily find a good quality one in this price on Amazon. Some high end brands are more expensive than this and that is because they use expensive parts. If budget is not a deciding factor, then by all means get the high end one that is the strongest yet the lightest.


When you are riding something that is designed to ride over dirt and mud, you know you are getting yourself something truly strong. In that sense you do not really have to worry about safety. Nevertheless, it is good to check the safety ratings of these products and see if it is certified. Most do not have official safety standards but buying from a reputed brand you know that your safety has been taken care of.
Of course making sure your rides are safe is your responsibility too. This means that you should wear helmet at all time and even elbow or knee pads if necessary. Dirt style riding can be pretty rough and falling during such a ride can be injurious so it is always recommended to take precautions.


The bottom line is that you need something that is commensurate to your height and weight and is strong. The brand choice is personal and also dependent on your budget. As a general rule, reading reviews is a wise thing and can help you make an informed decision and get the top ride out there.

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