Cressi was founded by two brothers in 1946 in the seaside Italian town of Genoa. Ever since then, the company has had an incomparable reputation for creating quality aquatics equipment. It doesn’t matter if you are a spearfisher or a scuba diver, you will know that Cressi does things well, and when you spend your dollars on a Cressi product then you know you have invested your money wisely.

The Cressi Leonardo dive computer is proof of this. It ticks all the boxes a beginner or intermediate diver would want from a dive computer. The single button interface assures simplicity of use. The HD screen is huge and includes a backlight, so it is very easy to read while underwater.

It comes with all the added extras that you need too, as there are visual and audible alarms, the ability to download your logbook to your computer, and the dive computer is physically robust as well

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Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer

ressi Leonardo

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Key Features

The Cressi Leonardo is an amazing dive computer that is absolutely loaded with amazing features. Here are the most important ones:

Single Button Interface: This makes the dive computer easy to navigate and the big button is reactive even when you press it with gloves on.

Three Operating Modes: These are Air, Nitrox, and Gauge.

Audible Alarms: Loud enough for you to hear while you’re underwater.

High-Definition Display Screen: The screen is also large and very easy-to-read, even when you’re diving.

Long, Durable Strap: It comfortably fits around your diving suit.

Backlight: Allows you to read the screen in dim or poor light.

Replaceable Battery: The long-lasting CR 2430 battery can be replaced by the user quite easily.

Adjustable up to 12,100 Feet: This is easy to do on the Cressi Leonardo.

USB Interface: Handy for hooking it up to your laptop or mac so you can download your logbook.


+ The display screen is both huge and easy-to-read.

+ The audible alarms are extremely loud, and they also have a distinctive tone, so no matter how engrossed in the dive you are, you’ll still be able to hear and recognize them.

+ The battery should last for at least 100 dives until it needs replacing, which you can then do after purchasing a cheap replacement.

+ The single button interface makes the Leonardo extremely simple to operate, so new divers don’t have to worry that it is overly complicated to use, which many other dive computers are.


– There has been some criticism that the backlight isn’t as strong enough as it could be. This is, however, just the opinion of some of the Cressi Leonardo’s users. Most are satisfied that the backlight makes the screen visible in poor light.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Cressi Leonardo dive computer is one of the best entry-level dive computers around. Beginner divers will love its usability and all the amazing features that it has. They will also love the price tag, as it is an affordable dive computer. If you are looking for your very first dive computer, then you cannot go wrong with the Cressi Leonardo. It has everything you will need while remaining easy-to-use.

Recreational divers or intermediate divers are also fans of this dive computer. The Nitrox mode especially appeals to more advanced divers.

Why We Like It

Cressi is a brand that you can rely on and depend on. Purchasing a Cressi product is a safe bet. The Leonardo is a brilliant dive computer that has the three most important modes that any entry-level to intermediate-level scuba diver will require.

It has a clear, large display, that can be easily operated by the single button interface, and it also has a durable wrist strap that is so long that you never have to worry about it fitting around your dive suit. It is a conservative dive computer, so it will keep you safe, and the audible alarms will keep you alerted when you’re underwater, further assuring your safety.

If you are a beginner scuba diver looking for your first dive computer or a recreational diver looking for a high-quality, reliable dive computer, then the Cressi Leonardo is a great choice.

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