The electric longboard can be a great way to traverse a college campus, enjoy a day in the park, embark on a breath-taking adventure, and even commute to work! It’s a much smoother ride than with a normal skateboard deck and allows for more stability.

With the advent of new electronic technology, the speed and excitement of these smooth rides can be enjoyed without even breaking a sweat! Electric longboards allow riders to control the speed of the board via a handheld remote, meaning users can enjoy step-less acceleration.

We already covered the best electric skateboards and battery powered longboards for cruising that are currently available on the market, and now it’s time to talk about the king of cruising – the electric longboard.

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View The Best Electric Longboards Below

Not every battery powered longboard is fun to ride. There are several things to consider before deciding on the right ride for your specific needs. These qualities include weight, motor type, speed, range, and many other features.

Below you will find a detailed review of the best 15 electric longboards that are currently available. We highlighted all the important info that you will need to make an informed decision and our rating on each of them to make it easier to find the right one for you.

Let’s get into it!

1. Halo Board Beast – Premium Choice Electric Longboard

Reasons to buy
  • Top speeds of 26 MPH with 3200 Watts of power
  • Halo Regenerative Brake system recharges the batteries
  • Torque Management acceleration and braking algorithm ensure a buttery smooth ride

Check Price on Haloboard

The Halo Board Beast became our premium choice because this thing is… Well, as the name suggests, a beast! One look at it, and you’ll know what we mean. It looks amazing, but that is by far not all this board has to offer. 

The 97mm Halo Street Wheels will give you the smoothest ride of your life while the battery will make that ride last for up to 25 miles. The innovative technology and the all-new Double Kingpin trucks make this longboard a true carving king, which means that you won’t feel a thing while making sharp turns with this baby!

You can swap the wheels with 120mm all-terrain wheels and go on adventures far beyond paved roads. Don’t worry about its stability and durability, because the upgraded bamboo and fiberglass blend deck will easily carry a max load of 286 lbs.


  • Max Speed: 26 mph
  • Max Range: 25 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 286 lbs
  • Dual Direct-Drive brushless motors
  • Upgraded bamboo and fiberglass blend deck

  • 23 pounds make it heavier than others

Our Verdict on Haloboard Beast

The design is the first thing you’ll notice about this board, but the performances are the feature that sells it. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks, we recommend getting the Halo Board Beast because it will serve you for thousands of miles and years to come – for sure!

2. Maxfind FF Plus – All-Terrain Electric Longboard with Amazing Range

Reasons to buy
  • New Upgrade Double Kingpin
  • Perfectly Conquer All Roads
  • Fast-swap battery design for even longer trips

Check Price on Backfire

Everything about this longboard screams offroad: the wheels, the design, and coating of the deck, the sheer size of the board. Of course, this board will run smoothly on every street, but where it truly shines is in the dirt!

It comes in 3 varieties: Standard, Long, and Super Range. Each upgrade comes with an additional battery pack and will add 10 more miles to the rides range, the Super Range being able to go for 30 miles. 

It comes with two ultra-strong 1200W high torque Hub motors that can bring it to a top speed of 24 mph. It comes with oversized honeycomb rubber tires that offer grip and stability on a variety of terrains. The deck is super flexible and will absorb most of the vibration on all kinds of roads.


  • Max Speed: 25 mph
  • Max Range: 10-30 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Double Kingpin Truck
  • Oversized honeycomb rubber tires

  • The range of the standard model is quite low for an off-road board

Our Verdict Maxfind FF Plus

Being a true offroad board, the FF Plus offers amazing power, range and it supports a whopping 35% incline. We would recommend spending a little bit more on the Super Range package, that way you’ll be covered for any kind of adventure.

3. Backfire Zealot – Extremely Fast and Durable

Reasons to buy
  • Delivers more speed than any other in this price range
  • Extremely long-range even for heavier riders 
  • Simple and modern look

Check Price on Backfire

The Zealot is designed with one purpose in mind – speed. It rocks two 750W high torque motors with a 50.4V battery which together ensure fast acceleration and a quite long ride at high speeds. We are talking 28,5 mph fast, with a max range of 22 miles!

It’s super lightweight due to the bamboo deck and purposefully kept in a minimalistic design because the explosive power is what is important here. The design being simple does not mean it does not shine, because it does – quite literally. 

It includes LED Ambiental lights on both sides of the board, which give it an ultra-modern look. The extra-large wheels and the Caliber II Trucks make for a smooth and bumpless ride – almost like on a glider.


  • Max Speed: 28,5 mph
  • Max range: 22 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 260 lbs
  • LED Ambiental lights

  • With its 19 pounds, it’s heavier than others on the market

Our Verdict on Backfire Zealot

This little thing can take riders of up to 260lbs to a speed of 28.5 mph for around 20 miles – that is way more than you pay for! That combination of power and durability is not something you see every day and makes the Zealot a great purchase for both beginners and experienced riders.

4. Blitzart 38″ Dual Motor Electric Longboard – Best Longboard for Beginners

Reasons to buy
  • Very powerful at quite an affordable price
  • Simplistic and timeless design
  • Perfect choice for beginners
Blitzart 38 Dual Motor Electric Longboard

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Would you like to try riding an electric longboard, but you aren’t sure if you are going to enjoy it and don’t want to spend too much money on your first board? Then the Blitzart 38’’ might be the right choice.

It’s a very sturdy, but lightweight board that can develop quite a speed. The two 350W Hub motors might not provide as much power as the more expensive boards on our list but will still get you to 25mph in the right conditions, which is more than enough if you are a beginner. 

The board is made of 7 layers of maple and 2 layers of bamboo, making it very flexible which will cushion your ride making it more comfortable. The battery will be fully charged in 3 hours and will last you for up to 10 miles, which is good enough for some practice runs.


  • Max Speed: 25 miles
  • Max Range: 10 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Fully charged in 3 hours 
  • Affordable

  • Shorter range than with others
  • Suited mostly for beginners

Our Verdict on Blitzart 38″ Dual Motor Electric Longboard

This is one of the best choices for beginners out there, given the specs you get for your money. Sure, the range is shorter than with others, and the wheels don’t roll as smooth, but it will serve you well while you learn how to ride these boards – a premium board would probably be too overwhelming anyway.

5. Meepo V3 – Super Durable and Reliable Longboard

Reasons to buy
  • The Most popular Meepo board model
  • Electric Skateboard with the lowest defect rate on the market
  • M4 Remote with a digital screen

Check Price on Amazon

With thousands of positive reviews, a reputation that very few longboards on the market have, and specs that will satisfy most, if not all riders, the Meepo V3 more than deserves an entry in our list.

This amazing longboard comes in two different buying options – you can either get the standard one or pay a bit more and get the V3 ER. The V3 ER comes with a more powerful battery, which means you’ll be able to cruise for longer without needing to recharge.

The battery and electronics are sealed, water-resistant, and completely dustproof. The deck is made of 7 layers of maple, which gives this incredible board a lot of flexibility, but also the strength to carry a max load of 300 lbs.


  • Max Speed: 28 mph
  • Max range: 11/20 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Super durable and reliable
  • 2 hub motors
  • Moisture & dustproof

  • Range on the standard model a bit short

Our Verdict on Meepo V3

The Meepo V3 is a super durable and reliable longboard. It offers features and build quality way beyond its price range. Even if you opt for the V3 ER you’ll still pay way less than you would with other brands, for a board that you will love for years to come. Also, we reviewed all Meepo boards in detail so feel free to check that out if you want to know more about the brand.

6. Hiboy S22 – Best Electric Longboard for Beginners

Reasons to buy
  • Smooth streamlined power and great speed
  • 4 ride modes and 4 brake modes exclusive to HI boy electrics skateboard
  • Beautiful longboard with great features
Hiboy S22

Check Price on Amazon

The Hiboy S22 is arguably one of the most beautiful electric longboards out there, but that’s not all it has to offer – it’s also one of the best electric longboards for beginners!

The deck of this durable board is made of seven layers of maple, it has stronger trucks and a U-shaped design, providing flexibility and stability. The dual hub motor sets you up for a smooth ride thanks to its high-performance qualities and a max speed of 18.5 mph which is perfect for beginners.

It is a beautiful electric longboard with a reliable brake system and four separate ride modes – all developed to make your rides as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

A single charge will take you as far as 12.5 miles, which is just enough to run small errands, enjoy a nice ride around the hood, or get to work in the morning. The board is 35.4 inches long and comes with four high-quality wheels that can easily be replaced if needed.


  • Max Speed: 18.6 mph
  • Max Range: 13 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Brushless Dual hub motor

  • Going uphill or against the wind will drain the battery faster
  • Heavier than others

Our Verdict on Hiboy S22

The quality-price ratio here is just incredible. Especially if you are a beginner, this board is an excellent choice. You’ll get a stable and safe ride for an affordable price that will last you for years.

7. MaxFind MAX4 Pro – Best Long Range Electric Longboard

Reasons to buy
  • The best choice for urban commuting
  • Handles inclines of up to 30% gradient
  • The board has little resistance which enables it to roll when the power is off

Check Price on Maxfind

Behold the king of long-haul rides, the Maxfind MAX4 Pro. This amazing longboard can go up to 36 miles on one charge – if you get the Super Range Version of course. That’s just mind-blowing.

It is equipped with two 750w high-performance hub motors, and unique and attractive quick-swap batteries to provide more power and more range. You can choose between three battery combinations: Standard Range (12 miles), Long Range (24 miles), and Super Range (36 miles). 

The deck of the longboard is made of 8 layers of flex maple, which as you know provides flexibility. It also has a carbon fiber coating for grip and durability. The Max II Trucks improve stability at high speeds.


  • Max Speed: 26 miles
  • Max Range: 36 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Only 3 hours charging time
  • Two 750w high-performance hub motors

  • It gets a bit noisy on rough terrain
  • Not really comfortable to carry due to design

Our Verdict on Maxfind Max4 Pro

If you are looking for an affordable board with insane battery life, then the MAX4 Pro is the perfect one for you – especially if you get the Super Range Version. It won’t hurt your wallet that much, and is totally worth it, because who doesn’t like long, smooth rides?

8. ONLYONE O-2 – The Best Electric Longboard Overall

Reasons to buy
  • Sleek and modern design
  • HighSpeed dual belt motors
  • Great battery life at affordable prices

Check Price on Onlyone

The Onlyone 0-2 offers a very clean and simple look, that is always in style, but in its safely enclosed backside, it hides a lot more than good looks. 

Powered by a dual belt drive with 900W of power each, the board can get you to a top speed of 25mph with ease. It can also master inclines of up to 30 degrees, which is quite impressive. As for the battery, you can choose between two options: 6.6A and 7.5A. They are quite similar in performance, but with the 6.6A you’ll get an extra mile of range – 18 miles in total. 

The deck is a flexible one, made from 8 layers of maple, and with sand coating for extra grip. It can handle a may load of 330 pounds, while weighing 18.7 pounds itself. It’s the best choice overall, considering both performance and price and that’s why it is our #1 pick.


  • Max Speed: 25 mph
  • Max Range: 17/18 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Dual 900W belt motors 
  • Regenerative brake

  • A bit heavy at 18.7 pounds

Our Verdict on Onlyone O-2

This board comes at an amazing price, and offers all you need, especially if you are a beginner. Awesome speed, awesome range, and a timeless design. If you have to carry your board a lot, then you might want to take a look at something lighter, but other than that you’ll find nothing to complain about if you get the O-2.

9. ONLYONE O-5 All Terrain Electric Longboard – Most Stable Electric Longboard

Reasons to buy
  • Designed to conquer all types of terrain
  • Safe and comfortable thanks to adjustable foot straps 
  • Looks and feels extremely powerful

Check Price on Onlyone

Let us introduce you to a quite unique little fellow, that is a perfect companion for all of you who love the feel of off-road drives – the Onlyone O-5. 

If you have ever ridden any kind of board over very rough terrain, you’ll know that the wheels are of utmost importance – after all, they are the ones handling all the strain, and all off-road boards do in fact come with enhanced, supersized wheels to provide better grip and stability.  

What is often overlooked is the fact that it can be very hard to keep your feet on the board if the road gets very rough. Here’s where the O-5 scores. Equipped with two adjustable foot straps, it will keep your feet on the board no matter how rough the ride gets. 

You might think they are unnecessary, but trust us, considering the power that this baby has, you’ll be glad you have them. With two 1650 W motors and a 10S5P Battery, it can get to a max speed of 24mph and go for 15 miles without a recharge.


  • Max Speed: 24 mph
  • Max Range: 15 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 440lbs
  • Two 1650W dual belt-driven motors
  • Foot straps for security
  • Pneumatic wheels for a smoother ride

  • It takes 6 hours to charge
  • Quite heavy at 30 lbs

Our Verdict on Onlyone O-5

In all honesty, we love this thing! The amount of power and functionality you get for that price is incredible. Sure, if you like to cruise through your neighborhood then you might want something lighter and easier to maneuver, but if you are an adrenaline junky looking for a thrill then you have just met your match.

10. Backfire G3 Plus – Fastest Electric Longboard

Reasons to buy
  • World’s first pure carbon fiber deck
  • Super long range of up to 25miles
  • Two powerful motors provide a maximum speed of 28.5 mph

Check Price on Backfire

This model also features a stunning design that already conveys strength and durability. It’s the world’s first longboard to feature a flexible pure carbon fiber deck. That makes it both strong and flexible, and perfect for long rides. 

Under the deck, you’ll find two 600W Ultra-High power hub motors that can take you up to a mighty 28.5 mph while being able to go up to 25 miles with one charge – the 50.4V 346Wh battery is a huge help there too. 

That sounds as powerful as it feels. Riding this one will make you fall in love with longboards in a minute. It’s also equipped with front and back Caliberll Trucks, which contribute to the extraordinary riding experience and improved stability during high-speed riding.


  • Max Speed: 28.5 mph
  • Max Range: 20-25 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 260 lbs
  • LED Ambient light
  • Very lightweight at 16lbs
  • Two 600W Hub Motors

  • Turbo-mode reduces the marketed range quite a bit

Our Verdict on Backfire G3 Plus

The extremely powerful electric system is impressive. You feel like you are riding a light penny board, while you are cruising on one of the largest decks on the market. The super flexible deck adds to that amazing feeling, as well as the overall weight of the board. A truly impressive longboard.

11. Teamgee H20T – Designed for Comfort and Stability

Reasons to buy
  • Special design with comfort in mind
  • Enhanced tires to take you over any road
  • Four different speeds

The Teamgee H20T has a classic but functional design. It features a unique “W”-shaped deck that will ensure more stability while cruising. The deck itself is a flexible one, made of 8 layers of Canadian maple, and one layer of fiberglass to make it more resilient.

It also comes with large and shock-absorbing wheels that will enable you to ride comfortably on most roads – be it asphalt, grass, or even a brick road. The wheels offer even enough grip to go over wet roads.

The board is powered by two 600W Hub motors that can bring it to a top speed of 26mph, as well as master inclines of up to 30 degrees which is as powerful as some premium boards. The high-performance battery offers a range of 14-18 miles on a single charge.


  • Max Speed: 26 miles
  • Max Range: 18 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 286 lbs
  • Enhanced tires
  • Powerful 1200W dual Hub motor

  • The range could be better
  • Exchanging wheels is a bit difficult

Our Verdict on Teamgee H20T

The Teamgee H20T is one of those boards where you definitely get bang for the buck. It offers a lot of power and a very comfortable ride, for a great price while also looking super stylish.

12. ONLYONE O-8 – Best Longboard for Commuting

Reasons to buy
  • Amazing battery life makes for very long rides
  • Flexible deck for a smoother experience
  • Simple and elegant design

Check Price on Onlyone

Looking at the backside of the O-8 you might be wondering why it’s completely covered – well, what you are looking at is the extra-large battery that allows this amazing board to go for up to 22 miles without needing a recharge. 

It’s not all battery, of course. On the backside, it features two 600W hub motors that can develop a staggering speed of 25 mph. It also has a regenerative braking system that recovers energy when braking and reduces energy consumption. 

The deck is made of 8 layers of maple, making it very flexible and shock absorbing. It can handle a max load of 330 pounds, but the recommended rider weight should be under 264 pounds.


  • Max Speed: 25 mph
  • Max Range: 22 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Two 600W hub motors 
  • Charging time: 30 minutes

  • Not really suited for bumpy roads

Our Verdict on Teamgee H5

If you are looking for a simple but powerful board, for commuting or just city cruising, then the O-8 might be your best option. The amazing range it offers will surely be enough to get you to your destination and back, and given its weight of 16lbs, you might even carry it into the bus or store if needed.

13. ONLYONE LONGBOARD O-1 – High-Quality Board at Affordable Price

Reasons to buy
  • Affordable quality board 
  • Great for beginners 
  • Timeless design

Check Price on Onlyone

Another great choice for beginners is our last entry – the O-1 Longboard from Onlyone. A high-quality board from a dedicated manufacturer at a great price – what more could you wish for?

It has a very flexible deck that can still hold a load of up to 265 lbs. The board is powered by two 900W motors that can get it to a top speed of 25mph and get you up hills with an angle of up to 30 degrees. Let’s be clear – that is awesome, especially in this price range.

You can order the board either with the standard 8.0Ah battery or with the improved 8.8AH one. The standard offers a range of 11 miles, whereas the improved one will get you 1.5 miles more. Not a huge difference, but if you don’t mind spending the extra 40 bucks, you might want to opt for the stronger battery.


  • Max Speed: 25 miles
  • Max Range: 12.5 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Carved in handle for easy transport
  • Regenerative brake

  • Wheels are quite smooth and smaller than others – might be uncomfortable on rougher roads

Our Verdict on Onlyone Longboard 0-1

This is another amazing board from Onlyone. It’s a perfect fit for all beginners, as well as leisure riders. It’s affordable, easy to carry and as fast as some premium boards – a great board allaround.

14. Backfire G2 Galaxy – Affordable Board that’s Perfect for Beginners

Reasons to buy
  • Flexible curved deck for a comfortable ride
  • Ultra-High torque motor 
  • 7-inch trucks for improved stability in high-speed riding

Check Price on Amazon

Speaking of awesome designs – just take a look at this beauty! The Backfire G2 Galaxy, being true to its name, feels like cruising on the milky way itself.

It takes 3.5 hours to fully charge, and that one charge can last you for up to 15 miles. The power you get is respectable considering its price range. It also has independently replaceable tires and motors, which is really rare in this category.

The 36V Sony VCT6 battery combined with Super Power Hobbying 400W two motors provide a top speed of 24mph. The wheels are slightly curved inside which increases the stability and smoothness of the ride.


  • Max Speed: 24 mph
  • Max Range: 11-15 miles
  • Charging Time: 3.5 hours
  • Flexible curved deck
  • Two 400W hub motors
  • Turbo mode

  • Trucks are a bit tight

Our Verdict on Backfire G2 Galaxy

Not extraordinary for carving, but great for cruising! This longboard can not only get to great speeds, but it also does that in a smooth manner and thanks to the trucks and the flexible deck, it’s comfortable and stable enough for beginners. A really great board for an amazing price.

15. Teamgee H5 – Best Longboard for Short Distances

Teamgee H5 37 inches Electric Longboard
Reasons to buy
  • Perfect for shorter commutes, cruising campus, and quick errands.
  • Lower deck for more stability
  • The concave deck makes turning effortless and comfortable

Check Price on Amazon

The Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard is one of the best options for beginners, commuters, and experts alike. It’s super easy to control thanks to the wireless LCD remote control and its wide deck. The powerful motor gets you up to 23 miles per hour, while the battery can take you around 11 miles before needing to be recharged.

The 10 layers of maple wood and 1 layer of fiberglass make for a flexible yet durable deck. It can hold up to 200 pounds, while the entire longboard only weighs 14.5 pounds itself. You’ll be standing about 3 inches off of the ground for easier stabilization and handling.

Teamgee has been on the market for quite a while now and they have proven themselves as reliable and trustworthy. Considering that, the incredible price this beauty retails at, and the overall quality of the longboard, you can see why we would recommend it to virtually any rider – beginner or advanced.


  • Max Speed: 22 mph
  • Max Range: 11 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • 25% Climbing Hill capacity
  • Fully charged in two hours
  • 760W Dual Motor

  • Battery life could be better

Our Verdict on Teamgee H5

The neat features of this board will make most riders happy, as will the price tag. If you choose to go for the Teamgee H5, you’ll be getting a reliable board for all sorts of short-distance rides.

Electric Longboard Buying Guide

Even after looking at countless models and electric longboard reviews, it can be difficult to know just which qualities of a board will end up being most essential for your needs. Before you make a quick purchase, it is important to know all the details regarding safety, speed, and stability.

What to Look for in an Electric Longboard

Depending on what you may be using the board for, there are several factors to consider in determining which board to purchase. These factors include the length of the board, flex, and placement of the trucks. Also important is the wheel size and type of board.

Short or Long

Longer motorized longboards are a more stable ride. Just like surfboards, which are the origin of inspiration for the longboard, the longer boards are easier for beginners to stay balanced on. They are also more suited for cruising long distances down or up hills and allow for more speed.

Shorter boards are better for cruising flat surfaces or navigating crowds. The shorter boards are more responsive, meaning that reaction time is quicker. They can take sharper and more abrupt turns.

Flex and Balance

The flex of the board determines several different factors. If balancing is important to you, a higher flex is going to be a better choice. The higher the flex, the better the balance and shock absorption. With a stiffer deck, the board becomes harder to balance on, and shock absorption is decreased, but it has a faster response and is easier to maneuver. So in short: flexible decks are great for riding on open streets and offroad, where they provide a smooth feel, and a more stiff deck is great for riding through cities and crowded streets where you have to act faster. 

Truck Placement

Trucks are an essential element of any longboard or skateboard. They are the mechanisms that attach the wheels to the deck of the board. They are made up of multiple parts including:

Baseplate—screwed to the deck of the board

Hanger—makes up the largest part of the truck and supports the axle

Axle—attaches to the wheels

Bushings—rings around the kingpin that allows the board to turn

Kingpin—the bolt that holds the trucks together

Trucks can be placed as a drop deck or a top mount:

On a drop deck board, the baseplate of the trucks is situated on the top of the board, and the rest of the trucks – including the hanger and axle – reside beneath it. This type of placement allows the board to ride closer to the ground. A lower ride means greater stability as a result of a lower center of gravity. This is great for cruising, but also wonderful for beginners who need a little more help from their board in terms of balance.

The top-mounted trucks, on the other hand, are fully below the deck. The baseplate is screwed into the bottom of the board with only the screws visible from the top. This means that the board as a whole rides higher than the drop deck boards. Because of this, the board is more responsive. More experienced riders, who might be taking on turns or heading off-road into unknown terrain, might enjoy the responsivity of a top-mounted board. These types of boards are also better for carving and cruising.

You can tell the difference between a deck designed for top-mounted trucks and a deck designed for drop deck trucks based on the design of the nose of the board. If the nose has holes that indicate where the screws should be placed, it is a top mount board. If it has a large cylindrical or rectangular hole surrounded by smaller screw holes, it is a deck designed for drop-down trucks.

Electric Longboard Wheels

The wheels on a longboard can significantly change the way the board rides. The wheels on a longboard are already thicker and softer than typical skateboard wheels, which allows for gliding smoothly over various terrains. The thicker the wheels are, the smoother the ride will be.

The most common wheels in use are the 65mm-75mm wheels. These balance speed and acceleration well, without prioritizing one over the other.

More experienced riders will utilize wheels of 60mm or larger, whereas beginners may want to utilize the 54-59mm wheels as they may be using their boards in skate parks or the street.

Wheels with larger diameters are better for old-school boards, dirt boards, and downhill rides. The larger the wheels are, the better they can handle rougher surfaces and higher speeds. Smaller wheels have faster acceleration but aren’t great for rough pavement or going fast for long distances. 

Longboard Batteries

When buying any battery-powered vehicle it is of course of utmost importance to make sure that the battery you are getting is a high-quality one. There are a lot of qualities that make a good battery, but the three most important ones are voltage, capacity, and output rate. The voltage will determine how fast your ride can go, capacity determines how long it can go with one charge, and well, without the output you won’t move at all. 

Other terms that you will see in a lot of reviews are Series and Parallels. Those are just configurations of battery cells in a pack, and they play a huge role in the type of ride you will get from a battery. The Parallel (P) configuration makes for a battery that can store more energy, and your ride will therefore last longer. The Serial (S) configuration makes a battery that provides more voltage, and therefore speed. 

Most batteries will be a combination of both but in different ratios. More Parallels will provide battery life, and more Series will provide more speed. 

Longboard Motors

Last but not least – let’s talk about motors. The motor will largely determine how fast your longboard can drive. This again can vary with premium models, since they have better-optimized units and can therefore go quite fast with fewer watts. 

The thing to look out for in a motor is of course its wattage. More watts will usually mean that the board can go faster and longer without a recharge. For example, if your longboard is powered by an 800 W unit, you’ll be able to ride it for about 10 miles before needing to recharge. A 600 W unit will get you around 7 miles.

Do keep in mind that those are very rough estimates and a lot depends on the battery, the weight of the board, and also the rider himself, but it’s useful to know these things since it makes comparing boards a lot easier. 

What Is an Electric Longboard

An electric longboard is a longboard with an electric source of power for a movement that is being controlled by a remote. With the use of modern technology, our sporting and outdoor pursuits have developed and changed. While many have already opted to take the eco-friendly, cost-effective longboard as an alternative to their usual commute to and from work or class, or as a way to experience and explore the land around them, individuals can now utilize these boards in a new way.

Electric longboards utilize lithium-ion batteries to propel without having to push or prompt it manually. The longboard typically consists of a wood or otherwise constructed body, or deck, on which a person stands. The deck is then attached to trucks at the front and back, which are mechanisms that hold the four wheels in place.

With the use of a wireless remote, riders can control the speed and sometimes the direction of the electric longboards without putting a skate shoe to the ground. This means that they can easily commute or travel without breaking a sweat.

Difference Between Electric Longboard and Electric Skateboard

As a result of its origin as a surfing alternative for Hawaiian surfers, the longboard is the perfect cruising vehicle. It is perfect for taking you up or down hills, or even on rides on sand or dirt with the use of all-terrain wheels. In contrast, skateboards are less capable of handling these varying terrains and climbs. They are more suited for smooth streets and doing tricks, as opposed to riding long distances.

As the name suggests, the longboard is wider and longer than the skateboard, designed to make longer rides more comfortable. The wheels of a skateboard are also often harder, as they are more suited to hitting the ramps and rails than all-terrain cruising. The soft, medium-sized wheels on a longboard allow for a smoother ride that is less jarring or uncomfortable for long distances, which is why so many individuals choose motorized longboards as an eco-friendly alternative to commuting in a car or bus to work.

How to find the perfect Electric Longboard

An electric longboard is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, exciting way to commute or to explore the world around you. Whether it is for an adult, a teen, or a child, there are dozens of options out there to suit exactly your needs.

It can be difficult to sort through options and attempt to decide which qualities to prioritize and which to compromise. However, with so many high-quality options out there, you won’t have to settle!

Whether it’s for the thrill or for convenience, for an experienced rider or a beginner, there is really no way to go wrong with one of these beautiful, high-quality models on our list. 


What is a good electric longboard?

Simply put: a good electric longboard is one that meets your specific needs. It is therefore very important to determine what you are looking for: do you need something powerful and fast to have fun with, or rather something durable for commutes? How large does your board need to be?

If you are a large person, you will want to look for something that is both sturdy, and strong. If you do not weigh that much, you might get away with something more affordable. If you intend to ride it daily, invest in quality. In any case: do your research! Check out our guide for detailed information and useful tips. 

Can you ride an electric longboard normally?

Most longboards can be pushed by kicking, like a regular skateboard, but it’s not always a pleasant experience. How hard it will be to skate back home after your battery dies, depends largely on the type of motor your board uses. 

If your longboard is powered by a hub or direct drive motor, it will be easy enough to push your board by kicking it, but it still won’t be a fun experience like riding a regular skateboard. If your board is powered by a belt-drive, you will have a better time carrying it back home than kicking – the belt provides quite a bit of resistance and will make it very difficult to move the board by pushing. 

Are electric longboards worth it?

Considering the price those gadgets retail for, it’s quite understandable that some people wonder if it’s worth spending that kind of money on them. It’s really quite a personal decision, but if you enjoy cruising around on skateboards or scooters, you would probably enjoy these rides too, and not all of them have to cost an arm and a leg.

You can get good quality boards for quite affordable prices, and if you have never tried one before then going for a low-budget one might be the best option. Once you have had one for a while and still enjoy riding it regularly, you might want to consider getting a better quality board that will offer an even better experience.


The Backfire Galaxy G2s is a versatile electric longboard with a unique design that not only gives you confidence but a solid performance with extraordinary carving experience and improved stability. This unique design enhances the exterior aesthetics of this modern skateboard and makes it flexible yet solid enough to absorb shocks in grueling conditions.

The Galaxy G2s comes with two 300W In-Hub motors that are capable of speeds of up to 23.5mph. With a 36V, 5Ah Lithium-ion battery, this electric skateboard cruises to a distance of 12miles or 20km on a single charge. It can carve and conquer hills with a gradient of 25% with ease.

This board has a super flexible skateboard deck measuring 38 inches and made of 8 layers of Hard Rock Canadian maple. With a uniquely designed concave surface, the board is meant to provide a cradle for your feet to ensure great support when you are riding and turning. The curved shape which appears like an arch in the center of the deck helps with stability on rebound while absorbing any resultant shocks.

The board sports a genuine Caliber II front truck that is really impressive. The aesthetics aside, this truck gives you the ability to carve beautifully at high speeds without losing stability. With a specially crafted rear truck, the board is strikingly sturdy minimizing any risk of breaking at high levels of strain.

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The Galaxy G2s is equipped with four 80mm wheels and an extra four 96mm wheels. The tire hardness is 83A SHRAA. This may sound too hard but we can assure you that the urethane quality of these tires is amazing and smooth on most surfaces.

Weighing a comfortable 14.5lbs or 6.5KG and measuring 94cm x 22cm x 11cm, the G2s has components that are lightweight making it exceptionally easy to carry and can fit in a car’s trunk.

The throttle and breaking mechanism of this board are simply excellent. When you brake suddenly you will not bail out using this board. Every acceleration and braking curve on the Galaxy G2s is smooth and controllable. The stability is entirely an experience on its own. The remote is a sleek combination to the machine giving you full control.

The board is very quiet on the road. If the road is smooth, the rattle is as loud as a conventional board.

When it comes to carving the trucks and bushings determine the extent and quality of your antics. The backfire G2s carves beautifully and smoothly. It may feel a little bumpy at high speeds on the 80mm wheels. The stock bushings installed on this board are of moderate quality and especially soft making them the right choice to help with any bumpy surface you may encounter. The bumpiness at high speeds seems to subside when one changes to the 96mm wheels.

Backfire Galaxy G2s Electric Longboard Review

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Key Features

Flexible Deck

The Galaxy G2s’ deck is made of 8 layers of Hard Rock Canadian maple. It is a super flexible deck measuring 38 inches with a uniquely designed concave surface. With such a surface, the board is meant to provide a cradle for your feet to ensure great support when you are riding and turning. The curved shape which appears like an arch in the center of the deck helps with stability on rebound while absorbing any resultant shocks.

Looking for a lightweight deck? Try the Atom electric skateboard made from carbon!

Caliber™Â II 50-DEGREE Truck

The Galaxy G2s is mounted with the renowned Caliber™Â II truck at the front. The truck is remarkable as it gives you the ability to carve beautifully at high speeds without losing stability. Nothing has been left to chance with the back side sporting a specially crafted rear truck. This design is exceptionally solid giving the board the necessary tensile strength that minimizes any risk of breaking.

Low Center of Gravity Design

The Galaxy G2s’ deck is low, giving it good ground clearance. The absence of motor mounts is an advantage since they always create obstacles when dealing with uneven surfaces. Some boards will have motor mounts virtually touching the ground while others will be too high off the ground. The G2s lies in-between with a design that is essentially perfect. The low center of gravity ensures extra stability for riding at high speeds of up to 23.5 miles per hour. Even with this kind of speed, the G2s is still very stable. Now high-speed riding is easy and comfortable.

Advanced Battery Technology

The Galaxy G2s comes with a Samsung 25R 10s2p 18650 lithium-ion battery with a power rating of 36V, 5Ah. This provides a 40A continuous current that ensures a stable energy supply. The battery takes 3.5 hours to fully charge. With an in-built Battery Management System, the G2s allows you to perform high-speed hard braking without the huge reverse current that is common with other boards. Safe high-speed riding couldn’t get any better.

Controllers Module

The Galaxy G2s has a motor controller and drive system that is dust and water resistant to improving the durability of the board. The improved architecture provides for braking and linear acceleration that is seamless and smooth.

Unique Hub Motors

The G2s has 2 specially customized In-Hub motors. These are 300W motors compatible with both 80mm and 96mm wheels. This gives you the flexibility to use the 80mm wheels when you want to achieve faster acceleration and drifting. You can then change to the 96mm wheels when riding on uneven or on rocky roads. The board comes mounted with the 80mm wheels and the 96mm wheels are provided free.


The G2s comes with four 80mm wheels and another four 96mm wheels included in the package for free. The tires and the motor are independently replaceable. This means that you can replace the motors without changing tires and vice versa. The compatibility of the motor with both 80mm and the 96mm wheels gives you the choice to use different tires depending on terrain and also reduces your maintenance costs.

PU Tire Hardness

The tire hardness is rated 83A SHRAA. The urethane quality of these tires is exceptional and the experience even on rough surfaces is that of a smooth ride.


This board can cruise for 12miles or 20km on a single charge. The In-Hub motors and the Lithium-ion battery that powers this board give it an edge in covering such a distance. The average distance is typical of other boards in its category. The Smart Battery Management System carefully monitors battery performance continuously providing a 40A current that ensures a stable and powerful energy supply.

It’s important to note that the actual range may vary depending on your weight, the average riding speed, the nature of the terrain you are riding on and the wind speed at that particular time.

Top Speed

This board achieves speeds of 23.5mph or 38kph. This may vary depending on your weight. The larger 96mm tires seem to achieve higher speeds compared to the smaller wheels.

Hill Climbing

The Galaxy G2s can climb hills with a gradient of 25% with ease. Steeper inclines may see a drop in torque and acceleration.

Weight & Dimensions

The board weighs 14.5lbs or 6.5KG and measures 94cm x 22cm x 11cm. Its components are lightweight making it exceptionally easy to carry and can fit in a car’s trunk.

Remote Control

The thumb control on the remote is very similar to the boosted. It allows the user to easily control speed and braking precisely. It doesn’t look as rugged as the boosted controller but it fits well in the palm. It has a sleek design and is arguably the best remote out there.

Charging Time

The battery takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge.


·      When using the 96mm wheels we found the range and speed were much higher than claimed. This is an advantage for the rider who wants the thrill of speed and ecstatic carving.

·      The length of the board and its low center of gravity makes it more stable at high speeds.

·      The Battery Management System that is inbuilt in the G2s allows you to perform high-speed hard braking without the huge reverse current that is common with other boards. This makes your riding much safer.


·      The board doesn’t free roll as good as you would expect for a product in its class.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This board is suited for skateboarders looking for the thrill of speed and some ecstatic carving.

Why We Like It

The beautiful design of the Backfire G2s was well thought out. The custom deck complements the entire product in a way that makes it appear sturdy. The 80mm wheels are a perfect fit making the board so light and versatile.

The use of a Caliber II front truck is a step in the right direction. It gives riders the ability to carve beautifully at high speeds without losing stability. That is the thrill of a skateboard.

Overall the look of the Backfire Galaxy G2s is sleek, polished, subtle, stylish and most importantly packed with the power to thrill. View the MEEPO electric skateboard as an alternative.

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Longboards have been a great means of transportation for a while now. It’s easy to get around at a much quicker pace than a skateboard. While skateboards are more meant for tricks, longboards are meant for travel. However, there are a few problems that get in the way of a longboard becoming a much more popular way to get around for everybody.

For starters, although they’re faster longboards still require a bit of physical exertion to get around. When you’re tired in the morning or exhausting after working out, you probably don’t want to pedal around on a longboard to get home. Another issue is that most longboards are hard to get uphill. Relying 100% on your own power, there’s no getting around the exhausting uphill ride.

The good news is that the Blitzart 700w Electric Longboard solves both of those issues. With these electric longboards, you can get around town without breaking a sweat. There’s literally no need to push off, pedal, or stress about riding uphill. You simply use the remote to get around, without having to get off the longboard at all.

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Now that you have all this information, you’re probably wondering which one you should get. There are all kinds of options out there, so we wanted to give you some insight into one of our favorite selections. We looked all over the popular blogs, reviews, etc. and found that the Blitzart 700 watt electric longboard was a huge hit!

Blitzart 700w Electric Longboard

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Key Features

Powerful Motor & Efficient Battery

Obviously, when you’re thinking about getting an electric skateboard you’re going to be looking at the motor and the battery life. A lot of people worry about the batteries on these electric boards because the battery compartment is so small. However, rest assured that the 36 volts 5.4 AH lithium-ion battery is more than capable of driving this longboard around for a long time.

So how fast can one of these electric longboards go? About 23 miles per hour! It’s crazy to think that the motor in this board is powerful enough to go as fast as a car in city limits, but it’s true. Not only that, but it lasts for up to 11 miles. Again, a battery so small is usually underestimated.

Okay so it lasts for 11 miles and goes 23 miles per hour, the charge time has got to be insane, right? Wrong again! The charge time on these electric longboards is only 3 hours. That’s the same charge time as the average smartphone and laptop! Not to mention that Blitzart has managed to somehow create the lowest charge time of almost any electric longboard on the market. Most competitors require about three to four times to amount of charge time before they’re fully charged.

Wireless Acceleration Remote

One of the most common questions about electric skateboards and longboards is how do you propel yourself? Obviously, if you’re not pushing on the ground, there has to be some other maneuver. There is, it’s called a wireless remote! These remotes strap to your wrist to make sure you don’t drop them as you cruise around town, so don’t worry about any slips or accidents.

The wireless remote included with the Blitzart electric longboard allows you to control acceleration, deceleration, and reversals. You can go in pretty much any direction with one of these remotes, which is pretty cool if you ask us! It also lets you pick between two modes: Beginner and advanced. Start off as a beginner until you’re comfortable enough to hit the streets as an expert!

Another cool feature to these wireless remotes from Blitzart is that they last up to 7 days per charge. Instead of charging the remote daily like you’d have to with a lot of other brands, this wireless remote stays charge for up to a whole week! Pretty impressive if you ask us. While many other brands have remotes that only last for the same duration as the longboard, this one requires much less attention and charging time. This electric board by Juiced also runs on a remote.

High-Quality & Durability

Since electric longboards and skateboards obviously aren’t as cheap as most regular skateboard decks, you want to make sure your investment is protected. Don’t go off buying some cheap knock-off brand that uses plywood or hardened plastic for the board, as it’ll crack and dent over time. You want to make sure that your electric board uses high-quality and durable woods to increase the longevity of your investment.

This electric longboard has 8 layers to make the ultimate flexible yet sturdy deck. The bottom layer is bamboo, followed by 6 layers of maple wood and topped with another layer of bamboo. Maple is well-known for its strength and durability, which makes it more than strong enough to carry a person’s weight. Bamboo is great for flexibility which is necessary when turning corners and repositioning your feet.

Overall, there’s not much of a better wood combination out there to get the job done. Durable yet flexible is the best mix you could ask for. At a 250-pound weight limit, this maple-bamboo longboard will have no problem carrying almost any rider. It’s topped with grip tape to keep the rider in place while cruising.


+ Features an incredibly long-lasting battery and a motor that propels this electric longboard up to 11 miles. Many competitors fall in the three to four-mile range, so this is a huge improvement.

+ The wireless remote included with the Blitzart 700 watt longboard controls speeding up, slowing down, stopping, and going backward. It also features two other modes, beginner and advanced, and lasts up to 7 days on one charge.

+ This electric longboard is made out of maple and bamboo to give it the ultimate combination of durability and flexibility from two of the most trusted and used woods in longboard production.


– 11 miles might seem to limit to some people, just because certain cities like Los Angeles and New York might take more than 11 miles to navigate throughout the day. The good news is that if you have a friend or family member that you can stop by and see, you can charge it back up in just three hours.

– The 23 miles per hour also might seem a little low compared to other models that go up to 31 miles per hour. However, none of the other models have such a short charge time, which usually comes out to around 12 hours instead of three hours.

Who is it Suitable For?

The Blitzart 700 watt electric longboard is suitable for anyone looking for alternative methods of getting around town. While you can’t ride these on the freeway, they sure make for a much more exciting and sometimes faster way of getting to school, work, or the store. They’re also great because unlike a car, you can carry it with you wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your car, hitting it in the parking lot, etc.

Why We Like It

We love the 700 watt electric longboard by Blitzart because it covers a lot of areas that many competing brands simply ignore. One of the biggest complaints in the industry was charging time. People don’t really have 12 hours in a day to just sit around waiting for their means of transportation to charge, which caused the popularity of electric longboards and skateboards to struggle. However, Blitzart quickly fixed that issue when they managed to create a 3-hour charge time that still lasts for 11 miles.

Alternative Product

AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control 

Another great electric longboard is the AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control . It charges in only 2 hours and lasts from nine to 12.5 miles! Although it’s not as flexible as the Blitzart 700 watt board, it still has a solid maple foundation. It’s always important to invest in a sturdy deck, so this model is a great alternative.

This electric board tops out at 17 miles per hour, a very impressive mark for a 800 watt motor. With two speed modes, you can also lower down to 15 miles per hour, which is a little bit safer in congested areas.

Much like the Blitzart model, the AZBO has a wireless remote to help you control your ride. It features a forward, brake, speed switching mode, and a battery diagnosis that tells you everything you need to know to make sure you don’t run out while on the road.

All in all, the AZBO electric is a great alternative for someone looking for an electric longboard on a budget. It’s got a solid deck, a great wireless remote, a fantastic 500 watt motor, and a long-lasting battery with an even shorter charge time than the Blitzart.

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MEEPO Electric Skateboard Review

Koowheel Electric Longboard Review

LOU 1.0 Electric Skateboard Review

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The Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation electric longboard is also known as the Kooboard. This skateboard measures about 36 inches and weighs 17 lbs. The electric longboard deck may seem short but practically both feet sit pretty well on the concave-shaped deck. The concave shape makes turning the board a breeze compared to a flat board. This shape also makes carving easy and fun.

The Kooboard has an impressive design with an array of features that will attract any skateboarding enthusiast, much like this MEEPO electric skateboard.

This electric skateboard is appropriate for riding on pavements and on the road. It is shipped with a user manual, t-tool, remote, USB cable for charging the remote, board charger and an extra set of spare wheels.

It achieves a top speed of 26 miles per hour and a range of 15 miles. This is perfect for your daily commute to work, college or for cruising around your neighborhood.  Its compact size enables you to navigate tight corners and across crowded alleys.

This board is great for riders learning how to use an electric skateboard for the first time. As a beginner, once you find your footing on this board your confidence will grow quickly. Those who have some experience snowboarding, skating or surfing will have an advantage and will find it much easier to use the Koowheel.

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Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation Electric Longboard with Remote

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Key Features

Concave Shaped Deck

The Koowheel comes with a deck made of 7-layers of Canadian maple wood. It is a super flexible deck measuring 36 inches with a concave shape where the edges along the side of the deck are raised slightly. This ensures stability and the flexibility needed to make carving easier.

This unique design creates a surface that cradles your for great support when you are riding and turning ensuring stability through dispersion of shock. When the board bends, the elastic structure of the deck helps to protect the electronic components and battery from getting spoilt.

This design is exceptionally solid giving the board the necessary tensile strength for flexible maneuvers and beautiful carving with minimal risk of breaking.

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The Koowheel is equipped with two 350W in-wheels brushless hub motors.  The twin motors pack in enough torque to power the board at speeds of up to 24 mph (40km/h). This in-wheels feature helps the rider to push the board when the battery runs out.  The acceleration may not be at par with belt motors, but the board has considerable thrust and the rider should be careful not to be jerked off the board immediately it’s powered.

Top Speed

The Koowheel zooms to a speed of 20 mph (32km/h) in normal mode. The other mode is a hidden secret that unlocks the full potential of this incredible skateboard. When the board is off, press the power button 7 times in quick succession. It will power on with the extra top speed of 24 mph (40km/h) enabled. 20 miles per hour is the default speed when the board is turned on in the normal way. It is important to note that this speed is quite high and riders should take precaution by wearing protective gear such as helmets.


The range is a very important factor for any rider of a skateboard.  It is very disappointing when your plans are cut short because the board you are using has reached its limit. The Koowheel can cover a total of 25 km (15.5 miles) on a single charge. This board has another advantage that gives you more mileage – you can swap batteries in less than a minute, just turn the board upside, unscrew the battery, remove it then place in the fully charged one, and off you go.


On the controller, there is a button that lets the rider switch between forwarding and backward movement. Although this is now a standard feature across hub motors, the switch for Kowheel isn’t that sleek for a board that boasts of style. The remote has a few connectivity issues using the Low-Energy Bluetooth function. This may affect braking at high speeds. Hopefully, this is something the manufacturer will address soon.


The Koowheel D3M has a beautiful design that is unique and elegant in every aspect. The deck is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood, giving it the flexibility to carve as you cruise along and turn in tight spaces. The curved shape which appears like an arch in the center of the deck helps with stability on rebound while absorbing any resultant shocks. The deck has black grip-tape and the bottom of the deck is also painted black giving matching both sides in elegant style.

Swappable Battery

Not many boards offer the option of swapping batteries. The Koowheel D3M comes with two 36V 5500mAH Lithium batteries that can be swapped quickly to give the maximum mileage. Swapping the batteries takes a few minutes and involves loosening a couple of holding screws on the casing, pulling out the battery, sliding in the new one and tightening the holding screws. The convenience of carrying extra batteries and quickly swapping them is a great advantage for this board’s capability to cover long distances.

A point of note is for the rider to take precaution not to ride in rain or wet conditions. This is due to the location of the battery compartment. Located beneath the deck it is not well protected from the elements and the risk of damage is high.


The specifications for the Koowheel indicate that the board can scale hills inclined at 25%. In reality, this skateboard can manage hills at a gradient of 20%. Even at this angle, the motors struggle to keep up an acceptable pace. Although you have at your disposal two 350 Watt motors, attempting hills steeper than this will be a difficult endeavor.

Replaceable Hub Wheels

Some boards and previous Kooboards are equipped with wheels that are directly attached to the motors. This means that when the wheels wear out, you have to replace both the wheels and the motors. The Koowheel D3M is different because it employs a design that allows the 97mm wheels to be detached from the motors. This makes it easy to replace worn out tires without necessarily replacing the motors and vice versa.

So for those who ride long and often, the detachment means that you will save big time with this arrangement.

PU Tire Hardness

The tires are made of polyurethane and the tire hardness is rated 85A. The urethane quality of these tires is exceptional and the experience even on rough surfaces is that of a smooth ride.

Weight & Dimensions

The board weighs 7.7kgs and measures 920mm by 240mm. It is made up of light components that make it exceptionally easy to carry like a backpack and can fit in a car’s trunk.


·      Decent range – The Koowheel can cover a total of 25 km (15.5 miles) on a single charge.

·      High top speed – The Koowheel zooms to a speed of 20 mph (32km/h) in normal mode and a hidden extra top speed of 24.8 mph (42km/h).

·      Easily swappable battery – The convenience of carrying extra batteries and quickly swapping them is a great advantage for this board’s capability to cover long distances.

·      Replaceable Hub wheels – This makes it easy to replace worn out tires without necessarily replacing the motors and vice versa.


·      4 hour charge time – the battery takes a whopping 4 hours to fully charge.

·      Not waterproof – you cannot ride in the rain or in wet conditions since the battery and electronics may be damaged.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This board is great for riders learning how to use an electric skateboard for the first time. As a beginner, once you find your footing on this board your confidence will grow quickly. Those who have some experience snowboarding, skating or surfing will have an advantage and will find it much easier to use the Koowheel.

The Koowheel D3M is a great option for someone who would like to try electric skateboarding and is not willing to spend a lot of money.

Why We Like It

The Koowheel D3M is an evolving skateboard that will help you in your daily commute. Its performance is impressive albeit with a few connectivity issues and the lack of power when handling steeper hills. If you are working with a limited budget then this board will give you excellent service at an affordable price.

With top speeds of 35 km/h and a range of 25 Km, this electric skateboard is a perfect machine to help you move around your neighborhood, commute to work or get to school.

The improved PCB board with electronics potting and a stronger casing assures you of its durability. The added smart chip ensures that you can avoid sudden acceleration or braking. This is important to ensure your safety since speeds of 35 km/h can be quite fast on a skateboard.

The 97mm wheels are big enough for comfort on bumpy terrain yet light giving this skateboard the versatility and simplicity to thrill newbies and experienced riders alike.

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Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard

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