When it comes to gift giving, we often come across that “not sure” mark. The market is full of items but which one to choose remains a million-dollar question. Whether you kid is expecting things like scooters or hoverboards, some cool accessories for his already owned toy or a new LEGO set, are questions that are only going to make things difficult, moving forward.

This gift ideas buying guide has been carefully devised and includes only the top gifts. We are sure that one product from the list is FOR YOU! The list contains 39 products and it is not only for kids but anyone who is into extreme sports and gaming. The items in our exclusive list varies in price, so no matter what budget you have, you will likely find one suited for you. We know that girls like pink and boys don’t – we just have everything sorted out for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get down to our best gift scooter guide for 2020.

Best Gifts for Scooter Kids

Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer

Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer

Zeadio Handheld Stabilizer is a perfect gift for capturing those once in a lifetime moment. Works with any camera and help in stabilizing the images and videos. Works like a charm with extreme sports as well.

River Wheels Rapid

River Wheels Rapid

River wheels are strong, durable and responsive wheel for your kick scooter. These are equipped with BUFF core technology which helps against dehubbing. Wheel can easily be adjusted for bearings, so anyone can install it with ease.

Affinity Basic T-Bar

Affinity Basic T-Bar

Want something more sturdy and beautiful to your kick scooter? Affinity Basic T-Bar is everything you have been looking for. Built from the toughest material, this bar has a beautiful glossy finish to it as well.

Vaincre Full Face Snorkel Mask

Vaincre Full Face Snorkel Mask

If your kids like underwater adventures then he must have Vaincre Full Face Snorkel Mask in his arsenal. It offers great balance panoramic, 180 degrees, crystal clear view under water. It is perfect for snorkeling as well.

Envy Reaper Bars

Envy Reaper Bars

Made from the most durable material, Envy Reaper Bars is a mix of durability and class. It has got that heavy, professional look. Despite the heavy looks, the bar itself is lightweight making the riding experience smooth.

GoPro Karma With Hero5

GoPro Karma With Hero5

Ah, so you want to take those stunning shots in the air? Look nowhere else then GoPro Karma. It also offers, great balance, shake-free video in air and on ground as well. It is perfect if you want more adventure.

Tilt Nimbus Fork

Tilt Nimbus Fork

With tilt nimbus fork you can now ride big wheel with your very own fork. This masterpiece is still extremely strong, lightweight and visually appealing. It gives a smooth ride while weighing only 1 lbs.

Stunt Scooter Gift Tee

Stunt Scooter Gift Tee

This scooter shirt is stylish and meant for everyone. There is an offer of incredibly wide range of sizes, so find which one works best and then head over to the color selection. The colors of this shirt include Black, Navy, Asphalt, Dark Heather, and Royal Blue. It’s made out of 100% cotton for easy washing and a comfortable fit. It’s also lightweight to allow for breathability.

Swagtran Offroad Hoverboard

Swagtran Offroad Hoverboard

This Swagtron electric hoverboard is capable to handle riders of all ages and body types and not just that, the swagtron offroad hoverboard is perfect for any type of terrain like grass, mud, gravel and even rain. You can also try the Segway ES1 electric kickscooter for more stability.

Kangaroos Super Cool Slime

Kangaroos Super Cool Slime

There is a reason why every baby loves it – Kangaroos Super Cool Slime moves like a liquid but feels like solid. It can be a perfect birthday gift for your 5 years old. Even you will be trying to touch it.

Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable

Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable

Can parents stay at peace while kids play? This can be a reality with Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable. You can inflate this huge playground in less than two minutes, ensuring hours of fun for 5 kids.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Skate Park

This one from LEGO is a perfect gift for any baby below 5 years. This LEGO Friends Heartlake Skate Park set can bring out the creativity in your little one and keep him busy for hours.

Aggressive Inline Game

Aggressive Inline Game

You need games like Aggressive Inline if your kid is a skating fan, and wants to Skate while the weather is not great outside! This game has real life features, stunts and tricks – you can Skate to your hearts content.

Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure

Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure

The game looks too childish from the cover, but we are not to judge it by that. It beautifully combines your gaming needs with your skating zeal. Extreme skate adventure can be perfect gift ideas for young and old alike.

Xbox One S Console

Xbox One S Console

A complete package for Xbox one and Minecraft lovers. It includes Xbox console, wireless console controller, gold trial (limited), power cable, HDMI cable and full game downloads of Minecraft on Xbox and Windows.

Thinkgizmos RCRobot

Thinkgizmos RCRobot

If your kids are Transformer’s fan then this is a must-guy product for you. It is bound to surprise your little ones, big time! Thinkgizmos RCRobot is a remote controlled robot with great finish and exciting features.

Skate 3 – Xbox 360

Skate 3 - Xbox 360

One of those games built for the skate enthusiasts and professionals. From multiplayer to customized experience – it has everything a skating games fan needs. The best part is, you can learn real tricks while playing the game.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

When you want looks, comfort, durability and affordability in a single package, Fuzion Z300 Pro must be your number one choice. This ride has been engineered to handle most kind of obstacles for beginners and intermediate riders.

Landwave Skateboard Ramps

Landwave Skateboard Ramps

These skateboard ramps are perfect for in house practice. They come in 2 racks & one deck formation. Landwave skateboard ramps is just for skateboards but you can use it with your inline skates, bmx children’s bikes, and more.

Nike SB RPM Backpack

Nike SB RPM Backpack

This backpack from Nike is an all rounder. You can use it for skating, sycling and so many other extreme sports. Designed for professionals, Nike SB RPM Backpack is all class and sturdiness at an affordable price.

Waterproof HoverBoard Backpack

Waterproof HoverBoard Backpack

This Waterproof HoverBoard Backpack is an ideal choice when you want to take your hoverboard everywhere with you. The best thing is it’s extremely durable and waterproof, protecting electric hoverboard scooters from snow, rain, etc.

Ten-Eighty Mini Launch Ramp

Ten-Eighty Mini Launch Ramp

When you need something cute and exciting for indoors, ten-eighty mini launch ramp can be your perfect choice. Your little one can learn a great deal on this ramp, all while staying safe indoors, in front of your eyes.

Landwave Skateboard Ramp

Landwave Skateboard Ramp

This ramp can be used alone or with other Landwave ramps to create your dream ramps. Perfect for both outdoor and home practices. IT can be easily assembled (and disassembled) without any specialized tools.

Razor Sole Skate

Razor Sole Skate

Razon Sole Skate is the design from the future. When you’re on it, you’re bound to make heads turn. It’s a three-wheeled single skate, perfect for outdoors. One of those toys that are small, handy and can easily fit anywhere.

Elyts Pro Scooter Backpack

When pro scooter is your forte, you need to have certain accessories. This backpack from Elyts Pro in such think that you can’t afford to miss. It’s spacious, well designed, durable and light on budget.

Pokemon Snapback Hat

If your kids love outdoors and Pokemon is their favorite show then Pokemon Snapback Hat is a must-have. It’s designed beautifully with graphics and neat colors (especially pink). These hats are limited, making it perfect gift ideas for kids.

Mob Grip Tape

Mob Grip Tape

Mob Grip Tape when wrapped around the handles looks simply smashing. It comes in blue & pink color and a stylish design, something that kids would love to see on their scooter. It’s easy on budget & heavy in performance.

Universal Pro Scooter Stand

Universal Pro Scooter Stand

Kids take no time to learn new tricks on their scooter, however, you can’t expect them to park it right every time. No need to worry as we have Universal Pro Scooter Stand. It’s compliments all major scooter brands.

Madd Gear MFX Scooter Deck

Madd Gear MFX Scooter Deck

Madd Gear offers balance, limited edition bright graphics that are bound to make heads turn in the park. All these limited-edition toys are so limited that no two decks from the same manufacturer (even of same design) will ever look identical.

VOKUL TRII S1 Entry Level Pro Stunt Scooter Clamp

Title as in heading

There is no need to worry if you can’t find genuine parts for your Vokul scooter. Clamp for VOKUL stunt scooters ensures that scooter bars don’t snap. Without it, no matter what skills you have, you won’t be able to enjoy the ride or perform tricks. A must-have for all VK£ pro scooter owners!

Lucky Vice Grips

Want something grippier, softer and yet more stylish for your pro scooter toys? Lucky Vice Grips are exactly that. These grips from Lucky are everything what other grips aren’t; they are magical a mix of looks, comfort and durability.

Razor V-17 Child Helmet

Razor V-17 Child Helmet

Razor V-17 Child Helmet is one of the best gifts ideas baby scooter riders. Ergonomic interior padding, 17 side and top vents, and comfortable side-buckles makes this helmet a favorite of some of the most caring parents in the world.

Triple Eight Pro Scooter Helmet

Triple Eight Pro Scooter Helmet

When you want to have all the safety features combined in a cute little thing, you go for Triple Eight Pro Scooter Helmet. It offers balance, fine pink color, adjustable strap with a multi-impact design for max fun & security.

Triple 8 Saver Pads

Title as in heading

Triple 8 Saver Series Pads ensures overall security of your “rider kid”. It’s a complete gift package for your kids that includes kneepads, wrist guards and elbow pads. All these pads provide great security against hard impacts.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Looking to surprise your kid at his birthday? Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter can be that BIG surprise. It’s more than toys, it will show your care! From safety to looks, durability to high performance – Segway miniPRO Scooter has got it all.

Fasen Fast Scooter Grips

Fasen Fast Scooter Grips

Your kids love their scooters, they are learning new tricks everyday but you won’t want them to slip ever, right? Fasen Fast Scooter Grips can handle it for you. Its state-of-the-art, anti-slip design is the talk of the town already.

DIS Custom Steel T-bar

DIS Custom Steel T-bar

Want more style and durability to your kids scooters? Try DIS Custom Steel T-Bar. It is made from solid metal, and has an awesome glossy, rainbow finish. Solid chromoly steel used in its production, makes this item both tough & lightweight.

Buyers Guide:

This section of our guide is particularly related to things that buyers should keep in mind when buying gifts. We will talk about price, what to buy, interests and other stuff in this section – followed by our top picks under various price tags. We also recommend our readers to check the social media (like Facebook and Pinterest) of all major brands for more ideas.


Price of any gift ideas item must be the number one consideration before you buy it. It is not only about your budget but value for money. Even if you can afford it, you must be sure of the value it will be giving to your kids or anyone else for that matter. There is a thin line between price and budget. Budget is what you can afford and what you can’t while the price is more like value for money.

Suppose you have a $100-dollar budget, you should not simply be eyeing for items around $100 (yes that should be one of your consideration but not the only one). You can find an item that is $50 but will be (almost half of what your budget is) but will be more liked by the person receiving it. Similarly, you can also find a gift item that costs around $110 but you’re sure that your baby will love it. What we are suggesting here is the fact that don’t limit yourself too much on the price. Think about the joy and that smile it will leave on your kids face.

What to Buy:

It is always a good idea to try and find out what your kids really want these days. Of course, you should not give them any hints as you would want to surprise them. Your 5 years old might be in love with his old kick scooter, and want its T-Bar fixed rather than getting a new one. So, try to know what he wants rather than buying an item that might seem cool to you.


This one is important, probably the most important consideration before you buy a gift item. The gift market is so saturated that if you don’t narrow your search or confine yourself to the items relevant to you, you are likely to be lost. Most buyers are likely to make a wrong decision if they are just looking without having a budget in mind.

When you have a budget in mind, chances are you will be making a choice quicker and buying the right item for the occasion. In our list above, we have items as low as $10 while going up all the way to items costing thousands of bucks. The best part is, all the items are perfect – it all depends upon your budget and needs.

Moving forward, we have tried to simplified things. We have picked our favorite item from the list above under different price tags. We hope you like it…

Top Gift Under $1000

If you have the budget and want a big electric toy for your kid then you must read on

Segway MiniPro is under $1000 – a little pricey for some but offers great balance and value for money. This item is huge so it might be a perfect gift for a big occasion like birthdays or Christmas. MiniPro is equipped with top of the line electric features like anti-theft alarm, remote control features, customizable lights, forward speed control, firmware updates and vehicle diagnostics. It can be easily connected to your cell phone through a Bluetooth connection and controlled via an easy to understand mobile app.

Segway MiniPro is an electric toy which not just fun but guarantees complete safety as well. It meets all the international, high standards of electric and fire safety. So, while riding it you just have to focus on learning new tricks and not on electric failures. This item is made up of top class, aircraft grade material, which can handle up to 220 pounds of weight with ease. Apart from that, MiniPro is all about absorbing shocks and bumps.

Comparing the benefits and features that Segway MiniPro has on offer, it fully justifies its price tag. For more on this product, check out their facebook and pinterest page.

Top Present Under $500

If your kid is a skateboard enthusiast and you have a budget under $500 then look nowhere else. Landwave Skate Board Starter Kit has everything to keep your kids moving forward, and busy for at least a year. It comes in a package of two ramps and one deck that ensures maximum fun. Starters can learn new tricks daily and impress everyone around them.

The best part about this gift item is the fact that (while being huge) you don’t need any extra effort to assemble it. No tools are required to fix the ramps and decks together, just follow the guide inside the box and even your 5 years old would be able to fix and unfix it. The whole package can be assembled in your home, so that your kids don’t always have to go to the skate park for learning tricks.

The starter kit can be used alone or with any other ramps and decks of Lanwave. So, basically it gives you an ability to build a ramp or deck of your dreams. With this starter kit, you just move forward with fun and safety. For updated pictures on this product, check out their facebook and pinterest page.

Top Gift for Kids Under $100

Madd Gear MFX Scooter Deck is one of those perfect accessories for your kids already owned Madd Gear scooter (kick). The deck has unique printed graphics, which makes the item pretty unique. The material used is sturdy and durable and is made out from aircraft grade, heavy aluminum. MFX scooter deck will transform your kids kick scooter in to a professional one. The deck is also equipped with state of the art, composite blitz braking system, which ensures safety at higher speeds.

The best thing about this product is the fact that no two decks, even from the same manufacturer will ever be identical. That means you can easily say to your kids that what they are riding is so unique that only they own it in the whole world.

With such unique design, cool features and amazing grip, your kids will surely make heads turn in the park! And all this under $100? Ahh, simply unbelievable! Don’t forget to check out their Pinterest and facebook page for more details.

Best Kids Gifts under $20

Universal Pro Scooter Stand

Parking scooters properly where they don’t fall or get in the way can be a big trouble. But this trouble is of the past as Universal Pro Scooter Stand guarantees that perfect parking spot for almost every scooter. The holder is designed in a way to hold most scooters from famous brands like Razon, Fuzion, Vokul, Madd Gear, etc. With pro scooter stand, you now, don’t need to lean it carefully against the wall, just get the front wheel inside the base and that’s it.

You don’t even have to bolt it to the ground! Everything about this scooter stand is so organized that you and your kids will love it. Universal pro scooter stand is also available in different colors and weighs less than 0.5 pounds. This item guarantees the safety of your scooters, makes everything look more organized and is very mobile as well – what else can you ask from a product that costs under $20? Want to know more about this product? Check out their Pinterest and facebook page.

Recommend Sticking Filler:

Raptor R1 Fidget Spinner is an item that is loved by everyone. It can be something you can gift as a complimentary toy. With R1 fidget spinner, not only the kids but adults get busy too. It doesn’t require any training and you can just spin it without any hassle. For some, spinning this amazing toy is relaxing and soothing as well. This toy enables your kid to create, learn and master new tricks.

This is not just a toy but perfect in aiding to get rid of smoking, nail biting. It also help lowers anxiety, increased focus, staying awake and focusing. This fidget spinner is made from top-class material, which feels great in hands and also helps it in spinning smoothly for longer period. This great product also comes with a money bach guarantee, which means that you can return the product if you don’t like it.

Amazon Recommends:

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Bestseller No. 2
Hurtle 3-Wheeled Scooter for Kids - Wheel LED Lights, Adjustable...
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Bestseller No. 3
Board Blazers LED Disco Scooter Light - Perfect Scooter Accessories...
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You may be a hiker yourself, or you may have somebody close to you who likes to hit the trail. Hiking has become one of the most popular pastimes for people of all ages and walks of life. It is a fantastic way to recharge your battery, take in all of natures wonder, and escape the hustle and bustle.

Hikers are fairly easy to shop for, as there are tons of things that hikers can use to enjoy their trip more. From clothing to tools, to shelters, and survival kits, hikers are always on the hunt for the next cool thing that is going to make their life a lot easier on the trail. Another bonus of buying a gift for a hiker is that they will be eternally grateful, and they’ll think of you every time your gift helps them out when they need it most.

The best gifts for hikers can be a very long list of things. We have decided to pick our favorite ten and outline some of their key benefits here. That way, if you’re looking for great gifts for the hiker in your life, you will have a good idea of what is out there, and what is good about it. Here are our ten favorite gifts for hikers.

View The Best Gifts for Hikers Below

1. UST Tool-a-Long Multi-Tool Carabiners

UST Tool-a-Long Multi-Tool Carabiners

Check Price on Amazon

This nifty little multi-tool is great for hikers, campers, and outdoors people. There are a number of models, all corresponding with various activities including fishing, hunting, sailing, biking, and more. They have been designed and shaped creatively into figures that directly relate to specific activities, along with being useful and practical for various escapades.

Each Tool-a-long will perform various useful actions based on what you need it for. They are all built out of durable stainless steel and are compact. They are attachable to your bag, or utility belt using a carabiner and are all TSA compliant.

These little multi-tools are a great gift for any hiker because they will help provide solutions to everyday problems and help out in emergency situations. Multi-tools are always a great way to show a hiker you’re thinking of them.

+ Compact
+ Durable and strong
+ Multiple designs
+ TSA compliant
+ Attachable via carabiner

Why we like it – This is a wonderful way to make sure your favorite hiker has his or her bases covered. They will be able to perform all kinds of useful fixes on the trail and can have a customized little multi-tool for their next adventure.

2. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

Check Price on Amazon

The LifeStraw water filter bottles are one of the most innovative designs and useful gifts for hikers ever created. One of the most important things a hiker needs when walking around in the wilderness is clean water. Since it is not always recommended to drink water from any old stream along the trail, a LifeStraw and a good water filter are highly necessary pieces of equipment.

These water filter straws are super easy to use, and they are highly effective. They remove 99.99% of bacteria and parasites, turning a small stream into a fountain of life for outdoor activities. There is no need to pump water, as you just fill up the bottle from whatever stream you’re near, and insert the life straw.

The straw does all of the work and keeps the water clean and delicious everywhere you go. It comes with a 23oz BPA free plastic bottle which is both durable, lightweight, and safe. This is one of the best gifts you can ever get for a hiker.

+ Fully filters water
+ Drink anywhere
+ Clean/safe water
+ BPA free water bottle
+ No pumping needed

Why we like it – Everyone needs water. Except maybe Chuck Norris. The LifeStraw waterbottle is the most convenient way to get clean water from the earth to your mouth in the safest, cleanest, and most enjoyable way possible.

3. Waterfly Hiking Waist Bag Fanny Pack

Waterfly Hiking Waist Bag Fanny Pack

Check Price on Amazon

Along with with clean water, and a useful multi-tool, your hiker friend is always in need of somewhere to carry and hold their things while on the move. Backpacks are always great, but on a short hiker, they are not always necessary and can be a little bit uncomfortable. As an alternative, fanny packs that are designed for the great outdoors can substitute perfectly.

The Waterfly waist bag fanny pack is an excellent storage unit for any hiker. It comes with a water bottle compartment to hold the source of water, and it has two large pockets to keep things like a small camera, phone, emergency supplies, and more. The inside pad is made of a breathable mesh material which will cut down on the amount of sweat.

The buckle and strap are durable and will handle the elements well. It is very lightweight, and the material is waterproof on the outside to protect your belongings. For any hiker for needs a little bit of storage space to free up the hands, this is a great gift.

+ Durable, breathable, waterproof
+ Two storage pockets
+ Water bottle compartment
+ Lightweight

Why we like it – This convenient waist pack is great for hikers who do not want to have a backpack on which can be hot and sweaty. It is durable and reliable enough to hang onto your important objects and free up your hands.

4. Fifty Places to Hike Before You Die Book

Fifty Places to Hike Before You Die Book

Check Price on Amazon

Inspiration is one of the most important things for hikers. Whoever you’re buying a gift for, any hiker will love reading about some of the most awe-inspiring hikes available these days. Nothing excites a hiker more than planning their next big trip, and a guidebook containing key information and photos of some of the best hikes in the world is a great way to start.

With such a wide variety of hikes covered in the book, this is sure to be an interesting and captivating read for hikers and even non-hikers alike. With features of hikes such as the Lunana Snowman Trek in Bhutan, Japan’s Nakesando Trail, and Italy’s Amalfi Coast, there is plenty of exciting information that any hiker will be drawn to. Great reading material is always helpful on a trail and when in transit towards the next hiking destination.

+ Tons of different featured hikes
+ Detailed information
+ Reading material for the trip
+ Available back referencing

Why we like it – This makes for an interesting and inspiring read even if you’re not a hiker. It has tons of information about hikes all around the world and will get anyone excited about chasing the next peak.

5. OUTZIE Wide Brim Packable Booney Sun Hat

OUTZIE Wide Brim Packable Booney Sun Hat

Check Price on Amazon

Keeping well protected on a trail is highly important. You don’t want to get your head wet or have the hard sun beating down on the top of your head all day long. In order to keep safe and comfortable on a hiking trail, hikers need a good hat to keep away from the elements.

This Booney Hat has a wide brim to a higher level of coverage from the sun and the rain. It has an adjustable drawstring to help keep it secure around your chin. SPF 50 sun protection will ensure that you can be comfortable all day even on the hottest of days.

It is vented a breathable to help keep your head cool when it starts to get a little bit sweaty. It is made of lightweight cotton fabric which is packable in your bag and crushes down to the size you need it to in order to take it on the go with you.

+ Lightweight
+ Breathable
+ UPF 50 Sun protection
+ Drawstring adjustable
+ Wide 360-degree brim

Why we like it – This is an excellently protective sun wat to keep any hiker protected and cool in extreme conditions. It is breathable and lightweight, making it packable, and the perfect sun hat for hikers.

6. Journals Unlimited JU-30 Hiking

Journals Unlimited JU-30 Hiking

Check Price on Amazon

A hiking journal can be a wonderful source of information and entertainment on a trail. Journaling is not only important for mental health in everyday life, but it can act as a great way to chronicle the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that occur on a once-in-a-lifetime hiking trip. Finding some time and a serene place to document the day’s events can be one of the most relaxing parts of a hikers day.

This hiking journal is small, lightweight, and packable, making it easy to take anywhere. it has 200 blank pages where any hiker can write their history day after day and is bound by strong rings to keep everything organized and together. It measures 7.5×9″ and fits pretty much anywhere without taking up too much space. This is a gift that any hiker will love as they will be able to look back on all the amazing experiences they had on the trail.

+ Great for taking down the days events
+ 200 pages
+ Lightweight
+ Small and packable

Why we like it – A wonderful way for a hiker to get the most out of their experience is to journal along the way. If they are open to it, you can also get to enjoy some of the thoughts of a hiker if they are willing to share it with you.

7. BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket

Check Price on Amazon

Sometimes, when you’ve spent hours or days on a trail, all you want to do is pull up, stop, and relax on a beach to regain your enthusiasm. A great gift for the hiker in your life, as a beach blanket that can be taken anywhere and put down to sit atop as your take in the sights, and the memories of the day’s events.

This outdoor beach blanket by Bearz is super lightweight, easy to pack and carry, and fits up to four people in sitting position. It is made of waterproof material that will keep you dry if the ground is wet, and has a stuff sack for you to put the blanket into when you’re on the move.

It can also act as a rainfly to keep the rain from falling on your head if you need an extra shelter. It is puncture proof and sand resistant and is easy to clean off when you’re ready to leave the beach behind and hit the trail. An excellent, versatile gift for the hiker in your life.

+ Waterproof, durable
+ Lightweight and packable
+ Comes with carrying sack and carabiner
+ Hanging loops
+ Large enough for four

Why we like it – A place to kick back an relax is always welcomed by a hiker. This is a great blanket to stretch out on or have as a backup shelter in the rain. It is lightweight and packable, meaning you can take it anywhere.

8. 3 Size Towels at the Price of 1 – Super Pack

3 Size Towels at the Price of 1 - Super Pack

Check Price on Amazon

Towels are always highly useful pieces of equipment for hikers when on the trail. Sometimes you get wet, whether that is from the rain, or falling into a stream while trying to traverse the waterways. When you can get three sizes of towels for a bargain price, you’re a real winner and will have protection not just for the hike, but for the gym, and around the house as well.

These towels are made of microfiber material which is very lightweight, packable, and quick-drying. They are highly absorbent to help you get dryer quicker and get back on your way. They do not need to be washed as often as regular cotton towels.

They come with an elastic band that helps you roll them up into the smallest size possible, and a mesh carrying bag allows you to take them anywhere with a breathable transportation solution. This is a perfect gift for hikers and they will be able to use them for every trip that comes up from here on out.

+ 3-sizes of towels
+ Microfiber material
+ Lightweight and packable
+ Quick-drying
+ Super absorbent

Why we like it – Microfiber towels are a must have for hikers. You need lightweight towels that dry fast and allow you to get back on the trail. Three different sizes let you get right down to business with whatever you’re doing.

9. EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh

EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh

Check Price on Amazon

Mosquito nets can be an essential piece of hiking gear that will keep the bugs away. Along with keeping you comfortable when hiking, they will also protect against diseases carried by flys and mosquitos. You need a super fine meshing to keep away even the tiniest of bugs so nothing can get through.

This mosquito net has 380 holes per inch, which is small enough to keep out absolutely every bug that comes your way. This also means that it provides one of the most breathable and visible mesh linings that won’t impede your vision. You will be able to stay cool even on hot days.

It is larger than traditional mosquito nets and will be able to fit over most headgear and hats that may be used to protect you on the trail. It is stretchable, strong, adjustable, and packable, making it one of the best gifts for hikers who are out in mosquito-infested areas.

+ Superfine mesh holes
+ Lightweight
+ Highly breathable and visible
+ Large enough to fit over most headwear

Why we like it – Staying comfortable and protected on the trail is easy when you have a good mosquito net. This one will allow you to come back from your trip without being covered by bites.

10. AWingspan Optics Explorer High Powered

Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered

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For the outdoorsman who needs to be able to see far into the distance to check out landscapes and wildlife. They are going to need a monocular that is going to allow them to see things clearly from far away without distorting the image, while also being able to handle the lifestyle of a hiker.

The 50mm lens allows you to see things clearly at a 12x zoom capability. It has a secure, non-slip grip which is strong and easy to hold onto. The material is designed to keep away moisture, fog, and debris from getting in, so all the moving parts will work long term.

The single hand focus allows you to see clearly with one hand if you need the other free for hanging onto something secure. This monocular provides some of the clearest sights from a distance that you will find and makes a great gift for hikers.

+ Non-slip material
+ Prevents moisture, debris, and fog
+ Lightweight
+ Really clear
+ Durable and strong

Why we like it – Being able to see things from far away is a huge plus. Sometimes the hiking trail will only get you so close, and you need something to help you check out the sights in the distance. This monocular will be exactly what you need in order to see the far off sights.

Gifts for Hikers Buyers Guide

What to look for in the Best Gifts for Hikers

The best gifts for hikers will all allow any hiker to enjoy their trip more and provide some enhancement to the whole experience. They share some similar characteristics, and we are going to talk about some of the most important things to keep in mind when buying gifts for hikers.


The packability of a gift for hikers is one of the most important things. Generally, hikers need things that are smaller, more lightweight, and easy to pack into a backpack. The more durable they are to be able to handle the squishy life of a hiking tool, the better. Try to find gifts that are either able to easily stuff into a bag, or hang from a carabiner easily. Remember, the more lightweight, the easier it will be for a hiker to enjoy.

What type of hiker are you buying for?

Not all hikers are the same. Some hikers like to do things the old fashioned way, like to push their limits and get out of their comfort zone. Others enjoy more comfortable hiking experiences and these things should be considered when buying gifts for hikers.

If they are more on the comfort-seeking size, try to find gifts that will help them stay comfortable, as opposed to tools and gadgets. Also keep in mind if they are someone who is going for sightseeing, soul searching, and adventure. There are plenty of things you can pick up that will aid your hiking friend in their ability to achieve their goals.


One of the major advantages of buying items that are good for hiking is the fact that they are generally practically focused. The best gifts for hikers usually don’t have a lot of bells and whistles and get straight to the point. They will help any hiker out by acting as a tool, giving vital information, or providing necessary protection when it is hot and rainy. Keep in mind the practicality of the gift you’re picking out for a hiker.


Versatility is also a strong seller for many of the best gifts for hikers. Hikers usually take only a small number of items with them on the trail. This means that anything they do take with them if it can perform more than one function, it will be a huge bonus. Then they can cut down on the number of items they need to take with them while experiencing the benefits they need in order to fully enjoy their hike.


Now you have a good idea of what some of the best gifts for hikers are. You should have no trouble finding something special for the hiker in your life to allow them to have the best hiking experience possible.

Expert Tip

Hikers are simple people. Usually, they just want to be able to get out on the trail and immerse themselves in nature. You can help them by picking things up for them that will allow them to capture the moment better without being uncomfortable. Don’t over think it, and don’t be afraid to ask a hiker what they would really appreciate on a trail.

Did you know?

If you’ve never tried out hiking, you may find that it can be one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. It allows you to get out into nature, see the great outdoors and interact with wildlife. It has amazing health benefits both for your body and your mind. Now maybe the best time for you to get started.

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