Hiking in itself can be a great experience, but it can dampen your mood significantly if you go unprepared. When the hard weather strikes, you will want to pull out your trusty down coat for women and feel its snug embrace around you.

Covering more than half of your body, these coats are designed to keep you protected from the elements that will be coming at you from left, right and center.

Any damp droplet or dirty smudge will roll and rub off immediately, allowing your down coat to stay stain-free thanks to its stainless features and predispositions. The mountains can be a treacherous place when it comes to facing nature, and it’s best to stay prepared before you set your foot outside.

A down coat for women can fit your curves especially, providing you with a snug fit around your body and top parts of your legs. Your arms will also be kept safe from any dangers that you could encounter outside.

Down coats specially designed for women keep you cozy, protected and safe from the cold, and occurrences such as rainstorms and windy days. You can wear them for your hiking trips as well as walks around the neighborhood and neighboring city.

Whichever plan you have, a down coat for women can help make your time outside better. They’re designed to be sturdy and wear and tear-resistant to ensure that you will be able to rely on these coats time and time again.

Which down coat should you choose, though? The options are endless, the color choices are vast and the designs themselves vary greatly. Choosing something that suits you can feel like sifting through mountains of opportunities. That’s why we have written the key reviews of the best down coats for women out there on the market, hoping to ease this process for you!

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1. Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket

Orolay Women's Thickened Down Jacket

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The Orolay is a stylish down jacket that can accompany you through all of your adventures. Whether they’re in the wild or out around the neighborhood, this coat will protect you like no other. It has zipper closures and the fashionable design helps flatten down the figure instead of making you look puffy and big.

It slims you down and helps you feel comfortable within its embrace. The down coat itself is 100% windproof which ensures no harsh storms or cutting winds will be getting through this tough polyester material.

There are 5 colors to choose from, enabling you to choose something that fits your style and personality specifically. The stitches are all evenly sewn together to help you present yourself in the best light.

The insulating qualities of this down coat will also allow you to stay warm during the winter while looking good. The hood is made from a particularly soft artificial lamb lining to help you hide away into its depths whenever the weather forces you to do so.

+ 6 pockets
+ Soft hood
+ Windproof
+ Polyester made
+ 5 colors

Why we like it – The Orolay down coat for women keeps your figure slim while helping to keep you warm and safe during your outside ventures. Whether that’s into the wild or to a friend’s house, you’ll be left protected.

2. Valuker Women’s Down Coat

Valuker Women's Down Coat

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This down coat has a 90% duck down filling along with about 10% feather. All of the fabrics and materials that were used in the production of this coat are hypoallergenic. If you happen to be slightly sensitive to feathers themselves, this is the perfect coat to get.

Thanks to its removal faux fur trim, this down coat can accompany during the very cold and simply just chilly days. Being able to attach and detach this hood can enable you to have a customized experience with this coat.

This faux fur is also packed separately to avoid it getting spoiled during transport. This fur is also manufactured in a way so that it won’t shed in the future. The coat itself has been designed to fit against the woman’s body so that it doesn’t make you look puffy but more feminine.

You can also tighten the waist if you want to have a tighter fit or show off your figure more during the colder seasons. You will also have 3 pockets at your disposal for storing some small valuable positions as you travel.

+ 3 pockets
+ Detachable hood
+ Fashionable
+ Slim-looking
+ Windproof

Why we like it – The down coat from Valuker repels water and helps you stay protected from the wind. This gives you the ability to go outside without having to worry about the elements.

3. Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable

Wantdo Women's Hooded Packable Ultra Light

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If you are not a fan of the long down coats, Wantdo has got your back on this one. Their hooded coat comes in 7 colors that allow you to choose the most perfect stylish fit for you. It’s lightweight in it build as is manufactured in a way to help you move easily.

When you’re in the mountains the last thing you will want is extra baggage. Whether that’s from the clothes you’re wearing, or the bags you’re carrying. You want to be minimalistic and logical when packing, and purchasing this coat can help you keep that goal realistic.

The lightweight material can be kept within a small pocket or pouch allowing you to take off your down coat whenever you feel the need to do so. The material itself is waterproof and will protect you from any random storms that you may be prone to encounter in the mountains. It also offers wind protection so that you can go to the peaks without having to worry about winds cutting mercilessly through your skin, and you can wear a fleece jacket or a thin sweater underneath for additional warmth.

+ Lightweight material
+ Easy to pack
+ 6 colors
+ Short design
+ Wind protection

Why we like it – The Wantdo is easy to pack and will fit in just about any bad. When you’re not using it, you can quickly pack it away and keep enjoying your journey.

4. Jones New York Women’s Down Coat

Jones New York Women's Down Coat

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The Jones New York down coat is made from 100% polyester, and it’s imported to make sure you’re presented with the most quality product. You can easily put this coat into the washing machine without having to manually clean it with your hands. This feature is a win scenario for people who are looking for convenience.

If you prefer to wear your coat without extra accessories, you can always take off the removable hood. You can detach it easily and put it in your camping backpack or bag, or take it out whenever you feel like it.

The hood will protect your head from the winds and rains that can be quite frustrating when you are trying to travel in comfort. The front zipper allows you to regulate how much of your coat you want to leave open and the faux trim fur ensures you are kept cozy during the colder days.

+ Detachable hood
+ 100% polyester
+ Faux trim fur
+ Machine washable
+ Placket cover

Why we like it – The Jones New York down coat helps you adjust it to your needs. Whether that’s attaching or detaching a hood or packing the hood within your bag.

5. Marmot Montreal Women’s Knee-Length

Marmot Montreal Women's Knee-Length

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The Marmot Women’s down coat comes in 5 colors and reaches just below the knees. We can see that the down coat is made from $100 polyester and is ready to protect you from the elements.

You can put it within your machine and wash it accordingly so that you don’t need to clean it manually. Thanks to its knee-length design and puffier outlook you will be kept warm and toasty within its borders.

When the days get warmer you can always remove the faux fur hood, as well as the faux fur itself for convenience. This is a great feature for those hotter days and dry days where it’s still cold but you don’t need to be fully covering yourself. When you’re out you can still always put the hood in your bag if need be.

The Marmot down coat is built around convenience and this is what we’ve seen time and time again from this product. The fur on the hood is also synthetic so the customers won’t have to be worried about triggering any sorts of allergies.

+ Removable hood
+ Knee-length
+ Machine washable
+ Water-resistant
+ Microfleece lined

Why we like it – The Marmot down coat is the most flexible product when it comes to convenience. With its removable hood and knee-length material, you can adjust its features to suit you in particular.

6. Sarin Mathews Womens Packable Ultra

Sarin Mathews Womens Packable Ultra

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The down coat from Sarin Mathews is made to make you look good. With 4 colors to choose from you will find that all colors look attractive and appealing to wear. Combined with the design of the coat you will see that the Mathews is one of the most fashionable coats on the market today.

You will, however, have to wash it in cold water instead of quickly putting it into the washing machine. This may feel like an extra chore but it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes and helps you continue to look gleaming.

Thanks to the materials it’s manufactured from, this coat is also exceptionally lightweight for a down coat of its size. You can pack it in within your luggage thanks to how compact and small it becomes, making your travel easier.

It’s ideal for traveling, camping, hiking or cycling, and any various sports or activities or even normal walks along the pier. During the very cold seasons, this down coat is spacious enough to allow you to wear sweaters beneath it to keep you extra warm.

+ Spacious
+ Lightweight
+ Compact pack
+ Perfect for summer & winter
+ 4 colors

Why we like it – The Sarin Mathews coat is perfect for all activities, whether that’s strolling or camping or hiking, it will faithfully accompany you and keep you warm wherever you go.

7. Orolay Women’s Thickened Contrast

Orolay Women's Thickened Contrast

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The Orolay down coat is one of the most attractive looking coats you can find- for women it’s the perfect find. It’s also fully functional keeping you warm during the colder days thanks to its long design.

The zippers on this coat are windproof and meant to endure all the wear and tear that you throw at them. It’s a heavy-duty coat that can be used for all sorts of purposes, from hiking to walking. It’s multi-functional and that’s why it’s one of the most favored down coats among women.

The drawstring will help you expose your feminine shape more, even below a slightly puffy coat you will be able to show off your curves. This coat has been specifically designed to keep you shielded from the inconveniences of winter, its cold winds, and moist snowflakes.

Any rainstorms or snow blizzards will be rendered useless when facing the fabric of this coat. In essence, it’s the ideal down coat for any outdoor activity or just your regular daily life.

+ Machine washable
+ Windproof zippers
+ Protection from cold
+ Moisture resistant
+ Comfy fit

Why we like it – With the Orolay down coat, you will find that the cold days become warmer, keeping you protected from the harsh rains and snows.

8. Columbia Women’s Flurry Run Down

Columbia Women's Flurry Run Down

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If you are tired of wanting to feel warm in your down coat and you find that you are sweating instead, then the Columbia is for you. It’s one of the most uncomfortable things when you want to stay cozy during the winter, but you feel yourself sweating under your garments.

That’s why Columbia decided to provide you with a coat that has a breathable fabric. Fabric that will ensure you are kept warm without the inconvenience of accumulating sweat. The OMNI heat technology that is incorporated into this design helps keep your body insulated even during the coldest days.

The cuffs of this down coat have thumbholes to ensure your hands don’t have to slip out into the biting cold when you need to use them. They are perfect for keeping your palms hidden and warm when you are walking around, enabling you to do everything you need.

Thanks to this Columbia down coat you won’t have any restrictions when doing all your regular daily tasks. You can easily wear clothes underneath this coat too, while still having room to naturally move around without the material obstructing your movement.

+ Breathable fabric
+ 80% down feather
+ Removable hood
+ Thumbholes
+ OMNI heat tech

Why we like it – Thanks to its waterproof and detachable hood features, the Columbia attracts many customers every day. Thanks to these conveniences, it’s a down coat that will keep you shielded and warm whenever the winter days roll around.

9. Alpine North Womens Down Short Winter

Alpine North Womens Down Short Winter

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The Alpine down coat has a removable hood that you can zip-off whenever you like. This extra convenience is a good feature to have when you feel like the hood is a nuisance. Removing it can give you extra room to maneuver during the slightly warmer days.

The cuffs include thumbholes that give you more comfort when performing everyday tasks and chores. Especially when you’re outside and want to remain as functional as you can, even during the winter.

Inside the coat, you will also find lining and pockets where you can store your documents, your phone, your charger or anything else that you wish. With the reflective details, you will also be kept safe and visible during the nighttime.

To those concerned about the environment, the fur on this down coat is vegan and also removable. The down coat itself comes in 4 colors, and it’s preferable to remove the hood before machine washing the coat.

Since it can be machine washed this can save you quite a bit of time since you won’t have to manually clean it. This coat also offers you 80% duck down insulation so that you are kept warm when you go out. Thanks to the attractive price this coat goes down quickly, so it’s best to get it whenever it’s available!

+ Vegan hood
+ 2 inside pockets
+ Thumb openings
+ Rib-knit hem
+ Water-resistant

Why we like it – The Alpine down coat comes with secure buttons and zippers that will keep all your belongings safe and sound thanks to their resistance to the weather.

10. CHERRY CHICK Women’s Ultra-Light Down

CHERRY CHICK Women's Ultra-Light Down

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The Cherry Chick down coat has by far the biggest variety of colors and designs to choose from. With over 30 possibilities it’s not probable that you won’t find something for yourself, your friends and family within this unique batch of opportunities.

Thanks to its lightweight make this coat doesn’t add on any extra discomfort when wearing it. The quality down-filled ensures that you are kept warm within this jacket, insulating you from the inside.

Thanks to the pouch that comes included with the purchase, you can pack the coat into a palm-sized pouch and keep it compact when traveling, and it fits perfectly in your hiking pack or in any type of bag you might prefer to carry it in.

The Cherry Chick is also a chic and fashionable coat thanks to its bright colors and sporty design. With the quilt stitching included with this down coat, you will be looking at a product that can showcase your feminine side proudly.

+ 30 color choices
+ Sporty design
+ Packs into pouch
+ Lightweight make
+ Quality down filled

Why we like it – The Cherry Chick down coat is a great choice for anyone that is looking to have a feminine, sporty coat that will help insulate them when the weather starts getting colder!

Down Coats for Women Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying down coats for women

A warm and insulating down coat is the staple of any excursion. Whether you’re heading out to the mountains, camping or around the neighborhood. Having something that you can throw over yourself that will protect you is essential. A down coat for women will keep you shielded from the cold, the winds, the snow falls, the rains and anything else you can think of.

How do you know what features are essential for a down coat to have? Let us explain and shed some light on the topic!


Heat insulation is vital for anyone that is seeking a down coat. After all, you will want to be kept warm and that is probably what you are seeking in such a coat in the first place!

Depending on how much padding you will like, many designs are available for these coats both online and in retail stores. Each coat will also tell you the exact percentage that it is filled with down feathers, allowing you to judge for yourself if it’s enough to keep you warm in your country’s temperatures.


A down coat should always be capable of repelling moisture. Most customers who buy down coats plan on wearing them during the cold seasons, like winter. This means that snowflakes may start piling up on you, resulting in moisture. Try to pick a coat that is water repellent, as well as windproof. This will help keep you comfortable even in harsh weather conditions.


Having a compact coat that you can pack wherever you go is a convenience that all of us wish for. The warmest down coats are usually the hardest to pack, however the ones we have listed can all be compactly packed. The coats that you can fit within a small pouch are the most valuable!


Each down coat is different and has its attributes, that’s why choosing something that suits you depends on many factors. Whether it’s for trips outside or for adventures in the mountains, we hope you find your ideal down coat!

Expert Tip

Before buying your down coat, ensure that you can take care of it. Some down coats have to be cleaned manually, while some can be put in the washing machine. Look out!

Did you know?

Down feathers are the soft feathers that are located under the more rough feathers of birds. Thanks to their softness they are usually used within our products, like down coats!

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