Going for a good hike can be one of the most rewarding and relaxing things you can do to help yourself destress from your daily life. When you’re out on a hike, you no longer have to worry about the hustle and bustle of the city, the sound of traffic, and the emails you need to answer. All that matters is the next step in front of you, and the next lookout you’re heading towards.

If you love hiking as much as we do, you’re always on the lookout for some of the best backpacking gear you can find. We know how important a good pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots can be, but if you want something that isn’t bulky and hot, you may be in the market for a good pair of hiking sandals.

Hiking sandals allow your feet to completely breathe so you don’t get sweaty and stinky feet. But it is important to know what to look for if you’re interested in hiking sandals.

The best ones will be durable, comfortable, stay on your feet, and not cause blisters. Since sifting through all of the options can be a bit of a daunting task, we have put together a list of the 10 best-hiking sandals in 2021. Here are our favorites.

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1. Skechers Reggae-Happy Sandals

Skechers Reggae-Happy Sandals

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The Sketchers Reggae-Happy Sandlas is a really comfortable fit with a lot of styles designed for hikers. They have a contouring shape to the foot that offers maximum comfort and support. They come with a synthetic sole which is durable and long-lasting and is able to handle the rocky ground you’re walking on.

The 1″ heel will give you ample cushioning from the ground and give you lightweight support. The upper is made of soft woven fabric which is skin-friendly and adjustable so you can tighten it to your preferred comfort level.

It has a lightweight, shock-absorbing midsole which gives you a little more stability on uneven ground. The buckle clip allows you to easily put on and take off the sandals between your hikes, or dips in the lake or ocean so you can cool down.

+ Foot contouring bed
+ Shock-absorbing midsole
+ Soft-woven fabric upper
+ Lightweight
+ Versatile design

Why we like it – This is a great pair of simple sandals that are great for hiking and wearing around town. They are comfortable enough to be worn extensively without causing irritation, and while you might love wearing your comfortable hiking wool socks and boots when it’s chilly outside – with these sandals you can be barefoot.

2. KEEN Whisper Sandal

KEEN Whisper Sandal

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KEEN is known for manufacturing some of the best hiking footwear on the market. These hiking sandals are made of high-quality materials that give anyone who is wearing them long-lasting comfort and durability. The Whisper sandals have a rubber sole which is comfortable, super grippy, and tough.

The bungee lace capture system offers your foot a ton of comfort by hugging your feet and keeping the sandal stationary to cut down on rubbing and jostling around. The compression-molded EVA outsole helps this sandal contour to your foot for added comfort. It is designed with natural arch support in mind.

As an added bonus, these sandals are machine washable and resistant to water. They can be taken into your favorite swimming hole comfortably and you don’t have to worry about wearing them out. They are designed to provide the level of stability, comfort, and strength that you need for the best hiking sandals possible.

+ Elastic cording in upper
+ Rubber sole
+ EVA compression midsole
+ Contouring shape
+ Lightweight, durable, comfortable

Why we like it – For one of the best pair of hiking sandals you can get, the KEEN Whisper sandals are fantastic. If you’re looking for quality, look no further. This is the sandal that will be comfortable and last a long time.

3. Teva Tirra Sandal

Teva Tirra Sandal

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Teva sandals are a high-quality and attractively designed sandal that any hiker will love. They look great, feel comfortable, and offer you support that will give you confidence on the trail. They are built with a rubber outsole and stick to any surface you’re traversing to keep you upright.

They have a contouring shape which cradles your foot and gives you the kind of maneuverability that you want. Velcro hook and loop straps allow you to tighten and loosen the sandals to your desired tension to keep them in place. There is plenty of room in the middle of the sandal without extra fabric.

This can cut down on the surface area that could become susceptible to blisters. A shock pad heel gives you cushioning under your feet for excellent support and comfort, and a nylon stability shank adds to the integral feel of the sandals. Water channeling lugs will allow you to easily move through streams without any high-speed hydroplaning.

+ Contouring shape
+ Hook and loop Velcro straps
+ Stable and comfortable design
+ Very grippy and maneuverable

Why we like it – The Teva sandals are super comfortable and hug tightly to your feet for a stable and comfortable design. They look great and give you confidence on the trail so you know you’ve got enough support underneath you.

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4. KEEN Rose Sandal

KEEN Rose Sandal

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The Rose sandals from KEEN are comparable to the Whispers in their level of stability, comfort, and durability. They are contouring to the foot, as any good hiking sandal is, and are made with high-quality materials that will stand up to the extreme conditions of a hikers life.

The upper is made of microfiber which is lightweight and quick drying. You can take them into the lake and they will dry off quickly to cut down on rubbing. The sole is rubber and non-marking so you can wear them on the trail and in the house without leaving your tracks everywhere.

It has a low-top shaft and doesn’t ride up too high on the ankle. Compression-molded EVA midsole offers stability and comfort on a variety of terrains. The sandals are fully adjustable and give you a stable surface from which to hit your favorite trails.

+ Foot contour design
+ Compression-molded midsole
+ Non-marking rubber sole
+ Microfiber mesh upper

Why we like it – These sandals are super comfortable and give you the level of support you need on the trail. They last a long time and get you from the trailhead to the peak on a hot summers day without any issues.

5. Northside Burke II Sport

Northside Burke II Sport

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If you’re looking for something somewhere between a full-on hiking shoe and a hiking sandal, the Northside Burke ll sport hiking sandals will give you what you are looking for. They offer the kind of support that a hiking shoe will give you, with breathability so you’re feet don’t overheat and sweat. They have a synthetic sole which is lightweight and high-performance.

A neoprene upper is breathable and offers support for rugged and uneven terrain. It is built out of water-resistant and quick-drying material so you can go in the water without any worries.

The EVA insole gives you comfort for every kilometer, and the bungee lacing system gives you a comfortable fit that will move with your feet so you don’t feel too constricted. The multi-directional rubber outsole provides a level of stability and grip that will keep you upright as well.

+ Contouring shape
+ Synthetic sole
+ Bungee lacing system
+ Durable and maneuverable design
+ Water-resistant and quick-drying

Why we like it – These sandals are super durable and will last through rugged hikes. They are really stylish and look better than you expect. They are comfortable for really long hikes too if that is what you’re planning on doing.

6. Teva Original Universal Sandal

Teva Original Universal Sandal

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These sandals are dubbed universal for a reason. They are not simply made for the hiking trail, but they are also suited for hitting the pavement and strolling around town in style. They have a more simple design and offer a budget-friendly option for anyone looking for one of the best hiking sandals in 2020.

The rubber sole is soft and comfortable while giving the hiker a solid foundation to walk on. Hook and loop webbing straps let you fit these sandals specifically to your feet and the padded heel strap cuts down on rubbing and blisters.

The EVA footbed and midsole has a lot of stability and support with lightweight material that won’t drag you down. A zinc-based microbial lining keeps away odors and bacteria to ensure the health of your feet. If you need a versatile pair of sandals for casual hikes and walking around town, they will be perfect for you.

+ Contouring footbed
+ Hook and loop straps
+ Rubber outsole
+ EVA compression footbed
+ Padded heel strap

Why we like it – These sandals are more comfortable and are higher-quality than they look. They offer a really sturdy and comfortable footbed which is comfortable to walk on for hours on end without complaints.

7. ATIKA Maya Trail Sandals

These hiking sandals are a reinterpretation of traditional sandals that will give you a greater amount of support and maneuverability on a hiking trail. The high-strength nylon straps cradle your feet comfortably and hold them right in place so the sandals don’t slide around and cause rubbing.

With Velcro straps, you can adjust the sandals to your feet and they will fit nicely. The contouring footbed hugs the recesses of the foot perfectly and grabs tightly to the bottom of your feet so you have the highest level of stability and comfort.

The lightweight midsole gives you comfort and speed and doesn’t drag you down in any way whatsoever. Also, a multi-directional lug pattern gives you traction and grip that allows you to ascend and descend slippery surfaces easily without sliding around and losing your bearing.

+ Multi-directional lugs
+ Sturdy nylon straps
+ Contouring footbed
+ Lightweight outsole

Why we like it – These are a soothing pair of sandals that are super comfortable and energetic. They offer any hiker the amount of support they need without bogging down or causing discomfort.

8. Chaco ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal

Chaco ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal

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These hiking sandals are a highly durable and unique design which will give any hiker a good amount of support and strength on any trail. The LUVSEAT footbed contours perfectly to the shape of the foot and give you one of the softest and most comfortable footbeds you will have in a good pair of hiking sandals.

Polyurethane compounds in the construction of these shoes protect them from breaking down and ensure that they will last for many many hikes. The performance tread was designed specifically for rugged and difficult terrain with support and traction in mind.

The polyester upper is quick-drying, so you can take them in the water and then get on your way quickly without discomfort or extra water weight keeping you down. They are lightweight and tough and will be a great addition to any hikers shoe closet, and you can easily carry them with you in your camping backpack for sunny and warm days.

+ Lightweight and durable
+ Luvseat footbed
+ Polyurethane compounds
+ High-traction outsole

Why we like it – These hiking sandals fit so nicely to your feet and have one of the softest footbeds available. They are tough and durable enough to last for a long time and will give you comfort for hours on end.

9. Merrell, Sandspur Rose Sandals

Merrell, Sandspur Rose Sandals

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The first leather upper on our list of the 10 best hiking sandals come on the Merrell Sandspur Rose Sandals. They may take a little more time to wear in due to the leather upper, but once they do, they will offer one of the greatest comfort levels you will find in a pair of sandals.

They have side hook and loop adjustable straps which hug your feet perfectly and give you the stability you need. A Lycra neoprene padded lining is like a cloud on your feet and is an absolute pleasure to wear.

The footbed and lining are made of microfiber materials that won’t wear you down and give you long-lasting support and durability. You get great shock-absorption with the compression-molded EVA footbed. They have excellent traction and stability and are truly one of the best hiking sandals you will find.

+ Lightweight and durable
+ Sturdy footbed
+ Contouring shape
+ Hug tightly to feet
+ Leather upper

Why we like it – The leather upper gives you a level of comfort that can be hard to match. They are durable and strong and once you break them in, they will hug your feet beautifully for a great hiking experience.

10. KEEN Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Newport H2 Sandal

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This is another pair of hybrid-Esque hiking sandals that will give you the support and comfort you need for long and short hikes. Quick-dry webbing allows you to walk through water and keep on going without discomfort and rubbing.

The elastic laces and hook and loop enclosure allow you to adjust the sandals to your specific foot size for extra stability and comfort. The webbing is machine washable and made with hydrophobic material for a super durable build.

The non-marking rubber outsoles give you fantastic grip and traction on a wide variety of surfaces. They contour nicely to your feet and hold tightly for a super comfortable, long-lasting performance wear. The closed-toe, breathable upper gives you full protection while allowing a breeze in to cut down on sweat and odor.

+ Closed toe
+ Contouring footbed
+ Lightweight and durable
+ Quick-drying
+ Versatile

Why we like it – These hiking sandals can be worn in the water, on the trail, and around town. They are lightweight and are good for both adults and children.

Hiking Sandals Buyers Guide

What to look for in the Best Hiking Sandals

Mostly, the best hiking sandals will all resemble each other and share similar traits. Overall, they need to be comfortable, durable, foot contouring and have high traction. You want them to last a long time and be able to stand up to the elements since you’re putting them through a tough lifestyle. There are some other factors that are important to keep in mind when you’re picking out your new hiking sandals. Here are some of the most important ones.


When you’re hiking, you need your sandals or shoes to be as comfortable as possible. If you don’t have the level of comfort you need, then your feet are going to scream and you’re going to want to take them off as fast as you put them on.

The best hiking sandals will give you fantastic comfort by way of a contouring footbed that hugs the bottom of your foot, a lightweight outsole, and impact cushions that will cradle your foot on high impact trails. Your upper’s webbing will need to be made with a comfortable skin-friendly material that won’t cause chafing or discomfort.

Polyurethane and rubber are great materials that work well with the skin. Leather may take a little bit of time to work in, but once it is, it works perfectly with the skin. When you’re picking out your sandals, keep this in mind so you can wear them for hours without losing your comfort level.

Quick Drying Material

Chances are, if you’re opting for hiking sandals as opposed to the best hiking boots, you’ll want to be able to go on a little stroll through the streams and rivers you find on the hiking trail. If your sandals are water-resistant, and/or quick-drying, it will help cut down on the extra weight and discomfort that wet webbing can cause.

If your sandals are quick-drying and are made out of a material such as microfiber, they will dry out super quick and let you get back to business without that gross smell of the swamp and while allowing you to feel the comfort of a dry sandal.


Durability is one of the most important things you can look for in a good pair of hiking sandals. If they are made out of highly durable, long-lasting material, they will not let you down in the face of adversity.

If they are not durable enough, they will let you down when you need them most. Ensuring that your sandals are made out of strong materials such as polyethylene, rubber, leather, and synthetic material will give you the kind of durability you need to stay on top for years to come.

Imagine you get a cheap pair of foam-like sandals and you’re in the middle of a long hike and suddenly the upper decides to detach from the footbed. You’ll be left with a long hike with absolutely no support and you’ll be barefoot no matter what comes your way. High-quality materials help you avoid this.


The more lightweight your hiking sandals are, the more comfortable they will be and the longer you’ll be able to wear them without feeling the effects. The less weight you have on your feet, the less tired your legs will be and the longer you’ll be able to carry on without a break.

Naturally, most of the best hiking sandals are already lightweight enough to be worn for extended periods of time. Just ensure they are designed with hiking in mind and are not going to weigh you down or flop around.


Without good traction on your sandals, you will be sliding all over the place like a deer on an ice rink. High-traction sandals will help you stay upright when they are made with rubber or synthetic material and have a deep enough lug tread to grab onto the surfaces you’re working with.

Ascending and descending becomes a lot easier, and you can avoid unnecessary injuries with a pair of sandals that are built with traction in mind.


Now that you’re ready to hit the trails with the best hiking sandals of 2020, you’ll be destressing and enjoying the great outdoors in no time. Keep our buyers guide factors in mind and you can take a wrong step!

Expert Tip

Ensure that your sandals have a tight fit that holds onto your feet and doesn’t slide around. If your sandals slide around too much, they will rub on your skin and you will be left with blisters and hot spots that can be hard to repair when you’re in the middle of a hike.

Did you know?

Hiking sandals can be one of the best options for avid hikers who are doing a wide variety of hikes. Especially in the summer, hiking trails can get hot and your feet can build up with sweat and odor. Hiking sandals give you a lightweight option that allows you to be comfortable and maneuverable.

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