Fall, winter, and spring are all filled with various types of excitement, but they can also be filled with seemingly unending rain in certain areas. To take the uncomfortable feeling of being soaked all day long, we recommend finding the best men’s rain jacket that suits your environment and fashion style. You’ll enjoy the selection here today, as they range from stylish and lightweight to rugged and durable.

After searching the internet from corner to corner for days on end, we’ve come up with our list of the best men’s rain jackets. Products made by popular companies like North Face and Columbia, as well as a few lesser-known brands, have made their way onto our collection. If you’re in need of a new jacket this upcoming rainy season, check out the options available to you below!

We all have different style preferences but staying dry is something that we can all agree on when the weather turns bad. Pick out your favorite choice and enjoy your well-deserved comfort!

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1. Columbia Men’s Glennaker Lake Front-Zip

Columbia Men's Glennaker Lake Front-Zip Rain Jacket

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The Columbia Men’s Glennaker Lake Front-Zip Rain Jacket takes the start of the list thanks to its versatile array of functions and features. You can wear this coat in mild weather all the way down to rather cold temperatures. Adjust the wrist cuffs to your liking and stay warm with the high-up collar around the neck and chin.

Columbia always has a fantastic variety of color designs for their customers to choose from. With this Men’s Glennaker Lake jacket, you can pick out Mosstone & Shark, Dark Brown & Collegiate Navy, Mountain Red & Graphite, Delta & Black, and all sorts of other combinations worth looking into. Sizes range from Small to 6X Large.

Made entirely out of nylon, you’ll immediately notice that zero moisture will penetrate this jacket’s fibers. It’s tough and ready for intense hikes, laid back fishing trips, and anything else you might need it for. Another huge benefit for those who worry about packing weight is that it weighs less than a pound, and it is a great rain jacket for running and other outdoor activities.

+ Tons of color options to choose from
+ Includes a hideaway hood that tucks away quickly
+ Massive size range with something for everyone

Why We Like It – We like this men’s rain jacket because it’s comfortable, it works well for rainy, cold scenarios, and there are loads of colors that are bound to fit almost anyone’s wardrobe. If you want the best rain gear for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities – this is a must-have.

2. Columbia Men’s Watertight II Front-Zip Jacket

Columbia Men's Watertight II Front-Zip Jacket

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There are rainy days, and then there are days that are absolutely pouring in every direction. The winds are strong, the water is showering down like never before, but you’re able to stay as dry as can be thanks to the Columbia Men’s Watertight II Front-Zip Jacket. The wrap-around hood keeps your whole head comfortable, while the seams won’t let a drop in.

With an interior mesh lining, you don’t have to worry about sweating up a storm when the weather outside has enough moisture already! You can move around without being limited in your movements and adjust virtually every part of the jacket to your liking, making it a great rain jacket for cycling and sports. To stay even warmer, try putting your hands in the side pockets.

As we stated once already, Columbia knows what they’re doing with their design department. Check out their selection with this watertight jacket, including Golden Yellow, Pine Green, British Tan, Columbia Grey, and plenty of other options. The available sizes go from Small to 4X-Large in men’s.

+ Made by one of the most trustworthy brands in the industry
+ Watertight lining from top to bottom
+ Mesh interior threading for a nice breathable touch

Why We Like It – We like this Columbia rain jacket because it follows its name accurately, being as watertight as we could ask for. Choose your favorite color combo and size, and you’ll be ready for any weather pattern ahead!

3. Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket

Columbia Men's Watertight II Jacket

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Fairly similar to the previous entry on the list, the Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket has most of the components that made its predecessor popular with a few added twists. Enjoy features like adjustable wrist cuffs to stay warm and dry, a drawstring on the hoodie to tighten or loosen it as you need to, and two side pockets for comfort.

One of the features that really caught our attention with this men’s rain jacket is that the collar goes well past the chin if you need it to. Keeping your face warm is incredibly important, but most jackets seem to neglect the area. Paired with the aforementioned drawstring hoodie, your entire head will be incredibly warm and dry.

The exterior of this jacket uses a nylon stitching to make waterfall off the coat rather than into it. Staying warm might be possible with a traditional cotton hoodie, but it won’t do much for keeping you dry. Nylon wicks rain and other moisture right off the sleeves, letting you move on with your daily activities without having to worry a bit.

+ Comes with a high collar and a drawstring hoodie
+ Made out of nylon to keep out the rain
+ Comfortable semi-loose fitting all around

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it’s designed to keep you comfortable and ready to take on the day regardless of the weather. Whether it’s cold and pouring or mild and dry, you can adjust this coat to fit your needs exactly.

4. Helly Hansen Men’s Seven J Waterproof Jacket

Helly Hansen Men's Seven J Waterproof Jacket

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Sometimes you just want a simple rain jacket that keeps you dry without having tons of added features. Luckily for you, the Helly Hansen Men’s Seven J Waterproof Jacket is exactly that, with solid colors and comfort throughout the stitching. This 100% polyester jacket is bound to keep the rain away from your skin, letting you stay dry all day long.

The interior mesh lining that you’ll find on the inside of this jacket is definitely one of the top reasons that it’s on the list. It’s not only high-quality material, but you won’t have to worry about constantly sweating. What’s the point of a rain jacket if moisture still builds up inside of it? Even the hoodie is designed to prevent water from getting in.

Helly Hanson has quite the selection of colors as well. Choose from basic colors like Navy Blue, Black, and Red, or dive into the exotic colors such as Soil Green, Magma, and Cobalt Blue. Before you make your purchase, consult their provided sizing chart and pick out sizes including Small, Medium, Large, all the way up to XXXX-Large.

+ Crafted with breathable mesh throughout the jacket
+ Includes a wide variety of colors to choose from
+ Uses adjustable wrist cuffs and a drawstring hood

Why We Like It – We like this jacket from Helly Hanson because it has a zipper, hood, and wrist cuffs that you can adjust to your liking. It’s also nice that you can pick out your choice from their wide selection of color options.

5. Gioberti Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket

Gioberti Men's Waterproof Rain Jacket

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We’ve all been in situations where rain suddenly jumps out of the clouds without the slightest warning. Staying prepared is important to not only be comfortable and dry but to also prevent dangerously cold environments from causing you harm. The Gioberti Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket comes with a carrying bag to let you stay prepared at all times.

Another great feature that this company added is the adjustable hem. You can tighten or loosen it with a drawstring that blends in seamlessly, tucking it away so nobody knows it’s there at all. It’s also incredibly lightweight, which is a benefit that many backpackers will find absolutely necessary, as you can easily stack it in your cycling backpack or in the pack you use for your outdoor adventures.

The Gioberti Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket takes simplicity to the next level, using 100% black mesh interiors matched with solid color exteriors. Choose from Green, Black, Brown, Red, and 9 other colors from their list. The sizes go from Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, all the way to XX-Large. Remember that everything is adjustable, letting you work around sizes a bit.

+ Includes a free carrying bag with your purchase
+ Ultralightweight to keep your dry without being bogged down
+ Uses a drawstring to adjust the hem

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it’s made for worst-case situations that can arise out of nowhere. Keep it stored in the carrying bag in the trunk of your car or wear it daily during the colder seasons.

6. The North Face Men’s Resolve Jacket

The North Face Men's Resolve Jacket

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The North Face is another very well-known brand across the clothing industry with a consistent dedication to high-quality products. Their Men’s Resolve Jacket is an excellent example of that craftsmanship that we all love so much. It’s designed for casual outings, harsh working conditions, and outdoor activities.

If you liked the stow-away hood from the previous Columbia entry, then you’ll definitely enjoy the same feature on this product. It tucks away when you don’t need it, but this hood is still one of the most durable hoods on the market. Even when it’s away, the collar will keep you nice and warm on its own.

Having plenty of colors to choose from is always great because everyone has their own style. Check out the available choices with this jacket and pair it up with your wardrobe. These options include Moonlight Blue & Freesia Yellow, Cargo Khaki, Bittersweet Brown, Climbing Ivy Green, and a handful of others.

+ Comes with a hood that can be stored in the collar
+ Uses rip-stop nylon throughout the jacket
+ Choose from quite a few unique color combinations

Why We Like It – We like this rain jacket by The North Face because it’s highly durable, practical for almost all situations, and you can machine wash it rather than spending too much time cleaning it by hand.

7. The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Jacket

The North Face Men's Venture 2 Jacket

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Another great jacket by The North Face is their Men’s Venture 2 Jacket. This rain jacket takes the common issue of perspiring in nylon head-on, using high-quality mesh for breathability and zippers on the underarm area. These zippers allow you to open them up, increasing airflow in all the right places.

Since style is such an important part of jackets, let’s jump into your options right away. This jacket comes in Primary Green, Picante Red, Turkish Sea & Urban Navy, Fiery Red & Black, and all sorts of other colors. Try out their sizing chart to pick out the right one for you, ranging from Extra-Small all the way to 3X-Large.

The nice part about this jacket is that it’s very lightweight, letting you layer up whenever you want to. Instead of either having no jacket or sweating under the weight of a bulky one, you can have a lightweight, breathable option that packs away in seconds. You’ll stay as dry as possible without being overly warm.

+ Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes
+ Includes breathable mesh and zippers on the underarm area
+ Very lightweight, which is perfect for layering

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it’s stylish and wearable throughout three seasons of the year. You’ll always be ready for the rain, and you won’t have to sweat at all!

8. Marmot PreCip Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

Marmot PreCip Men's Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

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Having a rain jacket that doubles as a cold-weather jacket might seem like it’s the same thing, but you’d be surprised. Most of the rain jackets that we’ve come across are lightweight and moisture-wicking, but they’re not really good for cold weather. However, the Marmot PreCip Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket is a perfect combination of both.

Using an incredibly high collar, you’ll stay warm and dry up to your chin. The hood is snug, but it can be held back if you want it to be thanks to the rear Velcro strap on the upper back. Another Velcro feature comes with the adjustable wrist cuffs. Keep the moisture out by sealing them or increase airflow by opening them.

There are several colors to choose from if you decide to go with this Marmot rain jacket, including Jet Black, Blue Sapphire, Light Khaki, and Arctic Navy. You’ll also notice many more, so give it a shot if you’re interested. The sizes are Small, Medium, Large, 2X-Large, and 3X-Large.

+ Includes a hood that can be held back with a Velcro strap
+ Perfect for cold, rainy weather
+ Uses a high collar to keep your whole neck warm

Why We Like It – We like this rain jacket for men because it’s comfortable, lightweight, and there are numerous adjustments to make to fit your needs.

9. Baleaf Unisex Rain Jacket Packable Outdoor Jacket

Baleaf Unisex Rain Jacket Packable Outdoor Jacket

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If you live in a climate that rains much more often than others like Seattle or Vancouver, then you know that not all rain jackets are created equally. In fact, some of them get ruined in a couple of months due to the overload of water. However, the Baleaf Unisex Rain Jacket Packable Outdoor Jacket is designed to tough out these locations with ease.

The name might give it away, but this lightweight jacket is packable. You can roll it up to fit perfectly in itself with a zipper on the back to let you pack it wherever you go. There’s also another zipper on the back to store small items like cell phones, pens, and pencils, or flash drives for work and school.

The front zipper in the center of this jacket goes from the middle of the torso all the way to the chin. Paired with a drawstring hoodie, you’ll be able to stay comfortably dry from the rainy weather. There are also two side pockets with zippers as well, designed to keep your hands warm or store additional items.

+ Packs away for easy storage
+ Durable enough to withstand harsh weather patterns year-round
+ Includes three zippered pockets; One on the back and two on the front

Why We Like It – We like this weatherproof jacket because it has several areas to store your backpacking gear, and it packs up into a small square to let you bring it with you everywhere you go.

10. Columbia Men’s EvaPOURation Rain Jacket

Columbia Men's EvaPOURation Rain Jacket

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The final entry on our list uses a plethora of our favorite features from previous jackets to make one of the best men’s rain jackets that money can buy. The Columbia Men’s EvaPOURation Rain Jacket is versatile and crafted for literally all three seasons that you would need it for. You’ll love all of the functionality, so let’s check it out!

For starters, you’ll get the adjustable wrist cuffs, a center zipper from the hem to your chin, and two underarm zippers to open up for optimal airflow. The interior mesh lining also helps promote airflow, letting a light breeze flow through the stitching. It’s made specifically to keep water out but let warmth leave.

Phoenix Blue, Super Sonic, Columbia Grey, and Pine Green are just a few of the massive collection of colors that you can choose from. These colors all come in sizes from Small through 4X-Large, including several options for taller sizes. You don’t have to settle for a high-riding hem anymore if you’re taller than most people.

+ Includes adjustable wrist cuffs, a mesh lining, and underarm zippers for airflow
+ Choose from numerous unique colors
+ Comes with two side pockets

Why We Like It – We like this men’s rain jacket by Columbia because it lets you fit it to your current environment. There’s no way to know exactly how the weather will be, but this jacket lets you be prepared for whatever lies ahead

Men’s Rain Jacket Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen the best men’s rain jackets that the internet has to offer, it’s time to figure out the right one for you. Depending on the weather patterns in your local area, the activities you plan to do with the jacket, and a few other principles, you’ll be able to narrow down quite a bit. If you’re needing a little bit of guidance to find the perfect match, read our buyer’s guide and breakdown here.

How do you prevent sweating in a rain jacket?

Have you ever dealt with excess perspiration in a rain jacket? All of those same materials that prevent moisture from getting in seem to hold in the sweat that we let off from being too warm. However, many of the jackets on our list have several features like a mesh lining, adjust wrists, and even underarm zippers to let you change up the airflow patterns. These additions let you stay dry without being soaked in sweat after a few hours.

Do rain jackets keep you warm too?

Many people believe that rain jackets are designed for cold, rainy weather, but that’s not always the truth. In reality, most of them are actually designed to be worn in layers with the rain jacket preventing water from getting through.

The best way to stay warm while wearing a rain jacket is to wear a long-sleeve shirt or two underneath the rain jacket, as a single t-shirt might leave you far too cold for comfort.

Expert Tip

Always keep an ultralightweight rain jacket in your car or motorcycle trunk. You never know when it’ll start raining, and it’s better to be safe than sorry! Many of them are packable as well, which is a nice touch.

Did You Know?

Most rain jackets are made out of nylon, which is a type of plastic with unique fibers that causes moisture to fall off of it naturally. It works with the same efficiency of a plastic water bottle holding water.

Those don’t leak too much, do they? Although it’s technically plastic, nylon is woven to be incredibly soft to the touch and very comfortable for you to wear throughout the day. It also has the added bonus of being durable and lightweight, both of which are great for outdoor activities.

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