Being in a wheelchair is something some individuals get used to already when they are little, and others get to learn later on in life. Everyone who has ever used a wheelchair has probably noticed how hard it can be to get around at times, often due to public spaces not being properly equipped with wheelchair ramps and other helpful assets. Society still has a long way to go before it can be considered 100% inclusive and handicap accessible, but there has been progress in recent years. In the meantime, for anyone using a wheelchair or for a business that would like to make their facilities more handicap accessible – this wheelchair- and handicap ramps are durable options that are worth considering.

Mobility wheelchair ramps for homes, outdoor spaces and business are great for improving accessibility, because having easy access to the places where you want to go shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be everybody’s right.

Got a van? Grab a wheelchair ramp suitable for Van vehicles.

View The Best Mobility Ramps Below


1. Prairie View Industries SFW330

Prairie View Industries SFW330

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This foldable outdoor wheelchair ramp for your home is both practical and great looking, and it has anti-slip material covering the whole base to make sure you can use it safely also on rainy days or in challenging weather conditions.

It folds up like a suitcase for easy transport and storage, and the welded construction guarantees quality and durability so that you can use the ramp for many years to come. This wheelchair ramp for your home and public spaces can hold up to 800lbs, at a time, and makes it easy to get up and down for both wheelchairs and different makes of electric scooters like E-Wheels EW36.


+ 800lbs of weight capacity

+ Foldable and easy to carry

+ Sleek and simple design

+ Anti-slip material on the base

Why We Liked It – The overall design is very simplistic, which shows that the manufacturers have focused on function rather than the exterior, which we feel is a great sign. The maximum weight capacity is high compared to some other commercial products, and it can be stored away easily when not in use.

2. Drive Medical Single Fold

Drive Medical Single Fold

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These Drive Medical Single Fold safety ramps for wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to carry, and they have a suitcase design where you fold them right down the middle, secure it, and carry it with the attached handle. There is a practical carry bag included when you purchase one of these mobility ramps, which comes in handy when traveling with it in the car or when wanting to store it away in the closet.

Small perforated holes in the base allow water to go right through instead of gathering on the flat surface, making these Drive Medical Single Fold aluminum wheelchair ramps for home use safe also on rainy days. The Drive Medical Single Fold ramp comes in a variety of lengths, and the ramp measuring 3” can be angled to give up to a 6” vertical rise in surface height, as an example. The total weight capacity is 600lbs, which is more than enough to be able to carry most wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and their users.


+ Carrying bag included

+ Lightweight and foldable design

+ For wheelchairs and also as a ramp for mobility scooters

+ Perforated holes for drainage

Why We Liked It – Many wheelchair ramp users need for their ramps to be portable so that they can bring them places where ramps might not be available, and this mobility aid here is both lightweight, has an attached handle and comes with an included carrying bag.

3. Prairie View Industries TH1032

Prairie View Industries TH1032

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Even small things such as thresholds can be an obstacle when you move about in a wheelchair, and these aluminum wheelchair ramps are the perfect solution to that. They are made to be placed over thresholds or small obstacles, to allow you or the person you are accompanying to easily get past them.

These threshold ramps have anti-slip material to ensure safe usage, drilled holes in the corner where the included hardware can be used to attach it to the surface where it will be used, and it is extremely easy to take along for trips or outings where thresholds and similar might present an issue. Having one of these small ramps for wheelchairs will make moving around a whole lot easier, as well as more enjoyable.


+ For small obstacles and thresholds

+ Anti-slip material for safety

+ Holes for securely attaching it in doorways

+ Easy to transport and move around

Why We Liked It – For those who have never been in a wheelchair or dependent on an all-terrain knee scooter, thresholds might be something that hasn’t even crossed their minds. They do, however, present an obstacle for those who move around on wheels, and these small but extremely durable threshold ramps can make life at home a lot less complicated.

4. Titan Ramps Multifold

Titan Ramps Multifold

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This stylish looking heavy-duty aluminum wheelchair multifold ramp folds up right at the middle and turns into a suitcase-like structure that can be carried with its soft nylon handle. This Titan multifold wheelchair ramp is a versatile handicap ramp for your home that can be used indoors and outdoors, this folding ramp has a slip-resistant surface and can handle the weight of up to 600lbs.

The metal wheelchair folding ramp is sturdy enough for most wheelchairs and even these electric mobility scooters but should not be used for walking up and down, for safety reasons. The Titan multifold wheelchair ramp is made of aluminum and weighs about 40lbs all and all.


+ For indoor and outdoor use

+ Wide and suitable for big wheelchairs

+ 600lbs weight limit

+ Suitcase-like folding-function

Why We Like It – A great multifold ramp for wheelchair users that are looking for a sturdy mobility aid that will last for years, regardless of whether you plan to use it outdoors or indoors.

5. EZ-ACCESS Transitions Modular Entity

EZ-ACCESS Transitions Modular Entity

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Weighing only 10lbs, this aluminum handicap modular ramp is perfect for traveling and for taking along for outings and day trips. The EZ-ACCESS aluminum modular ramp helps a wheelchair user to get up and down from curbs, for raised landings and much more, and it is made to make small obstacles easier to overcome in your everyday life.

This aluminum modular ramp works perfectly for placing outside the front door if the threshold is a little high and can be moved from place to place within a matter of seconds. These threshold ramps are extremely lightweight wheelchair ramps and come in a variety of lengths and two separate presentations.


+ For small and inconvenient obstacles an raised landings

+ Two different presentations

+ More than one ramp length option

+ Weighs only 10lbs

Why We Like It – Perfect to keep in the car, to carry around in a backpack or to bring with you when you travel, thanks to it only weighs 10lbs! This aluminum modular ramp is a mobility ramp that can be used everywhere and anywhere, and it is small enough to be stored away when not in use.

6. Prairie View Industries ATH1232

Prairie View Industries ATH1232

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Similar to above-listed access ramp and made with grooved aluminum that is slip-proof for safety. You can get a pack of one, two or three handicap access ramps, depending on how many you need, and they are low enough to go under swinging doors and similar. The secret to this is the adjustable height, where the supporting piece can be angled to properly fit whatever obstacle you wish to get past.

Not only are these wheelchair access ramps portable and lightweight, but they are also incredibly handy when getting around the house and in and out of buildings.


+ No-slip grooved aluminum

+ Sold in packs with 1, 2 or 3

+ Adjustable height and angle

+ Hardware included for secure attachment

Why We Like It – The best thing about these wheelchair ramps is that the height and angle can be adjusted with the adjustable supporting legs, making it easy to get the perfect fit.

7. Ruedaman MR107-8

Ruedaman MR107-8

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This FDA certified safety wheelchair ramp works great for getting a wheelchair into the back of a truck or large car, for getting up on the front porch, a high curb, for short stairs and much more, and they are approved for use both outdoors or indoors, as well as for all types of weather.

These types of ramps for wheelchairs are made to have a telescoping effect, which means they can be extended or shortened depending on your needs and requirements.


+ FDA approved

+ Telescope effect for an adjustable ramp length

+ Stainless steel locking mechanisms

+ Drilled holes to drain water

Why We Like It – One of these handicap scooter and wheelchair ramps for home use can be adjusted to fit several different spaces, which means you won’t have to buy more than one even if you need to get up and down from spaces and platforms with variating height.

8. Titan Entry with Handrails

Titan Entry with Handrails

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The rails added to this outdoor scooter and wheelchair ramps make it safe and easy to use for wheelchair- and mobility scooter users and this entry ramp is sturdy enough to hold up to 850lbs – which is a higher weight capacity than most other similar safety products.

This Titan entry ramp is a solid ramp for wheelchairs and other mobility devices (such as walkers), and it is also safe to walk up with a cane or crutches. The practical handrails can be removed if needed for easier transport, and it only takes a couple of minutes to screw them back on with two large and secure bolts.


+ Handrails for safe usage

+ 850lbs weight capacity

+ Solid and slip-proof base

+ Easy and quick to assemble

Why We Like It – Steeper home wheelchair ramps should always have a handrail for safety, and this Titan entry ramp is both sturdy enough not to wobble or move around, and it can carry up to 850lbs!

9. Prairie View Industries SL336

Prairie View Industries SL336

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This reliable ramp for wheelchair access is wide and comes in three different ramp length varieties so that you can pick one that fits perfectly for what you plan to use it for. It is manufactured in the U.S and carefully tested in respected factories before being put on the market.

The high traction anti-slip surface makes sure these scooter and wheelchair ramps for home use are safe and simple to go up and down, regardless of weather conditions, it supports a weight of up to 800lbs and it can be used outside and inside for ultimate convenience. If you are looking for a simple wheelchair or scooter ramp for home- and outdoor usage – this is a mobility aid you can’t go wrong with.


+ Durable welded construction

+ Limited lifetime warranty

+ 800lbs of maximum weight

+ Anti-slip material

Why We Like It – It is simple but functional, and it looks great no matter where you put it! Wide enough for all wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and easy to move from one place and to another.

10. Silver Spring Aluminum

Silver Spring Aluminum wheelchair ramp

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The aluminum construction of this loading ramp is durable, heavy-duty and it can hold up to 600lbs, and the best thing is that it folds down the middle and turns into a suitcase that can easily be carried around, stuffed into the trunk of a car or stored in a closet.

Portability and easy storage can be important when it comes to modular wheelchair ramps for homes and public spaces since it might sometimes be necessary to take the Silver Spring loading ramp with you when going to visit a friend or when taking a day trip to the nearby town. Just fold it up, stick it in the trunk of the car and you are ready to go! This Silver Spring Aluminum wheelchair access ramp is suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers and more.


+ 3ft loading ramp for wheelchairs and scooters

+ Folds into an easily carried suitcase

+ Superior traction for all weather conditions

+ Sleek and classy design

Why We Like It – Some need wheel chair ramps for homes to be solid and stay fixed in one place, while others need a portable solution! These outdoor handicap ramps (that can also be used indoors) are lightweight enough to be transported easily, and the fold-up design makes the Silver Spring Aluminum wheelchair access ramp incredibly convenient to store away. Also recognized as a suitcase ramp, this Silver Spring access solution does work wonders.


Wheelchair Ramp Buyers Guide

Being in a wheelchair or living with someone who is, makes good accessibility vital. There needs to be easy access up and down from the front porch, over thresholds indoors and into stores when going shopping, as well as up and down curbs which many non-wheelchair users might never think about. Wheelchair ramps for home use and outdoor spaces come in many different presentations, shapes and price ranges, and it all comes down to what will best suit your individual needs.

Knowing what wheelchair access solution to get can feel confusing at times, but as long as you know what you hope to get out of the indoor or outdoor curb ramps you are shopping for – you will be fine. Learn what to look for, how to look and where to look, and pick what feels right for you. Here are some factors to consider before choosing:


Most curb ramps for wheelchair users are made with aluminum or lightweight steel, which does not rust and holds up surprisingly well for long periods of time, also when it rains. The material is important since a poorly made home wheelchair ramp is a major safety concern, and you want to go with what has been proven to work well.

Solid vs. Foldable

Foldable and portable ramps for homes and outdoor spaces are great since they can be moved around and taken along for trips and outings. Many mistakenly believe that they are not as safe and sturdy as a solid aluminum wheelchair ramp, but this is not true anymore thanks to new manufacturing techniques, and in most cases, they work in a very similar manner. A golden rule is to purchase solid inside and outside ramps for wheelchairs if you plan to keep it in a fixed location and to get foldable wheelchair ramps for homes and public locations if you think there is a chance you might need to move it around. Many foldable handicap ramps for sale doubles down the middle so that it can be carried like a suitcase, which is very convenient when taking it out on trips and outing.


Whether you are looking for cheap wheelchair ramps, used wheelchair ramps or a ramp rental, a reliable no-slip material covering the base is of great importance. This makes sure you can get up and down safely, even if it rains, snows or if the weather conditions are generally bad.

Weight limit

Handicap ramps for homes always come with a weight limit, which is how much total weight it can safely support. It usually ranges between 600lbs and 850lbs, and this becomes important when deciding which wheelchair access solution to get. You need to consider the total weight of the wheelchair or mobility scooter, plus the weight of the person that will be in or on it when using the wheelchair or scooter ramp. Not sticking to weight restrictions can have serious consequences and endanger both the mobility device and the user.

How wide is a wheelchair ramp?

Ramps for homes and outdoor use can vary in width, depending on what they are meant to be used for, and it is important to read the description before settling on a product to buy. Measure the space; such as a doorway, the back of a truck, a porch opening etc, and compare it to the measurements listed in the product description. Most ramps are wide enough for most wheelchair mobility device types, and unless you have a wheelchair that is wider than the majority, the width of available door ramps for wheelchairs is rarely an issue.

How long should a wheelchair ramp be?

Here you need to consider the height of the platform the ramp will take you up on and down from, because the angle will be steeper with a shorter ramp, and shallower with a longer ramp. Again, it comes down to properly measuring the space and to consider how much of an angle you want there to be when using wheelchair ramps for home entrances, porches and more.

How to measure for a wheelchair ramp?

Use a measuring tape and carefully check how wide of a ramp can fit into space, how steep you want it to be and if it fits where you plan to put it. Ramps for wheelchair access homeowners can rely on the need to be properly adjusted to space they are in, so measuring beforehand is crucial. Take measurements, write them down and compare it to those on the product you are interested in purchasing, and make a conscious decision.

How much does a wheelchair ramp cost?

Prices tend to range from somewhere around $50 to $200, and it depends on what kind of a ramp you are shopping for. The price might indicate quality, but not necessarily, so the best thing to do is to make sure it fulfills your needs and to check user reviews to see if it is a suitable option.

Where can I buy a wheelchair ramp?

There are several stores that carry wheelchair ramps, but the best place to look is usually the internet since it gives you access to a wider selection, user reviews, and long product descriptions. Regardless of what you plan to buy, knowing your options and actually having access to those options makes it more likely for you to make a good decision in the end. You can always have a look at ramps at local stores, for a chance to try them out, but it is advisable to give the internet a chance at the time of purchase.

Where can I buy a portable wheelchair ramp?

Portable wheelchair ramps are easy to find on the internet and on websites like, and once you know what you are looking for, it is easy to use the search function to find options that match your needs. It is no secret that a portable ramp comes in handy when planning to move it around, and there are several options available online to fit any budget and any needs you may have.


Once you find the right wheelchair ramp – life tends to become a whole lot easier. It shouldn’t have to be the responsibility of the wheelchair user to make the world handicap accessible, but even though there has been some progress made in recent years, not every public space has ramps at this point. The best way to make a decision is to inform yourself regarding what is available, what suits your needs and where to find it, and the rest will come naturally.

Expert Tip

If there is any chance that you might want to move the ramp around or take it with you when you travel – choose a foldable and/or portable product.

Did You Know?

Somewhere around 10% of the population in the world has some form of a disability, and mobility ramps make a very big difference for many of these individuals.

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Wheelchair ramps for vans are an increasingly popular mobility option. Finding the best wheelchair ramp for a van requires an understanding of what is out there in terms of mobility equipment and what is the right match for your needs.

There are many wheelchair ramp options on the market with features and capabilities that can make getting around a breeze. However, the amount of information and lingo can be overwhelming. That’s why you want to take the time to read through definitions and research the options to find the best fit. Mobility is important to those in wheelchairs, and the best ramp option will be able to enhance your life.

View The Best Wheelchair Ramps For Vans Below

A ramp is an investment to allow for easy conversion of a van to improve accessibility. With these ramps for wheelchairs reviews, you’ll be able to find the right one to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

1. Prairie View Industries SFW330

Prairie View Industries SFW330

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This ramp lives up to its promise of being portable by weighing in at just twenty pounds. It is made of aluminum and easily folds in half to be transported like a suitcase. It has optimal strength, and the ramp surface area is covered in anti-slip material to help with the traction of various types of wheelchair wheels.

The ramp is 30 inches in width. It can work with a variety of wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs. For safety, it has an instruction video and safety pins as well as a 3X Safety Factor. It is reported to have a maximum capacity of 800 pounds.

+ Anti-slip resistance for traction

+ Portable, lightweight design

+ Capacity of 800 pounds

+ Suited for wheelchairs with various wheel configurations

+ Highly rated for safety

Why We Liked It – Anti-slip traction and fabrication means this portable ramp will be good in all kinds of weather, slippery tires or not. The lightweight aluminum design also keeps the promise of portability.

2. Titan 5′ Briefcase Fold Utility Loading

Titan 5' Briefcase Fold Utility Loading

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The Titan ramp is a force to be reckoned. This aluminum ramp proves great for loading onto curbs, sidewalks, and even steps from a mini-van. It is 30 inches wide and 60 inches long with a 2.5” angled lip to help secure the ramp.

The briefcase folding design allows for portability of this 30-pound ramp. It also features soft nylon handles for easy carrying. The serrated surface is helpful in slipping prevention in all situations. The portability allows it to swap between side- and rear-entry as needed and not obstruct van access for others.

+ Folds briefcase style for portability

+ Soft nylon handles for carrying

+ 600-pound capacity

+ Serrated ramp surface to prevent slipping

+ 2.5” angle and holes to secure in place

Why We Liked It – The briefcase fold accompanied by handles for portability helps make this ramp flexible and convenient. The serrated surface is perfect to decrease slipping hazards and increase safety during ramp use.

3. Goplus® Multi-Fold Aluminum

Goplus® Multi-Fold Aluminum

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More is better in the case of the GoPlus Multi-Fold Aluminum Ramp and the two size options available for it. Choose between the 5×30 or the 3×30 to find the fit for you. The ramp is designed for steps, curbs, and sidewalks. When you are done using it, just fold and grab the carrying handle to go on your way.

The surface of the ramp is great for optimal hold in all weather conditions. It features a solid traction surface. The aluminum design is sturdy and able to hold up to 600 pounds. The construction is also water-proof, ensuring the longevity of the product.

+ Two size options available

+ Durable aluminum design with a 600-pound capacity

+ High traction surface for all weather conditions

+ Waterproof construction

+ Great for sidewalks, curbs, etc.

Why We Liked It – The portability of this ramp and the high traction make this a great choice. Even outside of a van situation, the GoPlus could help in navigating stairs, curbs, and more.

4. EZ-ACCESS Trifold


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The unique three-fold design allows the EZ-Access Trifold to be lengthy but still portable. It breaks into two sections for carrying, storage, and use. The interlocking hinge creates reduced pinch points and smooth operation. It also delivers safety with a high-quality, slip-resistant surface. The aluminum is welded aircraft-grade that can handle up to 800 pounds and has a lifetime warranty.

The slip-resistant surface is accompanied by a self-adjusting bottom to help make entry and exit that much easier. It does weigh in rather heavy at 60 pounds, making this a great semi-permanent solution. It unfolds to a 29.5-inch surface width.

+ Aircraft-grade aluminum

+ Tri-fold design with handles

+ Slip resistant surface

+ Portable & semi-permanent solution

+ Lifetime warranty

Why We Liked It – The EZ-ACCESS ramp easily separates into two halves, each with their own handle. Add high-grade aluminum and six-month financing options and it is clear why this is so popular.

5. Rage Powersports Multi-Fold

Rage Powersports Multi-Fold

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Rage brings all the options with several options for wheelchair ramp length and angles. A popular one is the 5-foot long ramp with a 10-inch rise. These ramps are designed for curbs, steps, and other raised surfaces. Like a lot of wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps on this list, it also has a compact fold with built-in handles and a non-slip surface.

The aluminum design is rust-proof and holds up to 600 pounds. The ramp is just under 15 pounds, giving a super lightweight option. With the easy fold and carrying handle, this is a great option for the frequent traveler.

+ 600-pound maximum capacity

+ Non-slip, high-traction surface for safety

+ Rust-proof aluminum

+ Many sizes and angles offered

+ Great for navigating raised surfaces (curbs, sidewalks, etc.)

Why We Liked It – Rust-proof is worry-proof as ramps are exposed to varying conditions. This one also has a lot of heights and lengths available, ensuring there is something for every need.

6. Prairie View Industries UTW630

Prairie View Industries UTW630

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This ramp is useful for both occupied and unoccupied loading and unloading. It has an 800-pound weight capacity. It does come with a great extended lip design that helps it to clear the bumper in the vehicle rear. The ramp has a width of 30 inches of platform space.

To accommodate different uses, the rise is adjustable. For unoccupied loading/unloading, it has a max rise of 18 inches. Occupied loading/unloading is 6 to 12-inch rise. It folds easily into about a quarter of the fully opened size and even separates into two sections for easy carrying.

+ Adjustable rise height

+ Extended lip design

+ Anti-Slip surface

+ Safety tested and rated for safety capacity

+ Folds for storage

Why We Liked It – The extended lip design and 18-inch rise literally make this option stand out from the crowd. The extended lip design helps to avoid scratches and bumps while loading in/out.

7. Titan Ramps 7′ ft Aluminum Multifold

Titan Ramps 7' ft Aluminum Multifold

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This second Titan model on the list doesn’t disappoint. It offers 7 feet of loading space and a multifold design, folding down to 46” x 15” x 8” versus the full size of 84” x 30”. The 2.5” angled lip has holes to help secure the ramp in place prior to use. It is capable of holding up to 600 pounds on its slip-resistant surface.

The company recommends using this with wheelchairs and scooters, but not with assistance walking alone. If the sole intended use of the ramp is for wheelchairs or electric scooters, this is a solid choice.

+ Capacity for 600 pounds

+ 46-pound aluminum design for sturdiness

+ Great length

+ 2.5” angled lip to secure ramp

+ Slip-resistant surface

Why We Liked – This is one of the longer ramps on the list with an angled approach to allow for easy loading. The multi-fold design makes up for length with the ability to fold significantly.

8. EZ-ACCESS Lightweight Folding

EZ-ACCESS Lightweight Folding

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This EZ-ACCESS lives up to its name and even adds in a self-adjusting bottom for increased security and simplicity. There are three lengths available with the heaviest weighing in at just 18 pounds. It has a suitcase style fold to fold in half lengthwise when not in use.

This ramp increases accessibility in a variety of situations, not just for van loading or unloading. The brand also offers an emphasis on helping customers regain confidence and freedom through product use. Depending on the situation at hand, this is a solid semi-permanent or even permanent solution to mobility needs.

+ Self-adjusting bottom for easier transfers

+ Aluminum design and serrated surface

+ Great permanent or semi-permanent solution

+ Lightweight options for every user

+ Three sizes available

Why We Liked It – Aside from a positive company culture with EZ-ACCESS, this wheelchair ramp for vans also offers the self-adjusting bottom. That feature highlights and exemplifies the safety of this ramp for potential consumers.

9. Goplus® Portable Aluminum Non-skid 8′

Goplus® Portable Aluminum Non-skid 8'

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This GoPlus is great as a wheelchair ramp for a minivan, side or rear entry. It has an easy fold design for storage and portability. It comes in two sizes, seven or eight feet. The surface is coated in a traction-able material to allow for use in all weather conditions.

The ramp is aluminum and has a 2.5-inch angled lip to help secure it in place prior to use. Additionally, the ramp adjusts to surface elevations up to 16” for wheelchair users. The adjustable height allows this to be used as more than just a wheelchair ramp for a minivan.

+ Adjustable to different surface elevations

+ 2.5” angled lip for security

+ Multi-fold design

+ High traction surface and grip

+ Capacity for 600 pounds

Why We Liked It – Overall, this is one of the great portable wheelchair ramps for a van. It has all the hallmarks of a safe ramp, including maximum capacity, a high-traction surface, and a portable design.

10. Silver Spring 1-1/2″ High Rubber Threshold

Silver Spring 1-1/2

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Aside from traditional aluminum, rubber ramps are becoming more common these days. The beveled edges allow for a smooth approach for surfaces up to a 1.5-inch rise. It is a one-piece design that is 16 pounds. It is not ideal for minivans, but good for entryways to homes.

The rubber construction ensures years of use and is made of 100% recycled rubber – so it’s environmentally friendly! The surface is also slip-resistant and has molded drain channels. This allows water to fall away and not obstruct usage of the threshold ramp. The ramp also has a great finished design and appearance.

+ One-piece design with a finished look

+ Beveled edges

+ All-weather rubber construction

+ Made of recycled materials

+ Slip-resistant and molded drain channels

Why We Liked It – While this might not be a great choice as a wheelchair van ramp, it is perfect for thresholds and smooth entry into homes. The clean-cut appearance will look sleek around the home.


Van Wheelchair Ramps Buyers Guide and Breakdown

As indicated through the product reviews, there are a lot of options and considerations to make before committing to a van ramp. Let’s look at those differences and dive into what to know before you buy. Converting the van is always an option but tends to be a more significant investment. The ramps here are more flexible in use and can even help when tackling curbs, stairs, or entryways during travel.


Most ramps are made of aluminum, which typically makes them lightweight and more portable or easier to store. The surface might be all aluminum or feature non-slip materials, like a rubber design. All ramps will promise slip-resistant surfaces, but the truth is in the material.

Side-Entry vs. Rear Entry

This is important when deciding ramp dimensions and angle. Side or rear entry will impact parking options, taking into consideration the need to set up the ramp. Using a wheelchair van side door ramp allows for curbside entry and exit that will typically be away from traffic. These ramps leave space for maneuverability and don’t deter from rear storage.

Rear entry ramps look different but allow for parking in any space. There’s more space for ground clearance, influencing the angle of the ramp. The great thing about the ramps here is that they are portable, allowing for an easy swap between side or rear entry.

Ramp Length

As shown in these product reviews, there are a lot of lengths available to choose from. Choosing the right one requires a little previous homework. The vertical rise of the van has to be measured by measuring the height from the ground to the loading surface (typically the part of the van the ramp will be used on). Use that height when reading up on the rise listed for the ramp. The rise plus the length of the ramp will give an idea of how steep the ramp is going to end up being.

Types of Wheelchair Ramps for Vans

Most of the options here are portable or folding van ramps. There are also rubber threshold ramps and more utilitarian ramps. For the best wheelchair ramps for vans, folding and portable are typically the route people take. A folding and portable ramp is a semi-permanent or permanent solution to those seeking a van wheelchair ramp.

Which Electric Wheelchair Ramps are for Vans?

Whether electric or a more traditional wheelchair, most of the ramps here are also great electric wheelchairs ramps for vans. The difference is considering the maximum capacity as most electric wheelchairs weigh significantly more than a traditional wheelchair.

Where Can I Get Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Vans?

There are a lot of brands and carrier trailers when it comes to mobility ramps for vans. Buying from the manufacturer is always an option but portable wheelchair ramps for vans can also be found from well-known vendors like Amazon.

What Folding Wheelchair Ramps for Vans are There?

Most ramps will be an easy two-fold design. There are some tri-folds out there as well. Considering the size of the ramp both before and after folding will give an indication of how much space this will actually take up. Folding design is important if the ramp also needs to travel with the van in addition to the passengers. Some styles include:

Track Ramps
Expert Tip:

If looking for a more permanent or high-tech solution, consider van conversion.

Did You Know?

The first evidence of a wheelchair use comes from an engraved image in China circa AD 525. Centuries later, King Phillip II of Spain used a chair designed specifically for mobility. Sound familiar?


A wheelchair ramp isn’t just a tool for travel. It is a way to freedom and confidence for those seeking a handicap van ramp or needing to increase mobility. Being able to access a vehicle with ease grants a level of mobility and freedom not previously experienced. There are so many great ramps for vans that it is just a matter of finding the right fit for your needs.

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VNN Portable Wheelchair Ramp 4FT, Non-Slip Aluminum Folding Handicap...
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DMI Wheelchair Ramp,Entry Threshold Handicap Ramp, FSA Eligible, is...
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  • PORTABLE RAMP IS RUST RESISTANT, durable and lightweight. Each ramp can...
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Titan Ramps 4' to 7' Telescoping Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp w/Bag - 600...
  • Manufactured from aluminum
  • 600 lb. Weight capacity
  • Measures 4' - 7' L x 7.5" W overall (6" W inside); inside track area...

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Now that you have found the perfect mobility scooter either for yourself, for a friend or for a family member, it is time to start adapting the surroundings to make using the scooter easier and more convenient. Many new mobility scooter or all-terrain knee scooter users will soon discover that – unfortunately – there are a lot of places that aren’t exactly mobility scooter friendly, but there are a few precautions you can take to minimize the potential struggle.

Investing in mobility scooter ramps is one way to make sure you won’t ever get stuck at the curb or when trying to get up a step somewhere, because while it should be everyone’s right to move around freely – it is always better to be prepared.

Access ramps for scooters are invaluable scooter accessories when relying on a scooter to take you where you need to go, so let’s have a look at some of the best products out there.

View The Best Mobility Scooter Ramp Below


1. Prairie View Industries SFW330

Prairie View Industries SFW330 mobility scooter ramp

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These portable wheelchair ramps are 30” wide and provide maximum stability and support when driving up and down. It can hold a total weight of 800lbs, which is fairly high for this type of product, and it folds up conveniently and can be carried like a suitcase with the handle on top.

This suitcase ramp is a ramp for scooters and wheelchairs, it has several different wheel configurations and is covered with anti-slip material for safety and convenience. It also comes with a safety instruction video and safety pins, making it a reliable option when looking for suitcase ramps for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.


+ Foldable suitcase design

+ Supports a weight of up to 800lbs

+ Comes with safety instruction video

+ For both mobility scooters and wheelchairs

Why We Liked It – This durable portable ramp for mobility scooter users is heavy duty and can support a weight of 800lbs, making it a product that will last long. Big plus for the included instruction video.

2. Titan Ramps 7’ ft Aluminum Multifold

Titan Ramps 7’ ft Aluminum Multifold scooter ramp

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Here we have lightweight ramps mobility scooters will easily get up and down, and they can be used for getting up the curb, down the porch, into a minivan or onto any other reasonably high surface. This multifold wheelchair ramp can even get your mobility scooter up the back of a smaller pickup truck, which makes transporting the scooter incredibly easy and hassle-free since no heavy lifting is needed.

This multifold wheelchair ramp for mobility scooter users weighs a total of 46 pounds, it folds into a suitcase just like the Prairie View Industries product above, which you then carry with the paddled handle, and it can be stored virtually anywhere as this van ramp takes up very little space. These wheelchair and scooter loading ramps for vans also have a 600lbs weight capacity, anti-slip material for safe usage also in poor weather conditions and they come at an affordable price.


+ 84” long for convenience

+ Practical carrying handle

+ 600lbs maximum capacity

+ Simple design

Why We Liked It – One of these easy-to-use mobility scooter loading ramps will provide the stability and safety you need to move your mobility scooter to where you want it to be, and the multifold wheelchair ramp stands out for its length!

3. Drive Medical Single Fold Portable

Drive Medical Single Fold Portable mobility scooter ramp

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Move your mobility scooter or wheelchair from one surface and onto another with this cleverly designed ramp for scooter users. It is very light-weight and simple in its design, it has perforated holes along the ramp system which drains water and prevents it from collecting on there during rainy days – making it significantly safer to use.

When looking at scooter ramps for sale on the internet, it is important to pick one that meets your needs and fulfills regular safety standards. This product has a 600lbs weight capacity and comes with a practical carry bag for easy transport.


+ Very light-weight

+ Foldable and easily stored

+ Holes to drain rainwater

+ Included carrying bag

Why We Liked It – The perforations in the base of this electric wheelchair ramp makes it fine to use even during heavy rain or if having left it outside overnight.

4. Hapelo Single Multi-Fold Non-Skid Aluminum Scooter Mobility Wheelchair Ramp

Hapelo Single Multi-Fold Non-Skid Aluminum Scooter Mobility Wheelchair Ramp

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Suitcase ramps for wheelchairs and mobility scooters like this one are convenient options due to the fold-up design that allows you to store it easily. It is perfect for getting up steps, curbs, porches, getting it into a van or a truck and landings, and it can easily be brought along on a trip somewhere due to not taking up much space.

These Hapelo ramps for vans only weigh 30lbs; which is less than many similar electric mobility scooter ramps, this van ramp is made with durable aluminum that won’t rust and it has a maximum capacity of the somewhat average 600lbs. It has a serrated surface which prevents you from slipping, and it folds up to half its regular width.


+ Lightweight at only 30lbs

+ No-slip design

+ Sturdy and durable

+ No rust

Why We Liked It – This is one of the most lightweight ramps for mobility scooters reviewed here, which is convenient if having to carry it (it has a padded handle).

5. Rage Powersports Multi-Fold

Rage Powersports Multi-Fold ramp

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This 5ft mobility scooter ramp is longer than many other similar product options out there, and it is recommended for surfaces with an elevation of up to 10* when used with a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, and for surfaces elevated with up to 15” if walking. It is made with rust-proof aluminum and it is durable welded – with anti-slip material covering the whole base and a maximum ramp weight capacity of 600lbs.

What makes this product unique is that it doesn’t just come with this particular ramp length and width, but instead a variety of size-options can be chosen, so that you can find portable ramps for mobility scooters that perfectly fit your individual needs.


+ Rust-free aluminum

+ Many size-options

+ Extremely lightweight

+ Easy to use

Why We Liked It – While above review is for the 5ft size, there are several different fold ramps to choose from, which makes this a very versatile option when choosing portable folding ramps for folding mobility scooters.

6. EZ-ACCESS, Rubber Threshold

EZ-ACCESS, Rubber Threshold ramps

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For wheelchair and mobility scooter users – something as small as a threshold can present a rather big obstacle. These wheelchair and scooter ramps are meant to resolve that issue, by providing an easy way to get up on one side and down on the other. It is made entirely from durable rubber, which won’t slide around once put in place.

These threshold ramps can easily be brought along with you and used wherever there is a threshold or an edge that you can’t get around, something that can make an outing with friends or family a lot less of a hassle. The threshold wheelchair ramp is large enough to make the transition smooth and comfortable, yet easy to move and transport.


+ Smooth transitions over thresholds and edges

+ Durable rubber material

+ No-slip grip for safe usage

+ Wheelchair and mobility scooter friendly

Why We Liked It – Thresholds are something most people never think twice about, but for those with movability issues – it can be a real problem. Threshold ramps cleverly solves an issue that might otherwise limit a person in their right to complete independence and freedom, and this threshold wheelchair ramp is made from a sturdy material that is likely to last for a long time.

7. Pyle Portable Lightweight Curb

Pyle Portable Lightweight Curb access ramp

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While many products require you to buy two in order to safely get past a high threshold (one for each side), this right here is a convenient pack that includes both pieces that you need when trying to get around as effortlessly as possible. Not only can it be used for thresholds either, but this threshold wheelchair ramp can also help you get up or down the curb or sidewalk, or anywhere else where a low obstacle is blocking your way.

These access ramps for power chairs of all types are surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 7.7lbs each, and it can handle the impressive maximum weight of 6.600lbs, meaning even a car can drive up it. The power chair ramps are made from a compound plastic material, and the pack includes one black and one yellow piece.


+ Supports weight up to 6.600lbs

+ Pack includes two pieces

+ Each piece weighs only 7.7lbs

+ Convenient and transportable

Why We Liked It – Considering how little these portable ramps for scooters weigh – it’s surprising how much weight they can actually support! Perfect to take with you out and to help you get up and down the sidewalk or over a high threshold when for example going into a smaller store.

8. 4’ ft Briefcase Ramp

4’ ft Briefcase Ramps for scooters

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Suitcase ramps for scooters – also known as briefcase ramps – are easy to transport, which is probably why they are so popular among users. This product is intended for scooter users and those using a wheelchair, and not intended for walking up and down it, as the material isn’t quite apt for walking.

It has a serrated top which is great to prevent wheels from slipping, but not good enough to guarantee the safety of someone walking up or down it with shoes. It weighs only 21lbs and measures 48” L x 30” W, and it is reduced to half its width when folded up like a suitcase. An integrated nylon handle is there to make it easier to carry.


+ Weighs only 21lbs

+ Great grip for scooters and wheelchairs

+ Pre-drilled holes to secure the mobility ramp

+ Long-lasting and rust-free material

Why We Liked It – These types of mobility scooter car ramps are great for someone who wants a light-weight option with good security features. No-slip, and holes to secure the mobility ramp with bolts if needed, when planning to keep it permanently in one place.

9. Prairie View Industries SL336

Prairie View Industries SL336 mobility scooter ramps

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Looking for a solid- and wide electric scooter ramp that can hold for up to 800lbs? Then this product might be the one you are searching for! It can accommodate rises of as much as 3”-6”, which can significantly facilitate a mobility scooter- or wheelchair user.

The platform has a full width of 36”, durable anti-slip and no-slide material that will keep the chair or scooter from wobbling and a lifetime warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction. Handicap ramps for electric mobility scooters need to be reliable, and this manufacturer’s confidence in its own product sends out just the right signals.


+ Steel security pins included

+ Above average weight capacity

+ Great wheelchair ramps for cars

+ Reliable lifetime warranty

Why We Liked It – When getting a power chair ramp you don’t want to have to worry about it not supporting the weight that will go on it, and with this product and it’s 800lbs weight limit – you are all set to enjoy your new product without a concern in the world.

10. Prairie View Industries TH2438

Prairie View Industries TH2438 mobility ramp

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This is one of the largest mobility scooter ramps for sale that we have found – perfect for someone who needs to get up on slightly more elevated levels, or who wants less of an angle when getting up or down from something low.

It can be easier for a wheelchair user or someone driving a mobility scooter to use it on their own since the mobility ramp length makes it less steep. It is made from rust-free aluminum with a no-slip tape covering its entire surface so that you can use it with absolute safety and comfort. It is solid and does not fold but is lightweight enough to transport and store easily.


+ Extra-large size

+ Build to handle up to 600lbs

+ Solid and stable construction

+ Holes in top corners for installation

Why We Liked It – Not everyone plans to be moving their electric wheel chair ramps around, so if you are one of those people who plan to keep it in a fixed location – a solid electric wheel chair ramp like this one becomes the perfect option.


Mobility Scooter Ramp Buyers Guide

While society in many places has become more inclusive in recent years, and while there is a constant change happening – there is still a long way to go. When using a mobility scooter, it can become a big problem to get over a threshold either at your own home or when wanting to visit a friend or a store, and curbs and sidewalks can be near impossible to get up and down from. Handicap scooter ramps and threshold ramps can be a way for those in need to gain- or regain their independence, as many of them can be easily transported and brought along for whatever adventure you have in mind.

It is important to look for a product that suits the needs you have, and also that suits your mobility scooter and/or wheelchair, in terms of the ramps weight capacity and design. There are so many different products out there with variating functions, so the best thing you can do for yourself is to take the time needed to investigate properly. It is also important for you to be honest with yourself when shopping for a travel scooter car ramp or motorized wheelchair ramps, because nobody knows you better than you yourself, and only you know with absolute certainty what you need in order for your life to become easier.

Handicap ramps for scooter users can often seem like they are all the same, but the truth is that there are quite a few things to look out for and to consider before settling on a product to purchase. Don’t rush it, take your time, and be open to different types of products for the best end result.


Travel scooter car ramps and any other portable wheelchair ramp for scooter usage is usually either made out of aluminum, rubber or compound plastic, which are the most lightweight materials for easy transport and management. You usually want to be able to move your electric wheelchair ramps, and by making power chair ramps portable they can be used for multiple purposes, as well as be taken along for trips and outings.

Handicap ramps for high surfaces tend to be made with aluminum, as it is a durable material that can be left outside at the mercy of the weather conditions if needed, and they usually attach with screws and/or bolts. The material is easy to keep clean, it does not rust, and it looks discrete and stylish while also being highly functional. These types of scooter ramps for cars, porches, steps and much more tend to be covered with no-slip tape, to make sure that you can use it safely also on rainy or snowy days.

Other products can be made of heavy duty rubber or plastic, which are great materials with a natural anti-slip effect, that stay put where placed, and allows for a simple transition over objects. These tend to be a solid-type ramp that scooters can easily pass over and are in most cases used to get over thresholds or other low-standing objects, rather than to get up steps or too high platforms. These material variations are different, but they also tend to be for different purposes.

Foldable vs. Solid

A foldable mobility scooter ramps for cars, steps, porches and so on are convenient in a way that they can be made smaller for easy transport. They usually double down the middle and many have a clever briefcase style design, where you double your ramp, latch it and carry it with an attached handle. It makes it incredibly easy to move from one place to another, to pack into a car or to store where there is limited space when not in use.

A solid ramp does not fold and is a great option when not planning to move the ramp around too much, like for example if you are going to use it to get up and down the steps to get in and out of your house. Solid ramps can feel a bit more stable to some individuals, and if you are not planning to stash it away or move it anyway – why would you need a foldable model?

Both models are however perfectly apt for any mobility scooter needs, so it is really just a question of whether it matters if it folds or not and if you would like it to convert into something smaller and more manageable when not in use.

Ramp Length & Width

The next thing to consider is the size you need your suitcase ramps, your electric ramp or your mobility scooter car ramps to be, as there are quite a few different options out there. Wheelchair users will usually need a wider ramp, while those riding some types of mobility scooters could get away with a slimmer version. Always pay attention to listed measurements, because when buying handicap ramps for scooters mobility is the main objective, and you will get nowhere – quite literally – with for example power wheelchair ramps that are too small for your actual wheelchair or scooter.

Mobility scooter ramps for vehicles also need to fit your car the way you have intended for it too, so it is also of utmost importance to properly measure your car door opening or whatever other space you plan to use your ramp for. A scooter ramp for SUV owners might need to look different than electric wheelchair scooter ramps for cars of other models, but if you keep the correct measurements at hand – you will be more than fine.

Best lightweight mobility scooter ramp?

If you just need a small product to get you over thresholds, up and down the curb or over low objects, then the ‘Pyle Portable Lightweight Curb’ is an excellent option. It only weighs 7.7lbs, yet it can support up to 6.600lbs without budging! This means you could use it for your mobility scooter, and someone else in the family could use it for their motorcycle or even for their car, which is quite impressive considering how light they feel when you pick them up. They are perfect for carrying around with you since they barely weigh anything at all.

If you are looking to get higher up with your mobility scooter ramp, however – we recommend the ‘4’ ft Briefcase Ramp’ which is only 21lbs and folds up like a briefcase. It is significantly lighter than many other similar briefcase-style products; compared to some even half as light, and it has a practical handle so that you or someone accompanying you can carry it around for a while when moving from one place to another.

4’ ft Briefcase Ramps for scooters

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Best foldable mobility scooter ramp?

The ‘Prairie View Industries SFW330’ is superior in terms of weight capacity, at least when it comes to foldable mobility scooter ramp models, as it can handle up to 800lbs (when most other similar makes have a limit of 600lbs). The manufacturer has thought of user safety and satisfaction, which are two essential aspects to keep an eye on when shopping for this type of product. The SFW330 folds like a suitcase and is carried around as such, and it makes a great wheelchair ramp/ scooter ramp for a car owner, as it is both long enough and sturdy enough to get you up and into a car with your wheelchair or mobility scooter. There is also a convenient handle so that you can carry the ramp around if needed.

Prairie View Industries SFW330 mobility ramps

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Best portable mobility scooter ramp?

While many of above-mentioned products are very similar in function and design, we would like to name the ‘Drive Medical Singlefold Wheelchair Ramp’ one of the best foldable portable ramps, since it is lightweight and comes with a carry bag! Yes, many of the other options are also very portable since they fold up, but this product has a bag that will protect it from damage during transport, which comes in handy when traveling with a lot of bags, items, and gear. It also has small holes drilled for draining water in the case of rain, so that the ramp can be used without delay also in poor weather conditions.

Drive Medical Single Fold Portable mobility ramp

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Try not to feel overwhelmed when sitting down to pick a scooter ramp, because there are many good options out there, and all you need to do is to think of what you need for it to accomplish. Be honest with yourself, make lists, and compare product information, features as well as pros and cons. Knowing what you want before you start looking will save you both time and headaches, and in the end – you are the only person who can make those decisions. Pick a ramp that suits you and your needs and see how much easier it can make everyday life.

Expert Tip

Remember that while two products might look very similar – they could have entirely different features. Always check for measurements and the access ramps weight capacity, to make sure you get the product best suited for your needs and don’t make the mistake of thinking that products that look the same will actually be the same.

Did You Know

Several organizations worldwide are working daily to inspire business and public places to make their facilities more scooter and power wheelchair accessible, but it takes time and effort, and until global inclusiveness and accessibility for those using a power wheelchair or a scooter becomes a reality – it is a good idea to have your own wheelchair ramp scooter ramp ready in case you end up needing it.

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A portable wheelchair ramp can bring many benefits to the lives of individuals who move around in wheelchairs. When it comes to mobility, it can really aid them by giving them a great alternative to asking a friend, relative, or caregiver for assistance going up a few steps.

Having a wheelchair ramp in your home is a great addition to your property. However, what do you do when you go over to your friend’s home and realize there is no wheelchair ramp for you? When this happens, it’s time to consider a portable wheelchair ramp – they are like normal ones except you can take them with you as you travel!

View The Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps Below

A portable ramp gives those in wheelchairs a way to explore the world without the same limitations as before. They are able to take their ramp with them anywhere they go. From a trip to a restaurant, movie theater, or bank, this ramp will make their lives 10 times easier.

1. Ruedamann 8′ Telescoping

Ruedamann 8' Telescoping wheelchair ramp

Check Price on Amazon

Our first review is the Ruedamann 8’ Telescoping portable wheelchair ramp, which has a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs. Made from sturdy, durable aluminum material, you can be confident it will last you several years. It is FDA-approved and can be locked at any length with the stainless-steel lock clips it’s designed with.

We really like how versatile this ramp is. It’s a great option to get your chair on your SUV, over a curb, or up the stairs. The carry handle makes it easy to take around everywhere you go, and its telescoping design makes it simple to set up and store away.

Moreover, there are holes designed into the material to keep water away. Pair this with the anti-slip surface, and you’re looking at a portable wheelchair ramp with maximum safety.

+ Stainless steel lock clips make it adjustable

+ Strong nylon handle for easy carrying

+ Aluminum holes keep water away

+ Non-slip surface

+ Easy setup and storage

Why We Liked It – We like that these portable ramps are versatile. They can be used as outdoor ramps for your SUV, portable ramps for home, or as curb ramps for steps.

2. Prairie View Industries SFW330

Prairie view Industries SFW330

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There is so much to love about the Prairie View Industries SFW330! It’s a high-quality portable wheelchair ramp that conveniently folds in half for easy carrying and storage. It’s made with anti-skid resistant tape for amazing traction, so the tires on your chair won’t slip coming up this ramp.

Additionally, it has a full 30” wide platform, giving users and caregivers maximum stability, secureness, and support. The handle and welded construction, as opposed to riveted, makes it easy to carry around like a suitcase! Buyers will receive an instruction video with this purchase and security pins for extra safety.

The Prairie View Industries SFW330 is a great option for wheelchairs, electronic mobility scooters, and basically anything with wheels!

+ Anti-skid surface

+ Folds in half for easy carrying

+ Available in 5 different sizes

+ A maximum weight of 800 lbs.

+ Safety video included

Why We Liked It – This option is available in 5 different sizes, so anyone can enjoy its many beneficial features: wide 30” platform, welded construction, maximum stability, etc.!

3. Drive Medical Single Fold

Drive medical single Fold access ramp

Check Price on Amazon

Regain your mobility with the Drive Medical Single Fold ramp. Available in up to 5 different sizes, there is sure to be one that users find suits them best. It comes with a carry bag, durable handle, and perforated slots to keep water from collecting on the ramp.

Another great feature offered by this model is that despite its ability to carry up to 600 lbs., this ramp is extremely lightweight. For instance, its 3’ x 30” size weighs 1.37 pounds! This makes it easy to transport, set up, and store away. A great choice for shoppers, the durable construction of this model allows it to last several years.

+ Carry bag included

+ 600 lb. weight capacity

+ Durable, lightweight construction

+ Perforated slots to keep water away

+ Available in 5 different sizes

Why We Liked It – The Drive Medical Single Fold has all the features a user needs: it’s easy to carry around, very lightweight, made from durable construction, and holds up to 600 pounds!

4. Titan Ramps 7′ ft Aluminum Multifold

Titan Ramps 7' ft Aluminum Multifold

Check Price on Amazon

Designed for absolute convenience and mobility, the Titan Ramps 7’ ft ramp has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. The slip-resistant grip surface makes it safe to use, and the nylon handle makes it easy to carry from place to place. This portable ramp weighs 46 lbs. with dimensions of 84” L x 30” W.

Great for curbs, steps, porches, or SUVs, you can use this ramp just about anywhere. The angled lip with holes makes it easy to secure in place, and the multi-fold features make it easy to store. An overall great selection for buyers, the Titan Ramps Aluminum Multifold is durable, secure, and reliable.

+ Slip-resistant surface

+ Maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs.

+ Nylon handle for easy travel

+ 2.5” angled lip secures ramp in place

+  Easy storage

Why We Liked It – Don’t let the heavy weight of the Titan Ramps 7’ discourage you from buying. Portable aluminum ramps offer extreme durability and safety. Not to mention, the unique folding design makes carry and storage a breeze.

5. Prairie view industries TH1032

Prairie view industries TH1032 portable wheelchair ramp

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The Prairie View TH1032 is a perfect solution when looking for a portable ramp with wheelchair accessible entry. It’s a small wheelchair/scooter ramp designed to get through doorways. This entry ramp is very easy to install and eliminates the need for a contractor.

Users will enjoy the non-slip surface, strong aluminum construction, and small build. While it only weighs around 4 pounds, it has a maximum holding capacity of 600! All the way from its high traction material to easy installation, the Prairie View Industries TH1032 offers a safe solution to moving around the house.

+ Holds up to 600 lbs.

+ Easy installation

+ Small, lightweight build

+ Non-slip surface

+ Durable construction

Why We Liked It – Moving around the house has never been made easier with the Prairie View TH1032. We really like that this portable aluminum wheelchair ramp is easy to install, eliminating the need to hire a contractor!

6. Titan 3′ x 30″ Non-Skid

Titan 3' x 30

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Titan is a popular manufacturer when it comes to wheelchair ramps. They have been in the business for a while now, delivering remarkable products to consumers. The Titan 3’ X 30” is wide enough for most wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and bikes. It has a 500 lb. weight capacity and traction-tape design to avoid slipping.

Additionally, this ramp is waterproof, so you can leave it outside without a problem. For your convenience, it easily folds in half and has an integrated handle for easy transport. The ramp itself only weighs 15 pounds, making it easy to move around the house or take it with you.

+ Traction tape prevents slipping

+ Handle offers easy carrying

+ Durable, quality aluminum material

+ Lightweight of 15 lbs.

+ 500-pound weight capacity

Why We Liked It – We love the small, lightweight design of this portable handicap ramp. It’s best to be used for one step only and can hold up to 500 lbs. Weighing 15 lbs., you can easily take it with you anywhere you go.

7. Goplus aluminum Non-Skid

Goplus aluminum Non-Skid portable wheelchair ramp

Check Price on Amazon

Next up is the Goplus Aluminum portable wheel chair ramp, which has everything you could ask for. It’s made from durable welded – not riveted – aluminum construction and has a maximum 600 lb. capacity. It’s designed for raised surfaces, curbs, and steps, which means you can take it anywhere you go or simply use it around the house.

This ramp has high-traction tape to avoid any slips or accidents. It offers amazing grip even on rainy days. As portable as it gets, you can quickly fold this ramp and conveniently carry it using the built-in handle.

+ Folding design makes it easy to store

+ Handle for easy carrying

+ Holds up to 600 lbs.

+ Durable and strong ramp

+ High traction surface

Why We Liked It – We love that this ramp is welded instead of riveted like most! Users can be sure they are safe on the high-traction surface offered by this selection even on the rainiest of days!

8. Prairie view industries UTW630

Prairie view industries UTW630 portable wheelchair ramp

Check Price on Amazon

The Prairie View Industries offers a 6” to 12” rise for your wheelchair or scooter. It has a remarkable 800 lb. weight capacity, anti-slip features, and a high-traction surface to avoid slips or accidents. To carry, this ramp separates into two convenient sections, so you can easily transport it with you everywhere you go.

Moreover, Prairie View Industries offers a limited lifetime warranty on this wheelchair ramp. It has been tested for maximum safety and proven to be a secure option for wheelchair or scooter users.

+ Full, large 30” platform

+ Offers maximum support

+ Weight capacity of 800 lbs.

+ Separates into two sections, making it easy to carry

+ Limited lifetime warranty

Why We Liked It – The Prairie View UTW630 holds up to 800 lbs.! This is way above the standard weight capacity. Offering maximum support and stability, this is a secure option to go with.

9. Titan Ramps 8′ ft

Titan Ramps 8' ft portable wheelchair ramp

Check Price on Amazon

Last but not least, the Titan Ramps 8’ ft is highly recommended for your wheelchair or shooter. It is made from durable, aluminum material and weighs 53 lbs. Heavier than most models, this ramp holds up to 600 lbs. It’s great for loading your chair onto minivans, porches, over curbs and steps.

The unique fold design makes it great for carrying, setting up, and storing away. In addition, the 2.5” angled lip secures the ramp into place, and the slip-resistant surface makes it a safe option for users.

+ A maximum weight of 600 lbs.

+ Made from durable aluminum

+ Soft nylon handle

+ Slip-resistant grip surface

+ Easy storage

Why We Liked It – Don’t let the heavy weight of this ramp discourage you. It holds up to 600 lbs. and has a 2.5” angled lip to secure it into place. We really enjoy the safety features involved with this model.


Portable Wheelchair Ramps Buyers Guide

Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Before making a purchasing decision, it’s important to have a good understanding of portable ramps for wheelchairs and how they can benefit your life. Not only are they affordable, but they are also dependable and make moving around easy.

These ramps are great for wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and basically anything with wheels. Their light weight makes it a breeze to carry around, and they require absolutely no installation. All you need to do is open, unfold, and place in your desired location!

There are a few things you want to keep in mind to make an informed buying decision. Portable ramps come in different sizes, styles, and weight capacities. Knowing what you want will narrow down your search and help you find the best portable ramp for wheelchair accessibility.

Here are a few questions you should ask:

Do I need an indoor or outdoor ramp?

What is my budget?

What size do I need?

Does it have to be portable?

Keeping these things in mind will help you come to the best buying decision possible!

Types Of Portable Ramps

There are many types of wheelchair portable ramps to choose from including single-fold, multi-fold, roll-a-ramps, and single-piece seamless ramps. They are made from light aluminum, and the best ones have anti-slip surfaces to avoid slipping or accidents.

While these ramps may appear to be small and lightweight, they actually have a higher weight capacity potential than you think. Most of our reviewed options can hold up to 600 lbs. (which is much more than you’ll probably need) while some go up to 800!

Portable Ramps VS Threshold Ramps

These two types of ramps have some similarities and differences. To start, they both serve the purpose of allowing easy access into hard to reach places. They allow users to effortlessly enter a room or building. A threshold ramp is used for more permanent solutions like within a home, while a portable ramp is great for temporary situations.

If you travel a lot and like to explore, we suggest you go with the portable ramp. They are versatile options, and portable handicap ramps for stairs can accommodate different rises and stair heights. Threshold portable wheelchair ramps for home use are specifically designed for an entryway into rooms. That’s the main difference between the two.

Weight Capacity

You need to keep in mind the amount of weight the ramp will be holding. This includes your weight, your caregivers, and the weight of the wheelchair. Moreover, be sure that the ramp is stable, solid, and even before use. Portable ramps can accommodate anywhere from 300 to 600 pounds, depending on the type.


Just like with any other important buying decision, you need to have a budget in mind. Portable wheelchair ramps can range anywhere from $50 to a couple hundred dollars. You need to think about the size that you need and your intended use. Having a price set in mind will make sure you only look at models within your budget.

Best portable wheelchair ramps for outdoors?

The Ruedamann 8’ Telescoping portable ramp is great for outdoor use. You will be able to easily get your chair into your SUV or over a curb with this option. Aside from this one, most of our reviewed models have an attached handle for easy carrying. This is especially convenient if you move around a lot.

Ruedamann 8' Telescoping wheelchair ramp

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Best portable wheelchair ramps for indoors?

The Prairie View Industries TH1032 is a perfect portable ramp for home use. It’s easy to install and does not need the assistance of a contractor. This ramp is small but fierce! It offers smooth transitions into your living space and comes with a carrying handle for easy transport.

Prairie view industries TH1032 portable wheelchair ramp

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Best portable wheelchair ramps for stairs?

Most of what we have reviewed here are great portable ramps for stairs. Just keep in mind the number of steps and width. Having this information on hand will narrow down your shopping decision. You don’t necessarily need a customized portable wheelchair ramp for stairs; much of these covered in the reviews will do the trick!

Expert Tip:

Find a portable wheelchair ramp that is slip-resistant for maximum security. Even if you must spend a little more, it’s best to be safe, especially when the ramp is wet.

Did You Know?

Most portable ramps have a weight capacity of 400 to 600 pounds despite their light weight. The ramp that can hold the most weight is the Prairie View Industries SFW330 and UTW630, holding up to 800 lbs.


We hope that someday the world will become more accommodating to people in wheelchairs and install ramps within all businesses, restaurants, stores, etc. This would highly benefit individuals with mobility disabilities. Until then, they can carry their foldable ramps and take them wherever they go.

These tools bring so many benefits to the individual as well as the caregiver. It’s a way to travel without the limitations that they normally face on a regular basis. Quality options like the ones we reviewed above have safety features integrated within them like slip-resistant surfaces. This is one of the main features that you need to consider for ensuring your safety above everything else.

We hope this review and buyer’s guide have given you the insight you need to make an informed buying decision. There are so many different options currently on the market that we have no doubt you’ll find the best one for you. Having a portable wheelchair ramp is a great solution to moving around from place in place. We hope you decide to get one for yourself today!

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VEVOR Portable Wheelchair Ramp 2FT, Non-Slip Aluminum Folding Handicap...
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ORFORD Non Skid Wheelchair Ramp 6FT, Threshold Ramp with an Applied...
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  • [Folding & Handle] Folded Size: 36''L x 14"W x7.87"H; Unfolded: 72"L x...
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Our Pick of Best Skateboard Extreme Ramps

If you truly like skateboarding, you are going to need a skateboard ramp or a trick scooter ramp one way or another. Skateboard ramps and scooter ramps come in different shapes and sizes and can help you become a pro stunt skater.

Choosing a good skate ramp is important as all your tricks will be based around this skate ramp. These skate ramps are not limited to pro skaters only as beginners can also use them in their tricks. However, some skate ramps especially the bigger ones are designed for professional use. Whatever your level or budget, we’ve got a fantastic option for you!

View the Best Skateboard Ramps Below

1. Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set

Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set

Check Price on Amazon

This Micro Flybox Launch ramp set offers two micro wedge ramp surfaces and a micro flat surface. The feet of this professional skateboard ramp are made of nonslip rubber as to insure stability and security during runs.

This Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set may seem like a ramp for beginners but it is good for any level of skateboarders. The wedge ramp has a small size and light weight which makes it mobile and can be combined with other skateboard ramps for larger variety. If you so happen to ride bikes or scooters this Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set can be used for those rides too.

2. Ramptech 2’ Tall Quarter Pipe

Ramptech 2’ Tall Quarter Pipe

Check Price on Amazon

This ramp‘s surface is built from custom ramplate and the sidewalls are black laminated HDO plywood. Owing to these strong components, this ramp is designed to last long and withstand heavy skateboarding.

The Ramptech Quarterpipe is easy to assemble and the assembly should not take more than an hour. And the convenience does not stop there: it weighs only 94 pounds, little less than wooden skate ramps that easily go over 100 pounds. The light weight makes it easier to move and store it. It makes a good choice for doing tricks in driveway or your backyard where you might be pressed for space.

3. Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack

Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack

Check Price on Amazon

Have you been on the hunt for a pack of ramps to upgrade your at-home park? Maybe you’re simply looking for something to get your kids who love skating, scootering, and cycling. In any sense, the Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack is perfect for a handful of sports. It won’t slide around, not will it crack from excessive use.

The angle of these ramps will get you a good amount of airtime for all sorts of tricks. You can set it up in only a few minutes without using any tools at all. Since it comes in a two-pack you can make an assortment of setups with the duo.

+ Won’t slip and slide around
+ Easy to put together without tools
+ Comes with two ramps

Why We Like It – We like these skateboard ramps because they’re perfect for adults and kids alike. Put it together in under a minute and start your new skatepark right at home!

4. Graw Jump Ramps G35 for Skateboard

Graw Jump Ramps G35 for Skateboard

Check Price on Amazon

Finding a single-piece ramp is a big steal for two reasons. 1) It prevents cracking along seams and connection areas, and 2) You don’t have to worry about an assembly process. The Graw Jump Ramps G35 for Skateboards is good to go right out of the box aside from a short metal screw-in. There’s also a nice flat edge to easily skate right onto it without hitting a lip.

The angle and elevation of this ramp are nice for getting high up right off the bat. It’s made out of birch and poplar plywood for an eco-friendly, long-lasting construction. Use scooters, skateboards, bikes, and more on it.

+ Easy to install in only a few seconds
+ Eco-friendly materials
+ Works for a number of sports

Why We Like It – We like this ramp because it’s easy to put together and start using right away.

5. Discount Ramps Medium Skateboard Ramp

Discount Ramps Medium Skateboard Ramp

Check Price on Amazon

Are you trying to find a cheap skateboard ramp to have some fun in front of your house? Fortunately, the Discount Ramps Medium Skateboard Ramp comes at a budget-friendly price. Don’t worry though, it’ll last just as long as the much more expensive counterparts. It’ll even stay put without slipping around.

This ramp has an impressive 250-pound weight capacity, making it ideal for almost any skater. The mounting screws are all that you need to install in order to get this ramp ready to use. The soft surface also lets you glide right off of it without slowing down.

+ Made with a 250-pound weight capacity
+ Easy to put together with a few provided screws
+ Won’t slip and slide around

Why We Like It – We like this durable skateboard ramp because it’s cheap but super sturdy and reliable. Put it together in a few minutes and you’re all set.

6. Scooter Launch Ramp Skateboard Skate Ramps

Scooter Launch Ramp Skateboard Skate Ramps

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For a low-cost scooter and skateboard ramp, this product is well worth looking into. The Scooter Launch Ramp Skateboard Skate Ramps comes in rubber stoppers underneath to prevent it from sliding around when you’re using it. The dimensions come out to 28 inches long by 16 inches wide by 8 inches high.

The tapered edge is a game-changer for people who always get clipped up on the bottom of the ramp. It allows for a smooth transition to hit the ramp with ease. It’s made out of high-impact polymer to reduce the weight without losing durability.

+ Comes ready to use when it arrives
+ Good for skateboards and scooters
+ Uses rubber feet to prevent it from sliding

Why We Like It – We like this ramp because it’s versatile, lightweight, and it has non-slip gripping on the bottom. This ready-to-go ramp is a top choice for beginners and pros alike.

7. Ramptech Spine Ramp

Ramptech Spine Ramp

Check Price on Amazon

Boasting Ramptech’s custom made ramplate surface, it is both strong and stylish. Using casters you can easily move it around. You can also take it apart and flip it. The galvanized steel coping is icing on the cake in terms of sturdiness. With 2 feet height, it gives you enough push to do your favorite scooter tricks in the air.

The Ramptech Spine Ramp can make a perfect addition to your skateboard ramp or local skate park and give you variety to practice on. This is definitely a must have for pro stunt skaters looking to one up their skateboarding game.

8. OC Ramps Half Pipe 8 Feet Wide Skateboard Ramp

OC Ramps Half Pipe 8 Feet Wide

Check Price on Amazon

OC Ramps are known for their high quality and this sturdy, high class plywood and lumber exterior half pipe is one of their most rated. It comes with an easy installation kit with very detailed instructions with pictures about the installation procedure.

+ High Quality
+ Comes with easy installation kit
+ Galvanized for rust protection

Why We Liked It – Besides the high quality wood, the metallic parts of the skate ramp are galvanized to offer protection from rust. Decently wide in size, this skate ramp is good for both beginners as well as pro stunt skaters. With this product, you get the ultimate skating experience like that in a skating park, anywhere you like.

9. Mojo Quarter Pipe Skateboard Ramp

Mojo Quarter Pipe Skateboard Ramp

Check Price on Amazon

This Mojo quarter pipe boasts strength, durability and high portability. It consists of high tensile steel frames and a strong yet smooth polycarbonate surface over it. It also comes with a removable and adjustable safety railing.

+ Highly portable
+ Durable steel frames
+ Weather resistant

Why We Liked It – Both the frames and the surface are weather resistant as the strong steel frame is coated with powder so the pipe is going to last long. And the top rated part about this particular product is that there is a wheel kit so moving it around is super easy. Although it weighs 300 pounds, the wheels will make carrying it a breeze.

10. OC Ramps 4 Feet Wide Quarter Pipe

Another great stake ramp from OC Ramps, this 4 feet wide quarter pipe has 3 feet height making it a great choice for stunt skaters. The high quality plywood used in the surface ensures smooth run and high jumps.

+ High Quality Plywood
+ Perfect for stunt skaters
+ Easy to carry

Why We Liked It – The assembly kit comes with the product and installation is not that difficult, however, you might want to use some help putting in place the surface. The wheels under it make it super easy to carry it to the road or park and back to your house. Two of these can be combined to make a half pipe skate ramp.

Useful Item Guide

The first thing you should know about professional skateboard ramps is their different types. Each type will allow you to perform different stunts. Here are the most common types:

1. Launch Ramp

Often dubbed as the kicker, launch ramp is the most basic ramp that resembles an inclined plane. It is designed to give you a strong lift so as to perform flip tricks. They are often used for gap setups where two of them are placed at a distance.

2. Box Jumps

This kind of ramp is a combination of two launch ramps placed facing away from each other with a flat surface between them. This skate ramp is good for performing different kinds of tricks as you get both flat and sloped surfaces to play around.

3. Quarter Pipe

Quarter pipe ramps are curved and have a quarter of a circle’s circumference, hence the name. This is a pretty popular kind of skate ramp among skaters as it gives you ample air when launched from its peak to perform tricks. It gives the skater enough control to do air tricks even in the middle of a run. It is ideal for quick grabs and grinds.

4. Half Pipe

Half pipe ramp basically resembles half pipe and is good for back and forth action. Consider them as two quarter pipes where you can constantly do scooter tricks every time you launch, speed up and down as you go.

5. Vert Ramps

Similar to quarter pipes, these have an additional surface towards the vertical end which basically allows you to land back in the same angle you launched from.

6. Spines

This kind of ramp is made of two quarter pipes placed back to back. The skater can transition midair in a spine conserving the momentum during the run.

7. Pyramid

The 4-sided pyramid skateboard ramp is essentially a double box jump or a half a pyramid. They have four ramps coming down from a central flat surface. The greatest thing about these is that you can go from any side and land on the other side. It is great for multiple skaters looking to perform tricks with one ramp.

8. Wave Ramps

Resembling the crests and falls of a wave, these ramps have multiple curved surfaces connected together. They provide limited air to the skater after which they land on the next curved surface.

What is a mini ramp?

Ramps that do not have a high vertical surface are usually considered as mini skate ramps. For instance, a half pipe less than 7 feet in height would make a mini skate ramp. These ramps are at times homemade and used for doing basic jumping obstacles.

Street or Transition

Should you need to get a ramp for skating depends on the kind of ride you are going for: street or transition. The former uses skateboard rails, grind boxes and other flat offering whereas the latter is the playground for ramps like half pipe, quarter pipe etc. There is no set age or experience limit when going for a ramp to skate on. Beginners and pro skaters both use ramps in their runs and perform tricks. However, the size distinguishes beginner and stunt skaters as ramps that provide stronger and higher lifts are suitable for professional skaters only.

Choosing the size

The bigger the skate ramp the more room you have for practicing different tricks and transitions. Of course, that means a bigger price tag too. If you can afford to buy a bigger and wider ramp then by all means buy one. The wideness of the ramp does not have much to do with the style or experience of the skater but generally, the wider the ramp the better.

Many professional skaters go for mini ramps for their backyards or even indoors. This is because they have experience and control over their run and they can easily maneuver mini ramps in confined spaces.

Price Range

Skateboard ramps prices vary greatly by size, type, style and brand. There are pricey ramps too that are priced over $1000 but you can easily find a decent quality skating ramp under that. It comes down to your own budget as to which ramp you can afford. Usually big sized ramps are expensive. For those with limited budget, mini skate ramps make a good choice as they are quite affordable. You can find a mini launch ramp for under $50. Building your own ramp can be costlier than buying one online.

Advantages of Buying Portable Ramps

As opposed to fixed ramps, portable ramps are moveable and thus make your life much easier. They are cheaper and you can take them to different places and try different terrains. You can use them whenever and wherever you like without hassle. They are foldable too so they will not take much space when transporting. If you desire a wide range of ramps you can take your portable ramp to a skater park and practice various stunts.

Other things to consider

The type, size and price are obviously important factors in choosing a skater ramp but there are other things you need to ponder over:

Rider weight

Like skateboards, it is important to take into consideration the skater’s weight. While most ramps will easily be able to stand weight up to 100 kilograms, some might not be so sturdy. Make sure to know the maximum weight limit the skate ramp can tolerate.


The material used in the surface of the ramp determines the life of your ramp. Surface is the prime contact point for the skateboard wheels and it is going to take most of the beating when you run and perform tricks and transitions. There are plywood, Masonite and molded plastic surfaces that offer their own unique strength.

Weather resistance

The surface can get ruined with rain or direct sunlight so a good quality ramp would have weather resistant surface. Paint can also help protect the surface from rain.


The ramp should be secure enough and should stay in place at all times. The screws and other fixtures that accompany the ramp should be of good quality and easily fixable. Additionally, sand bags can be used to keep the ramp in place when you jump off it. Remember scooter riders to always wear a suitable helmet to save your head. 


The price and quality differs from brand to brand. Some brands are popular then others and are known for their quality. However, in choosing the right skate ramp for you brand should not be a prime consideration.

Weight of the ramp

Besides dimensions, weight of the ramp should be taken into account too. If you are going to move your ramp a lot, buying a heavy ramp would only make your skating difficult. Also, the strength of the ramp does not really depend on the weight as even light weighted ramps are strong and durable.


Some ramps come with a warranty as well which is great as you can test the product in that time-frame and should there be something wrong, you can get it replaced.

The practice for choosing the most suitable skateboard ramp for yourself is to identify your style, needs, measure the space you have available for installing the ramp and your budget. Go for a product that checks most of your requirements while not crossing the budget you have set for this purchase. Also, it is good to inquire about a ramp from your fellow experienced skateboarders and of course read reviews present online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to install a ramp and what tools would I need?

Installing a ramp is not a very complicated procedure as most skateboard ramps are made to be installed and fixed easily to any home environment. Most skateboard ramps come with detailed instructions, often with pictures, that lay down step by step instructions for each and everything, from unpacking the components to fixing the screws. The whole process can take from 30 minutes to an hour.

The ramp boards are usually cut and drilled so all you need to do is fix in the screws into the holes with a screw driver. If they are not drilled already, you are going to need a drill for drilling holes. The instructions accompanied with the product would also lay down instructions about where to install the ramp. The procedure may differ from surface to surface, for example, if you are installing the ramp on concrete you might have to drill some more holes.

With the help of the guide you should be able to fix the thing by yourself. The instructions are simple yet detailed enough for you to fix the thing by yourself without needing any professional help. However, using help will get the job done in much less time.

How long do skateboard ramps last?

Most ramps are designed to last for quite some years but it boils down to how you use it. They do require a bit of care at your end. Outdoor ramps need paint to protect them from rain or scorching sun. Wooden skate ramps are considered better by pro skaters as they are sturdier. However, plastic mini ramps are no less when it comes to durability.

If you are investing into a big plywood skateboard ramp, you need not to worry about durability as they are designed to take heavy beating from your skateboard wheels. Pro skaters go for wooden skateboard ramps over plastic ramps as they are strong and durable. No matter how frequently you use them, they will last long.

Of course, durability varies between different skateboard ramps depending on material’s used, construction, and brand. It also depends on how good you have fixed the ramp as a wobbly ramp may not only ruin your run but also deteriorate in quality over time.

Are skateboard ramps safe?

The first question that pops in mind when one is about to buy a skateboard ramp is whether it is safeespecially if you are a parent buying a skateboard for your kid. Yes, skateboard ramps are safe provided they are securely installed. As for the ramp itself, as discussed before they are made using tough materials so they do not break or snap. However, they can move from their position if not fixed properly.

The greatest way to ensure optimum safety is to follow the instructions that come with the ramp. Many a times, these instructions have pictorial representations as well to make things further clearer. If you thoroughly follow the exact instructions, there is no way your skateboard ramp will shake or move from its position. For someone who has never installed a skateboard ramp before, it is recommended to do so under supervision of someone experienced.

In the safety context, there is a misconception that ramps perhaps are reserved for only the pro stunt skaters. That is not entirely true as even kids under 10 use skateboard ramps for playing tricks or riding their kids scooters. However, the bigger sized ramps like vert ramps or half pipes are most suited for professional skateboarders only.

The ramp can be made further secure by adding something to its support. You can place a sandbag at the vertical end of a launch ramp to further prevent it from sliding. The ramp can be fixed on sheets of plywood for providing extra support to its feet. The screws used should ideally be galvanized and rusted screws should be replaced.


Skateboard ramps for stunt skateboarders come in different shapes, sizes, styles and brands with each offering something unique on its part. The key to choosing the right skateboard ramp is to identify your style, space and budget. If it is too big for your space you will not be able to run and use it to its full potential. Similarly, price plays a big factor too as good quality big skateboard ramps can easily cost over a thousand dollars. You can easily install the setup anywhere you like and most ramps now are quite portable. As a stunt skater, you can combine different ramps to practice new tricks whether at home or in your skate park. If you take good care of the ramp, it may last for years to come.

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