Ride-on toys have been widely appreciated by even the youngest kids since decades. Not only do they allow the toddler to develop a sense of independence, but confidence, too. Every parent knows how hard it can be to keep their toddler occupied.

Sometimes, no form of entertainment works. That leaves both the parents and family members at a loss as to what to do. Ride-on toys are a fantastic solution, since parents can keep their kids busy without having to pay as much attention. The child will ride around and the family members can focus on their own chores. These toys are also wonderful for both outdoor and indoor use, since they allow the child to ride virtually anywhere.

After hours of research, we have managed to choose a variety of kids rideon toys of various ages. We compiled a set of both safe, affordable and entertaining products that will keep your child occupied. Thanks to our research, we reviewed all of these products to provide you with an honest opinion on each toy.

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View the Best Toddler Ride on Toys for Kids

This list includes all of the products that we have deemed worthy through our research. These ride-on toys will help keep your child entertained and busy. This will help them develop confidence and individuality when riding toys and in general, everyday life. For older children, the Razor Crazy Cart is a fantastic choice.

1. Radio Flyer Scoot-About

Radio flyer has been keeping kids happy for over 100 years. Their red, toy wagon has been seen by almost everyone, especially since its popularity in the 1920s. Their products are basically the stuff of legends, and for generations kids have been kept satisfied with their ride-on toys. Their simplicity and striking beauty and easy-to-ride qualities make them very accessible. They’re also some of the safest ride-on toys out on the market; thanks to Radio Flyer’s ‘no junk’ policy. This means that the product is stripped down to its bare essentials: it’s made for riding. There are no accessories that will make riding toys for toddlers harder or less enjoyable.

The Radio Flyer Scoot-About is the ideal toy to help your child discover the world. Kids who have used this ride-on discover a sense of adventure, independence and fun. No matter where you will be, you will be able to take this light-weight toy with you. This will help encourage your child to explore new surroundings, no matter where you are.


This ride-on focuses on a simple, red design. The attractive, chrome bars help give the product a somewhat vintage feel. The ride-on itself is made from a sturdy, steel frame.


This ride-on has been created with widely set-apart wheels to help encourage stability.This ensures that you will not have to worry about your child flipping over. The product is also easy to assemble, and it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to do so.


For added fun, Radio-Flyer added a working ringing bell to their design. The ride-on also features a front bumper, that will keep your inside home safe from damage. The wheels are designed to allow your child to easily glide on almost every surface.


The adjustable seat will also grow with your child, allowing them to keep their toy from 12 months-3 years. It has 3 adjustable heights available.


This ride-on can take about 42lbs and is ideal for children between 1-3 years of age. The dimensions of the product itself are 23.54″ X 18.98″ X 17.64″. Thanks to the product itself weighing only 8 and a half pounds, you will be able to take it with you wherever you go. This will help your child explore various surroundings.


+ Easy-to-assemble

+ Has front-bumper

+ Includes ringing bell

+ Safe, wide-set wheels


– Back wheels may hit heels (depends on toddler size)

2. Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Toddler Ride on

Little Tikes has been on the market for nearly four decades now, and we have no doubt that you have already encountered their best-selling product previously. In 1991, the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe toy car for kids was the best-selling ride-on toy for kids. Since then, Little Tikes has increasing success with all of the lines of their toddler riding toys, including the Go and Grow Rollin’ Giraffe little tikes scoot around animal rideon. Their riding toys for toddlers are made to look appealing, and to be safe and cozy, too. The Rollin’ Giraffe is no exception. Having been introduced in the early 2000s, this ride-on has been tried, tested and loved by many kids around the world.

If your child needs a ride-on to help strengthen their legs for walking, or to develop confidence and independence, the Rollin’ Giraffe Rideon is the perfect product to encourage that. It helps combine playing with learning, allowing your child to gain increasing strength and balance when moving. It’s an easy to assemble ride that will be enjoyed by many kids, no matter their skill-level and age range.


Little Tike’s Giraffe Rideon design is by far one of the friendliest ones we’ve seen so far. The whole product is designed to be shaped like a giraffe, the wheels being the legs and the front, the head. If you need an engaging toy for your child, the yellow Rollin’ Giraffe is the perfect solution.


The Rollin’ Giraffe Rideon is one of the safest riding toys for toddlers. Being made of plastic, the ride-on won’t be dangerous if the child happens to fall over. The light but sturdy frame allows for easy mobility, and the toy can be taken anywhere, thanks to is light-weight.


The adjustable seat and happy face of the Rollin’ Giraffe will make any child want to ride it. The back wheel is significantly bigger than the two, smaller front wheels, to increase stability. The widely set front wheels also help in stability thanks to them being set wide apart. The ride-on is perfect for indoor and outdoor rides.


This ride-on is ideal for kids between the ages of 12 months to 3 years.


The Rollin’ Giraffe can take up to 50lbs and weighs about 2 pounds, which makes it a perfect travel companion.


+ Fantastic design

+ weighs 2 pounds

+ Stable and friendly

+ takes up to 50lbs
+ easy to assemble


– May clip heels/toes (depending on child size)

3. Step2 Whisper Ride II Push On Car

The Step2 ride-on push car is the ideal toy for both girls and boys alike.Step2’s goal has been to produce ride-on toddler toys, and toys in general, for kids to encourage creative play. Their toddler riding toys spanning in use from toddler-oriented ride on’s to school year, educational learning sets. The Whisper Ride is the ideal solution for any child that likes to play in a cozy and safe environment. Thanks to the push-quality, parents can replace strollers with this stylish ride on car during warm, summer days. It will help the child to explore their surroundings with different mediums, and the parent can watch over the ride at all times if necessary.

Thanks to all of the features included within this design, the child can be directed by a parent in their younger years. As they develop confidence, the child can take a chance at riding toys for toddlers on their own. This is a great way to help the child gain individuality over the years. As they grow, the car will grow with them for a few years. During travels, the handle can be tucked in under the car, too, to help in transportation.


The Whisper Ride is one of the best designs we’ve seen on the market yet. It’s a great, original design that takes the shape of a small car, available in both pink and blue. If your child likes cars or likes riding around in them, the ride-on will be a dream ride!


Thanks to the handle, included to help push and navigate the child, this is one of the safest ride-ons out there. It gives the parent full control of the vehicle, and is a great stroller-alternative. If you want to go to the park or run down to the store, you can take out the Whisper Ride and take your toddler with you.


This ride-on has a tuck-in, tuck-out handle that is very convenient for traveling purposes. If you are going on holiday or to visit family and friends, you can take your child’s toy right along with you. This is great for exploring new surroundings with a toy your child is already familiar with.


The Whisper-Ride is ideal for kids between 12months and 4 years of age. This makes it a very versatile product that can keep growing with your child.


The item weight is about 17 pounds and the dimensions are as follows: 45.5 x 19 x 34 inches.


+ includes honking horn

+ Has a safety belt

+ Has a cup holder

+ Opening front trunk


– May be difficult to assemble

4. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

Peg Perego has been making fun kids’ toys since the 1940s. And this ride-on toy is great fun. It is based on a John Deere tractor and your little one will feel like an authentic farmer while sitting on it.

There’s an accelerator pedal – and an all-important brake – and you have two different maximum speed limits, which are 2 ¼ mph and 4 ½ mph. It even has a fully functional FM radio for your child to listen to while working in the fields. The seat is padded and comfortable to sit on, proving your child with hours of fun.

+ Comfy, Padded Seat
+ FM Radio
+ Speed Lock
+ Safe Brakes
+ Flip-up Armrests

Why We Liked It – This is a great ride-on toy for kids that is just as fun as it is safe. It also looks just like a genuine John Deere tractor.

5. YBIKE Pewi Elite Bike Walking Toddler Ride On Toy

The Pewi ride-on bike is a parent long-time favorite. Pewi’s goal has been to make a riding toys for toddlers that can help them develop. Needless to say, they did a phenomenal job with the product they came up with. If you have a young child that is still learning to walk, the Pewi Ybike is the best toy you could get for a toddler. Not only can you sit and slide on it in virtually every direction, but it can be used as a crutch too, to help the child walk. Having so many useful function, it’s easy to see why it has been a parent-favorite ever since the moment it hit the shelves.

The Ybike will help your child stand up with support, and in time stand unaided at all. Pewi is known for helping kids develop balance, coordination, postural control and space awareness. In short, the most vital skills that come with walking. With the Ybike, your child will learn to walk, push and pull things and move alone around impressive distances. Looking for a balance bike? Check out this top balance bikes for toddlers review.


Thanks to the child-friendly design, kids hop onto this riding toy without hesitation. The simple, spider-like wireframe doesn’t take up a lot of space, and the product comes in three colors: blue, pink and red.


The front-grip support helps the child have stability, and the wide and long seat helps them sit comfortably. Thanks to the 360 degree turning function, wherever your child turns, the ride-on will follow them.


The durable, aluminum frame is sturdy and won’t break easily. The plastic seat is molded in a way to provide the ultimate comfort for each and every toddler. As your child grows, the Ybike support will turn into a ride-on to help your child develop vital skills essential to walking.


The Y bike is ideal for kids between 12 and 36 months of age. It will develop right along with your child, transforming from a walking accessory to a ride-on.


The Ybike weighs about 5 pounds, the dimensions being: 20 x 17 x 18 inches.


+ Aluminum frame
+ 360 turning function

+ Develops vital walking skills

+ Front-grip support


– May be prone to tipping forward

6. Fisher Price Little People Music Parade Ride On

Fisher Price is one of the most famous toy-brands out on the market today. They have been creating quality toddler toys for kids of all ages for over 80 years now. Each product they make is of high-quality and engages the vast majority of children. The Little People Music Parade ride-on is no exception!

If your child is easily bored with the typical ride-ons, then Fisher Price might just help. Their Music Parade ride-on is a fantastic way to keep your child entertained and occupied all the way through their ride. If your kids like to have things to press and features to explore within their toys, then the buttons and musical instrument sounds provided here might just be a fantastic solution. The car is designed to be stimulating both creativity and learning wise. All of the sounds included with this ride-on are friendly and should encourage the child to mount the car and ride.

All of the buttons on this ride-on correspond to the sounds they make, and there are plenty of places to hide toys within the toy. If your child likes to have toys that are engaging and entertaining, then Fisher Price will give them just that and more.


The friendly and colorful design of this car-like ride-on attracts the attention of even the youngest of children. It looks great and has plenty of visible, engaging features that the child will quickly turn to explore.


The Fisher Price ride-on is one of the safest toys out there. The wheels don’t lift too high off the ground, and there are two wheels on each side of the toy. This helps the child remain sturdily on the floor, encouraging good balance.


The best features of the Music Parade include all of the music-buttons that the child can press. There is a trumpet, five buttons on the front of the car and three on the inside. All of this is surrounded by a pressable drum, levers and other buttons. One thing is sure: your child won’t be bored with this ride-on!


The Musical Parade is ideal for kids between 12 months and 3  years.


This ride-on weighs about 5 pounds and the dimensions are about 20.8 x 10 x 15.5 inches.


+ Plays music

+ Allows child to compose own tune

+ Sturdy and reliable

+ Colorful design

+ Encourages motor skills


– Needs batteries to work

7. Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage

It’s easy to see why we are including Little Tikes on our list again. Their toys have exceptionally unique designs that are different from the status quo. If you are looking for a ride-on toy for you little girl specifically, then this horse carriage will make greatgift ideas. It’s one of Little Tike’s more original toys, and parents keep praising it for the originality. It’s the ideal present and has been an Amazon’s Choice product for a long time. It’s great if you want to supervise your child as they ride. You will be able to fully control where your child moves, especially thanks to the handle that helps you maneuver the ride.

There will be an hour or two long assembly required when purchasing this product, since there are many features you will need to put together. From the handle, to the carriage, to the horse. This, however, still doesn’t stop many parents from purchasing this ride-on. It’s simply a great toy for any child that is looking to jump into the princess-role. If your child is tired of the typical, seemingly boring toys, then this carriage will provide many hours of fun for your little one!


Little Tikes surprised the market once again with their original ride-on design. The pink carriage has a white horse attached at the front, which is a great feature to include. The carriage itself is covered in pink and purple paint, which is ideal for any princess-loving little one.


The carriage is fully safe and provides lots of space to maneuver around. All of the four wheels are placed sturdily on the floor, and the horse doesn’t overpower the weight at the front.


This simple-ride on’s key feature is the beautiful, white horse attached on the front of the carriage. The top of the carriage itself has a crown, where you can put belongings like a phone or toys. The bank trunk of the carriage also has space where your child can put in toys and belongings.


This ride-on is ideal for kids between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. It’s a toy that will stay with them for a long time!


The carriage weighs around 11 pounds and its dimensions are around 20 x 43.5 x 37.8 inches.


+ Original design

+ Storage trunk

+ Pull/push toy handle

+ Smooth riding

+ 90% assembled


– Floor of carriage may be too high for some (too little space)

8. FisherPrice Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter

Fisher Price doesn’t cease to surprise with their unique approach to educating children. As they provide an opportunity for kids to learn, they also provide lots of fun and entertainment. If you have been having trouble keeping your child occupied, the Laugh & Learn smart stages scooter should solve all of your problems. It’s a very effective ride-on that will help your child develop motor skills. Not only that, it will also help your child use their problem-solving skills when playing with the buttons on the inside of the toy.

As the baby grows, it will understand more of the buttons available for play. This makes the Laugh & Learn ride-on a fantastic toy if you want it to grow with your child. No matter what stage your baby is at, there are three learning stages, each one fitting a certain age range. With all of the learning opportunities provided with this ride-on, it’s easy to see why so many parents gravitate to buying it. It encourages the child in a positive way to learn, have fun and keep trying!


Fisher Price is known for creating very child-friendly designs. This ride-on in particular has a soothing, red color and is shaped like a kick scooter. The front of the kick scooter light also has a friendly, painted face.


This Fisher Price ride-on is one of the safest out there. It has all of the four wheels steadily on the ground and supports the full weight of your toddler.


If your child can stand but can’t walk, this ride-on will be ideal. It will help your child feel mobile, even with its current limitations. The ride-on has various learning buttons, including ABC’s, colors, numbers, shapes and many phrases in general. If you are looking for your child to expand, this is the best option.

As your baby will ride along, it will be rewarded and encouraged with positive phrases to carry on. Thanks to the different stages of play, this ride-on will encourage development through all of the child’s toddler year.


The FisherPrice Laugh & Learn is great for kids between the ages of 12 months to 3 years.


This ride-on weighs about 5 pounds and measures around 22.5 x 10.1 x 13 inches.


+ Comes with batteries

+ Teaches ABC’s, numbers etc.

+ Plays music and phrases

+ Grows with child

+ Safe for all toddler ages


– May be hard to move on certain floors

9. COLORTREE Toddler Ride On Excavator Pedal Free

Colortree’s ride-on is yet another product that seems to have a very unique approach design-wise. It’s a great toy for any child that likes excavators or is interested in construction-site toys. If you want to encourage your child to develop their interests, or to just provide good play, then this ride-on is ideal. The Excavataor has been loved by many parents with enthusiastic kids. Thanks to all of the various functions provided by Colortree with this product, your child will be able to ride and develop. It’s a great source of fun for both boys and girls, and even attracts the attention of older children due to the interesting structure.

If you are looking for a unique product that won’t have your child be bored within minutes, then the Excavator is the choice. Not only does it look attractive and inviting, but it sparks the child’s curiosity from the get-go. The bright colors and maneuverability of the neck of the excavator will be able to provide hours of fun. One of the best features of Colortree’s Excavator is the fact that it can be used effectively both inside and outside house borders. It’s a fantastic ride-on for sunny days, especially around places where the child can use the dig function to its fullest potential.


This ride-on is designed to mirror the image of an excavator. This, of course, means that not only does it have conjoined wheels, but a digger crane too. It’s an exciting design that will attract the attention of even the fussiest of kids.


Thanks to the sturdy sit and well-balanced construction, this toy is very safe for all toddlers. The seat is easily accessible and the six connected wheels allow for a very sturdy and safe round. No matter if you are on the carpet, inside or outside, your child will be able to fully enjoy this toy with all-around safety.


This ride-on will help develop your child’s balance and problem-solving skills as wall as their practical ability. Thanks to digger crane, your little one will also be able to fully endorse themselves in the play. It’s a feature many other ride-on construction-site toys rarely provide.


This ride-on is ideal for kids above the age of 3, since it takes some already developed coordination skills to move the crane digger.


The Excavator can take up to 66lbs of weight. The product itself weighs around 9 pounds and its dimensions are around 19.1 x 13.7 x 12.6 inches.


+ Moveable crane digger

+ Safe, sturdy wheels

+ Loads of fun

+ Improves balance skills

+ Fully-engaging


– Outside gravel may damage plastic wheels

10. Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On

Since the Mickey Mouse trend has been coming back, so has Minnie! Last but not least, we have one more, very original ride-on. This time, it’s a small ride on toy car decorated in a Minnie the Mouse design. If your child likes Minnie the mouse and has been engulfed in watching the Disney Channel shows, they will be perfect gift ideas. It’s a great source of fun thanks to all of the buttons and the easy slide and glide wheels. If you have been struggling to get your child to walk, then this ride-on will do the work for you. Thanks to the easily moving wheels, your child will be able to become mobile quickly. Even if your child can’t walk yet, all that is required to have fun with this toy is a bit of balance.

Thanks to the back support on the back of the ride-on, your child will also be able to learn to walk. The back support is easy to grab and your child will be able to scoot along as they learn to walk, step-by-step. This ride-on is a great toy to help encourage many “first-time” experiences for your child. All of the sounds, lights and stickers will help keep the child engaged for many hours when riding this little toy!


Kiddieland’s ride-on is based on a Minnie the Mouse theme. It’s covered in mostly pink, purple and white colors and has plenty of Minnie stickers all around. If your child loves this Disney the character, there is no doubt they will love this little ride-on too! It looks friendly and inviting to any curious child.


This ride-on has a very safe base, and being on four wheels, it’s one of the sturdiest products we’ve listed so far. As long as the child has a basic grasp of how to sit up straight and balance enough to hold posture, this toy should be a great experience all-around.


The Minnie-Mouse ride-on is filled with both fun and educational features. It has glowing lights, makes various sounds, pictures, a beeping horn, engine sounds, turning steering wheel gear shift, ignition key and a moving clock face. With all of these features, one this is sure, your toddler won’t get bored very quickly!


Kiddieland’s Minnie-Mouse toy is ideal for kids aged between 12months and 36 months.


The Excavator can take up to 66lbs of weight. The product itself weighs around 9 pounds and its dimensions are around 19.1 x 13.7 x 12.6 inches.


+ Moveable crane digger

+ Safe, sturdy wheels
 & steering wheel

+ Loads of fun

+ Improves balance skills

+ Fully-engaging


– Stickers on the front may vary

Toddler Ride-on Toys Buyers Guide

What to Look for When Buying A Toddler Ride-on Toy:

Buying a toy for your child can be a challenge. Merely a decade ago, simple ride-on toys were extremely popular. Nowadays, as the developing world is surrounded by the internet, kids need to have toys that help keep them fully occupied. A simple-ride on will probably not do the trick, and that’s why it’s important to choose a toy for your child that will keep them engaged. There are a few features that we think each ride on should include, and it’s important to consider them before making your final decision. This process will help you make a calculated decision on what toy is best suited for your child. While some children may be happy with a simple ride-on, other kids will want to have buttons to press or music playing when they ride.

To help you decide, we made a short a guide as to what you should look for when buying your child’s first ride-on toy:

Toddler Ride on Toy Design

Colors, Patterns and Stickers

Toddler ToyEach ride-on will have a different, unique design. We recommend taking a look at your child’s toy collection, deciding what they play with and what they don’t play with. Which features interest them? Do they prefer to press musical buttons, or more logic-based buttons? Which colors grab their attention the most? Which shows do they watch the most?

Some ride-ons come unassembled on purpose, so that you can put it together with your little one. This gives a sense of achievement for the child, and makes them value the toy more. Most of the ride-ons are very easy to put together, and it shouldn’t take more than half an hour to do so.

There is a ride-on for every situation and every child. From Mickey and Minnie Mouse based toys, to excavators, diggers and horse carriages. No matter what your child is interested it, there is a toy that will fit the bill.


We also recommend paying attention to the craftsmanship of the product itself. Some children prefer tricycle based ride-on toys, while others prefer more sturdy, four-wheel based ride-ons. There are plenty of designs available out on the market today. From the bulky, sturdy Micro Mini to the very maneuverable Ybike from Pewi. Both are wonderful products, but differ vastly from each other. It all comes down to experimenting and getting to know which design your child gravitates to more.

Safety of Toddler Ride On Toys

Some ride-ons are safer than others. Depending on the posture, size and weight of your child, different ride ons will suit different children. Some kids prefer slimmer, faster toys while others prefer the stability of sturdy, bulky toys. It’s all a matter of preference, but the trick is to choose a toy that fits your child both size and weight-wise. It’s also good to check if the toy can be used both outdoors and indoors, since some materials may not withstand the hard gravel or cement roads outside.

This will ensure that your child will have a ride-on that suits their posture and needs specifically. That’s one of the reasons as to why we included measurement and dimensions of the products in the review sections. Some toys are also heavier than other, ranging from

Features of Rideon Toddler Toys

As we mentioned before, each ride-on toy is different. Some are meant to encourage simple motor skills, like balance, problem solving, practicality and good posture. Others, are meant to teach your child to walk, to scoot, or to learn their ABC’s and numbers.

Simple Ride-On Toys

simple ride on toysIf you want your child to develop simple walking and scoot activity skills, then it’s recommended to buy a simple ride-on without all of the additional features. This will help the child to focus on strengthening their legs to help them walk later on. Many of these ride-ons also have different seat adjustment options, which helps the child grow with the toy over the years.

Educational Toys & Ride-Ons

If your child is easily bored, or just needs additional features to keep them busy, then there are special ride-ons for them too. There are plenty of education-oriented ride-ons that will help your child learn to talk, count, sing etc. For example, the Fisher-Price Learn & Laugh ride-on includes many buttons that encourage the child as they ride. On the other hand, the Minnie Mouse ride-on, that is also listed within our review list, has a movable clock face to help the child learn how to read time.

There are plenty of ride-ons that will help your child develop as they ride!

Toddler Ride On Toy Age Guide

Toddler ride-ons usually have an age range between 12 months and 3 years, sometimes even up to 5 years. It’s very important to pay attention to your child’s age and the age range the ride-on is dedicated to. This will help ensure your child gets a toy that is sized for their needs.

There are plenty of negative reviews online that say the ride-on in question will ‘clip’ the child’s heels or toes. The problem is the child being the wrong size for the ride-on, too small, too big, too light or too heavy. That’s why we included dimensions and weight limits in our review sections. This will help you choose the ideal ride-on for your child especially.

Toddler Ride-on Toys Size Guide

We recommend going to a local toy store and trying out the ride-on in question, if it’s possible. This helps the child see if they feel comfortable, and which ride-on suits them most. When the choice is made, and the general dimensions are measure, then online shopping becomes increasingly easier and much cheaper. Usually, this makes shopping much easier and helps you buy a toy that suits your child perfectly.

Best Battery Powered Ride on Toys for Toddlers

The Giantex Kids Ride is ideal for both girls and boys alike. If you are keen to have a ride-on toy that will be versatile and able to engage all of your kids, this is the one. The stylish design and durable craftsmanship allow this ride-on to be used both inside and outside the house. It can go forwards, backwards, turn right, left, and has working LED lights. There are different modes of speeds, which makes this ride-on ideal for kids over the ages of 3.

Best Push Ride On Toys for Toddlers

If you are tired of taking out your stroller each time you’re going for a walk or to the grocery store, then we might have a good solution. Push Ride On toys are great fun both for parents and kids. They allow the parent to avoid fiddling with huge strollers, and they help make the trip more fun for the child.

One of our favorite push ride on toys for toddlers is Radio Flyer’s All-Terrain Stroll n’ Trike. It allows the parent to have full control over the ride, and also allows the child to pedal and take over. It’s a great, versatile ride on that will help the child feel independent even during their youngest years. The ride on also has a small cover over the head of the child to help reduce rain or sun beams if necessary.

The ride on also has a 4-in-1 feature, which helps the product grow with the child. It has four stages from 9 months to 5 years, ensuring all-around development.

Ride On Toys for Age 3

Finding safe toys for kids aged around 3 years can be difficult. Some 3 year olds still need to work on balance and walking skills, and that’s why choosing suitable ride-on toys for them can be difficult. One of our favorites, in this category, is the 3 Wheel Chopper Trike Motorcycle by Lil’ Riders. It’s ideal for kids between 24 months and 4 years of age and can be ridden anywhere, both outside and indoors.

Ride On Toys for Boys age 8

There are significantly more ride-on toys for toddlers than for older children, but there are a couple of models that suit this category, too! Our favorite ride-on toy for boys aged 8+ is the EzyRoller drifter. When riding down hills and down the road, this drifter is like no other. You will be able to swerve, duck, pedal and regulate your speed as you like when you ride down your route. The product comes with assembly instructions and is very easy to put together. If your child needs some extra adrenaline and faster toys than their toddler siblings, the EzyRoller is a fantastic choice.

Boys of this age may enjoy electric trikes, too.

Ride On Toys for Girls age 5

Many younger girls dream of having their own pony, and Smart Gear’s Ponycycle is a dream come true for many kids. It’s a self-powered horse ride-on toy that requires your child to move the pedals up and down, in turn moving the legs of the pony. This ride-on doesn’t require any pushing or batteries; it is fully man-powered which makes it a favorite among parents.

It walks great in parks, suitable as indoor and outdoor toys and around the neighborhood. The wheels are sturdy and the faster the child pedals, the quicker the pony goes. It’s a fantastic source of fun for any little girl (or boy!) looking for adventure. There are plenty of pony designs available, from chocolate colored stallions to zebras and much more.


Ride-on toys can be a wonderful source of entertainment for kids of all ages.

No matter if your child just turned 1 year old, or if they’re already 8, there are plenty of ride-n toys to satisfy every child’s need. From Pony-Cycles that are ideal for boys and girls alike, a push toy that is perfect for a fun toddler ride. No matter how old your child is or what kind toys they like, they are hundreds of ride-ons available in every theme. Fro Mickey Mouse, to princesses to motorcycles.

We recommend to take your child to a toy store and figure out which ride-ons are best suited for them. For example, when you already know the general dimensions and comfort level of what your child likes, it will be much easier to choose an online product. This will also ensure that you won’t be taking a gamble when buying a ride-on for your child! Taking your time to research and experiment before committing to a final purchase is vital, and can be a fun trip for your child too.

Expert Tip

It’s recommended to measure the height, weight and size of your child instead of focusing on online guidelines. Some children aged 3 are significantly taller than other kids the same age! To learn more about the interactivity of ride on toys read this study.

Did you know?

Founded in 1917, Radio Flyer has been the most popular, ride-on producing company. Everyone surely remembers their red wagons that were extremely popular in the 1920s!

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  • Ride-on toy tractor and market playset with 4 ways to play as they grow...
  • Press the 3 shape buttons or turn the steering wheel to see the tractor’s...
  • 3 Smart Stages levels grow along with your child with 75+ songs, sounds &...
Bestseller No. 3
Radio Flyer Busy Buggy, Sit to Stand Toddler Ride On Toy, Ages 1-3,...
  • SENSORY PLAY: With 17 sensory activities, the Busy Buggy will provide...
  • DEVELOP MOTOR SKILLS: This ride-on for 1 year old’s has three modes of...
  • WALK & RIDE: This is both a baby push walker and ride-on, allowing children...

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Generally, ride-on toys for toddlers are simply called ‘ride-ons’. They can also be known as ‘scooters’ or ‘scoot-abouts’. They take their names from the idea that the children mount the toys and ride around on them. Some toys can also be called ‘gliders’, or ‘balance bikes’, however it all depends on the product itself and the features it represents.

The most commonly used term is ‘ride-on’.

What are Ride On Toys?

Ride-on toys were developed to help kids have fun both outside and inside. They are meant to help your child develop basic motor skills since a young age. For example, some ride-ons are either educational or just for simple riding. Both types are very beneficial to your child’s development!

Educational ride-ons will play songs as you child scoots around, helping them learn things like the alphabet, numbers, shapes and road safety as they ride. Other ride-ons are simple, and are made purely to help your child learn skills like balancing, walking and to help strengthen their legs.

If your child is easily bored, it’s recommended to choose the educational ride-ons, since they help stimulate the imagination more.

If your child is younger and still needs to learn to walk, the simple ride-ons should be a good choice. They usually have handles that help the child push them as they learn to balance and walk. In later stages, your child will be able to sit on them and use their legs to scoot around.

How to Choose Ride on Toys for Kids?

Choosing ride-on toys for your children can be difficult. Every child likes different themes and colors. However, many companies have made it their goal to satisfy the needs of every growing child. No matter what your child likes, whether it’s motorcycles, horses, princesses, Disney characters or animals, there is a ride on that will satisfy their needs on the market.


The best thing you can do is take your child to a local toy store, and ask them to explore and decide which ride-on they like most. After they experiment and choose, you will be able to measure the dimensions, examine the design and get a general feel of what your child is drawn towards. This will help you make an easier decision when you will be buying a ride-on online, where there are plenty of options to choose from!

Battery & Manual

It will also make a difference whether your child likes battery-powered or manual ride-on toys. Manual toys don’t require as much maintenance as battery-powered toys, and are less expensive.


To sum up, we recommend focusing on design, structure, age range and weight capacity. Looking at these simple features before committing to a single product will help you choose a product for your child that they will love and enjoy as they grow.

How to Care for Ride On Toys for Kids?

Depending whether your child has a battery-powered or manual ride-on toy, the maintenance will be different.

If your child has a battery-powered ride-on toy, then it’s recommended to leave it indoors and not outside, where it’s exposed to the elements. It’s also not wise to have the toy go through puddles or damp grass, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. Sticking to the guidelines and instructions that come with the toy is important, since it will help your child enjoy the ride-on for a longer time.

When talking about manual ride-on toys, it’s advised to clean the toy after outdoor use. This is especially important if your child is going through damp grass or through puddles. Some ride-on toys have a lot of metal or plastic parts, and if they are exposed to damp surroundings for too long they can begin to rust or lose color.

How to Store Ride On Toys in the House?

It can be hard to store ride-on toys in the house, especially if they are bigger than the average toys your child uses every day. It also can be difficult if you live in an apartment, therefore it’s recommended to choose a storage place for the ride-on before you buy it. That’s also one of the reasons as to why websites list the dimensions of the toy online.

Regardless, it’s important to store the toy in a dry place. Especially if the toy needs to be charged near a socket, or if it’s battery-powered in general. The same goes for manually-powered toys, since they can lose their designs and start rusting if they are exposed to dampness.

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Kids absolutely love battery-powered ride-on toys for kids, since it makes them feel like they are riding a real car! All they have to do is control where the toy goes, instead of relying on pedaling. Getting your child their first battery-powered ride-on can be a great way to encourage Independence and establish trust.

The question is, what should you look for when buying a battery-powered ride-on toy?


First of all, you should take a quick look at the reviews. Some battery-powered toys are not very reliable in the long run. They also require batteries to work or they need to be charged near a socket, so you will need to keep note of that. It’s also good to check if they toy is meant for indoor or outdoor use.

It’s vital to see the average life-span of the product based on the other customers’ reviews. This will give you a general idea of how much money you are willing to spend!
Maintenance & Preferences

Some parents allow their kids to ride battery-powered ride-ons into puddles after a hefty rain, and this can severely damage the circuits if the water gets close to the battery. The key is to decide what kind of toy your child wants, and what kind of toy will suit their needs.

If your child likes to get wet and dirty outdoors, maybe a non-battery powered toy would be better!

Battery Capacity

Depending on your child’s age, there will be different ride-ons on offer. For older kids, it’s recommended to get 12-volt battery-powered cars or ride-on toys in general. For younger kids, under 4, it’s recommended to get 6-volt batteries. If you have more than one child and are on a tight budget, we recommended getting a 12-volt battery car for the older kids and wait till the younger ones grow into it!

Outdoor Ride On Toys for Toddlers

Riding outside can be a thrilling experience for toddlers. Usually, they spend most of their time at home, being supervised, or outdoors, while still under the watchful eye of the parent. Getting them their own ride-on toy can be a great way to give them a bit more freedom, where they don’t have to hold the parent’s hand all the time!

One of our favorite ride-on toys for outside use is the Vtech 2 Learn And Zoom Motor Bike. It’s extremely child friendly, and can transform from a two-wheel bicycle to a tricycle for toddlers if needed. It’s a perfect, fun-looking toy to help your child develop a sense of balance and Independence.

It has plenty of features that help the child learn, too. There are buttons and sounds that introduce road safety, colors, objects and shapes to make the ride more interactive. The bike has over 70 songs to sign and learn with, and only needs two AA batteries. It’s ideal for any toddler aged between 1-3 years old.

The bike also has a motion sensor that plays music as your child rides along. There are two options to choose from; the sing and learn mode, and the ride-on mode. This helps encourage your child to keep riding and learning, no matter where they are!

Can you get a Remote Controlled ride on Toy?

Of course! Many parents find it hard to give their children full control of battery-powered vehicles. Many companies know that, that’s why many battery-powered ride-ons come with remote controls.

These remote controls are usually only an option, and the child can also drive alone. However, if the parent wants to take control in a park or in the neighborhood, they can easily do so. This gives the parent the ability to let the child ride further without worrying about reacting on time. It’s definitely a great option to have if you want your child to have some outdoor fun while still saying safe! It gives both the parent and the child a sense of mutual trust, and can help develop confidence over a distance.

How to Charge a Ride On Toys Battery 12v?

Every battery-powered ride-on toy needs to charge a different amount of time, especially when it’s first purchased. If you are currently on a low budget or don’t want to pay more for your electrical bills, it’s recommended to make a wise decision before purchasing a battery-powered ride-on toy for your kids!

For a 12V ride-on, it’s recommended for the initial charge to be about 18-24 hrs along. It’s advised to leave it turned on overnight, that way the kids can already enjoy the play in the morning!

For regular charging, a 12V battery should be charge around 12 hours.

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Ride-ons are very versatile toys, that’s what makes them so popular among kids. Whether your child is 1 or 10, there is a ride-on toy available that will please both age groups. There are plenty of companies that make it their goal to make ride-ons that suit every child and their needs. This ensures that as your child grows, they will be able to develop with ride-on toys throughout their childhood.

For example, plenty of ride-on toys have development stages. Usually, they can be transformed from push ride-ons, to tricycles, two two-wheeled ride-ons, to scooters and so on. This kind of development helps keep your children interested, since it gives them a sense of achievement each time they grow.

It helps expose them to improvement and progress, keeping them motivated to learn as they grow with their ride-on toys. Make sure your toddler is wearing a bike helmet of sorts when riding on toys for added safety.

Suitable age for Ride on Toys

It’s not recommended to buy ride-on toys for children that are aged 10 months and younger. Usually, kids at that age don’t have their balance developed enough to help them sit up. This can make ride-on toys dangerous, since very young children who can’t sit up will be prone to falling over to the left and right sides.

If your child is 1 year and older, you can start looking at push ride-on toys. However, it is recommended to make sure that your child can hold their weight when they sit up. This will ensure that they won’t be leaning to different sides without sufficient control. This can be dangerous, especially if you can’t fully see your child because of the ride-on design.

To summarize, the best age for your child to start using ride-ons is 1 year and older. It’s also recommended to teach your child to sit up and balance before putting them on a ride-on!

What is the Maximum age for Ride On Toys?

Technically, there is none! The older the child gets, the more inventive the designs. Typical ride-on toys are usually for kids aged up to 10. After 8 years old, you can buy your child bicycles, drifters, skateboards, scooters and the alike. These products may still be considered ride-ons, but they are generally associated with older children.

The maximum age range is usually 8-10 years old. The batter-powered cars and motorcycles usually are for children aged up to 8 years. However, there are plenty of ride-on toys that will help your children develop between the ages of 12 months to 8-10 years of age. After 10 years you will be able to start buying more advanced and grown-up means of transport for your kids.

Ride On Toys for Age 7

One of our favorite ride-on toys for kids aged 7+ is the Kid Motorz Police Motorcycle Battery-Powered ride-on. It’s ideal for kids as young as 5 and can be comfortably ridden until the child is 9 years of age. After a full charge, it can run for a maximum of one hour and has about three speeds, the maximum speed being 5 miles per hour.

This motorcycle also includes headlights, signal lights and automatic brakes, which will help to keep your child safe and sound when they are riding. The assembly of the ride-on takes about 1 hr, but many parents report being extremely happy with how well it works and the features that it provides. Many kids spent hours having fun with this motorcycle ride-on, which makes it perfect for any kids aged between 5 and 9 years old.

If you have an enthusiastic child that likes a bit of adventure, then this police ride-on will be a dream come true, for both boys and girls It’s easy to maintain and isn’t too big to store inside an apartment. Thanks to the rechargable battery your child will be able to have unlimited fun with this action-packed ride-on, especially thanks to the working sounds and lights.

Children’s Ride on Toys age 1

Our favorite ride-on for children that just turned 1 is Poco Divo’s Baby Calf 3-in-1 Walker. Not only is the design attractive, friendly and sure to impress any enthusiastic child, but it’s a great, fun-packed toy, too. The low seat makes it easy for the child to mount and get off the bike easily. The Baby Calf ride-on is made from completely child-friendly materials and doesn’t include any lead or BPA material.


If your child likes to store things as they ride, they can easily do so! There is a storing space right underneath the seat, so that your cheeky little one can hide all their favorite toys. The ears of the calf are rubber, for safe play, and the buttons make the play much more fun and engaging.

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