MyProScooter is all about showing you the best of the best gear, and the Sure-Grip Roller Skate sits right up top with the rest of them. The search for the perfect set of roller skates can be a tedious one, especially since you have to do extra research to find the right indoor pair. With so many options to choose from, it might end up being more frustrating than exciting.

Here’s the good news: We did all the research on this wonderful set of indoor skates for you, through blogs, review videos, and so on. Instead of looking for hours and hours on end to find out if it’s really worth it, check out the info below and make the decision for yourself!

The Sure-Grip Roller Skate might not be the most popular model on the market, but it’s definitely turning heads with a high level of comfort and ease of handling. If you’re interested in learning more, read on!

Sure-Grip Black Fame Roller Skate

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Key Features

One of the main key features to look for in any set of skates is mobility. Getting around quickly and with good handling is worth every penny. The ABEC-5 bearing used on the Sure-Grip skates is similar to the bearings used in some of the highest quality of skateboards in the world. They’re known for putting out bearings that don’t crumble apart like the competition.

Another important thing to keep an eye out for is the stopper on your indoor skates. Since there’s nothing on the back to stop them, you might be wondering how on Earth you’re supposed to come to a halt. A hardened rubber stopper screws into the front of both skates, which lets you stop quickly. The larger sizes come with an aluminum stopper.

Indoor skates require unique wheels that don’t scuff up floors. These wheels are wide enough to reduce the impact on the ground, which also increases the handling you have on them. You don’t have to worry about falling with them since there are two wheels in the front and two in the back to promote great balance.

Comfort is also something to keep in mind since you’ll be wearing them like shoes. The high laces on this set of skates straps all the way up to your upper ankle. This prevents them from slipping off, as well as a few other minor conveniences.

Nylon is used throughout the shoe for an additional layer of familiar comfort. Skates shouldn’t feel like you’re walking on rocks, you should feel natural with them on as you do with regular shoes.


+ Comes in a ton of different sizes for both men and women. The larger sizes use aluminum stoppers, while the smaller sizes use hardened rubber.

+ The shoes are strapped to special indoor wheels to prevent scuffing and to give you complete balance and control.

+ High-quality ABEC-5 bearings are used to let you move as quickly as possible without losing performance over time.

+ Comfort is key with these nylon skates. Strap up the high laces and you’ll be good to start cruising around without a problem.


– While it’s not necessarily a con, this brand isn’t as well-known as others. It still manages to compete just as well, but some people might prefer to have a company with more clout.

Who is it Suitable For?

The Sure-Grip Roller Skates are suitable for beginners and people who are looking to get into skating casually. They’re a great platform for learning the ropes, mastering balance, and feeling completely comfortable while doing so. While other companies might have skated with a bigger learning curve, you’ll feel naturally rolling around with these strapped to your feet.

Why We Like It

We like these roller skates because they’re made with every last detail in mind. Even the bearings are constructed with high-quality materials, giving you a much longer lasting set of skates that won’t require replacements anytime soon. They’re made to suit everyone’s needs, with sizes ranging from 1 to 14 depending on your shoe size.

It’s recommended that women choose one size smaller than their natural shoe to accommodate. Ultra-soft nylon combines with flashy faux leather to create one of the most affordable, stylish sets of skates on the market.

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