Roller skating is becoming a much more common activity thanks to the numerous reasons to ride them. Being able to get around town without using an ounce of gas while also burning a few calories seems like a dream come true to many of us. Whether you’re doing it for fun or exercise, we can all agree that there are all sorts of health benefits to roller skating.

MyProScooter has always wanted to find the next up and coming methods of eco-friendly exercise and viable transportation through scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, and more. There are a few well-known benefits of roller skating for 10 to 15 minutes a day, but we’re here to shed light on how much value it can truly bring to your health overall. If you want to learn more about how much they can improve your life, read on!

1. Roller Skating Improves Cardio Functionality

When you’re riding through the neighborhood, it might just seem like you’re having a good time all around. The truth is, you’re actually exercising your heart quite a bit! Not only are you getting your blood pumping from healthy activities, but roller skating can actually strengthen your heart over time. Since it’s a muscle, you can slowly train it just like any other muscle in your body! Who would’ve thought that having so much fun can be equally as healthy?

2. Improving Your Social Health

Getting outdoors and exercising with other friends or family has been proven time and time again to improve your social skills and mental health. Socializing with other people boosts confidence and makes you more excited for the day ahead. Try to get in a couple of minutes of roller skating with your spouse, kids, or a neighbor before work to gain a boatload of health benefits to reduce anxiety from social situations.

3. It Helps You Set a Routine

Our brains are wired to be comfortable with the routine. Why do you think that some people are so comfortable jogging 5 miles a day when some of us have trouble even getting out of bed in the morning? Setting a strict routine of roller skating once a day will keep your mind on track for success. Who knows? You might even find yourself going out for a second session daily or increasing the time that you skate!

4. It’s Good for Your Joints

You should always exercise your joints, otherwise, they’ll stiffen up and cause pain throughout the day. Since roller skating forces you to move your hips, ankles, and knees, you’ll be moving them around enough to stretch out those joints and prevent discomfort.

Swaying your arms for momentum will also help loosen the joints in your elbows and shoulders if you’re searching for an extra bit of effort! People who work at jobs where they sit or stand in one place for hours on end should especially consider this benefit.

5. Roller Skating Burns Calories

Since roller skating is an excellent source of cardio, you’ll notice that it burns quite a bit of calorie. Say goodbye to unwanted belly fat and coast into the next season looking exactly as you’d like! Running on the treadmill for hours on end is never that much fun, but nobody’s ever complained about roller skating being boring. The more you go out and skate, the more calories you’ll burn per session.

6. Improving Your Balance

Woman roller skating

Most of us feel pretty good with our balance walking on two legs. But did you know that the average person has trouble balancing on one leg or in narrow spaces? It might not seem important, but balance is key to a strong core and leg muscles.

Without a good core or strengthened legs, you could find yourself with serious knee and hip pain down the road. Roller skating allows you to improve your balance and to keep yourself feeling youthful for many years to come!

7. It Helps You Improve Endurance

Increasing your endurance is good for more than just roller skating. You’ll notice that regular chores around the house become easier, and that dread walk up the two flights of stairs at work is nothing anymore.

It’ll make hiking, cycling, and various other forms of exercise a breeze compared to how it was before you started roller skating. Keep up with the process and the process will keep up your endurance!

8. Replacing Your Car with Roller Skates

We’re not asking you to completely ditch the car for a pair of roller skates, but being able to get around your city by taking the sidewalks instead of the streets is both eco-friendly and incredibly healthy.


You’ll also feel like you’re seeing a whole new part of the town that you simply couldn’t see from inside of a car. Taking it at an even pace will give you all of the health benefits you’ve seen so far, as well as the uplifting feeling of getting a breath of fresh air.

9. Bring Them Wherever You Go

This one kind of goes with the last benefit, but having the option to roller skate is always a nice possibility. Riding the same route to work every day can be almost depressing and monotonous, so why not take a new route on a pair of skates? Open up the horizons, release those endorphins, and have a good time commuting!

10. Roller Skating Improves Lung Capacity

Improving your lung capacity has been proven to help increase your overall life span. You will also benefit by being able to hold your breath longer under water and in many other situations. While it might not always be vital to living, it’s certainly nice to be able to improve the quality of lung capacity and oxygen intake.

Paired with all of the other benefits on the list, the only problem you’ll be facing is figuring out why you didn’t start roller skating any time sooner!

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