The Salomon Quest Ski Boot makes a great boot for any skier, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate. It is a strong, durable, and versatile ski boot that will keep you right in place and will allow you to put an aggressive attack on the edges of the skis.

It is designed with a medium to large foot and a medium to wide calf size in mind. If you’re looking for reliable and comfortable ski boots to replace your old ones, or to get you started. It is easily adjustable, outfitted with wool metal insulation and Hike and Ride technology for a versatile and easy to use ski boot.

Salomon Quest Ski Boots

Key Features

The Salomon Quest Ski Boot is meant for beginners and intermediate skiers. Sometimes it can be difficult for skiers with wide calves and feet to find a comfortable ski boot. Salomon fixes this issue with the Quest ski boots. They are designed to give you extra control and pressure to the outside of the skis and to be properly customized to fit specific skiers legs and fit needs.

Salomon offers a 104mm last on the Quest which is the largest they produce. The sleeve, at 24mm, is considered an oversized pivot and offers a robust connection from the top of the shell to the bottom. The purpose of this is to give you more powerful control over the outside of the skis. You can easily adjust the buckle on the top to fit the size of your calves for a more comfortable fit.

One of the toughest things about ski boots is walking around the village or to the bar for Apres. Salomon makes this easy with their Ride & Hiking technology which allows you to flip up the clips in order to be able to walk almost totally normal.

The lining will allow you to stay as warm as you need to even on the coldest of mountain days. They have a My Custom Fit with wool metal insulation that keeps the heat in and the cold out.

This is a great boot for people with wide feet and who have trouble finding boots that are comfortable on a wider calf. It is great for those who like to get out on the backcountry but who also spend a fair amount of time carving the groomed trails

Here are some of the key features:

– Polyurethane shell and upper cuff made of polymer
– Hike and Ride technology
– Customizable fit
– V-cut shape and backbone release on the shell
– Woolmetal insulation
– Wide foot and large calf designed

Weight: 3.9kg
Flex index: 90
Last Width: 104mm

+ Good for wide feet and calves
+ Warm on cold days
+ Hike and Ride for easy walking
+ Easily adjustable

– A little tougher to get on and off
– Lots of flex

Who is it good for?

This is a ski boot that is designed to give people with a wide forefoot and thick calves a comfortable boot to wear. It is durable and strong enough to handle skiing on the aggressive side as well. Whenever you’re going through backcountry trails, you can be confident in the quality of the Quest ski boot.

If you’re the type that likes to wear your boots out to the bar after a long day of riding, or just want a more comfortable hike, this boot will give you the comfort you need. It will keep the heat in. So, if you’re riding in super cold climates a lot of the time, you won’t have any trouble or discomfort.

It is very flexible and allows you a lot of play and weight distribution. Great for people who enjoy having that extra amount of maneuverability when carving through their favorite lines. It is easy to adjust and has strong shells to give you all the support and comfort that you need.

Why we like them

Whenever you have a large forefoot and thicker calves, it can be hard to find a boot that is really suitable. The Salomon Quest ski boots are really comfortable for these conditions. They are also good at allowing you to have a lot of control and attack on the outside of the skis. This lets you get really tight and satisfying turns whether you’re riding backcountry or groomed trails.

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