There are so many of the best Pro Scooter bars to choose from, which is the best? We review the top 7 best pro scooter bars of 2021 today just for you to help you make a decision. From the Apex Bol bars to the classic T-bars, there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from. It all comes down to rider preference.

Size wise sizing guide: If you are tall, we recommend going for taller bars, if you are shorter, go for shorter bars. We also have selected epic bars, for a wide range of budgets. Whether you want great value, or the upmost premium quality – we’ve got it all, dude.

The width comes down to what you prefer to the best. If you like to do quick bar spins or ride park, you might prefer not so wide bars. However, if you like to ride street and want a lot of stability, wider bars are the way forward.

The Top Pro Scooter Bars for Street & Park in 2021

1. Envy Reaper Scooter Bars

If you are looking for the best pro scooter bars, you have just found them! An epic set of Reaper bars created by the pro’s over at Apex Scooters and named after their team rider Jess Boland, the Bol bars are incredibly well made, super light and very professional.

These Reaper bars are a MUST for any custom scooters build when it comes to high-end creations. Built with 4130 Chromoly Steel and 560mm wide, they are the perfect balance between size and weight that every rider looks for.

SCS compatibility without a slit or for use with IHC, there must be a slit cut at the bottom of the metal. Unfortunately, for people riding a HIC set up, these are compatible. However we do recommend others below that fit the bill.

2. DropIn Scooters DIS Custom chromoly Steel T-Bars SCS

DropIn Scooters DIS Custom chromoly Steel T-Bars SCS

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Creating a custom scooter is one of the most enjoyable experiences of the sport. You know exactly what you put into it, meaning you know precisely what to expect as far as performance goes. If you’re in the market for handlebars, then the DropIn Scooters DIS Custom T-Bar will do more than fine.

This stylish rainbow metallic design functions as well as it looks. The shiny multi-colored bars are made with steel throughout the construction. This ensures a durable build, even if you drop it or bump into obstacles. They’re 22 inches tall by 22 inches wide.

+ Comes in a shiny metallic rainbow design
+ 22” x 22” dimensions
+ Made out of long-lasting steel

Why We Like It – We like these handlebars because they’re perfect for a top-notch custom scooter build. You can rely on the steel to keep you up while the stunning pattern shines on.

3. Root Industries Invictus Trick Stunt Scooter Oversized Handlebars

Root Industries Invictus Trick Stunt Scooter Oversized Handlebars

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If you want a tough set of handlebars for your stunt scooter, then look no further. The Root Industries Invictus Trick Scooter Handlebars are a top choice for tons of customers around the globe. These handlebars are made to be up to 50% stronger than the competition. They also allow you to ride in the rain without experiencing rust.

Choose between black or the classic scooter ‘mirror’ color. They come in at 24 inches tall by 23 inches wide. These dimensions are perfect for maintaining control of challenging turns and landings. What makes them even better is that they’re just under 3 pounds total.

+ Comes in two different colors
+ Solid material with a durable finish
+ Designed for people of all ages

Why We Like It – We like these handlebars because they’re super tough and perfect for handling purposes.

4. Liberty Pro Scooters – Stealth Titanium Scooters T-Bars

Liberty Pro Scooters - Stealth Titanium Scooters T-Bars

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Liberty Pro Scooters is an awesome company that sells high-quality parts for scooters. This pro scooter bar is a perfect example of why the company has such an excellent reputation for its parts. Constructed from an extremely light, grade 9 titanium, this pro scooter bar only weighs 1.6lbs.

Despite its lightness, the titanium is an extremely durable, hard-wearing material that will not break in a hurry. It is 27 inches high and 24 inches wide, but it can be easily customized if you would prefer it to be smaller. The diameter is over-sized, which means that it is 1 3/8 inches.

+ Grade Nine Titanium
+ 27 Inches High
+ 24 Inches Wide
+ Oversized Diameter
+ Customizable

Why We Liked It – Titanium is an excellent material for a pro scooter bar to be made from, as it is light and durable, and this bar is so good because of how high quality the material is that it is constructed from.

5. TILT Scout T Bars

TILT Scout T Bars

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Whenever you purchase anything pro scooter-related from Tilt, then you can always be sure that it will be a good investment, as Tilt products are constructed out of the finest materials, and are built to last. This pro scooter bar is made from heat-treated, straight gauge 4130 cro-moly steel.

It’s big enough to suit riders of all sizes, but it can be customized and made smaller to fit different riders. The exact dimensions are 27.55 inches high and 22 inches wide. It has a standard diameter, which allows for SCS compression. Robustness, sturdiness, and durability are what this pro scooter bar offers.

+ Robust
+ Cro-Moly Steel
+ 27.55 Inches High
+ 22 Inches Wide
+ Customizable

Why We Liked It – The heat-treated cro-moly steel is a great material for a pro scooter bar, as it is robust but lightweight too, meaning you can attempt tricks easier without the worry of the bar breaking.

6. District AL-1 Bars

District AL-1 Bars

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We are bringing again the District AL-1 bars for a brief time period. These are a number of the lightest bars available on the market. They are constructed from 6061 T5 Certified Aluminum and are TIG welded. If you want a light-weight trick scooter and do not need to drop a bunch of money decide these up earlier than its to late!

7. District ST-2 Bar

District ST-2 Bar

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District has made the model new ST-2 4130 chromoly metallic bars which might be a “true” Standard IHC appropriate bar. These bars are the equivalent design as a result of the essential AL-2 bars, nevertheless made with the stronger, longer lasting chromoly supplies. The ST-2 is the appropriate enhance in your complete scooter, on the market in 7 color options.

We hoped you enjoyed the latest review. Click here to see all the Pro Scooter Bar parts.

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