If you’re trying to find the best cheap kayak for you and your family, then you’re in the right place. With hundreds of thousands of cheap kayaks for sale, it can be challenging to figure out which one you should add to your collection.

Some of them are poorly-built, while others are a steal for the price. Instead of trying to sift through every single one on the internet, we went ahead and did the job for you!

After looking through plenty of blog posts and review articles, we’ve created a list. This list has loads of affordable kayaks that would make anyone happy with their purchase. Whether you’re trying to fit the whole crew or just solo riding down the river, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Without further ado, let’s jump into the list!

Looking for a kayak for cheap is a tedious process but rest assured that the search is over. Check out the list below and find the one that you’ve been waiting all season for!

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1. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

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It’s no secret that Intex is one of the kings of inflatable water equipment. They make swimming pools, safety rings, and now low-priced kayaks. If you’re simply looking for a good adventure out on the water every now and then, you’re going to love this option. The Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is one you certainly won’t want to pass up.

Sticking with the lightweight theme is the 84” aluminum oar. Aluminum is well-known to be one of the most durable materials at such a low weight. You don’t have to worry about it rusting away or corroding, and it provides a nice sturdy grip when you need it the most.

Another added convenience feature to this unique inexpensive kayak is the pump. Most inflatable kayaks require you to have your own but getting one with your purchase is a huge bonus. If you’re looking to save money, then this one is a no-brainer.

+ Easy to inflate with the free pump
+ Perfect for casual kayak trips
+ Comes with a reliable aluminum oar

Why We Like It – This cheap kayak is a steal for the price. You get a free pump, a reliable oar, and an all-around solid kayak.

2. Ztotop 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Ztotop 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

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Another impressive inflatable kayak is the Ztotop 2-Person Inflatable Kayak. This is a good cheap kayak with two oars that let you and a partner have a blast on the water. Nothing’s better than a summer day while riding a kayak… Unless you add in the free foot pump that comes with your purchase!

Although it’s inflatable, this kayak comes with a few safety features that others don’t. For example, it has two seats that fit right in the center. This ergonomic arrangement is perfect for pretty you from tipping over. Each seat also has its own set belt for added protection.
With a 400-pound weight limit, it’s an ideal choice for most people, and it is also a great kayak for beginners.

It even uses puncture-resistant vinyl to keep you afloat in rocky, rough waters. You never know when you might be in shallow water and drag across the bottom. Vinyl helps save you money from repairs in the long run, though the package comes with a repair kit.

+ Great for a 2-person kayaking trip
+ Comfortable seating arrangement with seatbelts
+ Includes a foot pump for quick inflation

Why We Like It – This is one of the cheapest kayaks meant for two people. The 400-pound capacity is well worth the investment for nearly anyone.

3. Lifetime Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak with Paddle

Lifetime Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak with Paddle

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Cheap sit-in kayaks are becoming more and more popular for casual camping trips. These solo boats are lightweight, easy to control, and super comfortable to stretch your legs out in. The Lifetime Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak is great for kids over 5 years. It holds up to 130 pounds, which is much higher than most kid’s kayaks.

Choosing between colors is always a fun time. This kayak lets you pick between Orange and Green, both of which come with a single black oar. The oarlocks into place, but you can also separate it in the center to store it easily. In fact, the whole kayak is only 6 feet long, making it ideal for small garages.

Carrying this kayak is super easy as well thanks to the molded finger handles. You can pick this 18-pound kayak up without having to drag it across the ground. There’s also a handle on the front to navigate it through the water before you get into it.

+ Comes with a locking oar
+ Includes finger grips for easy transportation
+ Super lightweight with a 130-pound capacity

Why We Like It – After looking through all of the reviews that we came across, this was one of the very cheap kayaks that didn’t cut corners and also comes with a kayak paddle. It’s perfect for kids 5 and up.

4. Bestway Lite Rapid X2 Kayak

Bestway Lite Rapid X2 Kayak

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Another great 2-person inflatable kayak is the Bestway Lite Rapid X2 Kayak. Bestway is another brand similar to Intex that makes great pools and other swimming gear. They also have inner tubes, floaties, and kayaks. The X2 is easily one of their best products, having a lower price with higher durability than most of the competition.

One of the reasons that so many customers love this kayak is due to comfortable seating. It stretches around the edges of your back, giving a perfect cushion throughout the journey. The canvas covering at the end keeps the person in the front dry from direct impact.

You’ll also get two oars that adjust at multiple points. You can telescope and lock them in place. Each adjustment point doubles as an area to grip for maximum stability and handling. Both canvas coverings on the front and back can be removed if you aren’t entering rough waters.

+ One of the best cheap kayaks on the market
+ Includes two adjustable oars
+ Comfortable seating with seatbelts and canvas cover protection

Why We Like it – This is easily the lowest price kayak that included such comfortable seating. It’s nice to have lower and middle back support!

5. Goplus Inflatable Kayak

Goplus Inflatable Kayak

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The Goplus Inflatable Kayak might be the best inexpensive kayak for a solo person. The stylish appearance is made even better by all of the legroom. Nobody wants to be bunched up in a small boat, so this is a great setup for anyone. The free pump that’s included is also a welcome addition.

Much like the previous kayak on the list, this one provides excellent back support. It’s hard to find an inflatable kayak with a seat that doesn’t flop over. Fortunately, this one stays upright for great stability throughout the trip. The entire kayak is also super bulky to give you plenty of protection from every direction.

You can choose between two colors with this kayak; Orange and Blue. The Orange kayak is a solo model, whereas the Blue kayak is meant for two people. The oars that come with either kayak is adjustable. They also include handgrips to prevent them from slipping out when you’re on the water.

+ Best budget kayak for solo kayakers looking for all-around comfort
+ Includes two colors and two size options
+ Comes with a free inflating pump

Why We Like It – We like this kayak because it’s comfortable, protective, and easy to carry. The fact that it comes with a free pump is always a great added touch!

6. Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak

Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak

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If convenience is what you’re going after in your new kayak, then your search stops here. The Sevylor Quickpak K1 1-Person Kayak is designed for quick inflation and easy storage. The camping backpack that it turns into lets you bring it wherever you want without taking up much space at all.

Once you’re ready to pump it up, use the provided push pump to inflate it in only a couple minutes. There’s even a small seat pad to strap up to the seating area if you want additional comfort. It folds up tightly as part of the backpack, but It straps to the seats with two buckles.

Made mostly out of PVC, this kayak is no joke. The durability of an inflatable kayak can’t be much better than this one. If you’re trying to find a cheap kayak for sale that’ll last you for years, then you’ll love this one.

+ Comfortable seating arrangement
+ Turns into a backpack to carry it around
+ Includes a pump, an oar, and a seat pad

Why We Like It – We like this kayak because it has convenience written all over it. Carrying it around and inflating it takes barely any time. You’ll be able to get on the water as soon as you arrive.

7. Best Choice Products Kayak with Paddle

Best Choice Products Kayak with Paddle

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Hardened plastic is always a solid choice when you’re looking to buy a cheap kayak. It’s durable but it doesn’t risk too much comfort. You also don’t have to worry about it popping if you hit rocks or other debris. The Best Choice Products Kayak with Paddle is a top-notch plastic kayak for a great price.

The two colors that you can choose from are Red and Blue. Although there’s not much of a selection, you’ll still get a locking oar. You can undo it whenever you’re done using the kayak, making it much easier to store.

The kayak itself is only 6 feet long as well. The flip-up seat gives fantastic lower back support. There’s even a small pad to keep you comfortable when you’re sitting. For storage purposes, you can pack extra gear in the netted area. The front side has a pull handle for quick navigation.

+ Choose from either red or blue
+ Comes with a flip-up seat
+ Easy to store extra gear thanks to the netted pouch

Why We Like It – We like this kayak because it comes in multiple colors, it’s super durable, and it’s fairly budget-friendly.

Cheap Kayak Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen all of the best cheap kayaks available, it’s time to pick one out. The easiest way to know which one you should choose is to figure out which materials you desire. Since the kayak and the oar are the two main pieces, we’ll break it down into a couple of sections. Enjoy!

Should you get an inflatable kayak or a hardened plastic kayak?

Inflatable kayaks have the benefit of easy storage. While that’s their biggest selling point, inflatable kayaks are also nice to have because they’re usually more comfortable than any other type. You can also repair damage to a vinyl kayak quicker, although it’s harder to cause any damage at all to a hardened plastic kayak.

Hardened plastic kayaks aren’t too easy to store unless you have a designated area for them. That being said, they’re super durable and they’ll likely last many more years than an inflatable kayak. They also tend to have a higher weight capacity.

In the end, you should compare the ease of storage of an inflatable kayak vs the longevity and durability of a hardened plastic kayak. If you go often, plastic is the way to go. If you’re just looking for casual, occasional fun, then inflatable is always a welcome choice.

Choosing the material of a kayak ore…

Kayak ores that come with cheaper bundles are usually made out of fiberglass, plastic, or aluminum. Fiberglass is good for durability, but the sun can wear down on it after a while. Plastic is lightweight but it doesn’t hold up through heavy use and harsh waters.

Lastly, aluminum is super lightweight and durable, but it can heat up from the sun. Most people prefer aluminum, but it’s up to you. With the knowledge that you have of all three choices, you can pick out whichever one sounds like it’ll work best for your setup.

Keep in mind that all types of oars can last for a long period of time if you take good care of them. Don’t leave any of your gear out in the sun after heavy use, as this can let it deteriorate. Wash them off with a hose and let them dry. Once they’re completely dried off, put them in the shed or somewhere shady enough to keep the sun from baking them. You’ll thank yourself later!

Expert Tip

To keep your kayak from being damaged from rocks and debris, don’t get in it until you’re at least waist-deep in the water. This will prevent water displacement from sinking you down to the pebbles and sharp objects under the water. You don’t want to pop or scrape your new kayak right when you buy it!

Did You Know?

The narrow shape and point of a kayak is the reason that you can gain so much speed so quickly. For this reason, the pointier your kayak is, the more speed you’ll gain. This explains why most sit-in kayaks aren’t the fastest.

They tend to have duller ends intended for casual kayaking. You shouldn’t buy one of these if you want to ride white water rapids or harsh waters.

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