Snowmobile boots are absolutely necessary when you’re about to go out on the next winter vacation. Regular shoes simply won’t do for numerous reasons, including the fact that they’re not designed to withstand the harsh intensity of walking through snow and ice.

Finding the best snowmobile boots for your outings will make you focus more on the fun times ahead rather than cold, soaked feet.

There are literally thousands of snowmobile boots that we came across during our research, but it wasn’t too hard to narrow them down. After checking out various social media platforms, unboxing videos, and review websites, we knew we had the best of the best lined up to show you.

If you’re looking for a warm, comfortable pair of snowmobile boots, look no further. We’ve got you covered below!

There are extreme differences between the numerous pairs of boots that we have on our list. We wanted to put together a combination that would have something for everyone. Enjoy!

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1. Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot

Baffin Men's Wolf Snow Boot

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The Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot is an excellent example of a fully insulated, well-crafted set of snowmobile boots that’ll last you for several years. It comes with two buckles on each boot to completely secure and seals off your feet and ankles from the cold snow outside. Consequently, your own body heat is what keeps you warm throughout your adventure.

Since there’s no way that one size could fit everyone with these massive snow boots, they’ve included a wide range from size 7 to size 14. There are also two available colors for you to choose from Black / Pewter and Black / Expedition Gold. Even the underside of these boots corresponds with your color selection!

One of the coolest features that we immediately noticed with the Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot is that it comes with a removable insulation layer. This allows you to wash it and really get all of the interiors without missing a spot. After wearing them for hours on end with warming padded layers, you definitely want to clean it all off.

+ Several layers of insulation keep you warm and dry
+ Choose from two unique color combinations
+ Comes in a wide range of sizes to fit almost anyone

Why We Like It – We like these snowmobile boots by Baffin because they’re some of the most secured boots we could find. Ice-cold snow is never fun when it gets in your shoes, so this double-buckle system is a huge help

2. Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather

Kamik Men's Canuck Cold Weather Boot

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If you’re not into all the fancy bells and whistles, and you want the most minimalist pair of boots you can find for your next snowmobile trip, we’ve got you covered. The Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot uses a double drawstring system that gives you the freedom to adjust the boots whenever you need to.

The bottom of these boots is designed to be slip-resistant, which is obvious utmost importance when it comes to riding a snowmobile. Much like the previous pair of boots on the list, this one comes with a removable liner. However, it’s a little bit thinner, making it great for cold temperatures down to -40 degrees.

The exterior of these snowmobile boots is made out of waterproof nylon to keep all of the ice, snow, and other excess moisture from getting anywhere near your foot. Tie up the flexible ankle drawstring tight around your calf and you’ll be as warm and dry as can be. The available sizes are 7 through 13.

+ Uses two drawstrings to secure and retain heat
+ Works in temperatures down to -40 degrees
+ Comes in a wide range of sizes to suit nearly anyone

Why We Like It – We like these snowmobile boots because they’re flexible with your movements. Usually, boots like these are stiff, but you don’t have to worry about that with these ones!

3. Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot

Sorel Men's Conquest Boot

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Sometimes you don’t want to get a pair of boots just for one activity, and that’s why we were so excited to find the Sorel Men’s, Conquest Boot. Whether you’re hiking through the mountains or riding a snowmobile, these men’s snow boots will be a great option. They come in an incredibly wide range of sizes from 7 to 15.

Although colors might not be the first feature on your mind, it’s still a nice addition to an already top of the line boot. Your color choices here include British Tan, Boulder, Bark, Cargo & Camo, and Tan. Whichever you go with, you’ll get the same built-in insulation that’s incredibly durable compared to most others.

In order to tighten these boots to your ankle and foot, they implemented a drawstring that spans the full length of the boot. It seals up at the top to prevent any snow from getting in, while a side buckle further improves the overall insulation. The leather itself is also waterproof due to the added coating.

+ Choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes
+ Includes a built-in layer of comfortable insulation
+ Uses a drawstring and a buckle to adjust to the perfect snug feeling

Why We Like It – We like these snowmobile boots because they work for all sorts of situations. They’re ultra-comfortable and the built-in insulation is one of the warmest options that we’ve come across.

4. Northside Men’s Alberta II Combination

Northside Men's Alberta II Combination Boots

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We’re always trying to find the most efficient gear for the outdoors, but nothing gets done without comfort. The interior lining is padded to make every single step feel like you’re walking on a cloud, while also supporting you perfectly. A rubber exterior on this snowmobile boot is equally supportive and textured.

Another feature that we liked with the Northside Men’s Alberta II Combination Boots is that all of the available colors are meant to blend in with your surroundings. You’ll be able to choose options like Onyx, Black, Camo, Brown Camo, and a couple of others. The size range includes 8 through 13, which should accommodate almost anyone.

You’ll also be happy to know that these boots are water-resistant and slip-proof. When you’re out in the snow and rain, it can be tough to stay on your feet. However, the unique tread patterns on a 1.25” rubber sole give you all the stability you need. There’s also a drawstring at the top and a strap buckle to lock it in place.

+ Several colors to choose from that blend in
+ Two securing methods to keep them in place in the snow
+ Built-in insulation to help prevent the cold temperature from entering the boot

Why We Like It – We like these boots because they’re low-profile and they blend in with any situation you’re in. They can be used for snow hunting, hiking, and of course snowmobiles.

5. Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot

Kamik Men's Nationplus Boot

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Another great set of boots for everyday occasions is the Kamik Men’s, Nationalplus Boot. Trying to find a sturdy pair that’ll push through all four seasons can be a challenge, but we knew there had to be at least one out there that would fit the description. Fortunately, these boots are flexible and breathable for the summer but well-insulated for the winter.

You might also like the fact that they use strings like any ordinary shoe. Some people might find it tedious to have to use buckles, straps, and drawstrings, which is why these strings are such a great alternative. The extra padding and insulation at the top are great for reducing moisture from entering, while not being overdone to make you sweat.

Leather and rubber have been used for many decades to create a leak-proof, moisture-wicking combination. They’re also fantastic for gripping onto surfaces that you’ll encounter in the outdoors, snow included. Plus, a good pair of Tan or Dark Brown boots look fantastic with all sorts of outfits, so none of us are complaining!

+ Crafted with leather and rubber for a water-resistant grip
+ Comfortable padded sole that softens your step
+ Uses traditional shoe strings instead of another alternative

Why We Like It – We like these snowmobile boots because they fit the look and feel of regular boots with a few unique twists that make them ideal for snow activities. They also have a stylish appearance that many companies skip out on.

6. Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather

Kamik Mens Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

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The Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot is very similar to the previous entry at number 4 in the sense that it uses the same securing methods to fit snug onto your foot. It’s a great combination if you’re tired of constantly finding snowmobile boots that are either too loose or too tight, ruining your outing.

However, unlike the boots at #4, you’ll notice that there are only two color options to view before buying these ones. These options are Black and Charcoal. Each of the two colors come in a wide range of sizes from 7 to 14, which is more than enough of accommodating for most adults and teens who’ll be using them.

The exterior lining is entirely made up of nylon, which is great for keeping out water and other moisture. It also prevents sweat from building up after long periods of continued use, and it helps keep the warm air inside. Staying dry and warm is essential if you’re going to plan a whole vacation around being in the snow, and a warm fleece jacket or winter gloves isn’t enough – you need to protect your feet too.

+ Comes with two colors across 7 sizes
+ Uses a nylon exterior lining to keep your feet warm and dry
+ Simplistic design with a buckle strap and a drawstring to secure it tightly

Why We Like It – We like these Kamik Men’s snowmobile boots because they’re comfortable and straight to the point. Choose either black or charcoal and have a blast staying warm out there in the cold snow!

7. Baffin Women’s Snogoose Winter Boot

Baffin Women's Snogoose Winter Boot

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The next Baffin product on our list is ultra-insulated and intended to keep any and all moisture and snow out. It seals up with a single drawstring that ranges from the ankle all the way up to the top of your calf. Being able to tighten or loosen it whenever you need to is a huge luxury that can make or break your comfort.

These Baffin women’s boots probably have the biggest list of designs and colors across the board. If you choose to go with them, your selection will include Black & Electric Blue, Charcoal & Red, BlackBerry, Hyper Berry, and several others. The size range goes from size 6 in women’s to size 11.

You’ll definitely notice the extra-bulky interior insulation that keeps your foot, ankle, and calf wrapped up in warmth. A fun day in the snow can be ruined quickly if some of it gets in and soaks your socks. Secure it up nicely with the aforementioned drawstring and you’ll be all set and protected from the cold!

+ Comes with a single drawstring that spans the entire length of the boot
+ Uses ultra-dense insulation to keep you warm and dry
+ Includes all sorts of unique color combinations to select from

Why We Like It – We like these women’s snowmobile boots from Baffin because they’re easy to tie up and they let you pick your own style for the adventures ahead. What’s better than that?

8. Baffin Men’s Impact Insulated Boot

Baffin Men's Impact Insulated Boot

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The final Baffin pair of boots on the list is intended for those who want to take extra measures to ensure that their feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long. The Baffin Men’s Impact Insulated Boot uses a drawstring to seal the top as well as two buckles to tighten down the insulation perfectly.

Similar to some of the previous Baffin snow boots we’ve found, these ones use a combination of nylon and rubber to get the job does. As we mentioned earlier, rubber works wonders when it comes to maintaining grip and traction. Nylon is one of the best ways to insulate snow boots for increased warmth, making this a top choice for anyone.
These are also some of the largest boots on the market.

With a height of 17.5”, they cover from the bottom of your foot all the way up to the top of your calf. Paired with a good pair of merino wool socks, there are not very many ways to stay more comfortable in cold weather. It even has 8 layers of insulation to keep you warm down to -148 degrees Fahrenheit!

+ Uses nylon and rubber for warmth and traction in the snow
+ Perfect for staying comfortable down to -148 degrees
+ The 17.5” height makes these some of the biggest boots around

Why We Like It – We like these boots because they’re absolutely massive and they have loads of insulation to keep you warm from heel to the calf. As far as snowmobile boots go, it’s hard to find anything better.

9. Kamik Women’s Greenbay 4

Kamik Women's Greenbay 4

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If you like the insulation factor but not so much the height, then the Kamik Women’s Greenbay 4 snowmobile boots will do just fine. They go up 12 inches, sitting right about halfway up the calf. They’re also great for keeping you raised well off the ground thanks to the 1.25” treaded rubber heel.

To keep them from loosening up or sliding off when you’re wearing them, these Kamik Women’s snow boots have an ankle strap. They take it one step further by adding a drawstring at the top that lets you adjust it until it’s snug, preventing snow and rainwater from entering the boot. The opening is 15”, but it reduces significantly.

Another wonderful feature that caught our attention was the hardened rubber toe. Sometimes you don’t see what’s below the snow when you’re looking elsewhere, and you wouldn’t want to walk right into a rock or sharp object. These hardened toes save you from unwanted pain and annoyances, letting you continue your fun times!

+ Comes with an adjustable ankle strap and drawstring
+ Uses a 1.25” rubber heel to raise you off the ground a bit
+ The hardened rubber toe at the end protects your feet from danger

Why We Like It – We like these women’s snow boots because they take extra steps to ensure your safety and comfort. They’re also flexible and much easier to move around in than other stiff boots we’ve seen.

10. ClimaTex Climate X Men’s YC5 Snow Boot

ClimaTex Climate X Men’s YC5 Snow Boot

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Last but certainly not least on our list is the ClimaTex Climate X Men’s YC5 Snow Boot. These are an interesting combination of typical hiking boots and a well-insulated snowshoe. You get the best of both worlds without a reduced range of motion that you might find in much bigger snow boots. They’re also great for regular outings in the cold.

To keep these boots in place, all you have to do is secure the Velcro ankle strap and upper-ankle drawstring to your liking. If only regular shoes were that easy to put on! Fortunately, these make for a stylish addition to anyone’s wardrobe in fitting situations. You can choose from Charcoal, Camo, Black, Navy, or Black & Charcoal.

The bottom of the heel all the way up to the ankle uses a completely waterproof rubber lining to keep your feet dry. Combined with the previously mentioned drawstring, you’d really have to make an effort to let any snow or water in! They’re very comfortable as well, with an 11-inch height that matches with any pants you have.

+ Choose from several solid and mixed color options
+ Low-cut 11-inch height to match with any and all pants
+ Ties on easily with a Velcro strap and drawstring

Why We Like It – We like these boots because they’re stylish and incredibly easy to put on. The fact that it comes with a protected waterproof layer is a huge bonus that made them well-worth their spot on the list.

Snowmobile Boots Buyers Guide

If you really want to find the best snowmobile boots for this coming season, you’re in the right place! Since you’re almost all the way in your new pair, we wanted to answer a couple of common questions and concerns that you might have. Choosing between one or the other can be tough, but we’re here to help.

How tall should snowmobile boots be?

The height of your snowmobile boots should correspond with your socks, pants, and the height of snow you’re going to be walking in. If you’re dealing with fresh snow that’s fairly high, aim for 13 inches or taller. However, for snow that’s packed down after a few days, around 10 to 12 inches should do just fine. The choice is up to you and your current situation!

What materials make the perfect pair of snow boots?

The main goal of snowmobile shoes is obviously to keep out cold and moisture. Nylon and polyester are both perfect for moisture-wicking and retaining our body’s natural heat. You should also look for boots with a good amount of insulation, so keep an eye out for the layers we posted on most of our favorites above!

Expert Tip

Keep in mind that while boots are a huge part of staying insulated and warm, they’re not the only gear you need. A good pair of wool socks goes a long way, as does a pair of snow pants!

Did You Know?

Severe frostbite can set in within minutes, even if you’re wearing regular boots. A little bit of snow can ruin an otherwise good day, so make sure you’ve taken the extra precautions to fasten and secure your new pair of snowmobile boots.

In the long run, it’s much more rewarding to have a blast and not end up having to nurse a frostbitten toe or entire foot. You should also get a good pair of winter gloves, as well as protection for your eyes and ears!

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