How do Electric Skateboards work?

Electric skateboards are pretty attractive when it comes to high speed traveling in style. Leaping back a bit, on a nonelectric skateboard you have to push the strong foot against the ground to get moving around but now things are changed.

As everything is evolving and creating ease for human beings, the same way skateboards have leaned forward into future. Electric skateboards for children and adults are the new hype of town as you get those same skateboarding thrills with more ease and comfort.

Speaking about the engineering behind the whole electric skateboard trauma, you’ll not get blown away by the insights. Below we’ll tell you how an electric skateboard work. Want one? You can upgrade your existing skateboard with one of these top-rated electric skateboard kits.

– Pop open any electric skateboard and you’ll find a giant electric motor that is connected to a lithium battery.

– Every model features a different type of battery. Some contain huge capacity while others are just ok. Every battery is responsible for providing power to the motor.

– Set of wires connect the motor and battery. Current supplied by the battery powers up the motor for producing motion in wheels.

– Power generated by the motor is supplied to wheels so that they can move.

There you go! That is how an electric skateboard actually works.

How to use an Electric Skateboard?

So you just bought a new electric skateboard? Are you planning to rock the streets without crashing? If your answer is yes then we’ll guide you on how to use an electric skateboard the right way.

Note that if you aren’t familiar with the whole skateboarding thing and it is your first ride then considering the basics first would be a good choice. You need to get comfortable with the skateboard itself before using an electric skateboard.

Now let us dive deep into the pool and learn how to use an electric skateboard.

– Before stepping onto the ride make sure that you are suited up well for the cause. Wear the proper equipment like the helmet, knee/elbow pads, and shins to avoid any injury.

– After suiting up well, step on the electric skateboard and try to maintain a comfortable posture. Properly figure out the most comfortable way of standing.

– Now that you have figured out the right stance, you are ready to move onto the next step.

– Unlike a traditional skateboard, most electric skateboard now uses a wireless handheld remote. All controls are featured on the remote to give you instant access to every action.

– Figure out every feature on the remote and find an open space to practice.

– Gently push the power button on the remote and try riding in a straight line. Apply brakes when needed.

– Once you have practiced a lot on a straight-line try some light turning and carving by shifting your weight on the required side.

– Don’t rush and practice with as minimal speed as possible.

Using an electric skateboard isn’t a rocket science, you just need to be guided in a right direction. After going through this guide we can assure that anyone can use an electric skateboard the right way.

Can Electric Skateboards go uphill?

Can Electric Skateboards go Uphill?Skateboarding is an art. No matter which skateboard you pick, an electric or nonelectric both are capable of doing loads if the rider has got some skills.
Electric skateboards are the new talk of the town as the game has now evolved into a more conventional style. A handheld controller gives you instant access to braking, starting and controlling speed.

Although a nonelectric skateboard was capable of going uphill, with an electric skateboard one can easily go up on steeper paths. With an electric skateboard, you just have to step on the board and let it do all work for you. Just power up the board and kick-start the power control for launching the skateboard.

Without a doubt, an electric skateboard can go uphill but it depends upon the motor power that drives the board itself. Although every electric skateboard can go uphill, different motor specifications limit the potential. When going uphill, an electric skateboard needs enough power to coup with your weight and gravity simultaneously.

Every electric skateboard can go uphill but the speed and time depend upon the power and quality of the motor.

Are Electric Skateboards legal?

Although electric skateboards are legal in most countries, you need to pay attention to some rules and regulations listed below.

– You can’t drive an electric skateboard on a highway while you are drunk.

– No matter what the terrain is you should wear a helmet while riding.

– You must be sixteen years old in order to ride an electric skateboard legally.

– California law states that a motorized skateboard is illegal. In order to meet the legal term of electrically motorized board you electric skateboard can’t run more than 1000 watts or capable of more than 20 mph.

Can you take an Electric Skateboard on a plane?

Can you take an Electric Skateboard on a Plane?Every airline has different rules and regulations related to the passenger’s belongings. We can’t predict this for the sake of the question, but as you know we are here to help.
Note the below guidance to get nearer the answer.

– Call the helpline and ask about the regulations.
– Search the FAQ forum of the airline.
– Google about the terms and conditions of baggage and stuff.

That is how you investigate about taking an electric skateboard on a plane.

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What is an Electric Longboard?

Electric longboards are skateboards that are usually a little longer in length and equipped with an electronic system. This system makes sure that you don’t have to use your feet for the push.

An electric longboard (click for the full guide) is a great way to go around and can be your next trendy commute. It is pretty lightweight, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Other than that, almost all longboards can be quickly charged when compared to others scooters – provided that you use the right charger. Upgrade your normal skateboard into an electric skateboard using a kit.

The longboards usually are speedier than standard scooters – the top speed can be up to 30 – 35 mph. It is after this speed that your ride becomes a little wobbly and unstable. The other great thing about this fun ride is the acceleration. It offers great acceleration, which tends to add to the excitement of the rider.

Electric longboards can go as long as 10 KM on a single charge but since they are fitted mostly with lithium batteries, it is not recommended to drain them below 80%.

How does an Electric Longboard work?

Technology has always played its part in evolving human lives. It is nothing different with skateboards either. After many failed attempts and a lot of dedication, electric skateboards are beginning to flood the market.

Electric longboards are similar in built to a normal skateboard but are fitted with a motor. The movement of the rider or a handheld throttle usually controls the speed of these fun rides. To change the direction you just have to tilt the board in the direction you to want to go. This takes time and is considered a little tougher than a normal skateboard.

Louie Finkle of California is said to be the inventor of electric longboards. He released his first one in 1997 and got it patented in 1999. Since then many manufacturers have been making these and customers like it too.

How fast do Electric Longboards go?

How fast do Electric Longboards Go?Before talking about how fast longboards go, let’s discuss their range as well. A typical electric longboard can go 9 – 12 miles on a single charge. Having said that, it all comes down to the battery power. The standard battery is 800 Watts if you have a bigger one installed it can go along way. Similarly, a 600 W battery will have 20% less reach.

Now moving on to the speed. A typical electric longboard can attain a speed of up to 16 – 25 mph. However, the speed is dependent on some other factors as well, like the weight of the rider, the terrain, etc.

As we know that reduced weight can increase the overall speed, many manufacturers are now trying to make the overall longboard lighter. They are doing this by using an effective battery, which weighs lighter and performs better. By using this technique many manufacturers have been able to bring down the weight by 10 – 15 Kgs, which is remarkable. It doesn’t only make the electric longboard go faster but also makes the overall ride more stable.

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What is the fastest Electric Longboard?

It is hard to control an electric longboard compared to the standard skateboards. So, the speed is really something that we should always keep an eye on. Just like a normal skateboard, electric longboards play a vital role in extreme sports. Just recently Mischo Erban took this sport and the speed to a whole new level. He attained a staggering speed of 55 mph on his modified longboard.

Just in case you’re wondering – yes, it is 55 mph and this is no joke. The guy has been enlisted in the Guinness World Records for this accomplishment. He did this incredible stunt at Portoraz airport in Piran.

A normal electric longboard is incapable of such high speed – if you really want to push the limits, you should learn more about how to modify your ride. And before you do that, it is not always recommended, especially for beginners.

Are Electric Longboards worth it?

Are Electric Longboards worth it?No matter what they say about electric longboards – if you’re an extreme sports lover and doing something different excites you, then e-longboard is your game. Whether they are worth it or not is a tricky question. It entirely depends on the rider, the budget, and individual preferences.

We suggest that if you have been riding a skateboard for some time now, it’s time to do something different. E-longboards are a little pricey but if you liked skateboarding, you are surely going to love these electric boards as well. And as they, hobbies have no price!

Having said that, if you are trying these fun rides for the first time, we suggest that you don’t invest in a high-end and pricey model. You never know if you’re even going to like the ride or not. Start with something affordable, less speedy and fancy but more stable. Set a price range and then try to shop according to it. Once you find your feet and begin to like the ride, you can always purchase a high-end model with more option, speed, and thrill!

There is one last thing to keep in mind – before you buy an electric longboard, it is important that buy the right one. The wrong purchase can spoil the overall experience. Do the research, talk to people who are already in it and then buy!

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Is a Longboard Safe to Ride?

Before discussing the question first, let us break down the most common debate. Longboard and Skateboard are the two most confused terms. Basically, a longboard is a longer version of the skateboard.

People ride both, longboard and skateboard but most prefer a longboard for beginners as it is much stable and easier to ride. The wider deck makes longboard more stable and balance off and on the air.

Although longboards are safer to ride, you need to take some precautions for making the experience safer. Below we’ll list down some points to note while you are riding a longboard.

– Longboard is more stable and balance but it doesn’t mean that incidents can’t take place. You need to wear all protective gears like a helmet, shin, and pads while riding to make sure that everything is covered up.

– Just don’t buy a longboard and start riding in the middle of traffic as you need to practice before stepping up the game.

– Wear skateboard shoes as it is all about the motion and movement of legs.

– Practice in an open space and be sure to follow the correct guides.

So yeah, a longboard is safe enough to ride when compared to a typical skateboard. By going thoroughly through the mentioned points your experience will be more secure and sound.

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Which is safer, Longboard or Skateboard?

Longboard is a type of skateboard that was designed to cruise for miles while enjoying uninterrupted journeys all along, especially with the use of an Electric skateboard for longer journeys. On the other side, a skateboard was manufactured to hit the parks for applying those crazy tricks.

Although both require some basic skateboarding skills for a safer ride, longboard tops when it comes to safety. Longboard features a broader and wider deck that allows you to position your feet in a wider stance which offers a greater balance as that of a typical skateboard.

Addressing more towards the safety side, a longboard is basically designed for beginners who can’t balance the small skateboard. Similarly, longer length allows greater stability and firmness making longboard a safer option.

Now as we know that a longboard is safer than a skateboard, we’ll list down some points to note for making the journey more sound.

– Always suit up with every single protective gear before stepping on a longboard as you never know what life brings to you.

– Don’t invest in cheap gear as nothing is more precious than human life.

– Practice before going outside on roads.

So now you know which option is safe and how to make it even sounder.

How to Longboard safely?

Longboarding is fun, just like skateboarding you need to concentrate on some bits for riding it safely. We’ll take you from scratch to rest on how to longboard safely the right way. Keep up with us and follow the steps listed below.

– No matter what you say but longboarding, it can be, at times, risky – especially if you’re riding an electric longboard. To tackle bumps and humps you need to buy every single protective gear. Some essentials are longboarding/skateboarding shoes, a helmet, elbow and knee pads.

– After suiting up well with every protective gear find a flat and smooth surface with plenty of space. Double check that there should be no vehicles or obstacles around.

– Now place the longboard on the ground facing the direction you want to travel in. Place your standing foot according to the personal preference and push off the ground with your opposite foot in a smooth movement.

– Make sure to push with low force as you are just a trainee. When you feel that the board is moving forward life your pushing foot onto the board and bend your knees to maintain stability.

– Now when you feel that the board is slowing down repeat the process but make sure that you can handle the ride.

– If you want to turn left, slightly lean your body towards the left and vice versa. Try to balance the speed of board and your body motion for avoiding any mishap.
– For applying brakes gently lower dow
n your pushing foot from the deck and aim to come in contact with the ground. Don’t abruptly put too much pressure on the ground as it will result in a sudden change of force.

Go thoroughly through this guide and you’ll learn how to ride a longboard safely.

How to Longboard downhill safely?

Speeding or longboarding downhill packs thrill and danger at the same time. You need to be fully prepared before longboarding downhill as it can be a matter of great risk. With an Electric Longboard, you also have added spped.

– Suited Up

Before actually thinking about going down the hill you must have a helmet that is certified. Similarly, knee pads and wrist guards are next in line to make your experience safer.

After you are covered up by the gear thoroughly inspect the longboard to make sure that every inch is tight and steady.

– Getting Ready

You should have a proper grasp of braking techniques and smooth carving style before you decide to take on a downhill. Practice and master sliding techniques and make sure that you have a good command over the board.

– Go for it!

Get comfortable with basic techniques, suit up well and you are ready to take down a downhill. Just to make sure that everything goes well judge the distances and measurements of the hill and plan an exit out if anything goes wrong.

Do you have to wear a helmet when riding a Skateboard or Longboard?

Without prolonging the question the answer is YES! You have to wear a helmet when riding a skateboard or longboard as it is illegal to ride without a helmet in the majority of countries.

Don’t get frustrated by a helmet as it is there to save you from major incidents.

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Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

When talking about skateboards no matter what the type it is, the first thing that strikes our minds is the safety associated with them. In the recent past, we have observed a vast increase in the popularity of the electric skateboards (check out our full review). This is because of the fact that these skateboards can go really fast and also have quite some attractive features.

Since these e-skateboards can go really fast most of the people are concerned about their safety. It is good to be concerned, but all the e skateboards are quite safe since they have to go through a safety clearance check before hitting the market.

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Are Electric Skateboards easy to ride?

Whether it is the usual hoverboard or an electric skateboard the basics of riding both remains the same. Having said that, when you attach a motor to a skateboard and make it an electric one the feel is completely different. So you got to be accustomed to the feel of it. As is rightly said, practice makes a man perfect, therefore you must practice the e-skateboard before actually riding it. It is better to practice it in an open field where there is less risk of hitting something and falling down.

As we all know that you do not have to operate the e skateboards manually. Most of the electric skateboards come along with a wireless remote, so you do not have to accelerate by your feet. You just set the pace that you want to ride at and with a press of a button you can make your e skateboard stop. Therefore, riding an e-skateboard is fairly easy and it requires a minimum of effort, but do not forget to practice before you ride.

How to ride an Electric Skateboard safely?

How to ride an Electric Skateboard safely?Safety is the most important factor to consider while riding a skateboard regardless of its type. But, the e skateboard can go a lot faster than the traditional ones, therefore, you have to be more cautious. Before you step onto your e skateboard make sure that you have all the protective gears on, you must always wear a helmet, also your knees elbows and shoulders should be covered with pads because you never want to fall down and scrape these areas.

Another factor that will ensure your safety on an electric skateboard is the selection of the right e skateboard. The e-skateboards are available in the market in different sizes and weights, therefore, you should opt for the one that you are most comfortable with. An uncomfortable ride can spoil the whole experience and can even result in accidents.

Before you step onto the e-skateboard make sure that you know all the basics of riding it, this will help you in riding it easily and safely at the same time. Do not just rush yourself into riding an e skateboard because you are an expert with the traditional hoverboard. The transmissions of both these skateboards are different especially the start and the stop. Just do a bit of a practice to take the feel of the electric skateboard.

How fast do Electric Skateboards go?

Most of the electric skateboards available in the market these days can go up to a top speed of 16-25 MPH. This is quite a speed for a hoverboard. You will also find some exceptions out there that can go up to the top speed of 30 MPH.

The speed of the e skateboard is merely dependent upon the power provided to it by the battery packs. The standard e skateboards use the SLA batteries and these batteries provide enough power to take the skateboard up to the max speed of 25 MPH. Although there are some advanced e skateboards available that use Ah LiFePO4 battery packs, giving more power to the skateboard and enhancing its top speed up to 30 MPH. The LiFePO4 battery packs have a more durable battery timing and they drain very slowly when compared with the standard SLA batteries.

So if you are a speed freak you surely will want to have the E skateboards with LiFePO4 battery packs instead of the traditional SLA batteries. But when you are talking about high speeds you are also talking about high risks. So make sure that you take all the precautionary and safety measures before you go on to ride a speedy e skateboard.

Do Electric Skateboards have Brakes?

As we all know now that an e skateboard is operated by a handheld wireless remote, so it would be so unwise not to place a stop button on it, which brings us to the answer of our question. Yes, electric skateboards do have brakes.

You have a handheld remote that controls your transmission whether you want to start, increase your speed or even stop, you can control all of it through your hands. The brakes of an electric skateboard would not bring the skateboard to a sudden stop but lower its speed gradually and the final hit should be by the shoe. It is easier said than done, therefore you should practice it someplace where there is a low risk of hitting anything before you actually make it start or stop.

The braking mechanism is one of the most important things in any scooter. It should not be taken lightly as brake failures often result in injuries.

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