Taotao Powermax Scooter Review

Last updated 06. December 2019


The Taotao Powermax Scooter 150cc is a budget-friendly option for beginners who want to give mopeds a try. You don’t have to be an expert to learn the ropes with this scooter. It’s a 150cc, so you’ll have more than enough power to ride around town and on certain low-speed highways. All in all, it’s an incredibly affordable scooter for the high-quality features put in by the company. If you’re in the market for one similar to this, then you’re in for a real surprise.

One of the biggest issues with modern scooters is that many people are concerned about the style. The Taotao Powermax is as aesthetically pleasing as any moped can get! There are plenty of colors and it looks similar to a motorcycle. We’ve only scratched the surface, so let’s dive in and see what this powerful scooter has in store below.

Review of the Taotao Powermax 150cc

Taotao Powermax 150cc

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Key Features

This scooter is one of the best on the market, even when compared to the scooters of a higher price. The rear storage is enough to carry your gear with you, but there’s a 350-pound weight capacity if you want to wear a backpack as well. From the rear taillights to the front headlights, this moped is packed with everything you could need.

You’ll love the immediate startup, filling the engine with power as soon as you turn the key. It locks as well, so don’t worry about thieves trying to take the scooter. Twist the throttle to get moving, similar to most other motor vehicles with handles. The dry weight of the unit comes out to 295 pounds in total. It’s 73 inches x 26 inches x 44 inches.

The handbrake will slow you down to a stop quickly. Control it easily and get twice the stopping power thanks to the front and rear brakes. Unlike most other gas-powered scooters on the market, this one gets up quickly. The speed tops out at around 55+ miles per power, which will let you stay smoothly with traffic.

This scooter truly has it all! There are even heavy-duty pressurized tires designed to cruise over debris without popping. You’ll also notice the front suspension that promotes smooth riding in addition to the cushioned seat. The lights and signal blinkers also turn on exactly as a car does, so there’s zero learning curve in that area.


+ Comes in a stylish appearance that looks like a dirt bike, unlike most other low-cost mopeds on the market that look like toys.

+ Comfortable seating and suspension system for a smooth ride wherever you go. Don’t worry about debris, the tires have it under control.

+ This scooter maxes out at 55 miles per hour, overshadowing almost any other moped in the price range. It also gets up to speed quicker than most of the competition.

+ Front and rear brakes controlled by a handbrake for quick-acting stops. Also includes a twist throttle to reduce the learning curve for beginners.


– The Taotao scooter doesn’t come with digital meters. However, most other scooters around its budget-friendly price range don’t either.

– It’s a gas-powered scooter, which may or may not be a downside for you. However, the miles per gallon is one of the most fuel-efficient among the lot.

Who is it Suitable For?

The TaoTao Powermax Scooter 150cc is suitable for almost anyone who can legally drive. It’s comfortable and easy to control. You don’t have to worry about lugging around or handling a massive bike, as this one is rather lightweight. Kick your feet up on the footrests and relax as you ride around town.

This scooter is quite suitable for people who want something that includes several useful features. You can pack up your clothes or extra accessories in the locked rear storage underneath the soft seat. The double-sided kickstand, full suspension, and front and rear brakes are also very beneficial.

You’ll feel completely safe when riding this durable moped. Truthfully speaking, this scooter is designed for anyone and everyone. If you’re in the market for a gas-powered scooter, it’s made for you!

Why We Like It

We like the Taotao Powermax Scooter because it’s much more powerful than other scooters in its price range. While others usually top out at 25 to 35 miles per hour, this one has no problem getting up to highway speed limits in many areas. You can make this your main vehicle instead of only using it for a short drive.

A few bucks will get you almost 100 miles, which is about as efficient as it gets. We love this scooter so much because everyone can have a blast commuting wherever they have to go next. Mopeds are no longer for short rides. Long-distance, low-cost, travel is now a reality thanks to the Taotao Powermax!

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