7 Smart Tips For Safe Scoot To School And Back Again

Last updated 13. November 2018


Scooters have been around for a long time and it’s become essential to teach kids how to ride safely.


Important Tips When It Comes To Safe Scooting For Kids

1) Find the Right Scooter

The first point of emphasis would have the be the type of scooter that’s being used. You do not want to give them an adult-sized option as it is unsafe and will lead to a number of safety issues that are unnecessary. A good scooter is going to make it a lot easier to follow the rules. Plus, it’ll be safer for them too!

2) Wear Proper Protective Gear

It starts with the protective gear because kids need to stay safe. Falls can happen even to children that have been riding for a long time. All it takes is one slip for things to go wrong and it’s best to keep them safe by buying good gear. Not only should adults buy good gear for their children, but it’s also important to teach them to wear them consistently. This is essential when it comes to the well-being of a child as they go from place to place.

The gear should include a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and a good pair of shoes.

3) Slow Down

You want to teach them to slow down as this is a common mistake that is made by children. They will want to go faster and faster because it is a part of what they’re used to doing. They want to run around and have a good amount of energy ready to be used at all times of the day. However, you want to teach them the value of riding slowly and not testing their luck too much.

This can be done by breaking down the rules of the road and letting them know the value of staying safe.

boy riding the scooter fast

4) Know the Rules

The rules of the road are an integral part of the learning curve for children. Sometimes, children don’t know what the rules are and that is the reason they make mistakes or get injured. Instead of sending them out without the right information, why not put in the time to make sure they are aware?

This includes teaching them how to use the scooter so they don’t panic as soon as they face an issue. They will be able to manage the situation without thinking twice and that is the right state of mind to be in as a kid.

5) Plan the Route

It is always important to plan the route and that’s going to play a role in how their ride unfolds. If they don’t know where to go, this can lead to additional panic when it comes to reacting to what’s going on. If they already know where to go, it is a lot easier to manage things without stressing.

Just like adults at the wheel of a car, the same thing applies to young children as they settle onto a scooter. They need to have a route in mind that can be followed without thinking too much.

6) Go in Pairs or Groups

This is always a good idea when it comes to children that are going to be traveling with a kids scooter. If there are 2-3 children doing the same thing, it is a lot easier for them to manage the situation at hand. This is essential with so many children wanting to get on a scooter as soon as they can.

It keeps things simple and they are able to keep each other safe.

This is why a lot of adults make sure children are kept in pairs or groups while they head out. They are less likely to get hurt as a result.

7) Learn To Stop

Some of the worst accidents happen because children don’t know how to stop while riding. This happens all the time and is not good for the child’s safety nor is it going to help in a panic-ridden situation. As a result, it’s important for children to know how to stop in a matter of seconds by understanding how to use their scooter. This is of utmost importance because of how valuable it can be in the long-run.

Keep these tips in mind and ensure your kids get up to speed with what needs to be done. A lot of children end up going through the motions when it comes to these details and that’s when things become unsafe. Scooters are fun and offer a great amount of value but it’s best to educate your kids as soon as possible.

Boy clenching his fist while on a wooder scooter

This will keep them on the right path and is going to ensure they don’t get hurt as soon as they get on their scooter. With this advice, they will be safe all the time!


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