Essential Tips for Maintaining Your 50cc Scooter

Last updated 12. November 2018


Buying a 50cc scooter is something many people want to do but what happens afterward?

Maintaining the scooter is a big responsibility and has to be handled with professionalism. This means it’s time to sit down and create a proper plan to ensure you’re not on the wrong end of a serious repair bill.


Important Tips For Maintaining Your 50cc Scooter:


1) Start With The Manual

The manual is your best friend and it’s a major asset.

Don’t ignore the manual and assume you know better. Even if you are a seasoned engineer, each brand comes with its own requirements and it’s best to dig through the manual as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have to use the information, it is good to know what the brand wants you to do in particular situations. Otherwise, there may come a moment where you do the wrong thing and cause further damage!

Most manuals are going to have a good amount of information on how to inspect the scooter and how to maintain it on a regular basis. They will provide information on fuse failures, flat tires, and more.

Instead of ignoring this information, you should be welcoming it. This is key information that will ensure your experience with a new 50cc scooter is worthwhile. Unfortunately, there are far too many examples of people that remain careless and end up harming their asset.


2) Schedule a Routine Inspection

Just like anything else, it’s important to go through a routine inspection for your 50cc scooter.

The inspection doesn’t have to be detailed but it should be one that’s completed personally. Yes, some may like the idea of taking it to a professional but that’s unnecessary as long as you’re passionate about what’s needed.

mechanic changing the motorbike's tires

During the routine inspection, it’s time to go through a checklist of items.

This includes checking the tire pressure/quality (i.e. punctures, foreign objects), assessing the battery’s condition/charge level, looking at the body’s cleanliness (dirt/grime), and of course, taking a peek at the fuel level. In most cases, you are not going to have to change a single thing as modern scooters age well. However, if there’s a problem, it’s going to show up during the inspection as you want it to.

No one likes the idea of their scooter breaking down but it can happen when routine inspections aren’t carried out. Be smart and make sure to schedule an inspection at least once a week if not more!


3) Create a Separate Maintenance Kit

The maintenance kit is an essential component for keeping the 50cc scooter in good health. Yes, you may not need to use the kit for years but it’s good to have it in hand for those times where it does come in handy. There are many different situations where the kit is going to become an important asset. Otherwise, the 50cc scooter is going to be in bad shape without a DIY solution in sight.

Your maintenance kit should include:

* Socket Set
* Screwdriver(s)
* Electrical and Duct Tape
* Short Wire
* Pliers
* LED Flashlight
* Nylon Cable Ties
* Wire Cutters
* Wrench
* Spark Plugs
* Fuel Hose

Remember, this is just a recommendation when it comes to your maintenance kit and what it should include. Please take the time to sit down and build your own depending on what’s important and what’s not. Each person has a varying opinion as to what should be in the kit but it’s important to have something. No one likes the idea of being left empty-handed in their time of need!

battery indicators empty to full


4) Keep The Battery Charged

With this scooter, you will have different things to worry about but it’s the battery levels that matter most.

If the battery is continually run into the ground, it’s going to start to lose potency. Too many batteries fail because they’re not charged as much as they need to be, which leads to a weakened setup. If you are going on a long trip, please take the time to charge it fully and then start riding. In some cases, continuous draining of the battery will not only harm the setup but also lead to additional damage due to a weakened power system.

There are many consequences attached to not maintaining the battery and all it takes is a good charging routine.

Your 50cc scooter isn’t going to take care of itself. This is why the best thing a scooter owner can do is create a checklist. The checklist is going to keep you on track with regards to potential issues, maintenance, and any other details that come up in relation to the scooter. If not, you may easily ignore the issue until it is too late and major repair costs pop up.


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