Starting a Toddler on a Balance Bike – Tips and Tricks

Last updated 28. April 2019


If you have a toddler that is ready to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels, this is a huge step for this little person. They may have become accustomed to the training wheels that provided them with extra support, especially when going around corners. Toddlers are able to learn how to balance on a bike very easily, but you have to train them in the proper manner. Here is a quick overview of how you can start your toddler riding a balance bike that is their size using these simple steps that really do work.


Start Them At A Very Young Age

One of the unique qualities of toddlers is that they are sometimes fearless. They are willing to try new things. If they have never fallen on their bike before, or even if they have, they will be willing to keep trying until they learn how to balance properly on their bike. It is recommended that you start with the balance bike, a small bicycle that is perfectly sized for their small bodies. Some people start their toddlers in between the age of one and two, and there are certain ways that you can motivate them to want to ride the bike regularly.


How To Motivate Toddlers To Ride A Bike

You can motivate toddlers to do this by equipping the bike with as much bling as possible. This will include tassels, bells, and even a horn. The more attractive the bike is, the more they will be inclined to get on it. You also need to purchase a toddler cycling helmet that is designed for their small head. Not only is this a safety precaution, but it allows them to build the habit of putting their bike helmet on every time they get on a bike. In most cases, toddlers will never question why they need to put the helmet on. Once they start to do this, it will be time to start their training.


Always Begin With Small Steps

The key to their success when riding by for their first time is to begin with small steps. This means that you will get them to ride on the bike for about five minutes a day. This will start to build this habit of wanting to ride. You are going to be with them every moment. There will be times when they will accidentally crash. If necessary, let them just walk with the bike so they can acclimate to having this with them. Eventually, they will want to get on and try to ride it like everyone else.

wooden balance bike and kids climbing the steel ladder


When Should You Begin Their Training?

It is recommended that you start their training indoors if possible. This means you could begin, possibly right after Christmas, when they received their bike. During the subsequent months, you will allow them to get used to the bike and build their desire to get on and ride by themselves. By springtime, you will be ready to take them outside so they can begin to get used to riding their bike on sidewalks and the pavement. A general rule of thumb is to allow them to get on and go for about 10 feet. Subsequent to that, after they are successful, add 10 more feet every time that they go a little bit further. As this goes on, you will notice that they are developing the skills necessary to maintain balance. However, until they are proficient at maintaining their balance for extended distances, you are going to walk or run alongside of them to make sure they feel comfortable.


How Will You Know They Are Developing Proper Balance?

You will know that they have developed the balance necessary to ride the balance bike once they start lifting their feet on a continual basis. They will feel absolutely comfortable, allowing the bike to move underneath them, and they will not have any of the common wobblings that is associated with those that are just starting out. In most cases, this may take a few weeks for them to develop enough balance to go 50 feet or more on their own. It is only through this type of training that a toddler will be able to ride their bike at an early age.

By following these simple steps, your toddler will be able to ride their bike long before their peers. It takes dedication, not only on the part of the child but also the parent that will be there with them every step of the way. You must be careful to not hover too much. They have to develop trust in themselves. By purchasing one of the better balance bikes, one that they will actually want to ride every day, this will help motivate them to finally ride their bike on their own. Even if this takes a little bit longer than a few weeks, they will still be ahead of everyone else. Dedicated parents that want to help their children develop this necessary skill can help their toddlers learn to ride a bike in no time at all.


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