Top 11 Best Grit Pro Scooters of 2022

Last updated 23. June 2022

Grit are one of the leading pro scooter manufacturers to date in 2022 and have constantly improved their designs year after year with 2018 being the highlight of their manufacturing. With their lead rider Jordan Clark smashing the ISA Qualifying and European finals, every kid on the block is buying up Grit Stunt Scooters like they are going out of business!

So, today we have reviewed each of the Grit scooters individually for you so you can make a decision as to which Grit scooter is the best choice for you.

The Best Grit Scooter Reviews of 2022:

1. Grit Tremor HIC Pro – 2018

Grit Tremor HIC Pro – 2018

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Stacked with HIC compression, Oversized Reinforced Riser Handlebars, 4.35″ huge Alloy Deck with three ranges of concavity and Integrated Grind Rails, and 110mm 88A Alloy Spoked Wheels with ABEC 9 bearings, the Grit Tremor Scooter has what it takes to excel on the street, on the park and everywhere in between.

Why We Liked It: One of the game changers charged withStrength and speed, low bars (especially for children), two colors soft feel grip and neco fully integrated headset which provides the neatest rotate.



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In the past year Grit Scooters have exploded in popularity, quickly expanding from Australia and estblishing themselves as one of the leading manufactuers of stunt scooters!

Here we have the new 2018 Grit Tremor scooter and it is a work of art!

Why We Liked It: Elite color combination of purple grip, black body and red stripes on the deck makes it the center of attention; it is especially built for young participants in extreme sport.

3. Grit Elite Pro Scooter

Grit Elite Pro Scooter

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The Grit Elite Pro Scooter is a breakthrough product that lets you take your game a step further. It’s designed to be ultralightweight, sitting just under 8 pounds. You’ll notice that it helps with handling, control, and ease of landing. You don’t have to worry about a loss of balance after coming down from a ramp or jump.

Another reason that so many people enjoying riding this scooter is comfortable handlebars. The grip helps you get a solid hold on it, steering wherever you decide. The ABEC-9 bearings help you gain speed quickly, while you can slow down easily thanks to the rear wheel brake.

+ Comes in several colors
+ Easy to control and very lightweight
+ ABEC-9 bearings for a smooth ride

Why We Like It – We like this scooter because it’s designed for beginners who want to start learning new, harder tricks.

4. GRIT Fluxx Satin Silver/Blue

GRIT Fluxx Satin Silver/Blue

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Description: The Fluxx 2018 dirt scooter is a lightweight scooter featuring integrated grind rails and ABEC 9 bearings. Grit Scooters incorporate the latest in computer aided design techniques and constant feedback from its team riders, to produce some of the most advanced complete scooters and parts on the market. Features of the Grit Fluxx Scooter: Lightweight 6061 Heat Treated Alloy Deck with Diamond Shape Down Tube. Integrated grind rails. 100 mm 88 a PU Alloy Slotted Wheels. ABEC 9 bearings. Alloy double clamp. Hi tensile steel HIC fork. Hi tensile gusseted Riser Handlebar, 460 mm wide x 540 mm. Threadless HIC Head Parts. Grit Flex Fender Brake. Soft feel scooter grips.

Why We Liked It: The lightweight and modern design is what makes this gem different from others.

5. Movnon Stunt Scooter 

Movnon Stunt Scooter Trick Beginner

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Straight from Australia, Grit Scooters is becoming the most well known brand in the industry.

One of the best one for the beginners. It is made out of durable alloy so  that safety comes first. and rear break system makes it easy to stop anytime. Movnon also comes with 2-year guarantee.

Why We Liked It: We love it’scolor, since it is extremely attractive, which is one of the most important thing for younger users. If you decide for Movtron, you will be the most attractive in the neighborhood even without any stunts!

6. Grit Atom

Grit Atom

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The ALL NEW Grit Atom Scooter is the suitable entry diploma scooter. Made with a lighter deck for smaller riders, the Atom Scooter is designed to cope with the needs of a first time scooter rider. This full is good to enter into the acute movement sports activities actions world or to push throughout the neighborhood.

Why We Liked It: Especially because of the fact that it is built for kids under 12 with unique patterns on the body. Light weighted and all new AEBC 7 bearings make your loved ones safe and sound.

7. Grit Extremist

Grit Extremist

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The Grit Extremist pro Scooter is the right combination of fast, helpful and flashy. Light enough for the youthful rider nevertheless strong adequate for all ages. Now with metallic core wheels! The Grit Extremist pro Scooter is the correct stepping into the world of freestyle scootering and by no means busting your funds!

Why We Liked It: The Grit Extremist Compelte Scooter is foremost designed and engineered for beginners with light weight, soft grips and long bars which makes the newbie feel comfortable furing the ride.

8. Grit Fluxx

Grit Fluxx

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The Grit Fluxx Scooter is the appropriate transition scooter from beginner to skilled. Now with HIC compression! The Grit Reinforced Riser Handlebars, Solid Steel Fork and 100mm 88A metallic core 2 tone wheels current the facility, whereas the” huge Alloy Deck with three ranges of concavity provides the extra stickiness to land even the toughest ideas. The new 2016 colorways are constructive to point out heads!

Why We Liked It: Standing tall with other competitors, this scooter provides service to everyone, from beginners to skilled which make it product close to our heart.

9. Grit Invader SCS

Grit Invader SCS

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Everything begins inside the ideas, an idea that’s carried to paper, then to laptop then to actuality. The Grit Invader SCS was one factor designed and developed over an prolonged time interval, fine-tuning and expert administration with the employees meant we’ve got been able to create the Invader SCS to an astonishing diploma. This scooter exists for one perform, and that’s to shred the streets and parks at your command. Thanks to a alloy deck, chromo bars, fork and 110mm 88A alloy spoked wheels you’ll perception it to hold on when the going will get strong. Grit has truly payed consideration to aspect and unbelievable top quality with this entire set-up.

Why We Liked It – There is a lot to like about this scooter, but we in particular liked its alloy deck, chromo bard and spoked wheels.

10. Grit Mayhem HIC Pro Complete Scooter

Grit Mayhem HIC Pro Complete Scooter

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The new Grit Mayhem HIC is a scooter of its prime. It encompasses a totally redesigned machined headtube that retains its energy whereas nonetheless slicing the pointless weight. The deck specks can be found at 4″ giant by 19.75″ prolonged with a 3 diploma concave allowing your ft to grip larger to the deck. This full moreover embrace an HIC compression system, 110mm, 88A PU Alloy Spoked Wheels fitted ABEC 9 for a clear journey. The Bars embrace a singular design to the crosstube for added assist from bending. Overall, this scooter is an outstanding determine for the all through rider, one which rides every park and street.

Why We Liked It: Among the finest scooters, Grit Mayhem consists of big deck, integrated headsets and HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) which makes this scooter a tough challenger.



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The Grit Elite 2016 Scooter is a great spec scooter and at an affordable price too!

Why We Liked It: One of our favorites with the Grit elite combination of blue and grey color with the instance of light weight and thread less fork makes it difficult to compare.

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