Which are the best pro scooter bearings to ride? We review the top 10 best scooter bearings for you today to find out just that. Bearings are cool as you also get a neat little beer can, but don’t let gimicky items sway you to purchase, we are after solid bearings that will last a long time here.

Many skateboarders use Redz for their wheels as these bearings have been around for years and are proven to be one of the most solid bearings available to date. We would highly recommend them as one to look at. They don’t use the standard ABEC measurement as they run much faster than any other bearing available, leaving you kicking less and flowing quicker.

Best Pro Scooter Wheel Bearings of 2020

1. Apex Ceramic Pro Scooter Bearings


2. Beerings Malt Abec 7 Bearings

The Beerings MAlt Abec 7’s are a clear and fast bearing at an unimaginable value, to not level out the sweet packaging.

3. Beerings OG Abec 5 Bearings

The “Beerings” OG Abec 5’s are one sweet addition to your scooter. These Abec 5’s will get the job carried out on the great value.

4. Bones REDS Bearings

Bones REDS are manufactured in China to Bones specific bearing specs. A double inspection on a regular basis occurs sooner than the devices are shipped to distributers and provide the perfect combination of effectivity, sturdiness and low worth inside the enterprise. Because they supply near Bones Swiss effectivity at a fraction of the worth, they’ve transform the right selling bearing mannequin within the united statesA.

5. Bones SUPER Bearings

Super Reds are expertly designed to be a couple of of the best bearings out there available on the market. Super Reds aren’t merely REDS with a higher finish. Super REDS are a superior top quality bearing, using larger top quality metallic races, larger top quality and grade balls, and a superior flooring finish. The end result’s a bearing that is as fast as REDS nevertheless quieter, smoother, and longer lasting. REDS and Super REDS not solely differentiate in sort nevertheless top quality.

6. Bones SWISS Bearings

Legendary Original Bones Swiss Bearings are the optimum combination of Bones Skate Rated design and Swiss precision manufacturing creating the standard by which all totally different bearings are measured. For larger than 24 years hottest by the worlds prime expert skaters. Proven, expert competition-grade velocity and sturdiness make Bones Swiss often last a lot of events as long as peculiar ABEC rated bearings.

7. Bro Style Abec 3 Bearings

Founded in 2012, Bro Style was created by bros – for bros. The Bro Style Abec 3 Bearings don’t disappoint. These ready-to-roll bearings are product of high-quality provides and have an open once more for simple cleaning and maintenance. So what are you prepared for? Join the Bro Style movement with these Bro Style Abec 3 Bearings.

8. Bro Style Abec 5 Bearings

These brand new Bro Style Skateboards High Grade Bearings are professional grade Abec 5 bearings by Bro Style Skateboards are pre-lubricated for a smooth, fast ride. They come in the standard size (608 with a 8mm core, 22mm outer diameter, and 7mm width) and provide the best in performance and durability. Each set of Bro Style Skateboards High Grade Bearings contains eight (8) bearings, which is enough for four (4) wheels. Includes: One (1) set of eight (8) Bro Style Skateboards High Grade Bearings from Bro Style Skateboards.

9. Diamond Supply Co Bearings

Diamond Supply Co. Diamond Smoke Ring Bearings. The Diamond Supply Co. Diamond Smoke Ring Bearings The Diamond Smoke Ring Bearings from Diamond Supply Co are fast and are guaranteed to hold up to hard impact. Set of 8 Diamond smoke ring bearings Diamond shape case Imported By Diamond Supply Co.

10. Diamond Supply Hella Fast Titanium Bearing Set

The Hella Fast Titanium Skateboard Bearings from Diamond Supply Co. are polished to perfection and more durable than another metallic available on the market, these Titanium bearings are made for a perfectly clean roll. Featuring Diamond Supply Co.’s high quality management assure, these bearings will hold your roll going with out ever breaking down from harsh landings and impacts.

We hoped you enjoyed the latest review. Click here to see all the Pro Scooter Bearing parts.

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