Top 8 Best Pro Scooter Griptape of 2022

Last updated 23. June 2022

Grit are one of the leading pro scooter manufacturers to date in 2021 and have constantly improved their designs year after year with 2018 being the highlight of their manufacturing. With their lead rider Jordan Clarke smashing the ISA Qualifying and European finals, every kid on the block is buying up Grit Stunt Scooters like they are going out of business!

So, today we have reviewed each of the Grit scooters individually for you so you can make a decision as to which Grit scooter is the best choice for you.

1. Black Widow 9″ x 33″ Skateboards or Longboards Griptape

Black Widow 9

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Whether you’re upgrading your current deck or customizing a new one, this grip tape is worth the investment. The Black Widow 9” x 33” Grip Tape is a good choice for skateboards and longboards, and it even has a nice pattern. Purple, Checkered, Clear, and an array of other colors are available to choose from.

The sticky adhesive that you apply to your board will hold in place even through extreme heat and cold. Since it’s 9” x 33”, you can cut it to size instead of worrying about not having enough to cover the surface.

+ Perfect size for most skateboards and longboards
+ Tough adhesive to hold in place
+ Quite a few colors to look through

Why We Like It – We like this grip tape because it’s durable, long-lasting, and stylish in appearance. The brand is also well-known, which provides peace of mind.

2. Diamond Superior Homegrown Griptape

Diamond Superior Homegrown Griptape

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This griptape is the right quantity of pot that you simply want , nothing too loopy so far as printing, as an alternative the griptape is minimize out leaving the black to provide the full gripping energy.

3. Hella Grip Tape Classic Logo Icebox Blue

Diamond Superior Homegrown Griptape

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This is a bestselling pro scooter grip tape for one simple reason. It provides you with an outstanding grip for an affordable price. Another key element of this pro scooter grip tape is its ability to withstand all elements. That’s because of the waterproof PVC liner, as well as the robust, reliable adhesive that is resistant to water and any other weather condition, such as snow or extreme heat.

Its dimensions when it arrives with you measure 22 inches long and 5 inches wide, but you can easily trim it to suit your pro scooter. Hella Grip has used an effective silicone carbide grip formula to create this excellent pro scooter grip tape.

+ 22 Inches Long
+ 5 Inches Wide
+ Waterproof PVC Liner
+ Effective, Weather-Resistant Adhesive
+ Silicone Carbide Grip Formula

Why We Liked It – This is one of the most popular pro scooter grip tapes on the market because it is offered at a reasonable price, is very effective, and features an adhesive and a PVC liner that are both water resistant.

4. Friendly Grip Tape Black/White

Friendly Grip Tape Black/White

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If you’re trying to add a little bit of flair to your deck, you can look for the Friendly Grip Tape (Black/White). It’s a simple black grip tape with the word ‘FRIENDLY’ across the entire surface. While it’s not much, it’ll certainly look unique among the rest of the skatepark. It’s 5” x 22”, so you shouldn’t have any problems fitting it to the deck.

Once you’ve cut and placed this grip tape to your scooter, you can trust in the strong adhesive. It’s not going to peel up and wear away after heavy use. In fact, it’s designed for years of riding.

+ Unique, stylish look
+ Easy to cut and place in minutes
+ Strong adhesive for heavy use

Why We Like It – We like this grip tape because it stands out from the rest of the other grip tape on the market.

5. Root Industries Grip Tape – Dylan Ryan Signature


Dylan Ryan is an Australian pro scooter rider who is famous for very creative tricks and lines. This pro scooter grip tape is Ryan’s signature tape, and it is as good as you’d expect from a collaboration between Root Industries and a high-level pro scooter rider like Ryan.

It comes with a length of 22 inches and a width of 5 inches, which means that it will fit most pro scooters. It’s made from a rough aggregate mixture that ensures that you get a perfect grip, even in wet conditions. It has an interesting color scheme that represents Ryan’s eccentric personality.

+ Dylan Ryan Signature Grip Tape
+ 22 Inches Long
+ 5 Inches Wide
+ Cool Color Scheme
+ Excellent Grip

Why We Liked It – Root Industries and Dylan Ryan are both renowned for doing things to a very high standard, and that perfectionism is evident with this pro scooter grip tape.

6. Flik Caution Griptape

Skateboard sized sheet 9″ x 33″

7. SCT USA Flag Color Scooter Grip

Globe Pakalolo Black

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Show some pride for your home country with the SCT USA Flag Color Scooter Grip Tape. This grip tape comes in two variations of black and white to give you the best fit. It’s 22 inches x 5 inches, so you can cut and place it on your scooter within minutes of unboxing it.

While the design is impressive, the grip is even more noteworthy. It holds up through constant riding, giving you a reliable feeling around the clock. You won’t have to replace it every other month as you would with other knock-off brands.

+ Shows a stylish USA flag
+ Choose from two color variations
+ Strong grip throughout the year

Why We Like It – We like this USA grip tape for your scooter because it’s built to last through constant sessions. Show your country’s pride for several months or even years!

8. Red Cat Brand Scooter Grip Tape Black

Globe Pakalolo Black

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Red Cat has produced one of the best pro scooter grip tapes on the market. This grip tape is simply perfect. It has been designed to feature a perforated underside which basically means that there is zero chance of the pro scooter grip tape bubbling when you apply it to your scooter.

Not only will it offer easy application, but it will also be shipped to you in a manner that will ensure that it isn’t creased either. The 4.5-inch width and 20-inch length mean that it should easily fit most pro scooters. The grip is made from a silicon carbide material that is the choice of many pro scooter riders.

+ Bubble-Free Application
+ No Creasing
+ Made in the USA
+ Fits Most Pro Scooter Decks
+ High-Quality Silicone Carbide

Why We Liked It – This is one of the best pro scooter grip tapes because of the perforated underside which ensures that you won’t get any bubbles when you apply it to your pro scooter.

We hoped you enjoyed the latest review. Click here to see all the Pro Scooter Griptape parts.

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