Top 14 Best LED Skateboard Wheels

Last updated 21. June 2022

LED skateboard wheels allow you to personalize your board and stand out from the crowd. They also make you more visible, which is important for safety. When it comes to choosing skateboard wheels, the choices can be overwhelming. 

Wheels are one of the most important pieces of skateboard hardware. You’ll need to consider the durometer and diameter, which will impact how your board rides. Your wheels affect speed, handling, and the feel of the board. 

If you are a beginner, it’s best to choose a complete skateboard instead of a custom build. You won’t have to worry about choosing the right trucks and wheels until you get a feel for skateboarding. Once you are comfortable with your board, and you know which style you prefer, you can upgrade your skateboard wheels. Wondering which led skateboard wheels are the best for you? Check out our top 14 led skateboard wheels.

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1. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels – Best Overall

FREEDARE skateboard wheels have a rating of 4.5 out of 5. They have a diameter of 60mm and a width of 45 mm and ABEC-7 608 super hard steel bearings.

These wheels are versatile and great for beginners. They can be used for skateboards and longboards. They provide a balance of softness and smooth grip. They are quiet and smooth, with grip on the edges for downhill riding. 

They are made from 83A polyurethane material. These wheels are perfect for the skate park, while also being great on asphalt or concrete. Use these LED wheels for street, ramps, sidewalks, and more. 

Choose between black, pink, blue, yellow, and red core with a clear wheel. Each wheel has three LED lights.

2. Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheel – Best Premium

Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheel has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on 96 global ratings. They have a diameter of 59 mm and a 45 mm width. They are made from 78a clear polyurethane, which gives you a super smooth ride that is perfect for cruising. 

Each wheel is embossed with the Sunset Flare logo. These skateboard LED wheels offer the brightest LED lights in the industry. Best of all, they don’t require batteries. These wheels are powered by the motion of the wheel. They run for up to 100,000 hours. Each wheel has four ultra-bright LED lights inside. 

If you are looking for a cruising wheel that will light up the night and be visible during the day, consider these wheels. The bright lights and high-quality wheel will have everyone noticing your board.

3. NONMON Skateboard Wheels – Editor’s Choice

NONMON Skateboard Wheels are great for beginners and anyone who enjoys cruising with their board. They have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 5 global ratings. They have a 60mm diameter and a 45mm width. They are made from polyurethane with 78a hardness. 

Each set includes ABEC-9 carbon steel bearings which offer a smooth and quiet ride perfect for cruising. The 78a PU material offers grip and softness which makes it a great choice for beginners and more advanced riders alike. 

Suitable for all riding surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, ramps, skate parks, sidewalks, and street riding. 

Each wheel has three bright LED lights. Three colors light up each wheel for a unique look. The wheel itself is a transparent blue. They are easy to install and rider-friendly, with pre-installed bearings.

4. Flybar Skate Accessories 4 Pack LED Wheels

Flybar Skate Accessories 4 pack Led wheels offer fun bright colors. They have a 4.4 out of 5 ratings from 25 global reviews. Flybar has been around since 1918. They originally made pogo sticks. 

Today they offer a new spin on the old classic, along with a wide range of skate accessories. Choose from blue, green, or red flashing LEDs. The outer wheel is white for greater LED visibility. Flybar has a happiness guarantee, so you can purchase these wheels risk-free.

5. LED Inline Wheels

These LED Inline Wheels are 64mm in diameter and 24mm in width. These wheels are ideal for inline skates, ripsticks, and casterboards. The super high rebound urethane combined with Fast Abec 9 bearings increase speed while maintaining control. 

These wheels are powered by the motion of the wheel, also known as centrifugal force. Each wheel has four LED lights. They will run for 100,000 hours or more. Lights include one blue, one green, one red, and one pink LED  in each wheel. This creates a bright attention-grabbing light.

6.  LED Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

These LED light-up roller skate wheels have a 4.3 out of 5 ratings from 68 global reviews. They have a 58mm diameter and a 32mm width. The hardness is 82a, with 80% adaptability. This makes the wheels versatile. They are perfect for the skatepark, asphalt roads, sidewalks, wood, and tile floors. They have bearings and a magnetic core that charges the wheel as you ride. 608RS bearings increase grip while maximizing speed. 

These performance wheels are designed to minimize friction for increased speed and a smooth ride. They flash blue and pink for a unique look that will light up your board, with no need to worry about batteries.

7. XCVXCV 4 Pack Luminous Roller Skate Wheels

These luminous roller skate wheels have a 4.1 out of 5 ratings based on 20 global reviews. They are 58mm in diameter and 32 mm in width. They are ideal for all surfaces, including skate parks, wood, sidewalks, and asphalt roads. The urethane is highly adaptable, giving you a comfortable ride on any surface. The shapes used have been proven in competition. 

They are ideal for roller skates, longboards, skateboards, and in-line skates. Just snap in the bearings and install them on your board, and you are ready to skate. The multicolored LED lights improve visibility and make you the star of the show.

8. ZMR Roller Skate Wheels

The ZMR Roller Skate Wheels have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 26 global ratings. They are 58mm in diameter and 32 mm in width. They have a hardness of 78a. The 608 7mm steel bearings provide the speed you need, and the magnetic core provides the power for the LED lights. They have a coil wick and inner buckle. 

They are suitable for roller skates, inline skates, and skateboards. They are ideal for most surfaces, including wood skating floor, concrete, and asphalt. Use them at the skate park or cruise down the highway. The fast rotation and smoothness will give you a comfortable ride no matter your destination. 

The bright LED lights are available in multiple colors, including White, blue, red, pink, and multicolor. Multicolor wheels are available in red, blue, and pink, red, blue, and green, or pink, blue, and green.

9. Flash Skateboard Wheels

Flash Skateboard Wheels are perfect for a longboard double rocker. They are 60mm in diameter and 45mm in width. They feature a magnetic core to keep the fun LED lights powered up for a long time to come, without having to worry about batteries. The 78a hardness of the polyurethane wheels is excellent for skate parks, asphalt highways, concrete surfaces, and pavement. 

The wheels are high elasticity, wear-resistant, quiet, and nonslip. They are available in red or blue LED lights.

10. KSS 82A Skate Ripstik LED Inline Wheels with Bearings

The KSS Skate Ripstik LED wheels have a 4 out of 5-star rating based on 44 global ratings. It comes with two 76mm wheels. The hardness is 82a, making them ideal for many surfaces. They come with four smooth-riding ABEC 9 bearings for faster speed. They are powered by centrifugal force. The faster you go, the brighter these LED wheels light up. The wheels are clear urethane, which lets the LED lights shine.

11. Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels

If you want a complete skateboard that’s already fitted with LED wheels, this is the one for you. This 22-inch board is perfect for beginners, and it has a 4.7 rating out of 5 based on 100 global reviews. The deck is 22 inches by 6 inches and is made from plastic. It has a weight limit of 180 pounds. The truck is 3.25 inches and is made from heavy-duty aluminum. 

The wheels are 60 mm by 45 mm. They have a hardness of 78a. The ABEC 7 bearings are great for beginners that value a steady ride and grip over top speeds. The LED lights are powered by the motion of the wheel, so no batteries are required.

12. Board Blazers Crazy Color Changing LED Skateboard Lights

These LED lights have a rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on 1,039 global ratings. LED wheels aren’t the only way to light up your skateboard. Board Blazers skateboard lights are installed underneath your board. When you ride, they will cast a glow from underneath the board. This can make a simple trick look very cool, and make riding more fun and enjoyable. 

The color-changing lights are available in 8 colors. Simply remove the adhesive backing and place them under your board. In addition to lighting up a skateboard, these lights can be used for inline or roller skates and scooters.

13. Katrinacoco 8 Pieces/Lot Flash Roller Wheels

Katrinacoco 8 piece LED roller skate wheels are perfect for inline skating. They have a rating of 3.8 out of 5, based on 23 global ratings. These PU wheels have a hardness of 90a, which makes them ideal for outdoor skating. They fit 608 bearings, which are not included. These wheels are white, with LED lights available in red, blue, green, and white. They are powered by the movement of the wheel. 

14. TOBWOLF 4 Pack Light Up Inline Skate Wheels

These wheels are perfect for beginners. The TOBWOLF 4 pack LED inline skate wheels to have a rating of 4.1 out of 5 based on 35 global ratings. The wheels have a 70mm diameter and a 24 mm width. They have a hardness of 82a and ABEC 7 bearings. The inner wheel diameter is 8mm. They come with a 6mm spacer installed, which can be removed. 

They are powered by the motion of the wheel, and each wheel has 3 bright LED lights. They are suitable for inline skates, skateboards, and caster boards. Weight should not exceed 120 pounds.

What Are the Best LED Skateboard Wheels?

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with bearings are the best overall buy. The wheels are 60 mm in diameter and 45 mm in width, making them the perfect size for a skateboard or longboard. They have a hardness of 83a, which is on the softer side of the scale. This makes the wheels perfect for riding on rough surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, roads, and sidewalks. The soft wheels provide a smooth ride on rough surfaces, which is great for cruising. They are also ideal for skate parks and wood surfaces. The softness of the wheels provides a good grip on slick surfaces. 

The wheels are clear polyurethane with 3 LED lights in each wheel. The core is black. They have Abec 7 608 bearings. These bearings provide a smooth quiet ride and stability that is great for beginners and experienced riders alike. 

Owners of the wheels say that they provide a fast and smooth ride. They enjoy the glow of the LED lights and say that installation is simple.

The Difference Between Regular and LED Skateboard Wheels

The obvious difference between regular wheels and LED wheels is that the LED wheels light up. In addition to containing LED lights, they will contain a battery or magnet to power the lights. LED wheels can provide safety when riding at night because they increase visibility. Some riders find that the wheels illuminate the riding surface as well, allowing them to avoid obstacles like pebbles or cracks when riding. 

LED wheels make riding more fun as well. They can make a simple trick look more elaborate, and allow you to be easily seen. They can give your board an upgrade by improving the look as well. They are also a great way to express your personality, without spending a lot of money. Because they come in different styles and colors, you can find a set that matches your skateboard deck and your personal style.

Which Brand of Skateboard Wheels is the Best?

Sunset Skateboard Company is considered the best brand of skateboard wheels. The original LED skateboard wheels, offer LED wheels for different purposes. The LED cruiser wheels are 59mm. The LED longboard wheels come in 65mm and 69mm. The LED street wheels are 54mm. No matter what your riding style, Sunset Skateboard Company has the perfect LED wheel for you. Their wheels are motion-powered, so you won’t have to worry about batteries. If the board is in motion, the lights are on. 

The company also offers a complete LED skateboard. This is a great choice for beginners because there’s no setup required. You won’t have to worry about deciding on a skateboard deck and trucks. The board is bright and colorful, and the LED wheels add fun. These 22-inch boards will provide lots of ride time.

How Long Do LED Skateboard Wheels Last?

LED skateboard wheels can last for 100,000 hours. The wheels themselves can last for 8 to 12 months with frequent riding and years if you don’t ride very often. It’s important to rotate your wheels every few months. This prevents them from wearing unevenly. If you do power slides, your wheels will wear faster than if you are simply cruising. 

Rough surfaces wear wheels faster than smooth ones, and soft wheels wear faster than hard wheels. However, hard wheels can develop pits which cause them to wear as well. Most of the time, riders replace wheels because they want to change the look or feel of their board, not because their current wheels are worn enough they need new ones.


LED skateboard wheels are expressive and unique. You’ll love seeing the lights while you are riding. They can increase safety because they make you more visible, particularly at night. 

When it comes to skateboard wheels, there are a lot of choices. You’ll need to choose between battery operated LEDs and motion powered LEDs. You’ll also need to choose the right size wheel and hardness for the type of riding you do. Looks are important as well, so you’ll want to choose wheels that look good with your board. 

FREEDARE and Sunset are highly rated brands with excellent LED skateboard wheels. They are motion activated and durable. Best of all they give you a smooth and stable ride. If you are looking for something that is perfect for children, the SGODDE is a good choice with a weight limit of 200 pounds. If you want to find something that fits your personality, The Merkapa complete longboard is available in different designs. 

If you don’t need new wheels, but want to get in on the trend, Board Blazers LED Skateboard Lights are the perfect choice. Just install them under your board and you are ready to go.

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