Top 15 Best Pro Scooter Decks in 2022

Last updated 21. June 2022

Today, we bring you the top 15 best pro scooter decks of 2021. This was tricky as there are so many scooter decks out there, but we narrowed down our search to just 15 for you below.

One of our all time favourites has to be the Ethic Pandemonium deck as it is super lightweight, available in 3 different colors and has an amazing headtube design like no other stunt scooter on the market. Following that, we would go for the AO Lambda deck or Fasen Raven deck as the top 3 best stunt scooter decks to buy.

15 of the Top Pro Scooter Decks in 2021

1. Apex Pro Scooter Deck in Teal, Black or Polished

Finally! One of the super famous scooter decks from Apex is in stock and available! Apex decks are renowned for being the highest quality in the scooter game, with their shorter decks that most other companies cannot achieve – and the lightest.

These Apex pro scooter decks are available in both 19.5″ and 20″ in length, these babies are going quick, and there are only a limited number available on Amazon.

2. Envy AOS V4 LTD Jon Reyes Scooter Deck

Envy AOS V4 LTD Jon Reyes Scooter Deck

This pro scooter deck is part of Envy’s AOSV4 series. It was designed by Jon Reyes, and it is currently his deck of choice. Depending on what size the rider is, it can be used as both a parking deck and a street deck.

The oil slick colorway gives it a truly original, stylish look. All materials used are of the highest quality, including the 6-series aluminum and the nylon square box ends. The width of the pro scooter deck is 4.75 inches, and it’s got a length of 20.5 inches. The head tube angle is 82.5 degrees.

+ Can be used for street or park
+ Cool colorway
+ Designed by Jon Reyes
+ 4.75 inches by 20.5 inches
+ Weighs only 3lbs

Why We Liked It – Jon Reyes is one of the world’s most famous scooter riders and this is his signature deck, so there’s a lot to like about it. The colorway is stylish, the deck is light, and it can be used for both the street or park, depending on the rider’s size.

3. Ethic Erawan Black Scooter Deck

Ethic Erawan Black Scooter Deck

This is the deck from the hugely popular and highly regarded Ethic Erawan pro scooter. It is a fantastic deck that is hard-wearing and can withstand a huge amount of heavy riding and stunt riding.

Despite being aimed at beginners and intermediates, it is suitable for more advanced scooter riders who want to find a top-quality deck for a low price. It is 20.7 inches long and 4.5 inches wide. The two things you can expect from this pro scooter deck is reliability and stability. It’s a deck that you can trust. At 2.7lbs, it is very light too.

+ Very Light
+ 20.7 Inches Long
+ 4.5 Inches Wide
+ Perfect for Beginners and Regular Riders
+ Durable

Why We Liked It – It is a reliable, stable deck that is very popular because it provides riders with a lot of control, as well as being affordably priced.

4. Ethic Pandamonium deck

After 2 years of improvement, and innovation – Ethic’s newest deck has finally landed, and they’re proud to convey such a tremendous piece to riders everywhere in the world.

5. Root Industries Lithium Afterburner Pro Trick Scooter Deck

Root Industries Lithium Afterburner Pro Trick Scooter Deck

Aside from the handlebars, the deck might be the most important part of building a new scooter. Width, length, and the grip tape used can change the game completely. The Root Industries Lithium Afterburner Pro Trick Scooter Deck is a great choice for nearly any scooter build around.

It comes with a shiny coating and no grip tape. This is actually a huge benefit since it won’t sit and wear down through shipping. You can get the solid deck and start with a blank slate. It weighs in at 3.41 pounds, which is significantly less than much of the competition.

+ Blank slate for customizations
+ Lightweight compared to others
+ 20.8 inches by 4.7 inches

Why We Like It – We like this scooter deck by Root Industries because it’s long, wide, and lightweight. The color is also appealing as well.

6. Root Industries AIR Deck Pro Trick Stunt Scooter Deck

Root Industries AIR Deck Pro Trick Stunt Scooter Deck

Root Industries has a wide selection of pieces to craft your own custom scooter. Their AIR Deck Pro Trick Stunt Scooter Deck combines the lightweight necessity of a pro scooter with the crash-tested durability that you’d hope for. It has a steel brake to stop right when you need to, and no second later.

As far as appearance goes, there are currently four colors to look through. These colors include Black, Blu-Ray, Gold Rush, and Rocket Fuel. It’s designed to be used right out of the box, giving you a quick setup in only a few minutes.

+ Easy to set up as soon as you receive it
+ Comes in several unique color designs
+ Made for pros and beginners alike

Why We Like It – We like this scooter deck by Root Industries because it’s made to allow you to set it up quickly instead of requiring a long installation.

7. District DK2 V3 Scooter Deck

District’s new line-up features the NEW District emblem. The District DK2 V3 scooter deck is the lightest and greatly balanced pro scooter deck obtainable and available on the market in this day. The District V3 is the right choice when you require the use of a sturdy, but cheap, pro kick scooter deck. This deck features a brake, axle and spacers.

8. Chilli Pro Scooter 5200 Deck

Chilli Pro Scooter 5200 Deck

This is a high-level pro scooter deck. It is constructed from a 7005 aluminum alloy T6, which is a great material for a pro scooter deck, as it is both lightweight and capable of being banged about without any chance of breakage.

The length is 19.75 inches, and the width is 4.5 inches, which makes it about standard sized. There is an extruding bridge headtube which measures 4.13 inches. You don’t just get a pro scooter deck, as it comes with a flex brake, as well as an axle bolt and spacer.

+ Includes Flex Brake
+ 4.5 Inches Wide
+ 19.75 Inches Long
+ Made from 7005 Aluminum T6
+ Weighs 2.9lbs

Why We Liked It – It is a premium pro scooter deck that is made from an excellent aluminum, but the flex brake is a much-appreciated extra that makes it one of the best pro scooter decks on the market.

9. District Scooters HT Signature Series Deck – Chris Farris

District Scooters HT Signature Series Deck - Chris Farris

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Chris Farris is a pro scooter rider who has an original, innovative park style that has won him lots of fans. This is his signature deck and to look at it, you might be surprised that such a flamboyant pro scooter rider would design something so simple.

The matte black paintwork is understated, which is what you could say about this pro scooter deck in general. But it is a fantastic deck that is 21.25 inches long and 5.12 inches wide. It only weighs 3.10lbs, but it feels sturdy to ride on. It’s got an 83-degree headtube angle too.

+ Chris Farris Signature Deck
+ 83-Degree Headtube
+ 21.25 Inches Long
+ 5.12 Inches Wide
+ Understated Looks

Why We Liked It – Chris Farris would never put his name to a scooter deck that was anything less than exceptional, which is what this great pro scooter deck is.

10. Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Deck

Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Deck

Phoenix was the very first company to manufacture and sell a one-piece pro scooter deck, and since 2009 – when it released the first one – it has gone on to produce countess amazing scooter decks. This one features a truly original color scheme that is influenced by the colors of a rainbow.

It is made from a heat-treated 6061 T6 aluminum, and it weighs 3.6lbs on its own, which is the perfect combination of lightness and sturdiness. You can fit wheels to it that are under 110mm, and the headtube angle is 82.5 degrees. Axles and spacers come with the deck.

+ 3.6lbs
+ Made from T6 Aluminum
+ 82.5-degree Headtube
+ 4.5 Inches Wide
+ 20.5 Inches Long

Why We Liked It – It is a fantastic pro scooter deck made by one of the best pro scooter deck manufacturers around. The color scheme is original and looks great too.

11. Envy Prodigy Deck S2 Splatter

Envy Prodigy Deck S2 Splatter

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This is the best pro scooter deck for fans of Jackson Pollack, as it features a paint splatter design that looks great. Looks are just one reason why this pro scooter deck is so good. The high-grade 6061 T6 aluminum that it is made from is another big advantage, just like the nylon flex brake system that comes with the deck.

It also comes with a nylon front plate, as well as rear deck inserts. The 19.5-inch length and 4.75-inch width put it at the smaller end of the standard size range. The headtube is 82.5 degrees, which is normal for a pro scooter deck.

+ Awesome Looks
+ 19.5-Inch Length
+ 4.75-Inch Width
+ 82.5-Degree Headtube
+ Nylon Flex Braking System

Why We Liked It – It’s not often you find a pro scooter deck that looks as original as this one, while also providing you with the sturdiness and control that you want from your deck.

12. Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter Deck

Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter Deck

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Phoenix is always a good choice for people looking for the best pro scooter decks for beginners and intermediates, as Phoenix decks are always reliable, built to a high standard, as well as sturdy and durable.

This pro scooter deck is ideal as an entry-level deck because it is light and small. In fact, it only weighs 3.6lbs, and it has dimensions of 4.5-inches wide and 19.5-inches long. The deck is constructed from a heat-treated 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. You get axles and spaces as part of the package when you purchase this pro scooter deck.

+ T6 Aluminum Alloy
+ 4.5 Inches Wide
+ 19.5 Inches Long
+ Lightweight
+ Sturdy

Why We Liked It – It is one of the best pro scooter decks for beginners or intermediates who want to invest in their first custom pro scooter system.

13. AO Quadrum 3 Scooter Deck

AO Quadrum 3 Scooter Deck

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For riders who like to have a larger deck, then this might be the best pro scooter deck for you. The width is 5.2 inches, and the length is 23 inches, which is substantially bigger than standard pro scooter decks. It also has a double fender that is designed to be much wider than a standard fender.

The square tail makes it look different to regular scooter decks, especially as there is a cut-out section where the back wheel is. There is nothing fancy about the color scheme, but this is a pro scooter deck for passionate riders who want a durable deck that can be used for both park and street scooter riding.

+ Larger Size
+ Square Tail
+ Simple Looks
+ Very Sturdy
+ V3 Neck

Why We Liked It – It is the best pro scooter deck for riders who want something larger than a standard deck, but it remains easy to maneuver despite the bigger size.

14. Madd Gear VX7 4.5″ Deck

Madd Gear VX7 4.5

Introducing the new Madd Gear Pro VX7 extreme deck. Comprising of an integrated 20.5″ L x 4.5″ w Deck, and a 120mm brake. Both the rear axle and wheel spaces are included with the Madd Gear Pro VX7 Deck, as well as the grip tape for extra grip.

15. AO Epsilon Deck

The Epsilon deck is definitely one in every of a kind. AO is the one agency to perform a plastic grind plate on the underside of the deck. This means you’ll grind on completely something you probably can think about.

We hoped you enjoyed the latest review. Click here to see all the Pro Scooter Decks parts.

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