So, you know you want to get your kid the best Fuzion pro scooter on the market, but you have no idea where to start…

Fear not!

We are here to help you make your decision after deciding to choose Fuzion scooters over the other pro scooter brands, in less than 5 minutes!

How? You ask! Well, we’ve got a Top pick. We’ve got a Premium choice. AND we’ve got a budget option! We have something for everyone.

Our guide serves to help you understand the Fuzion stunt scooter brand more, so you know what you’re buying. Read on to be amazed!

Fuzion have created 4 different types of pro scooters for kids and adults so far – The famous Z300 pro scooter complete, the Pro X3 Complete Scooter, the Fuzion Fury AND the City-Glide adult kick scooter. Both serving their purposes nicely as they are very well built and very strong.

What are the Greatest Fuzion Pro Scooters in the world?

1. Z300

Fuzion Z300 2018

The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is the right full stunt pro scooter for beginner to intermediate riders. Z300 was developed and engineered to cope with any obstacle whether or not or not on the street or inside the skate park. Like all Fuzion Pro Scooters for kids, the Z300 is put to the examine by our Pro riders to ensure it might truly meet the requires of progressing riders.

Starting with the Deck the Z300 is unique! The Z300 is constructed spherical Fuzion stunt pro scooter Brand’s Signature Dog Bone Fuzion design deck with a 3 mm prime and bottom concave design greatest for grinds. This Dog Bone sort permits for strain to be distributed evenly throughout the decks outer flooring making this one strong deck and all the whereas making it one among many lightest decks spherical. The neck tube is internally strengthened for added energy and sturdiness.


+ Versatile

+ Suitable for Beginner to Intermediate

+ Strengthened Neck Tube

+ Color is NEW for 2018!

The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete comes completely outfitted with an HIC compression system, Fuzion sealed headset bearings, Light weight metallic fork, “Fuzion Blend” T bars, alloy staggered triple clamp, lightning fast ABEC 9 bearings, 110mm PU and cast aluminum core wheels and flex brake. For an alternative, try Fuzions Z250 Pro Scooter complete.

What our Customers sayVoice of the Customer

“I bought the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete for my son, who has just started out. I read the Scooter was great for both Beginner entry level riders, and riders with more experience. I though it would be the best option for my son, so that he can continue to use it as he improves! I won’t need to buy another for a long time. Thanks for the fantastic help, Jason at My Pro Scooter!”
– Elaine Pattison (Scooter Mom!)

“awesome color on the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete, and it’s the perfect street ride. ”
– Michael Lewis

“my little sister wanted to start a sport that was different, so I got her the most beautiful scooter I could find… It’s this one. Thanks Jason!”
– Melissa Cartwright

2. City-Glide

Fuzion Cityglide

The Fuzion CityGlide provides a superior and fast ride for riders on the go. Oversized 210 mm PU wheels and a lightweight solid aluminum frame low to the ground makes it stable and effortless to kick. The CityGlide is the perfect adult kick scooter designed for a speedy commute or a trip around town.

CityGlide is the scooter of choice for professionals looking to cruise to and from work. Parents looking to cruise around with the kids or anyone looking for a smooth and comfortable ride not typical of most stunt scooters for kids. CityGlide’ s easy folding mechanism allows you to take this lightweight stunt pro scooter anywhere and everywhere.


+ Stable & Effortless

+ Foldable & Lightweight

+ Stunt Scooters for kids

+ Designed for a Speedy Commute


– Not suitable for Toddlers

The CityGlide like all other Fuzion products is constructed of top quality materials and is built to last.

What our Customers sayVoice of the Customer

“my boy loves the green on this one, his best yet! cheers!”
Simon H.

“happy new year Jason, thanks for the great advise! My son was so excited when he got this for christmas. His words were “how did you know which one to get?!” PERFECT! Thank you!”
lisa hamilton

3. Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter

Fuzion X-3 Gold 2018

The new Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter is available in 6 different colors suit the riders preference. The deck is light, with box edges – idea for those who grind. As entry-levels go, the Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter balances quality with affordability perfectly. With 100mm Cast PU Wheels, the wheels spin fast. Suitable for scooter kids looking for a bridge between beginner and intermediate level, Aged 7 and above.


+ Available in 5 Colors

+ Light Deck

+ High Quality & Affordable


– Hard to Adjust the Brake

The Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter is selling fast. If you’re looking to build your skills, this is a great choice due to the lightweight deck. It’s also easy to put together, just 3 bolts together and hey presto! See the Fuzion Pro X5 Pro Scooter for a cool alternative.

What our Customers sayVoice of the Customer

“Bought as a first trick scooter for my 8 year old. Was a bit worried, but review put me at ease. Happy child and Happy mom!”
Christine M. Hall

4. Z375 Polished

Fuzion Z375 Polished

This Z375 by Fuzion has been COMPLETELY redesigned to be the next Scooter on your radar. With EPIC new design, and upgrades, you NEED to read on…

Right out of the tin, the Z375 is ready to rock. No changes necessary! The Z375 has the largest deck yet, coming in at 20.5” length by 4.75” width.

Following that, a new taller and super light 6061 Aluminum Fathom Bars makes for a new fave scooter.

Looking better than ever before, this trick scooter is definitely one to be considered – if you’re a serious stunt scooter head.


+ Lightweight

+ Completely Redesigned

+ Fast & Grippy


– Very new Scooter, so there is limited customer feedback

If you’re someone who’s not afraid to be ahead of the curve, this may just be the trick Scooter for you!

What our Customers sayVoice of the Customer

No Reviews Yet! Got one? Contact us to leave yours!

5. The Fuzion Fury

The Fuzion FuryThe Fuzion Fury, assemble by the Shop Employee Andre. This full choices the all new Fuzion Z300 Deck that has been newly designed with a strengthened Headtube and the all new Integrated Cups, no additional semi built-in decks!. The full choices the mild sturdy Phoenix handlebar Grips on the Famous Envy Soul bars.

This full choices the Envy SOBv2 fork impressed by Jesse Ikedah spinning on the Sacrifice Hyper built-in Headset, and holding the bars onto the IHC forks is the model new Ethic Sylphe clamp that is the lightest double clamp obtainable available on the market. This full is rolling on the very sturdy Flavor Awakening Wheels with Envy Abec 9 bearings that give it the speed all riders need!


+ Strengthened Headtube

+ Integrated Cups

+ For the Pros’!


– May not be suitable for Beginners

The Vault Griptape that retains the stunt scooter appropriately flicking out of your ft when whipping. This full is drsigned for the rider that likes to expertise park and throw as many ideas as they may in a single air!

What is the Difference between the Fuzion Scooter 300 and 375?

Good question! And it’s definitely one we can answer. The 300 and 375 are both fantastic, they are both in our review – above. The differences are pretty major, though. The Z300 is PERFECT for beginners, as it is great for intermediate riders too! That way, once a beginner improves, they can stick with their Z300 and keep progressing – without the need to spend more money on a new scooter! For already established riders, the Z375 is a great choice. As the stunt Scooter has added features for new stunts, the scooter is best suited to an experienced rider.

For a more in depth review of the two, please scroll up for the individual products.

How to fold a Fuzion Cityglide Scooter

When you receive your Fuzion Cityglide, the manual explains exactly how the Cityglide functions, and how to best fold it.

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