Travelling with a Kick Scooter

Last updated 30. December 2017

Travelling with a Kick Scooter

When it comes to toys like kick scooters for kids, the mobility factor counts a lot. These scooters are usually big in size and not all manufacturers make them foldable. This makes these joy rides a little cumbersome when it comes to traveling around with them. Now, why would you want to carry your scooter with you when you travel? There can be so many reasons. The love scooting is number one. Also, kids tend to get bored when they are traveling, this is where you need their scooters to cheer them up and make them busy.

If you have a foldable kids scooter, you won’t find many difficulties adjusting it with your luggage but if it’s a non-foldable one, you might have to put it right up there in your baggage list when packing.

Can I take a Child’s Scooter on a Plane?

If your child’s scooter is a foldable one – yes you can! But it’s easier said than done in this case. There are many other things that you have to consider before taking a flight with your child’s scooter in luggage. First thing here is to check with the airline you are traveling on.

Different airlines have different policies when it comes to allowed luggage. If your airline doesn’t allow it – it’s the end of story right here. But in case you’re lucky we advise you to wrap a bubble wrap around it (tightly) and check it in as separate luggage.

If your child’s scooter is small in size and can be adjusted in a hand carry, it would be perfect. You never know how your luggage is going to be treated, so yes, hand carry would be the most suitable option.

How to take a Scooter on a Plane safely?

This is no rocket science but we will try to explain it step by step.

1. Before booking your tickets, make sure that the airline allows you to take the scooter with you. Also, make sure whether they allow it in hand carry or as a check-in baggage. Before you call in the airline, make sure you know the exact size (dimensions) of the scooter, as they will be asking for that. If they don’t allow it, and you can’t just leave the scooter behind, try some other airline.

2. Once you’re done with that it’s now time to pack your child’s scooter up. If it’s small and can be adjusted in the hand carry, take it with you. If you can’t do this, wrap a thin plastic sheet all around it tightly and pack it up. Don’t leave any part uncovered as luggage can be treated badly. The plastic wrap will prevent the scooter from scratches.

3. Don’t let your child unpack the scooter once you reach the destination. Settle down and do it yourself.

How to lock up a Kick Scooter?

Scooters are growing in popularity especially amongst children and teenagers. Many are using it as an easy method of commuting from home and school and back. But many young riders are facing the trouble of parking their ride. Since these scooters are small, they can be parked anywhere easily – but the problem is how to lock it? We will try to cover some of the basics in making your scooter more secured when parked in.

When locking your scooter, it is always a good idea to look for something solid and fixed like a railing, lamppost, etc. Once you have identified the spot, feed the lock cable around it. Now pass the cable through the front wheel spokes and lock it.

That’s it – you’re done and your ride is now secure! Locks usually don’t come with scooters but it is important that you buy at least one if you’re using the scooter for commuting.

How to fold a Scooter?

Foldable ScooterThe best thing about these scooters is the fact that most of them are foldable and the process of doing that is pretty easy too. The folding mechanism makes these scooters pretty handy and mobile. You can take them with you on picnics or those long trips without having to worry about these toys eating up all your space.

A foldable scooter, once folded can easily be tucked under your car’s seat. This is the reason why these foldable scooters for kids and adults are usually a little pricey. But they offer complete value for money, especially when you’re traveling.

No matter which brand of scooter you have, the method of folding is almost the same (if the scooter is foldable that is). Let’s elaborate the process with some simple steps.

1. Locate the release button, push it in and then pull the grip gently. The push button is usually on the T-tube.

2. Use the quick release lever to unclamp the tube and then push it down.

3. This step is probably the most important one. Hold you scooter in an upside down position by the end of the T-tube. Now push the joint release lever and that’s it…. Gravity will do its work from here. Your scooter is now completely folded and ready to be taken anywhere you like.

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