Types of Skateboards for Kids

Last updated 01. April 2019

Skateboarding is one of the latest trends to hit the market and although it has always been popular, it is rising again in terms of how popular it is amongst kids. Skateparks are being commissioned left right and center, and it is an excellent form of exercise and socializing that is healthy and fun.

So, if skateboarding is something that your kid wants to try out, then you probably need to be looking at buying them their own skateboard. With so many options out there, how do you decide which product is best for your child?

Below are a few different variations and types of skateboards for kids that are more than suitable for children and will give you a general idea of what is out there at the current time.

1. Penny Skateboards

A penny skateboard is a plastic skateboard, and its origin is in Australia, 2010 with company Penny Skateboards. It is now more widely used to describe any, generic and small plastic skateboard. They are lightweight and designed for smaller people aka children. They are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns and are a casual type of board – so not for advanced skaters.

Though they are fun and suited for beginners or younger children, penny skateboard riders

still need to take safety into consideration while riding, especially if riding barefoot!

Typically speaking penny skateboards will feature:

+ Plastic Deck
+ Cruiser Wheels
+ Trucks

2. Small Skateboard

Small skateboards are generally marketed for children between the age of 3 and 10. They are small, as their name suggests and support lighter weights and smaller feet. Don’t forget, though skateboards are toys for children they are moving and can be dangerous and therefore proper supervision must be in place for beginners.

These boards are really only for smaller children just starting out and don’t remain practical or viable for long. You are limited in terms of what you can actually do with them, and they are more like a toy than an actual skateboard.

3. Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboardElectric skateboards for children are really for ages 11+. There is a big market of electric skateboards out there. However, a lot of these will be made for and tailored to adult skateboard riders. It is important to ascertain whether or not the board is age appropriate before purchasing to avoid disappointment and potential injury.

These skateboards are made with a motor and often a battery as well. Their top speeds normally consist of around 10-15MPH, which for a kid on wheels is quite fast. Proper safety attire should be worn at all times while riding.

Ideally, the board should still be lightweight and low to the ground to provide the maximum stability for your child while riding. You also don’t want top speed, high-powered model. You do want something that is durable and made with extra gripping on deck in order to provide that extra layer of protection for your child.

Bear in mind that these kinds of boards are naturally more expensive and are more of an investment than an average toy. They are a piece of technology and should be treated with the proper respect!

4. Pro Skateboards

Pro skateboards are something that goes that extra mile. They are typically for advanced skateboards. When they are marketed for kids, they usually are more lightweight and have additional safety features such as very strong grip on the deck and reinforced strong wheels.

These may be for the skateboarders who have been practicing for a while and may want to take it to the next level such as skatepark skateboarding competitions or other skateboarding competitions that may pop up around the area.

In this case, if your kid has decided they are more than serious about skateboarding and it is a hobby that they are sticking with, it may be time to invest in a board that is more substantial and will give them everything they need when it comes to practicing and expressing their talents. This is where pro skateboards come into play.


As a parent, you are naturally going to have a thousand questions and a thousand concerns before committing to any product purchase that could potentially cause damage to your child. However, skateboards have advanced a long way and so has safety gear. From toddlers to teenagers, there is a board that is suitable for all ages and all shapes and all sizes!

Toddlers will be more suited with penny skateboards and smaller skateboards as will children up to around the age of eight years. After this, electric skateboards and full-sized skateboards become more of a viable option.

You can equip your kids out with whatever you feel is necessary to protect them; from helmets to knee pads; especially if you decide to purchase an electric board to accommodate for those faster speeds!

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