What Is An Electric Bike?

Last updated 18. February 2019

Electric Bikes, or more commonly known as e-bikes, aren’t a fad – they are here for the long haul.  In the space of just a year, their sales have increased by 95% which equates to around 65 million dollars in e-bike sales, and this figure continues to grow.  So will 2020 be the year of the electric bike for you?  As featured on MyProScooter, here are the facts that you need to know:

Why are Electric Bikes Favoured?

Electric bikes are favored by so many because they have a battery which enables cycling to be assisted and inclines to be less on a daunting process if fitness is not your number one characteristic.  The assistance kicks in as soon as you push down on the pedals engaging a small motor to kickstart and give you an energy boost without you having to give out too much exertion.

The e-bike is used in exactly the same way as a conventional bicycle, you use the pedals, indicate, and you maneuver just the same.  The only difference is that the e-bike enhances the ease of your cycling journey.  You require less energy than on a conventional bike and need less power to go the same distance if not further.  Increasing your velocity at speed is not an issue either.  If you want a typical cycling experience but the more relaxed kind, the electric bike is the perfect new toy for you.

How fast can you go on an e-bike?

Electric bike speedAs with a conventional bike, the same methodology applies, that the more you pedal and the harder you apply yourself, the more energy is created.  The only difference is that the more energy you produce, the bigger the boost is created by the motor.  This enables you to travel at up to 28mph helping you to decrease your journey times at the same time, as keeping fit, enjoying the vista and helping to save the planet.

Most electric bikes have a dual function mode which allows you to switch from eco-power to turbo power.  Eco power makes your normal cycling a little easier though you remain doing most of the work.  Turbo power is much higher charged which is really helpful in more extreme circumstances, like needing to move faster on busier roads or when the gradient becomes much steeper.

Who would use an Electric bike?

If you want this to be put in relative terms, then quite literally anyone can use an e-bike.  People in training or fitness fanatics can still use e-bikes to increases their fitness and maximize their endurance without using much assistance from the electric bike’s motor.  This is advantageous for even the fittest of riders because after all, there’s only so much any of us can do and we all get tired.

An electric bike is also an excellent option for people who are not regular cyclists but want to change this.  Using an e-bike will increase the distance you are able to cycle, enhancing fitness and endurance, simultaneously.

For people wanting to be greener, the electric bike is a great eco option, especially for the daily commute to work which is often less than 10 miles away for the average worker.  It has been proven in studies that people who would not have previously considered themselves as cyclists, having purchased an e-bike noted that they would use their new e-bike daily or weekly to go to work.  For an enormous 94% of users, this was the case.

How often does an Electric Bike’s battery need charging?

The batter of an electric bike can last for anywhere between 35 and 100 minutes.  There are obviously variables which alter this, including the model of e-bike that you purchase, the size of the battery within your chosen model and the mode you set it on.  Just as a reference point, the bigger the battery, the longer you can cycle around before needing to charge your new gadget, as well as the lower the mode you set your e-bike on the longer the battery will last.

You cannot expect to use a no-name brand with a tiny battery on turbo mode for huge periods of time – this is not feasible at all.  However, battery size, quality, and economy are improving all the time so every new model that appears on the market will have improved battery life.  The frequency of charging is certainly something to look out for when you are researching your new electric bike.

Why have e-bikes suddenly become so popular?

E-bikes have been increasing in their popularity because the big cities of the world are becoming so built up and congested that cars aren’t always the best option for traveling, especially at busy times, solo traveling or for covering short distances.  The majority or bike manufacturers, and indeed car manufacturers, are realizing that we need a quicker and more convenient way to travel, be it to work, to the shops or out for the day, and with the over half of the world’s population living in  high-density urban areas, the e-bike seems like a great move.

It is looking like the electric bike could be the start of a new traveling revolution, decreasing traffic, pollution and petrol costs and instead, increasing an eco-friendly travel approach, car-free zones and the fitness levels of the populations living within our biggest cities.

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