What size scooter do I need for a Child?

Last updated 30. December 2017

What size scooter do I need for a Child?

Scooters are fun and healthy activity. No matter if you are a grown-up, a teenager or a baby, scooters offer something for everyone. With this said, buying a scooter for your child can be a tough task. This is because scooters market these days is flooded with different types, shapes, size, design, etc. In this small write up we will mainly talk about the size of the scooters which are perfect for children. It is very important that when your child is on a scooter, he/she should have the right position. The right position will primarily depend on the height of your child and the scooter. The inappropriate height of the scooter is likely to hurt his arms and back muscles, especially if he riding on his scooter for extended time periods.

The height of the scooter should be in line with the height of your child. His posture should be straight and there should be no bending of the back. The arms should be as straight as possible but slightly bent at the elbow. The handlebar should be round about your child’s chest height when he stands beside the scooter. Since most handlebars are adjustable in height, that won’t be a big problem.

What size scooter deck should I get?

Scooter deck is arguably the most important part of a scooter. This is where you stand and this is what bears your entire body weight. The scooter deck is also subject to some rough usage and what not. Not only the size but the material of the deck also matters. For now, we will mainly be talking about the size. The size of your scooter deck is something that should not be taken lightly. It can enhance your riding experience or bring it down to the level where you eventually have to buy a new one or give up your hobby altogether.

Scooter-deckSize of the scooter should be your number one consideration when looking for a scooter or buying a new deck only. The size of the deck usually depends upon two factors. The age of the rider and his or her weight. Some other factors like foot size and terrains should also be kept in mind when selecting the scooter deck. Generally, the scooter deck is 4 – 4.5 inches wide and 19 – 21 inches long. This, however, is a standard size designed for riders of age between 16 – 25. The smaller the rider, the smaller should be the deck and vice versa.

What size scooter bars should I get?

Scooter bars are primarily responsible for providing the balance to the rider and making the overall scooter durable. The size of the scooter bars is usually adjustable, which means that you can make it longer or shorter depending upon the height of the rider. As a rule of thumb, remember that the handle of the scooter must be at chest height of your child. At this height, the ride is the most stable and rider feels very comfortable with no strain on his back or shoulders.

If you are buying a child scooter with fixed bars, you should just stand beside the scooter itself (besides it, not on it) and compare the height of the handle. If it is round about your chest height, it is good to go.


What size scooter wheels are best?

Scooter wheels are yet another important aspect of a kids (or any other) scooters that you simply can’t ignore. Wheels of a scooter take the most beating, it is the most exposed part of the scooter and does all the hard work for you.

Usually, the bigger wheels provide more stability to the ride, makes it perform well on uneven terrains and gives more speed. But bigger wheels are not always the best one for you as the type of terrains, weight of the rider, style of riding, etc also play a part.

Black metal core wheelsIf you’re a professional rider who spends hours on the scooter and always looking to learn new tricks, you should definitely go for bigger wheels. However, if you are buying a scooter for your child, you should better avoid the bigger wheels. The bigger wheels can make life difficult for new riders as they are comparatively harder to control and require more effort when it comes to learning.

Kids Scooter Size Comparison

We have already discussed that there is no one size fits all approach to buying kids scooters. Different manufacturers create different sizes for kids. What you might eventually get will depend on your preference and the size of your child. If he is taller, look for kids scooters with a longer bar and wider deck.

On the other hand, if your child is average built then going for what the manufacturer recommends can the best option. If however, your child is smaller in height, you should look for scooters with little cutdown specs (in terms of height). When it comes to the right scooter bar, we suggest that you buy a longer one as it can always be trimmed down later, as per the comfort of the rider.

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