Appropriate Time For Toddlers To Use Ride on Toys

Last updated 13. December 2018


Once a toddler starts walking, they will develop an interest in a set of wheels. Ride on toys are very popular with children once they have started enjoying the perks of movement and also the element that these toys give them that show them that they can imitate adults. There are many types of ride on toys, and they are used at different ages of toddler development. How do you know the appropriate age for your toddler to ride on a toy? We will find out below.


Movement Milestones Before Riding

There are some essential milestones that your child should have accomplished before buying them a ride on toy. They should at least be able to walk without any assistance. Do not put them on a toy if they cannot walk on their own. It could be dangerous for them. They should also be able to kick a ball on their own. It shows that they can handle the toy well. They should also be able to climb the staircase well.

This indicates that their limbs have developed and that they have the strength to take on this new challenge. They should also have started running. You should also pay attention to the age guidelines written on the toy package to ensure that your toddler is using an appropriate ride on toy according to their age. Doing this will ensure that you protect them from any injury that may occur.


Age-Related Toys.

You could start with a toy that is low to the ground for support since this is a new thing for them. The toddler can push it with their feet making it easier to move and to start this remarkable journey with them. Once they learn how to use both their feet to propel them forward, you could change them on to alternating feet. It may take some time, but they will realize that this makes them move faster than before. Once they are confident of themselves in a four-wheeler, you could advance them on to a balance bicycle.

This one has two wheels unlike the previous one with four wheels. It also has no stabilizers and may be scary for them at first since they may fall off easily. It is also low for the toddler to be able to put her feet on the ground while riding. You could help by pushing it from behind while they ride. This could provide support for them and help them gain confidence in the process. After doing this for a while, they will soon be confident enough to go about it on their own. Once they can do that, you are sure that they can ride on any toy with ease. Once they are about three years of age, you could now buy them a tricycle.

A three-wheeler is perfect for the child’s muscle strength and ensuring that the child’s coordination is impeccable. It improves their focus, and this will be a good skill at this age. They will love the high speed that comes with this toy. Ensure that the tricycle you buy is stable and has a broad base. It will prevent them from tipping over.

girl driving an electric car toy in safe track


Ways To Keep Them Safe While Riding.

  • Ensure that you have read the instructions from the manufacturer of the toy before they start using it. This information could be very vital since it contains a list of dos and don’ts while riding the toy and also on how to maintain it.
  • Ensure that the ride on toy is used in a safe environment. By this, we mean that it should not be used on the streets or stairs or even uneven ground. Since the toddler’s care is in your hands, you should be careful about this.
  • You should ensure that there is constant supervision. Do not leave them unsupervised, preferably by an adult. Do not let them ride alone since children love to explore and could lead themselves to dangerous situations.
  • Make sure that they are using the toy according to the instructions. Ensure that they are seated properly to prevent them from falling off and having injuries. You should also ensure that they hold on to the handles properly.


How To Help Them Learn To Use A Ride-On Toy.

You can start in a flat area and ensure that they are wearing a helmet that is well fitted. They should also have long sleeved tops and some trousers to prevent them from scrapes. You should try to avoid shorts while they are in the beginning stage of the process. You should not that practice makes perfect hence the more the training, the better at it they become.

Ride on toys are a perfect way to make your child learn how to ride and also enjoy doing s friends. You should, however, ensure that they are old enough to use it and that you are there to offer any help that they may need until they become perfect at it.


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