Are Skate Shoes good for walking?

Last updated 21. January 2020

Are skate shoes good for walking?

Generally speaking, there is no huge difference between skate shoes and normal walking shoes. But we are not here to give you the general info, are we? For professionals and more serious skaters and runners – both shoes serve a different purpose. Some people can have serious issues with skate shoes if they use it can-you-walk-in-skate-shoesfor walking for long distances.

The sole of the skate shoes are flat and are not built for continuous thumping. Even though the insides of the shoe is nicely padded up but it is still not considered an ideal comfort for walking or running.

Do skate shoes make a difference?

This is a tricky question as someone who skates occasionally – like once or twice a week will have a different opinion about skate shoes. A pro is going to answer this question a little differently. We are going to cover both angles.

For an occasional skateboarder, skate shoes won’t make a huge difference. He is likely to not have an idea about what the right grip feels like on the skateboard. How it can help manoeuvre and learn new tricks. He probably doesn’t know how to skate correctly.

If you are just an occasional skater than skate shoes won’t make that much of a difference. For professionals and more serious people out there, skate shoes are a must. It helps in the long run in avoiding injuries and learning new tricks quicker.

Are skate shoes bad for your feet?

What we have to realize here is the fact that skate shoes are specialty shoes. They are designed keeping in view the peculiar requirements of the skateboarders.

Just like medicines – we are only allowed to take them as per the physician’s instruction. A medicine aimed to fight against fever will only help a patient with fever. It may be bad for someone with a cough or other medical conditions. Similarly, skate shoes are designed for skateboarders. They are not very useful for them. However, if you use them as your everyday casual you might feel fatigued. Similarly, you can’t wear these shoes as an alternative to your running or walking shoes because they are simply not built for that.

So, if are looking for an answer to the above question – we would say YES and NO! It all comes down to the fact that how are you using them. For skating purpose they are just perfect but for everyday usage, yes they might not be the ideal choice!

Are skate shoes non slip?

The outsole of the skate shoes is generally made up of rubber, which more slip resistant than other materials especially when exposed to the wet or greasy floor. Since the skate shoes provide excellent grip on the slick floor they are also used by workers in the kitchen.

When it comes to skateboarding – these shoes provide excellent grip. More than the anti-slip properties, skateboarders need their shoes to be grippier and this is what the rubber outsole provides.

Since the best quality skate shoes are anti-slip, most people also wear them to work. Besides providing safety, we must say that skate shoes also look pretty trendy. Having said that, we also advise our readers that these shoes are made to support wearers standing all day every day. For a few hours, yes they may withstand but anything above 5 hours in a single day is likely to put your legs in strain. So, before you wear your skate shoes to work, just make sure that is it really suitable for the type of work you do?Covering more of its anti-slip property, let’s find out what makes them so grippy. Many of us think that it’s the material used in their making, many say it’s the design – we say it’s the combination of both.

The outsole of skate shoes are grippier – we already know that: let’s find out what makes them so grippy. The outsole is that external part of the show that comes directly in contact with the surface. In skateboard shoes, this part is made up of soft rubber and is flat all the way. The soft rubber sole, flat in design makes sure that you don’t slip or fall on the wet or greasy surface. On the other hand, a harder, curvier outsole of a normal shoe is highly unlikely to provide you with the support you need on more demanding surfaces.

Another thing that makes our skateboard shoes anti-slip as we know them is the special design of the shoes and the sole. Many people tend to get confused between skateboard shoes and basketball shoes. They have a similar design but basketball shoes are not that slip-proof. If you are a basketball fan, we are sure you must have seen players slipping in court and suffering serious injuries. This happens when they step on a wet patch in the court. This is the reason why NBA employs people whose only duty is to keep the basketball court dry and clean during the game. The basketball shoes (although similar in design) have a slightly curvier outsole and the rubber used is a little soft too. This adds more stability against harder impacts but makes the shoes more prone to slippage.

Skateboard shoes, on the other hand, provide excellent protection against slippages. All because of the flatter and simpler design of the outsole. The lines on the sole of skateboard shoes are also broader and more visible – providing more friction on impact.

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