Best Hiking Pants for Women in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

When going out hiking, you usually want to do so while wearing cozy gear. Too often do we rush this essential part of our preparation ritual. The thing is, you can’t just go out into the wilderness in your jeans. As convenient as that would be, after a few hours they would most likely start pinching you from all sides. These are not pants meant for hiking, they are not comfortable to wear when being out in nature, nor are they resistant to weather or the dangers of the outside world.

You need to look out for your well-being when putting yourself in such a situation where the elements could harm you. Both men and women have enjoyed hiking for centuries, and both genders have contributed to have extensive success stories within the field. To achieve these feats, however, they must have been wearing pants that suit their needs.

Hiking pants for women are specially designed to fit their body and curves, allowing for an easy, worry-free trip into the wild mountains or on hikes around the neighborhood forest.

All of the pants for women that are made nowadays are made to endure the harshest conditions that can be encountered when venturing outside. Whether that’s close or far from your home, staying safe and keeping your legs protected should be a priority. After all, you will be walking everywhere, and having injured limbs, especially legs, may mean not getting there!

While that’s all great and understandable, the question that you may still have is: where do I find this kind of hiking pants for women? To help save you the trouble of scrolling through countless articles and trying to find a random pair yourself, we provided you with the best pairs below. In our opinion, these hiking pants can endure almost anything you throw at them!

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1. Toomett Women’s Convertible Quick Drying Pants

Toomett Women's Convertible Quick Drying Pants

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These quick-drying pants from Toomett are made from 100% polyester, which allows the water to bounce right off upon hitting their surface. They are versatile with their cleaning options, too. You can hand wash them or put them in a washing machine for quick re-usability.

These pants also come with a UPF sun protection fabric that speeds up the drying phase if you get caught in a storm. The spandex fiber itself is made to be able to repel water, so despite getting wet outside, your legs will stay safe and dry.

When hiking it’s not unusual to start sweating quickly after starting out. That’s why these hiking pants for women are equipped with zippers to allow you to cool off. You can also convert these pants into fashionable shorts if you unzip the zipper around the thighs. The exterior waistband is easily adjustable to fit your waist as you travel.

+ Waterproof
+ Convert into shorts
+ 100% polyester
+ Water repellent
+ UPF sun protection

Why we like it – Having the option to convert these pants into shorts whenever you like during your journey is a convenience we should all have when traveling.

2. Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Pant

Columbia Women's Saturday Trail Pant

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These hiking pants for women from Columbia are not only functional, but they look fashionable, too. They don’t have the usual baggy design that we see, they sit tight against the body and won’t allow you to trip over them. They’re also fully stretchable to fit your body as much as you need, and when you walk you won’t feel any resistance from their part.

The fabric itself has been designed to be water and stain repellent so that you won’t have to worry about mud smudges. These hiking pants also have two side pockets that close with a hook and loop. You will also have two back pockets at your disposal, all in all, you will have many places to keep accessories with you that you want near you at all times. You will also get a UPF 50 sun protection fabric that will shield all the dangerous sun rays from having contact with your skin.

+ 2 back pockets
+ UPF 50 sun protection
+ Adjustable
+ Omni-shield
+ Water & stain repellent

Why we like it – The Columbia hiking pants are 96% nylon and 4% elastane, which allows them to be easily stretchable while they protect you from stains, liquids, and intense rainstorms.

3. prAna Women’s Halle Pant

prAna Women's Halle Pant

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The prAna pants are some of the most fitting hiking pants for women, especially since they come in a stunning variety of 11 colors. They can be steadily fastened by a button closure, are preferably hand washed, have stretchy zion fabric and look good thanks to their shape.

They are meant to enhance the curves of the female body even during normal hikes, instead of making us feel like we’re walking around in a plastic bag! These hiking pants are lightweight and easy to carry around, both in your bag and on your body.

They won’t contribute any additional weight to the clothes you are already wearing, and you will be able to move around freely. This is the most important thing when hiking, in the end. Being able to move without being obstructed by the essential gear and clothes that you are carrying.

The company itself was founded in 1992, and since then they had lots of time to develop and manufacture the ideal hiking pants for women. The Halle pants are perfect for traveling, have a 4-way-stretch mechanism implanted, dry within minutes and have a UPF 50+ sun protection fabric included.

+ Water repellent
+ Great for traveling
+ UPF 50+ sun protection
+ Dry quickly
+ Adjustable & flexible

Why we like it – The prAna hiking pants for women have every feature that you will need if you want to have a good time out in the wild.

4. BALEAF Women’s Hiking Cargo Pants Outdoor

BALEAF Women's Hiking Cargo Pants Outdoor

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Being 90% Polyester 10% Spandex, these hiking pants for women will grace you with their comfort like no other. The Stretch-woven fabric ensures a good waterproof layer that will protect you from all of the weather changes that can occur in the outside world. You can easily convert these pants to also take on the form of shorts, which gives you the versatility of staying cool and ventilated in any way you like when you’re outside.

They are also travel-friendly, so you’ll be able to pack them up and fit them in any bag you like. The hiking pants themselves are cozy and stretchable thanks to their elastic design, which ensures that no matter how high you have to lift your leg to get to the next stone, they won’t rip. In essence, they are built to endure all the tribulations that you can encounter during your adventures on the trail.

+ Angled hand pockets
+ Waterproof
+ Zip-secure pockets
+ Dry within minutes

Why we like it – These hiking pants for women by BALEAF have been made to be convenient, whether that’s thanks to their specially angled pocket or elasticity, they are made for the trail ahead.

5. Columbia Women’s Anytime Outdoor

Columbia Women's Anytime Outdoor

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The Columbia hiking pants are the perfect hiking pants for women who lead a regular active lifestyle. Whether that’s through big or small hikes, these pants will guide you through all.

The quality of these pants rests in the fact that they are made to endure everyday shortcomings that we humans encounter. No matter if that’s from stains that we make, or from dirt that we encounter within a natural nature-based environment.

With the Omni-shield, you are in fact encouraged by Columbia to try and get these pants dirty. It’s close to impossible to do so, especially since the Omni-shield is designed to resist any sort of liquid being absorbed. No moisture will get through thanks to the repelling mechanism that has been implanted within the fabric.

+ Omni-shield technology
+ Ideal for outdoor & indoor use
+ Drawstring closures
+ Resistant to UV rays
+ Available in various sizes

Why we like it – The Columbia hiking pants are a perfect fit for any woman, whether it’s for indoor or outside use, they are perfect for both hiking trails and everyday errands around the house.

6. Columbia Girls Silver Ridge III

Columbia Girls Silver Ridge III

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The Columbia hiking pants are made in the USA, can be easily put into the machine and washed within an hour and are overall equipped with advanced technology. They are flexible and can stretch to fit your body ideally, and the fabric itself has anti-UV ray fabric, which gives you protection from the sun at all times. Not only that, but the Omni-shield design will also give you protection from rains or any other liquid that could spill on your pants.

You will have a zip-closure security pocket at your disposal, and 4 colors to choose from when choosing these hiking pants for women. The waist is partially elastic so that you can slip these pants on to fit comfortably as you travel. You can also zip-off the legs to give you the ultimate comfort when you get too hot to have long sleeves. The pants themselves have a versatile fit with fabric that stretches over your body, giving you the comfort you need.

+ Flexible
+ Zip-pockets
+ Versatile
+ Sun protection
+ Omni-shield

Why we like it – Thee pants are perfect for women that are excited to hike and want a pair of pants that can allow them to do as many flexible positions as possible This is, after all, necessary if you want to be free with your hiking abilities.

7. Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Pant

Columbia Women's Saturday Trail Pant

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These hiking pants have zip-off legs that allow you to stay cooler when hiking on less dangerous trails, were harming your legs isn’t a worry. You will be able to allow yourself to relax in 10” shorts when you are trekking through paths that don’t put you and your legs in immediate danger.

If you are worried about UV rays, the long version of the pants will keep you shaded from that. The Omni-shade UPF 50 gives you the sun protection that you need when you’re spending a lot of time outside, exposed to the sun.

Not only that, Columbia’s hiking pants for women are also very stretchy, and versatile thanks to their ability to be converted to short and long pants. You can remove them altogether without a fuss, even with hiking boots on, which gives you less place for frustration on the road.

+ Convertible to shorts
+ Stretchy
+ Versatile in use
+ UPF sun protection
+ Accessible zippers

Why we like it – These hiking pants are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, cozy for both hiking and going on walks around the city on vacation.

8. Columbia Women’s Just Right Straight

Columbia Women's Just Right Straight

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With 6 colors to choose from, you can easily pick something out for yourself, and to fit the rest of your gear. These hiking pants for women are made of 100% nylon and have the signature fabric that protects us from the sun. You will be kept safe from the dangerous UVA and UVB rays that are emitted by the sun. This is especially important since you don’t want to be suffering from sunburn or skin damage when you are outside and adventuring.

Your pants will also be kept naturally free from stains and any rain impact thanks to their repellent fabric. Even with heavy rains, the Columbia hiking pants will protect you from getting your legs wet. After all, showers in the mountains are not something uncommon. It’s best to be kept dry when crossing rivers and lakes, especially if the weather is cooler during the day or in the evening. You don’t want to be walking around in wet clothes, ready to catch a cold!

+ UVA and UVB protection
+ Stay dry
+ 100% nylon
+ Waterproof
+ 6 colors available

Why we like it – These pants are ideal for those who want to have hiking pants for women that will protect them from water and the outside elements during their travels.

9. Camii Mia Women’s Windproof Waterproof

Camii Mia Women's Windproof Waterproof

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Coming in 4 colors, these hiking pants for females are made from 97% nylon and 3% spandex, giving them an elastic fit to your body. You can either machine or hand wash them, both options are available for the ultimate convenience. They are perfect not only for hiking and trekking but for general outdoor activities.

Whether that’s snow skiing, cycling, hunting or camping, these pants will effectively protect you from the elements as you experience the outside world. With the inner layer fleece, you will also be kept warm if you are out exploring during colder weather.

The pants fit true to size, that’s why it’s better to pick your normal size when buying this pair. You will have two back pockets to use to store your accessories, as well as two knee pockets. The external layer of the pants is completely waterproof to give you the freedom of venturing wherever you like, whenever you like.

+ Fit true size
+ 4 pockets
+ Weatherproof
+ 97% nylon
+ Inner fleece

Why we like it – With its weatherproof qualities and heavy-duty zippers, these pants are really ideal for any outdoor activities that you want to engage in.

10. RBX Active Women’s Lightweight

RBX Active Women's Lightweight

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Available in 6 colors, these 95% polyester hiking pants for women are ideal for weekend trips into the mountains or into the forest. Many customers report that they are super comfortable within these pants even in a home environment. They are 100% adjustable with their drawcord that is located around the waist, allowing you to adjust them to fit your body as you need.

The leg openings also allow you to customize the pants as you see fit. The side pockets allow you to store anything you need, from snacks to change to tickets you bought to go on a trail.

These hiking pants help you stay relaxed, without staying tightly against your body when you’re trying to move around freely. Too often pants that are too tight are being sold, and they make our movement difficult and uncomfortable when we’re trying to move around without effort.

+ Adjustable drawcord
+ 6 colors available
+ Pockets
+ Easy fit
+ 95% polyester

Why we like it – The RBX hiking pants for women are perfect for a relaxed hiked around a forest or mountain, keeping your limbs free to move thanks to the easily stretchable fabric.

Hiking Pants for Women Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying hiking pants for women

When choosing hiking pants, we usually want them to be a) comfortable, and b) good looking. More importantly, we simply need them to protect us from the dangers of the elements that we are exposed to on a regular basis when we travel outside.

The rain and the sun are two things that you will surely encounter when you go outside, and keeping yourself safe from these two things is one thing that all hiking pants should do. But how do you know what exactly you should look for?


When you’re going out into the wild, you never know what you’ll encounter. Whether that’s a weather change, a storm, or rivers and lakes that you may need to cross. Regardless, you don’t want to be caught in such a situation unprepared.

That’s why when buying hiking pants for women, something you should definitely look out for is how well the fabric they are made from repels water and liquids in general. After all, we can’t deny that sometimes the error is on our side, too. When we spill some of our food, slip, or have nature take us by surprise.

Sun Protection

As you venture outside, there is a 100% chance that you will also be exposed to sunlight. Some sun rays can indeed be harmful, especially nowadays with the ozone layer slowly degrading. That’s why most companies have started manufacturing hiking pants that can protect us. The fabric is made from materials that give a certain level of ultraviolet protection.

It’s best to invest in pants that can give you this kind of comfort, since in the long run they will keep looking good, and will keep your skin safe from the skin damage.


It’s good to have pants that are adjustable and have a cord around the waist to help adjust them as you see fit. If you go hiking a lot, it’s good to get pants that can be converted into shorts. This usually happens thanks to the pants having zippers around the thighs, and when zipping them away you are presented with shorts.


Your hiking pants should protect you and keep you safe from the elements while keeping you comfy. If the pants fit you well, are flexible, can stretch and protect you from the outside world, then they’re definitely something you should invest in.

Expert Tip

It’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the trail before you start on your hike. This way, there is less that can go wrong, and more that can go right!

Did you know?

When hiking in a group, the etiquette is usually to put the slower hikers at the front of the group. This helps set a good pace for everyone, without leaving anyone behind.

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