There is no shortage of accidents in the mountains, and a quality pair of best ski pants for a few bucks can save you a lot of pain! Even small slips on the slopes can be a source of a series of unwanted bruises and bumps which are definitely not a pleasant experience. Especially if you are just starting out your skiing adventure, having something to back up your limbs should be put into consideration. Ice and snow can be tricky, especially for people who just started learning! If you are looking for snowboard pants – click here for the review.

Regardless, even the best of ski pants may not always be the most exciting piece of gear to buy, but they are some of the most valuable. They are meant to protect all of the limbs you have below your waist from moisture, harsh winds and in some cases even scrapes or cuts you may get from roots or rocks sticking out of the ground and sharp ice fragments. If you’re looking to keep your head safe with the top ski helmets click here. Make sure you have the correct footwear with our guide on Snowboard Boots.

We have some of the best material gathered up and condensed into readable chunks of information that could help you with your search for new ski pants. From a few reviews to a small section of answers to popular questions, we hope you will be able to find at least one new fact or tip that will prove to be helpful as well as interesting! Make sure to keep your whole body warm with Skiing Mittens, and not forgetting Balaclavas – see here. You may also wish to look into buying some ski socks (click to see our top 10)

The Best Ski Pants for Warmth & Protection on the Slopes in 2021:

1. Spyder Dare

Spyder has been on the market for a long time, and in that timeline, they have supplied countless amounts of customers with products that are both reliable and protective on the mountain slopes. They have a waterproof fabric that will be fit to repel and falling snow or moisture around you. Although many pairs of pants may become stuffy due to some of the fabric they use to manufacture their products, Spyder ensures that you will have a 100% breathable material that won’t let you get sweaty and uncomfortable on the inside. This will help you enjoy longer rides with a very comfortable and protective pair of ski pants!

They come in four colors: black, blue, green and red; a variety that won’t make you feel bound to one single color (usually black). Spyder makes sure you will find something for yourself with each and every one of their skiing products. The vets are also present within these pants as well as the pockets that are also waterproof- if you are looking to take your phone or wallet into the mountains, this is the perfect pair of outdoor wear to allow you to do that safely without risking a leak.

+ fully waterproof
+ breathable fabric
+ protected pockets

Why We Liked It – Spyder has been a worthy competitor in the world of winter gear for a long time now, and this pair of pants is one of the best out there. They are the best pair of winter gear you could ask for, together with their breathable fabric, waterproof material and extra, protected pockets, you can take this pair of pants out and ride all day without any worries! You can also wear these ski pants when riding on a snow kick scooter.

2. Arcteryx Theta SV Bib

Arcteryx is known for having products that lean a bit more to the expensive side, but to counter that, they are also known for the durability and quality of their products that can last up to years at a time even with regular use. The overall design of the gear is made in a way to be as articulate as possible and the seams are place so that you are not restricting your body in any way, shape or form. These bibs will encourage your skiing abilities and will allow you to move down and along the slopes without any constraints present.

They are a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to keep the cold out and keep the warmth in. Any kind of moisture will be immediately repelled and you will be glad that you don’t have to ski down the slopes soaking wet! They also have a lot of free room and won’t be tight on any clothes that may be laying underneath. Usually people who have been skiing for a long time know that to be ultimately comfortable, you also need to have a few protective layers underneath the pants themselves.

+ tough fabric even in extreme conditions
+ allow for layers underneath
+ keeps warmth in and cold out

Why We Liked It – When buying a pair of winter pants from Arcteryx, you should go in with the assumption that this pair will last you a good couple of years. Whether you will be using it for regular skiing days or for holiday trips, you can rest assured that these pants won’t give up on you anytime soon.

Also since this pair of shorts are bibs, they allow for a significantly larger amount of movement than regular outdoor wear, which is key for skiing and should be the best choice for anyone!

3. Arctix Men’s Avalanche

Arctix is a brand that has made it their goal to appeal to both the professional and aspiring skiers. Their pants come at a very affordable price that will be sure to attract anyone’s attention. The price ranging between 30$-50$, it’s easy to see how they are dominating the market in their niche. Other options on the market are more costly and can sum up to being between 100$-250$; a price that can prove to be a bit too ambitious for someone who just wants a pair of shorts for the occasional holiday trip to the mountains.

These ski pants will keep the warmth in and moisture out thanks to the protective zippers; the boot gaiters will also make sure that no warmth will escape as the seamlessly integrate with your ski boots for maximum comfort and efficiency. The adjustable waist will allow you to quickly tighten or loosen your fit whether you are on the slopes or in the hotel. This comfort of quick and accessible adjustments will leave you glad that you don’t have to fiddle with zippers or laces, which is something other pants usually make you do!

+ adjustable waist
+ affordable price
+ boot gaitors

Why We Liked It – Arctix allows you to have all the key essentials that winter pants need to have at a low price that will make every customer feel happy and satisfied. If this is your first time skiing or if you just need a new pair of sustainable pants, Arctix will keep you warm, insulated and dry through all of your skiing adventures!

4. Columbia Bugaboo II

If you are fussy with picking products and need to choose a pair of ski pants that will be just right for the rest of your gear, both performance and appearance wise, you don’t have to put in any more effort into searching.You can rest assured that Columbia will have you covered with their quality make of products and the stunning selection of color variety that reaches up to 18 colors! 

They also have an adjustable exterior waist, a protective cuff guard to make sure you won’t end up tearing your new gear too quickly and articulated knees to encourage free movement.

A vital feature since skiing requires you to bend and swerve for a large portion of the ride!

Many people praise these pants for lasting for many seasons and providing sufficient protection from both wind and moisture. They are perfect for also just hanging around in the snowy mountains, especially since they’re not bulky and don’t overwhelm you with being heavy. They are a relatively loose but well-fitting pair that will fit over your ski boots and other layers perfectly, providing a sufficient layer of protection over your other clothes!


+ wide-range of color variety
+ loose and adjustable
+ articulate custom design

Why We Liked It – Columbia is one of those brands that we’re not afraid to say will fit a lot of customers, they truly have some of the best offers out there. Not only thanks to the versatility of the color schemes they offer but also thanks to the quality craftsmanship and the price range that goes from 50$-150$, depending on what deal you can strike with these.

They’re perfect for beginner and professional alike, you get more for less!

5. Arctix Essential Bib

convenience for many. You will be covered right up to your chest and the suspenders will keep your pants up at all times. Many normal pairs may end up fidgeting down over the skiing period that you have them on and it may become uncomfortable, especially if you are being more aggressive with your skiing. The bib overalls will keep your pants up and your chest just as protected as your legs and waist. If you are in need of a sturdy pair of winter pants that won’t embarrass or slide of, Arctix will have you covered.

They come in six different colors, most are more earthlike and fit in well with the snowy scenery. You will need to make sure that before you buy these pants that you measure your waist and torso lengths, this will ensure that you will be able to purchase a pair that won’t fit too tight on the clothes you wear underneath, like a hooded sweatshirt or jumper.

The material isn’t too thick and provides great warmth, insulating you from the harsh realities of the snow weather waiting for you outside. The zipper at the bottom of the pants makes it easy for you to drag them right over your boots and not have you expose naked ankles!

+ insulating material
+ elastic material to encourage movement
+ waterproof and windproof

Why We Liked It – Combined with the gaiters that you can tuck in, you can be sure you will be kept well and warm through your trips with only the best of winter outdoor wear! They will insulate and protect you from the outside cutting cold and you will be left wondering why you didn’t think t invest in these earlier!

6. Gash Hao Mens Snow Ski Waterproof Softshell Snowboard Pants

Gash Hao Mens Snow Ski Waterproof Softshell Snowboard Pants

Check Price on Amazon

Enjoy the comfort of a stretchy waist that won’t provide unpleasant pressure throughout the snowboarding experience, and which allows you to move freely thanks to the loose fit and soft material.

They have a granule fleece lining to keep you warm even in very low temperatures, zippered rear- and front pockets for storing personal items, a softshell layer, wind-resistant material, bottom legs with zippers and much more, to provide you with the ultimate clothing item for hiking, snowboarding, camping, winter outdoor adventures, hunting and fishing, or for whatever other activities you plan to engage in.

+ Water- and wind-resistant
+ Leg with zipper for boots
+ Large front- and back pockets
+ Extra knee space for movement

Why We Like It – These pants are comfortable and easy to move in, thanks to a stretchy waist and extra space in the knee and groin area, making them great also for activities like climbing.

7. Outdoor Research White Room

These outdoor ski pants are definitely more on the expensive side, ranging from 300$-500$ depending where you can get them. Regardless, their design is not like the bulky one you would usually expect to find when buying other pants. They won’t make you look too inflated and are rather slim and thinning, thanks to their modern and good-looking design that doesn’t add to make you look more puffy than you already are, they are a very popular purchase among people who are out on the slopes very regularly and want to feel good while wearing them, too.

They come in three colors: black, blue and lemongrass. These colors are sure to fit anyone who wants to look a bit more lively on the slopes or for anyone that is looking to inject some bright colors into the rest of their winter gear. They are made of 92% nylon and 8% elastane, which makes for the perfect material combination for a pair of articulate pants that won’t allow you to be restricted with your movements! The zippered and waterproof pockets will allow you to keep all your phones and wallets safe from any moisture and right at your disposal whenever you will need them.

+92% nylon and 8% elastane
+ zippable thigh vents
+ waterproof

Why We Liked It – Outdoor Research has offered the market only the best and quality products and if you will end up choosing their pants, you will surely not be disappointed. They allow you to be both free in movement and in regulating the zippable vent options, encouraging a customized and personalized skiing experience!

8. Helly Hansen Legendary

Helly Hansen has been able to supply the market with a quality pair of ski pants for a good amount of years now, and they come at a very affordable price, too. The venting zippers can be regulated at the riders own free will, which allows you to regulate your temperature easily and cool down if needed. Anywhere and everywhere you find yourself, you can rest assured that you will be able to customize your new pants to best suit your comfort level at that point!

The boot gaitors have a very flexible and stretchy silicone gripper to ensure that you can tuck them in withing your boots, providing enough friction to make them stay there, too.

The extra 60g of insulation around the knees and seat to make sure that the parts that get most exposed to harsh winds stay protected. This will in turn allow you to spend as much time on the mountains as you wish, encouraging a worry-free and comfortable experience all thanks to Helly Hansen’s design and features that are a perfect match in the cold.

Helly Hansen also went out of their way to construct their own fabric that they use with all of their ski pants, the HellyTech Performance fabric. HellyTech has superior wind and waterproofing and is made in a way to allow the 2-way mechanical stretch give you freedom when skiing, leading to the ideal articulation that Helly is praised for and giving you optimized movement.


+ HellyTech Performance fabric
+ flexible boot gaitors
+ a lot inner insulation provided

Why We Liked It – Helly Hansen gives you a pair of very slim but not tight winter pants that allow you to both look modern and fashionable while ready for your skiing duties. They have a snug fit and allow you to regulate your temperature provide with the vents on both side of the pants to best suit your needs. If you are looking for a well-priced pair of pants with excellent performance, these are the ones!

9. Dynafit Chugach Windstopper

Dynafit’s ski pants are the perfect outdoor wear if you are looking for a reasonable price, a good luck and features that will help repel the cold weather you will surely encounter during your skiing ventures. These pants come in four colors: grey, light green, dark green and blue. They are compatible with bibs which is perfect for anyone that is used to more aggressive skiing and ski pants sliding off every now and then. They are water as well as wind resistant and will be sure to keep you shielded from any harsh weather and moisture that may come from falling over or from the sky!
They are made of 85% nylon and 15% elastane, which once again allows for a lot of freedom when skiing. These ski pants won’t be restricting you with tight seams or zippers that are placed in unusual places; they are made to be as elastic and as durable as it is possible, while still retaining the ability to keep you dry and warm. The ventilation zippers will allow you to regulate your temperature, and if you are too sweaty you can unzip one and continue skiing! They however have an enhanced breathability to ensure that happens as little as possible.

+ flexible and elastic to encourage movement
+ breathable material
+ ventilation zippers

Why We Liked It – Dynafit has manufactured a pair of ski pants that will best suit just about anyone’s needs in the wintery seasons. They are durable, they have enhanced breathability, ventilation zippers and come in a variety of colors to help you choose a pair that will suit the rest of your gear without any trouble!

10. Obermeyer Peak Shell

Obermeyer’s ski pants are a great for the beginning stages of winter or around the spring time; they are a loose, snug fit that will be perfect for skiing in the cold with and best worn with few warm base layers underneath. These ski pants will provide you with the ultimate windproof material that will reflect any harsh winds and have them bounce away immediately. 

You will also not have to worry about the moisture that they may be expose to, since they are fully waterproof and will keep you dry and safe throughout your travels on the slopes.

Many people have said that these pants are ideal for both skiing and comfortable walking around the cold mountain settlements as a break since they don’t restrict any movement and are rather light in build.

These pants come in both black and yellow and range from 150$-250$, depending if you can get them while they are on sale or during special offers before the winter seasons starts. The taped three layer stretch fabric offers you features that were not available for, mainly: 30K waterproofing and 15K breathability. The heavy duty zippers will be sure to stay in tact and not break any time soon and the reinforced inseam will make sure these ski pants stay with you for a long time yet!

+ heavy duty zippers
+ adjustable inner belt
+ a relaxed fit

Why We Liked It – Obermeyer is not only a brand that has been on the market for a long time, but a brand that despite that still makes an effort to produce the ideal ski pants for everyone. They are always on top of the new features that could help their customers enjoy the winter days in all kinds of temperatures and give only the best of experiences. You can be sure that these ski pants will be a great fit for you if are looking for a good price combined with fantastic comfort!

Buyers Guide Questions

Are Ski Pants And Snowboard Pants The Same?

Whether you are new to skiing or if you have been doing it for a long time, there is no doubt that you must have asked yourself this question at one time or another. Perhaps if you were shopping for new ski pants and the results section would show you a mix of both ski and snowboard pants. The truth is, sometimes people can by mistake purchase ski pants for snowboarding and snowboarding pants for skiing, and usually that can provide a bit of trouble, but that depends on the product in question, too.

Snowboarding vs. Skiing

While both snowboarding (click here for bags) and skiing can be regarded as winter sports, they are quite a bit different if you take a closer look. This means that even though some companies promote winter gear that is catered both for snowboarding, skiing, walking and the alike, sometimes it’s best to invest in a pair of pants that is best suited for your particular sport to encourage maximum comfort, suitable features and a good overall experience that won’t result in any accidents. 

Snowboard Pants
Snowboard pants are usually different from ski pants due to the baggier appearance of them. The baggy design is one of the features that distinguishes them from ski pants, since snowboarding needs you to have way more room to swerve and move you need a more articulate pair of pants to suit all the maneuvering you will be doing on the slopes. The baggy and loose fit allows riders to have an easier time when crouching, jumping, and performing other various leg movements.

Usually, the appearance and design of snowboard pants tends to be more attractive and appealing, or so the customers claim. Since snowboarding has been made to appeal to both the surfing and skateboarding crowds, the clothes are baggier to also represent the culture of the sport. The colors are way more lively and eccentric, providing some very interesting patterns that other types of winter gear just doesn’t have. Snowboarding is all based on the tricks and style you wish to represent, and therefore the market offer you many options to help you find that inner voice.

The snowboard pants also provide you with extra padding around the knees and seat, places where you very often fall on as a snowboarder. Ski pants don’t usually have any padding in these places, and this is one of the reasons why it’s best to choose winter gear that best fits your specific sport rather than buying general wear!

What Are Ski Pants?

Ski pants are a bit different from snowboard pants in the sense that skiing is made to be about speed and efficiency, and the ski pants are made to suit that motto. They are nowhere near as baggy as snowboard pants and usually are a much slimmer and tighter fit to encourage speed. Ski pants also have a more toned down design, that is usually simple and doesn’t get in the way. The slimmer design allows for more air to come through the ventilation zippers, and overall skiing doesn’t require as many harsh movements as snowboarding, and therefore the ski pants can be a bit tighter and snug in fit.

The air is better insulated thanks to the tighter fit on ski pants, while snowboard pants usually have more vents since it’s a more aggressive sport and don’t need as much insulation to keep the rider warm. Ski pants also sometimes have a reinforced layer of material near the ankles, as to prevent the neighbouring ski to run into it and damage the material of the ski pants.


What are Ski PantsBoth of these sports seem to be very similar: both include boards, although at different sizes and lengths and number wise, both expect you to go on a hill and ride down, and both require you to have warm winter gear to keep you protected! Despite these similarities, both can be rather different. Snowboard pants can be more waterproof in the padded areas and ski pants can have more protection reinforced to protect you from the ski next to you.

No matter what the occasion, if you are looking for either snowboard or ski pants, it’s best to not mix them up during your initial purchase phase! Both parties offer a set of features that is not present in the other. While snowboarding pants tend to have way more padding and ventilation and articulate seams, ski pants usually have a slim build, extra protection around the ankles and better insulation. Either way, choosing the best pair of ski or snowboard pants is vital to help you enjoy your holidays and practice sessions as best as you can!

Are Ski Pants Waterproof?

All winter pants usually have a layer of waterproofing unless otherwise stated; this also means that there are many different thicknesses of the waterproof layer. Depending on which pair of ski pants you will end up purchasing, the best solution is to check where you will be skiing and what environment you will be spending most time in. Some surroundings have a lot of snowfall and powdery snow under your feet, while other have drier snow and little snowfall overall.

Heavy Snowfall

Choosing the best skiing pants for either condition is crucial, since the first option would need to have less vents and more insulation to prevent you from all of the snowfall and powdery snow you could fall on. The waterproof layer would also need to be thicker due to the snow coming from above you and below you, which means you would need a thicker and more reinforced layer to keep you dry at all times. The gaitors would also need to be present and more flexible to make sure you can tuck them in deep into your boots to not allow the inches of powdery snow to get withing your ski socks (click here for review), boots or around your ankles.

Light Snowfall

Ski pants for more dry conditions could have no insulation since you could wear more base layers and not much snowfall would hinder your comfort. They could also have more vents to encourage faster speeds on the snow hills that have thicker and harder snow. You also wouldn’t need as flexible gaitors as in the previous example, since you wouldn’t have to put much worry in looking out for your ankles due to lesser snowfall in the surrounding.


It’s best to check what weather is prevalent in the regions you will be skiing in, and the conditions that you will be expose to. Some companies offer ski pants that are also catered to specific seasons; for example, spring ski pants have more ventilation zippers and no insulation layer, while harsh winter ski pants have double padding and less vents. Some ski pants are also perfect for most conditions, the ideal thing to do is to look around and see what fits you and the environment you will be skiing in the most!

How Do I Wear Ski Pants?

While this may sound like an odd and amusing question, there is more to wearing ski pants than just putting them on! The ski pants you buy from the shop will usually only be the outer layer that will shield you from things like moisture that comes from snow and rain, wind that is very harsh in the mountains and accidents that may scrape a normal piece of fabric, but not a durable pair of ski pants.

Base Layers

Usually people who ski are encourage to wear base layers, which are layers of clothes that you wear underneath the durable winter gear that you buy to protect you from the outside, but that material doesn’t always prove to be comfortable to just wear on bare skin, and also shouldn’t be worn like that in any case. While you can throw on a pair of your own pants underneath, it’s best to put on special leggings that are breathable and synthetic and will help you stay dry under all those heavy layers. When you wear a base layer, usually the only layer separating your ski pants from your skin, that is breathable and doesn’t hold moisture against your skin, you will be less likely to experience extreme body changing temperatures!

Top Choice

Our Top Choice spot has to go to Spyder’s ski pants, simply because they are at the best average price so that anyone looking for a quality pair of ski pants could invest and get only the best of results on the slopes.

Spyder Dare

Check Price on Amazon

The Spyder ski pants have a variety of lively colors to choose from, and they provide you with only the best and necessary winter features without cluttering the design and still making them look fashionable. They have an articulate knee construction that will not hinder you in your skiing. The waterproof zippers make sure that you will be able to hide all your handy possessions by your side.

The vents will allow for air-flow as you ski so that you don’t get unnecessarily sweaty and can enjoy your skiing adventures for a longer and without any discomfort hindering you in your performance. These ski pants also allow for a full range of motion and comfort both and outside of the slopes; whether you are looking forward to spending some time in the snow or to actually ski, these pants will perform great in all winter conditions, on and off the slopes.

Thanks to Spyder having all of the key and vital features a pair of ski pants should have, and thanks to the reasonable price they propose for such a fulfilling winter bundle, they have to earn themselves a place as our Top Choice!

Premium Choice

Our Premium Choice has to go to the Arcteryx ski bibs thanks to the quality of the craftsmanship that they offer. The protection that they offer each customer that purchases them cannot be matched and they are simply a very good product that will provide you with all the features a pair of winter ski bibs should have.

Arcteryx Theta SV Bib

Check Price on Amazon

They are presented as bib overalls and thanks to that you can be sure that you won’t have any trouble with your pants sliding off during your more aggressive turns or jumps, or just regular skiing. You will be equipped with two small zipper pockets on the bib to encourage the storage of small possessions, passes or snack that you would keep on hand in case of an emergency!

The suspenders are fully adjustable and thanks to the waist-long bib you will be kept warm for longer (click here for the ski insulation study), and your torso won’t have to experience any wind or moisture attacks that could come through under the coat! These ski pants are truly a superior pair of gear that will help you enjoy your skiing holidays and practice sessions more thanks to the comfy, dry and safe feeling you will have that will make you continue skiing for hours on end.

Thanks to all of the features Arcteryx provides with their ski bibs, they have to make their way through the lists as our Premium Choice. The quality of the material is fantastic and all of the features present within these ski pants will help you enjoy all of your days out on the slopes!

Great Value

Our Great Value choice has to go to none other than Arctix’s product; these ski pants are on the market since a long time and are a best -seller when it comes to winter gear. Not only are they widely accessible but their price is stunning for the quality you get. Between 30$-50$ you will be able to acquire a pair of ski pants that will accompany you through many winter seasons.

Arctix Men's Avalanche

Check Price on Amazon

These ski pants have all the features you could ask for, including an adjustable waist to make sure you can have them fit you perfectly. The boot gaiters are equipped with grippers to make sure no cold and moisture gets between your pants and your boots, which is a common problem with pants that go without them.

The cuffs of the pants also have zippers to ensure you can pull them over your boots as you desire and take them off as you wish. This ensures little to no effort in pulling your pants on and off thanks to the zippers that are put there to increase the comfort and accessibility. They are also 100% nylon material to ensure you have a flexible and articulate pair of pants that will help you enjoy your skiing holidays and practice sessions, wherever you are! Truly one of the best and most versatile pair of pants that will make any customer happy to own them.

Thanks to the stunning price and quality of features and craftsmanship of the Arctix ski pants, the simply have to be our Great Value choice. You will get more for less and they will be sure to satisfy even the fussiest of customers!


No matter which pair of pants you will end up going with, you can be sure that all of the products we listed have great features and trademarks to their own functions and designs. The best thing you can do to make sure you get the best pants for you is to read all of the specifications and determine what kind of weather you will be skiing in and if the ski pants in question will be able to protect you from either the harsh or light weather conditions you will encounter, or even both!

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
Arctix Men's Essential Snow Pants, Black, X-Large
  • THERMALOCK: durable coating that offers a higher resistant to outdoor...
  • THERMATECH: engineered synthetic 85g insulation that offers high degree of...
  • REINFORCED: 600 Denier Ballistic reinforced ankle, scuff and hem guards...
Bestseller No. 2
Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants, White, Medium
  • Thermalock: Durable coating that offers a higher resistant to outdoor...
  • Thermatech: Engineered synthetic 85 gram insulation that offers high degree...
  • Reinforced: 600 denier ballistic reinforced ankle, scuff and hem guards...
Bestseller No. 3
Columbia Men's Bugaboo™ II Pant, Black,Large Regular, standard
  • OMNI-HEAT: Our patented Heat Reflective garments are the ultimate body heat...
  • OMNI-TECH: Our proprietary technology provides air-permeable protection...
  • WATERPROOF SNOW PANTS: Made for warm breathable comfort, you can embrace...

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When going out hiking, you usually want to do so while wearing cozy gear. Too often do we rush this essential part of our preparation ritual. The thing is, you can’t just go out into the wilderness in your jeans. As convenient as that would be, after a few hours they would most likely start pinching you from all sides. These are not pants meant for hiking, they are not comfortable to wear when being out in nature, nor are they resistant to weather or the dangers of the outside world.

You need to look out for your well-being when putting yourself in such a situation where the elements could harm you. Both men and women have enjoyed hiking for centuries, and both genders have contributed to have extensive success stories within the field. To achieve these feats, however, they must have been wearing pants that suit their needs.

Hiking pants for women are specially designed to fit their body and curves, allowing for an easy, worry-free trip into the wild mountains or on hikes around the neighborhood forest.

All of the pants for women that are made nowadays are made to endure the harshest conditions that can be encountered when venturing outside. Whether that’s close or far from your home, staying safe and keeping your legs protected should be a priority. After all, you will be walking everywhere, and having injured limbs, especially legs, may mean not getting there!

While that’s all great and understandable, the question that you may still have is: where do I find this kind of hiking pants for women? To help save you the trouble of scrolling through countless articles and trying to find a random pair yourself, we provided you with the best pairs below. In our opinion, these hiking pants can endure almost anything you throw at them!

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View The Best Hiking Pants for Women Below

1. Toomett Women’s Convertible Quick Drying Pants

Toomett Women's Convertible Quick Drying Pants

Check Price on Amazon

These quick-drying pants from Toomett are made from 100% polyester, which allows the water to bounce right off upon hitting their surface. They are versatile with their cleaning options, too. You can hand wash them or put them in a washing machine for quick re-usability.

These pants also come with a UPF sun protection fabric that speeds up the drying phase if you get caught in a storm. The spandex fiber itself is made to be able to repel water, so despite getting wet outside, your legs will stay safe and dry.

When hiking it’s not unusual to start sweating quickly after starting out. That’s why these hiking pants for women are equipped with zippers to allow you to cool off. You can also convert these pants into fashionable shorts if you unzip the zipper around the thighs. The exterior waistband is easily adjustable to fit your waist as you travel.

+ Waterproof
+ Convert into shorts
+ 100% polyester
+ Water repellent
+ UPF sun protection

Why we like it – Having the option to convert these pants into shorts whenever you like during your journey is a convenience we should all have when traveling.

2. Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Pant

Columbia Women's Saturday Trail Pant

Check Price on Amazon

These hiking pants for women from Columbia are not only functional, but they look fashionable, too. They don’t have the usual baggy design that we see, they sit tight against the body and won’t allow you to trip over them. They’re also fully stretchable to fit your body as much as you need, and when you walk you won’t feel any resistance from their part.

The fabric itself has been designed to be water and stain repellent so that you won’t have to worry about mud smudges. These hiking pants also have two side pockets that close with a hook and loop. You will also have two back pockets at your disposal, all in all, you will have many places to keep accessories with you that you want near you at all times. You will also get a UPF 50 sun protection fabric that will shield all the dangerous sun rays from having contact with your skin.

+ 2 back pockets
+ UPF 50 sun protection
+ Adjustable
+ Omni-shield
+ Water & stain repellent

Why we like it – The Columbia hiking pants are 96% nylon and 4% elastane, which allows them to be easily stretchable while they protect you from stains, liquids, and intense rainstorms.

3. prAna Women’s Halle Pant

prAna Women's Halle Pant

Check Price on Amazon

The prAna pants are some of the most fitting hiking pants for women, especially since they come in a stunning variety of 11 colors. They can be steadily fastened by a button closure, are preferably hand washed, have stretchy zion fabric and look good thanks to their shape.

They are meant to enhance the curves of the female body even during normal hikes, instead of making us feel like we’re walking around in a plastic bag! These hiking pants are lightweight and easy to carry around, both in your bag and on your body.

They won’t contribute any additional weight to the clothes you are already wearing, and you will be able to move around freely. This is the most important thing when hiking, in the end. Being able to move without being obstructed by the essential gear and clothes that you are carrying.

The company itself was founded in 1992, and since then they had lots of time to develop and manufacture the ideal hiking pants for women. The Halle pants are perfect for traveling, have a 4-way-stretch mechanism implanted, dry within minutes and have a UPF 50+ sun protection fabric included.

+ Water repellent
+ Great for traveling
+ UPF 50+ sun protection
+ Dry quickly
+ Adjustable & flexible

Why we like it – The prAna hiking pants for women have every feature that you will need if you want to have a good time out in the wild.

4. BALEAF Women’s Hiking Cargo Pants Outdoor

BALEAF Women's Hiking Cargo Pants Outdoor

Check Price on Amazon

Being 90% Polyester 10% Spandex, these hiking pants for women will grace you with their comfort like no other. The Stretch-woven fabric ensures a good waterproof layer that will protect you from all of the weather changes that can occur in the outside world. You can easily convert these pants to also take on the form of shorts, which gives you the versatility of staying cool and ventilated in any way you like when you’re outside.

They are also travel-friendly, so you’ll be able to pack them up and fit them in any bag you like. The hiking pants themselves are cozy and stretchable thanks to their elastic design, which ensures that no matter how high you have to lift your leg to get to the next stone, they won’t rip. In essence, they are built to endure all the tribulations that you can encounter during your adventures on the trail.

+ Angled hand pockets
+ Waterproof
+ Zip-secure pockets
+ Dry within minutes

Why we like it – These hiking pants for women by BALEAF have been made to be convenient, whether that’s thanks to their specially angled pocket or elasticity, they are made for the trail ahead.

5. Columbia Women’s Anytime Outdoor

Columbia Women's Anytime Outdoor

Check Price on Amazon

The Columbia hiking pants are the perfect hiking pants for women who lead a regular active lifestyle. Whether that’s through big or small hikes, these pants will guide you through all.

The quality of these pants rests in the fact that they are made to endure everyday shortcomings that we humans encounter. No matter if that’s from stains that we make, or from dirt that we encounter within a natural nature-based environment.

With the Omni-shield, you are in fact encouraged by Columbia to try and get these pants dirty. It’s close to impossible to do so, especially since the Omni-shield is designed to resist any sort of liquid being absorbed. No moisture will get through thanks to the repelling mechanism that has been implanted within the fabric.

+ Omni-shield technology
+ Ideal for outdoor & indoor use
+ Drawstring closures
+ Resistant to UV rays
+ Available in various sizes

Why we like it – The Columbia hiking pants are a perfect fit for any woman, whether it’s for indoor or outside use, they are perfect for both hiking trails and everyday errands around the house.

6. Columbia Girls Silver Ridge III

Columbia Girls Silver Ridge III

Check Price on Amazon

The Columbia hiking pants are made in the USA, can be easily put into the machine and washed within an hour and are overall equipped with advanced technology. They are flexible and can stretch to fit your body ideally, and the fabric itself has anti-UV ray fabric, which gives you protection from the sun at all times. Not only that, but the Omni-shield design will also give you protection from rains or any other liquid that could spill on your pants.

You will have a zip-closure security pocket at your disposal, and 4 colors to choose from when choosing these hiking pants for women. The waist is partially elastic so that you can slip these pants on to fit comfortably as you travel. You can also zip-off the legs to give you the ultimate comfort when you get too hot to have long sleeves. The pants themselves have a versatile fit with fabric that stretches over your body, giving you the comfort you need.

+ Flexible
+ Zip-pockets
+ Versatile
+ Sun protection
+ Omni-shield

Why we like it – Thee pants are perfect for women that are excited to hike and want a pair of pants that can allow them to do as many flexible positions as possible This is, after all, necessary if you want to be free with your hiking abilities.

7. Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Pant

Columbia Women's Saturday Trail Pant

Check Price on Amazon

These hiking pants have zip-off legs that allow you to stay cooler when hiking on less dangerous trails, were harming your legs isn’t a worry. You will be able to allow yourself to relax in 10” shorts when you are trekking through paths that don’t put you and your legs in immediate danger.

If you are worried about UV rays, the long version of the pants will keep you shaded from that. The Omni-shade UPF 50 gives you the sun protection that you need when you’re spending a lot of time outside, exposed to the sun.

Not only that, Columbia’s hiking pants for women are also very stretchy, and versatile thanks to their ability to be converted to short and long pants. You can remove them altogether without a fuss, even with hiking boots on, which gives you less place for frustration on the road.

+ Convertible to shorts
+ Stretchy
+ Versatile in use
+ UPF sun protection
+ Accessible zippers

Why we like it – These hiking pants are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, cozy for both hiking and going on walks around the city on vacation.

8. Columbia Women’s Just Right Straight

Columbia Women's Just Right Straight

Check Price on Amazon

With 6 colors to choose from, you can easily pick something out for yourself, and to fit the rest of your gear. These hiking pants for women are made of 100% nylon and have the signature fabric that protects us from the sun. You will be kept safe from the dangerous UVA and UVB rays that are emitted by the sun. This is especially important since you don’t want to be suffering from sunburn or skin damage when you are outside and adventuring.

Your pants will also be kept naturally free from stains and any rain impact thanks to their repellent fabric. Even with heavy rains, the Columbia hiking pants will protect you from getting your legs wet. After all, showers in the mountains are not something uncommon. It’s best to be kept dry when crossing rivers and lakes, especially if the weather is cooler during the day or in the evening. You don’t want to be walking around in wet clothes, ready to catch a cold!

+ UVA and UVB protection
+ Stay dry
+ 100% nylon
+ Waterproof
+ 6 colors available

Why we like it – These pants are ideal for those who want to have hiking pants for women that will protect them from water and the outside elements during their travels.

9. Camii Mia Women’s Windproof Waterproof

Camii Mia Women's Windproof Waterproof

Check Price on Amazon

Coming in 4 colors, these hiking pants for females are made from 97% nylon and 3% spandex, giving them an elastic fit to your body. You can either machine or hand wash them, both options are available for the ultimate convenience. They are perfect not only for hiking and trekking but for general outdoor activities.

Whether that’s snow skiing, cycling, hunting or camping, these pants will effectively protect you from the elements as you experience the outside world. With the inner layer fleece, you will also be kept warm if you are out exploring during colder weather.

The pants fit true to size, that’s why it’s better to pick your normal size when buying this pair. You will have two back pockets to use to store your accessories, as well as two knee pockets. The external layer of the pants is completely waterproof to give you the freedom of venturing wherever you like, whenever you like.

+ Fit true size
+ 4 pockets
+ Weatherproof
+ 97% nylon
+ Inner fleece

Why we like it – With its weatherproof qualities and heavy-duty zippers, these pants are really ideal for any outdoor activities that you want to engage in.

10. RBX Active Women’s Lightweight

RBX Active Women's Lightweight

Check Price on Amazon

Available in 6 colors, these 95% polyester hiking pants for women are ideal for weekend trips into the mountains or into the forest. Many customers report that they are super comfortable within these pants even in a home environment. They are 100% adjustable with their drawcord that is located around the waist, allowing you to adjust them to fit your body as you need.

The leg openings also allow you to customize the pants as you see fit. The side pockets allow you to store anything you need, from snacks to change to tickets you bought to go on a trail.

These hiking pants help you stay relaxed, without staying tightly against your body when you’re trying to move around freely. Too often pants that are too tight are being sold, and they make our movement difficult and uncomfortable when we’re trying to move around without effort.

+ Adjustable drawcord
+ 6 colors available
+ Pockets
+ Easy fit
+ 95% polyester

Why we like it – The RBX hiking pants for women are perfect for a relaxed hiked around a forest or mountain, keeping your limbs free to move thanks to the easily stretchable fabric.

Hiking Pants for Women Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying hiking pants for women

When choosing hiking pants, we usually want them to be a) comfortable, and b) good looking. More importantly, we simply need them to protect us from the dangers of the elements that we are exposed to on a regular basis when we travel outside.

The rain and the sun are two things that you will surely encounter when you go outside, and keeping yourself safe from these two things is one thing that all hiking pants should do. But how do you know what exactly you should look for?


When you’re going out into the wild, you never know what you’ll encounter. Whether that’s a weather change, a storm, or rivers and lakes that you may need to cross. Regardless, you don’t want to be caught in such a situation unprepared.

That’s why when buying hiking pants for women, something you should definitely look out for is how well the fabric they are made from repels water and liquids in general. After all, we can’t deny that sometimes the error is on our side, too. When we spill some of our food, slip, or have nature take us by surprise.

Sun Protection

As you venture outside, there is a 100% chance that you will also be exposed to sunlight. Some sun rays can indeed be harmful, especially nowadays with the ozone layer slowly degrading. That’s why most companies have started manufacturing hiking pants that can protect us. The fabric is made from materials that give a certain level of ultraviolet protection.

It’s best to invest in pants that can give you this kind of comfort, since in the long run they will keep looking good, and will keep your skin safe from the skin damage.


It’s good to have pants that are adjustable and have a cord around the waist to help adjust them as you see fit. If you go hiking a lot, it’s good to get pants that can be converted into shorts. This usually happens thanks to the pants having zippers around the thighs, and when zipping them away you are presented with shorts.


Your hiking pants should protect you and keep you safe from the elements while keeping you comfy. If the pants fit you well, are flexible, can stretch and protect you from the outside world, then they’re definitely something you should invest in.

Expert Tip

It’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the trail before you start on your hike. This way, there is less that can go wrong, and more that can go right!

Did you know?

When hiking in a group, the etiquette is usually to put the slower hikers at the front of the group. This helps set a good pace for everyone, without leaving anyone behind.

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As you are looking over your new snowboarding kit ready to go speed down the slopes, you will probably be interested in finding a pair of comfy, cosy and warm snowboard pants to fit that, too. To help you out, we have a couple of reviews and answered questions to make picking the best snowboard pants for your journeys a little bit less frustrating! Click here for Ski pants instead.

When looking for winter gear, most people usually rush to buy the more entertaining kits first. Kits that include the actual snowboard (see review on cases), fitting snow boots, as well as suitable goggles and helmets (click here for review). For a warm peak protection, head over to our balaclava review – this is for both skiing and snowboarding.

The thing is, when sliding down the slopes you will quickly realize that having a proper pair of insulating and breathing snowboard pants could save you a lot of trouble. Falling down won’t be as painful, and the cold will not be achingly biting into your skin if you choose a proper pair. You can help avoid mistakes with the correct snowboard bindings – click here for the guide. There is no doubt that a good pair of snowboard pants is vital for anyone that is looking forward to spending a holiday in a cold surrounding, or even for seasoned riders who need to supply themselves with a new pair. Add a pair of warm snow socks for extra warmth.

10 Best Snowboarding Pants for Men and Women in 2020

1. Quiksilver Dark Stormy

Quicksilver is definitely one of the best brands when it comes to winter gear. They have durable and sturdy products that will last you a long time, no matter what you put them through. The best thing about the Dark Stormy snowboard pants is that they don’t restrict your movement when snowboarding. The trouble with most snowboard pants is that they may be too tight or bulky to allow for sufficient movement when riding, which in turn may lead to nasty accidents.

These Quicksilver snowboard pants come in three colors, pumpkin, denim and army patterns, which ensure you will find something to fit the rest of your gear in no time. These pants are definitely waterproof, which is a vital feature when you are out in the snow and are exposed to moisture which lurks at every angle.

The quality of the craftsmanship is fantastic and the prices range from 80$ to 135$, depending on which deal you can strike up. Regardless, these pants are a great investment if you are looking for a pair of snowboard pants that will protect you from the cold and moisture that are prevalent when snowboarding in the mountains. They are 100% polyester and are praised all around for being extremely comfortable.

+ 100% polyester
+ waterproof
+ comfy and don’t restrict movement

Why We Liked It – Quicksilver’s product is definitely something to look out for. If you get the chance to grab these, you will certainly not be disappointed. They will keep you warm and will not do anything to restrict your movement during your adventures when going down the slopes. They are a fantastic pick if you are looking for durable, quality snowboard pants! They can also be used to keep you warm if you and your mates are out on snow kick scooters.

2. Arc’teryx Stinger

Arc’Teryx’s snowboard pants are one of those products that go out of stock the moment they are put out for customers to buy. They are much more on the expensive side of pants, the starting price being 500$. Nevertheless, even though this pair of snowboard pants is definitely for someone that can spend a bit more cash, you will definitely have a long life thanks to their durability and useful features. They are not overwhelming with the material and don’t add on much extra weight, which is great if you are wearing something a bit more bulky under them.

Thanks to the light build, you will not only forget they’re there but they won’t do anything to restrict your moves when you are trying to enjoy your holiday or practice sessions. They come in a selection of four colors: pytheas (blue) , sangria, black and dark moss. This selection will make sure that you won’t have to buy a pair that doesn’t suit the rest of your gear.

These snowboard pants have double-sided zips to encourage ventilation to make sure you won’t get too hot and steamy when you are being a bit more aggressive with your riding.

+ light build
+ thin layer of material to prevent immobility
+ attractive design

Why We Liked It – Even though Arc’Teryx’s product is way more on the expensive side of the scale, their snowboard pants are really something to look out for. If you tend to fall often or want to protect your thighs and shins from the harsh reality of the pointy and hard ice that can slash through your normal clothes in seconds, Arc’Teryx will make sure that will not happen to you with their pants!

3. Arctix Avalanche Snow Sports

Arctix’s snowboard pants are so far the most affordable pants listed so far, they come at a fantastic and reasonable price, especially when you consider all of the features that they supply you with. There are zippers everywhere to ensure you won’t have to fiddle with your snowboard pants in any frustrating way and can easily take them on and off on demand.

These snowboard pants are made 100% from nylon and have hem guards to ensure that your pants are protected against all of the dangers they could sustain due to all of the daily wear and tear scenarios you could be exposed to. They also have an adjustable waist to make sure you can have a tight or loose and snug fit, depending on your preferences, which is a feature many other snowboard pants lack. Usually, you would have to depend on the sizes themselves and bet on what could be a fitting waist size. Thankfully, Arctix decided to put an end to that with their product, which is definitely a plus which can prevent your pants from riding up on you.

They are praised for having way more flexibility than bulk, which is vital when you are trying to be competitive with your snowboarding and need as little restraints as possible. They also have a multi-layered construction which will ensure you will be kept warm and dry all throughout your snowboarding adventure in the cold.

+ multi-layered construction
+ 100% nylon
+ flexible, light and dry

Why We Liked It – Arctix has a fantastic price range on these high-quality snowboard pants, ranging between 30$-55$, depending what deal you can strike up. It’s a great deal for such a good pair of snowboard pants that includes all of the features you could ask for when looking for good snowboard pants to take with you on your next snowboarding adventure to keep you warm, dry and protected!

4. Burton Tactic

Burton Tactic’s snowboard pants come at a very reasonable price comparing to most other alternatives. They price in at around 100$-150$ depending on what deal you can find. They are a fashionable pair of pants available in the four common sizes: S,M,L and XL. If you will end up going for Burton’s product, you will have no trouble finding a pair that will suit your waist and silhouette perfectly.

They are exactly the kind of snowboard pants you will be needing in the mountains: waterproof and breathable. You will not get stuffy or overheated with these and you will able to enjoy your holiday as you are equipped adequately.They are made with 98% organic cotton, 2% spandex and an approved polyester material. This ensures that you stay waterproof from the ice, snow and rain and that you can still move around freely without any constraint.

These snowboard pants are also equipped with vents to help the ventilation circle through; this will help you not develop a bad smell or a sweaty surrounding later on. The flexibility of these pants is well praised, as well as the other quality of the make of them. The fit is snug and comfy and won’t have you feeling restrained from your usual snowboarding adventures!

+ 98% cotton material
+ fully waterproof
+ 1 year warranty

Why We Liked It – Burton is a well-known brand among the winter-sport community and for good reason. Their pants are usually at exactly the right price range to enjoy both quality snowboard pants and ensure good performance without constraints. You will not be spending thousands but will still be satisfied with the make and features of these charcoal black snowboard pants!

5. Exposure Project Bobby Cargo

Exposure Project’s snowboard pants are definitely one of the better deals on the list when it comes to money. They range between 30$-50$ and are perfect for when you are on a tight budget and still want to get a quality product that can keep you warm and waterproof on your snowboarding journey. They come in two basic colors: black and grey. They are made of a 100% nylon material that will repel any drops or waves of water that you may succumb to while going down or off the slopes.

These snowboard pants have an adjustable waist which is perfect for getting a snug and comfy fit without fussing with belts and the alike. You can be sure that with Exposure’s product you will spend more time on the slopes than getting ready with your gear, it’s an easy and simple fit. They also have large and secure pockets to allow you the freedom of grabbing a few essentials with you wherever you will go.

They are one of the insulated pairs of pants on this list, something that is unfortunately not that common with snowboard pants. One of the other features are the articulated knees, which make sure you get full mobility wherever you may lean.

+ 100% waterproof
+ insulated
+ articulated design

Why We Liked It – Exposure has supplied the market with an affordable and quality product for a few years now. It’s perfect if you don’t want to end up spending hundreds on snowboard pants or if you just need a pair to keep you safe for a holiday or two. Their insulation feature will make sure you will be kept shielded from the harsh cold reality of the slopes and the articulated design will help you get your best snowboarding performance yet!

6. Ripzone Strobe

Ripzone’s snowboard pants are another good product available at a good and reasonable price for everyone. They come in three different colors: black, dark green and yellow.Customers who ended up buying a more outgoing color, like yellow, were always happy about the fact that their family and friends could always easily find them on the slopes. Something that is not easy to do when everyone else is wearing black or navy blue snowboard pants!

They are also made of a 100% nylon material, which is known for not being bulky and having very light-weight properties. When buying these pants you can be sure that they won’t interrupt your snowboarding endeavors in any way. They have inner waist adjusters to make sure you don’t feel either too loose or too cramped within and their durability will have you thinking why you didn’t invest in a pair sooner!

The venting is lined along the mesh which makes for a great place to capture a breath of fresh air when speeding down the hills. The zippers are made for heavy-duty and won’t be breaking off anytime soon, they are as sturdy as they can get which will definitely save you some otherwise embarrassing moments on the slopes!

+ 100% nylon
+ heavy-duty zippers
+ adjustable waist

Why We Liked It – Ripzone’s product is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a good pair of pants to take with you on your next journey. They are specifically tailor-made for heavy-duty and any falls and scrapes won’t leave you dangerously harmed. Their light-weight will provide you with a thin layer of protection that can do a lot to protect you!

7. Burton Cargo Mid Fit

Burton’s snowboard pants are a bit expensive than the previous candidates on the list, but reasonably so, too. There is a stunning selection of colors to choose from with these pants and there is absolutely no doubt you will find something that will fit you like a glove (click for review), both when it comes to the daily wear and tear and the fashion outlook of things. You will have 17 color choices to sift through before you will be able to settle on a final decision!

Like the other snowboard pants, they are 100% waterproof, but this time thanks to the nylon and polyester combined material. This combination will help you get protection like none other, and you can be sure you won’t feel a drop of water or moisture seeping through with this fantastic material choice. The sizes of the pants fit well with what they are assigned and described as, and the waist is also adjustable here to help encourage freedom and a comfortable surrounding when snowboarding.

With that said, it’s no secret that Burton makes some of the most durable and functional snowboard pants out there. They are moving onto creating more space for women in the snowboarding movement (study can be found here). The snowboard pants are no exception the rule; although they may seem a bit expensive to some, it’s a fantastic investment for someone who wants to have a quality pair of snowboard pants that will encourage the rider without restraining them.

+ functional and flexible
+ polyester and nylon material
+ a variety of colors to pick from

Why We Liked It – Burton once again doesn’t cease to impress with their product; this pair of snowboarding pants will have you covered in every aspect to conquer the harsh, cold weather, snow and ice that will greet you in the outside world. The variety of colors is a fantastic plus that will help you customize your gear in exactly the way you want, which in turn may help you be more visible by your family and friend on the slopes!

8. Volcom Freakin Snow Chino

Volcom are another brand that impress the market each time they release the new product, each one has a reputation for being durable and of quality craftsmanship. They come in five colors: white, black, navy, burgundy and rusty red. One thing is sure, whichever color you end up going for, you will be able to choose something that will match your gear best without being bound to one default color!

They are 100% polyester and will protect you from all the moisture that you will surely encounter in the mountains. They are also eligible to be washed in a washing machine, something that is not widely practice with snowboard pants of this type and make. When it comes to the price, they range between 100$-160$ which puts them a bit more on the expensive side of things, nevertheless they are a fantastic choice for anyone who is willing to invest.

When you are out and snowboarding you should most worry about the functionality of your snowboard pants, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good look! Volcom boasts a modern looking, snug and dry fit for anyone that is willing to try on their snow chino snowboard pants.

+ 100% polyester
+ a modern and fashionable look
+ eligible for machine washing

Why We Liked It – We are impressed with Volcom thanks to the strain they put on keeping the snowboard pants not only functional but good-looking too. It’s no secret that most pants don’t look like something you would wear outside of the slopes, but Volcom makes sure you can both feel good during your performance as with your appearance with their product!

9. Volcom Ventral

Coming in with another Volcom product, we have a good reason to do so. This pair of snowboard pants is just as fashionable as its predecessor and will leave you wanting to wear them both on and outside of the slopes! This pair only comes in black and is also eligible for machine washing, a feature that makes them much easier to take care of comparing to other pants that require more instant and somewhat complicated care.

These pants are made of 100% polyester and are praised for not being baggy at all, something that is common when buying other brands. They are a nice fit and won’t be getting in your way as you are trying to show off your skill in the snowy mountains. The craftsmanship is some of the best out there and they are not bulky as to not add any extra weight, something that is vital to be kept at bay during snowboarding when every inch of freedom and non-overwhelming gear is welcome.

The ventilation is also well spaced, as well as the articulated design that won’t leave you feeling cramped when you are trying maneuver through the obstacles that may arise in front you. The snug and tight fit of these snowboard pants will leave you wanting to spend more days on the slopes than ever!

+ 100% polyester
+ fashionable and modern appeal
+ articulated design

Why We Liked It – There is no doubt that these pants will allow you a bit more freedom than other brands can offer you. They look good, they feel good and they possess all the features you could ask for when it comes to snowboard pants. The ventilation will keep you refreshed and eliminate any sweating and the polyester fabric will not let any drop of snow get under your skin!

10. Columbia Snow Gun

Columbia’s snowboard pants come both in a black and graphite color that will usually fit any of the typical gear you might find around a snowboard enthusiast. This will have you be able to adjust and match your gear to look its best with an appeal that can shine out for miles. These pants usually range from 40$-90$ which makes them a both affordable and average-priced product, depending what deal you will be able to strike. Regardless of the price, this pair of pants is a sturdy and durable one and does its job well.

They are one of the other pairs on this list that have insulation within them; something vital if you are going to be spending more than 1-2 hours on the slopes. If you are looking forward to fully enjoy your holiday and spend whole evening and afternoons on the slopes, Columbia’s snowboard pants will end up being the choice to go far. They will keep you cosy but ventilated and the adjustable waist will allow you to keep the pants as loose or as tight as you like them.

They are just as waterproof as any quality snowboard pants and will make sure that you are kept dry and safe when you are speeding down the powdery hills and mountains.

+ 100% waterproof
+ adjustable waist
+ insulated

Why We Liked It – Columbia provides us with a nice and affordable product that you will be able to use for years during your snowy holidays or intensive practice sessions. No matter what you end up using these snowboard pants for, there is no doubt that they will serve you well for long years to come. They are insulated, waterproof and adjustable, which makes them a perfect product for cold and snowy snowboarding days!

Snowboard Pants Buyers Guide

What Are Snowboard Pants?

When you are getting ready to go out into the wide world to try your luck at snowboarding in the deep powdered mountains, you will need suitable gear to get you through your snowboarding days out in the wild or within a resort. Snowboarding pants are no exception and are a vital piece of gear to have with you when you set out to take part in your new adventure.

Snowboard pants are not like the typical trousers you would wear outside; they are specifically made to endure the cold and harsh reality that you will encounter yourself with when setting your first step on the slopes. They are tailor-made to shield and shelter you from both the cold and the moisture that can be very painful to face without them. They are 100% waterproof to prevent any rain, hail snow or ice getting through and making the cotton or wool fabric that you would be wearing underneath damp, sticky and uncomfortable.

What are Snowboard PantsMost pairs also are usually very sturdy and will prevent any cuts or scrapes that could tear through your normal clothing. The slopes are a dangerous place and you never know when you will run into a sticking out piece of snow or ice or a tree root that you might have not seen beforehand. No matter what the occasion, they will be able to protect your legs from most of the dangers and misfortunes you could encounter.

Snowboarding pants also have adjustable waists so that you can make them as loose or as tight as you desire so that they can peacefully co-exist with your other warm clothing. Some pairs are also insulated, which makes for an extra layer of warm protection, something you can appreciate when temperatures go below zero!

You also won’t have to worry that this extra layer of clothing will make you steamy and sweaty with all of the other stuff you could have on. They are supplied with ventilation so that you can enjoy having a dry and comfy environment to snowboard in, something that is definitely vital when you are trying to enjoy yourself on the slopes.

They are usually made from nylon, polyester or both to ensure that any moisture that you could encounter will be repelled within seconds. They are also made to allow for an articulate snowboarding experience that will not restrain any of your moves, something that may be common with normal bulky clothing or lower quality, baggy pants. The zippers and pockets are made for heavy-duty and every day wear and tear that you will succumb your new gear to when snowboarding.

With that said, it’s easy to see why all snowboard pants are tailor-made to combat the cold, moisture and harsh winds that are common in mountains and ski resorts, and cannot be replaced!

Snowboard pants are specifically designed for both men and women – click here for the study.

How To Wash Snowboard Pants?

How to wash Snowboarding PantsThe most common conversation among people that have to deal with their winter gear is the discussion about how to wash the gear. There are endless paragraphs about how go about washing your gear and how to effectively take care of it, but the fact of the matter is that there are many myths to be found within the snowboarding community.

Contrary to popular belief, some snowboard pants can be washed in a washing machine. Not all brands have made products that would withstand that treatment well, but you will usually find bullet-points underneath the product that will tell you specifically whether it is to be hand washed or if it can be thrown into a washing machine without any future consequences. Some people think that putting their pants into the washing machine could damage the material or weaken it, but that is simply not true if the brand themselves states that it is fine to do so.

You may have already experienced the misfortune of smelly pants, and if you haven’t it’s best to shield yourself against it with a few simple rules. Regular washing will keep the bad smell at bay, though you will have to be careful to not damage the waterproofing layers of your trousers when doing so. You will need to avoid regular soap at all costs since that is the culprit that damages the waterproofing layer; you will need to invest in a specific detergent such as the Nikwax Tech Wash. This snow wax detergent will ensure that the waterproofing layer won’t be damaged and your pants is kept clean and fresh.

You will need to pay attention when buying detergents since each one is made specifically for a specific pair of pants, waterproof, not waterproof, insulated or not insulated. For an insulated pair of snowboard pants you would need to invest in the Nikwax Tech Down Wash as to not damage that layer of insulation. Even with these detergents, the waterproof layer may with time slowly start to come off, and that is when you should reach for the Nikwax TX Direct Wash in, which should restore it to its fully capacity.

Another myth that has spread over the snowboarding community is that you cannot put your gear into the dryer, which is completely false. As long as you look at the instructions concerning the washing of the product and the bullet-points underneath it you should be able to easily find answers as to what you can and can’t do with your newly acquired piece of kit.

Are Snowboard Pants Waterproof?

Most snowboarding gear that is meant for wearing outside will definitely have a layer of waterproof material on top to help protect you from the moisture and dangers that could come with that, including slipping and injuring yourself. Usually there are different thicknesses of how waterproof a material can be, the thicker it is the more water resistant it will end up being. Usually the thickness ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 mm.

Are Snow Pants WaterproofSome snowboard pants will have a softshell around them that encourage flexibility and ease movement when snowboarding, but while these are still considered waterproof, they are not as waterproof as hardshell snowboard short can be. You will need to take into consideration where you will be snowboarding, too. Since every region is different, you will be needing a different kind of waterproofing for your snowboard pants depending on the environment you will be in.

Some places have extreme snowfall and need a more thicker layer of waterproof material to help keep you dry from all of the moisture. Other places are much dryer and only usually have powdered snow to battle with, which would not require that thick of a waterproof material to protect you. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why you would need to invest in snowboard pants that could keep you dry day in and day.

To summarize, most if not all snowboard pants will have some kind of waterproof layer to keep you protect. You will have to keep an eye out depending which kind of thickness of water resistant material would be best to buy. There is always the option that you can restore or add a waterproof layer to your snowboard pants with a special kind of detergent. It’s vital that you keep a lookout on how effective your snowboard pants are when you are using them regularly.

If you let your pants lose the waterproof layer or if you bought gear without it, it’s best to either replace it with a waterproof alternative or re-make it with special detergent. Neglecting a waterproof layer in a snowy surrounding could mean you will get soaked instantly and be left without any protection, something that is definitely to be avoided in the snowy mountains!

What Makes The Top Snowboard Pants?

When looking for new snowboard pants to accompany you with your snowboarding adventures, you will most likely want to look for sturdy and durable product. The most ideal snowboard pants are ones that can keep you dry and safe from moisture thanks to a good and effective waterproof layer. You would also need to make sure that they are made from nylon or polyester to have the most effective response to moisture. These materials are also great for shielding you away from harsh winds.

Making sure to get a good size of pants that won’t be too baggy and bulky is vital too; you will need to be able to have a lot of flexibility and movement when you are out on the slopes. Most pairs also have an adjustable waist to make sure you have a fit that can either be as snug or as loose as you desire. A feature that is very useful when you are trying to be comfortable in cold and harsh conditions.

Who makes the Top Snowboard PantsLooking out for heavy-duty features like zippers and pockets can also be useful if you are looking for a durable pair of snowboard pants that can last you a long time. Getting your snowboard pants in a color that isn’t too common could also be very helpful if you want to be easily noticed by the rest of your friends and family, especially if you have kids that you need to look out for.

If you are looking for more convenience, you can also make sure to check if the pants are eligible to be washed in a washing machine and to be put in a dryer. If you look closely, you will be able to find the information under bullet-points beneath the pants themselves. Be sure to check, since some snowboard pants can be thrown in the washing machine while some, as stated, needs to be specifically hand washed and have hands-on care.

Insulation is not present in every pair of snowboard pants since usually other insulation material is worn underneath, but if you like to have lighter layers under and keep warmth insulated by snowboard pants, it’s best to look for pants that can supply that for you. This way you will be kept warm and insulated with a limited amount of layers as you are protected from the moisture and wind too while still letting some air through.

Although most snowboard pants have ventilation around various part of the mesh, it’s best to check their presence just in case. They will end up being a lifesaver if you are looking for a comfortable pair of snowboard pants that can help you carry out long practice or holiday sessions. They will ensure that there is a flow of air even if you had warm woolly clothes underneath and that you won’t get too sweaty when you are trying to have a good time and pull off a few tricks!

Good snowboard pants are ones that can protect you from the cold, shield you from the cutting wind and keep you warm, and if you find a pair with such features, there is no doubt they will have a long life and serve you well during your snowboarding journey!

Top Choice- Quicksilver

Our Top Choice spot has to go to none other than Quicksilver. Their snowboard pants are surrounded by 5-star reviews and overall praise for the quality and durability of the product.

Quiksilver Dark Stormy

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The will keep you safe and protected from cuts and scrapes that you could sustain when falling down during your snowboarding ventures. The waterproof material will keep you safe from all the snow that could otherwise affect all the warm clothing that you have hidden underneath. No drop of water will get to you whether it’s from the snow beneath your feet or the snow falling down above your head.

They have a snowboard jacket to pant attachment too, which will make sure that they won’t be loose and sliding off when you are trying to enjoy your time outside. The waist adjusters are a perfect addition to help you explore what size and fit and are best for you, which is nearly impossible to estimate, especially when you have a lot of other woolly and warm clothes hidden underneath to help you keep warm.

Quicksilver has a nice color selection and is of quality craftsmanship, and that’s why they earn themselves a top spot on out Top Choice list!

Premium Choice- Arc’Teryx

Our Premium Choice has to go to Arc’Teryx’s snowboard pants. They are certainly way more on the expensive side, pricing in at 500$-600$, but they are one of the most premium pairs you cant get.

Arc'teryx Stinger

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They are available in the five common sizes: S, M, L, XL and XLL. As well as the three colors: black, sangria and dark moss. You can tell just from looking at these that they are a very high-quality pair of pants that can endure almost all of the wear and tear you throw at them. Not only that, but they look appealing too; the rich colors are well picked to suit the design and the snowy surroundings they could be used in.

They are designed to endure deep powder days and overall much harder wear and tear than any usual pair of pants you could get at the store. They are also suitable for backcountry touring and have free returns as well as free express shipping. It’s both waterproof and windproof and will allow the fabric to also breathe, thanks to the ventilation that is place all around the modern design of the pants. They are easy and light to wear and function well for snowboarding since they are a tough and extremely durable; you can be sure these won’t rip anytime soon.

Fit for your needs, Arc’Teryx makes its way as our Premium Choice simply for the durability and fantastic features that it includes that are vital to have in the snowy mountains!

Great Value- Arctix’s

Our Great Value spot has to go to Arctix’s pair of snowboard pants that come at one of the most affordable prices you could ask for. The lowest you can get them at is 30$ and they do exactly what any other pair of snowboard pants would; they keep you warm, waterproof and protected during your snowboarding adventures.

Arctix Avalanche Snow Sports

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The will shelter you from any kind of moisture be it snow, rain or melting ice and will help keep you safe from scrapes and painful falls. They also have boot gaiters which helps you keep the warmth inside and cold out, thanks to the ability to seal your new snowboard pants in your boots away from the cold lurking outside.

The adjustable waist allows you to find the best fit for you even when you are faced with having many of other layers of clothes underneath you. The lace hooks are specifically made to prevent your snowboard pants from riding up on you and to encourage the most comfortable experience you could ask for when going out on the slopes. Comfort is Arctix’s number one concern, and they specialize in it well.

Arctix has supplied the market with a very affordable and well-rounded pair of snowboard pants that is perfect for anyone that is either out to practice some snowboarding or is just going to experience their first holiday on the slopes. Regardless, our Great Value spot has to go to Arctix’s product, simply because of how accessible, well-rounded and comfortable this product is!


No matter which pair of snowboard pants you will end up choosing, they will be sure to protect you from the cold and moisture that you will be exposed to when snowboarding. Every product listed here is of quality craftsmanship and has served hundreds of people during their holiday and practice sessions. Whichever pair of snowboard pants you will end up choosing, they will surely be a great addition to your winter gear and will keep you shielded from the cold lurking in the mountains and ski resorts!

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