The time has come to hang up that outdated hoverboard and switch it out for a new off road electric skateboard ! Off road electric skateboards can do everything a hoverboard – or even a traditional skateboard or longboard – can do, and more!

These new boards give you the best of both worlds: they come with a powerful motor that can easily propel you to speeds far beyond what could be reached on a traditional board, without forcing you to compromise comfort or control as you would on a front facing hoverboard. Welcome to the world of best mountain boards.

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We’ve put together this guide to help you find the all-terrain, electric skateboard that is right for you. It includes six of our top picks as well as buyers’ tips.

1. Evolve Skateboards – Electric Bamboo GTR

Evolve Skateboards - Electric Bamboo GTR

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If you’re looking for a top of the line electric offroad skateboard, look no further the Bamboo GTR. Its huge lithium battery gives it an unparalleled 31-mile range per charge and allows the user to choose between different modalities to optimize speed and control.

The redesigned bamboo flex deck ensures a smooth, comfortable ride on any terrain, so you can off-road with total confidence. The new GTR also comes with an added surprise: it includes a small remote that displays your speed, range, battery level, and mode in real-time, putting maximum control in the palm of your hand.

+ Top speeds of 26 mph
+ Huge battery range – 31 miles per charge
+ Improved 97mm inline race formula wheels
+ Climbs hills up to 25-30% gradient in GT mode
+ Optional ECO mode saves energy

Why We Liked It – The Bamboo GTR really is the best of the best. While its quality is definitely reflected in its price, you certainly get what you pay for with evolve electric skateboards. There really isn’t a better board out there. Check out the MEEPO electric skateboard as an alternative.

2. OUTSTORM 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard

OUTSTORM 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard

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The OUTSTORM 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard is easily one of the best options in the industry. It comes with massive 7.8” x 2” wheels to roll right over all sorts of terrain. You’ll be able to travel up to 31 miles per hour thanks to the powerful 3300-watt motor. Backed with a Li-Ion battery, it lasts upwards of 19 miles per charge.

The full length of charging only takes four hours, so you can easily have it ready each morning. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it comes with 11 layers of maple wood for durability and flexibility.

+ Designed for speed and long-term use
+ Charges in only four hours
+ Massive pneumatic tires

Why We Like It – We like this electric skateboard because it’s one of the fastest choices we could find on the market. The massive tires are also a nice addition for those who go off-road.

3. Wave street 2000

Wave street 2000

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This monster of a board is one of the best electric mountain boards on the market. Unlike most boards that use solid tires, the WaveStreet 2000 is equipped with huge pneumatic tires that guarantee a smooth ride and uncompromising grip in even the most challenging mountain terrain.

Its shock absorption and suspension features help reduce bumpiness and keep your weight evenly distributed for maximum comfort while riding. The WaveStreet 2000 also comes with a wireless remote that allows you to adjust your speed and handling with the touch of a button.

+ Massive Pneumatic Tires
+ Climbs uphill up to a 30% gradient
+ Full charge in 3 hours
+ A top speed of 18 mph
+ LG lithium ion battery included

Why We Liked It – The WaveStreet 2000 has versatility unlike that of any other board; its unique wheels and flexible body allow you to take on any terrain – from paved roads to rough mountain paths.

4. AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard

AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard

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Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, the AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard is a solid choice. It even comes with elbow pads, kneepads, and gloves to keep you safe along the journey. It includes massive pneumatic tires to allow you to cruise right over grass, dirt, concrete, and numerous other terrains.

The maximum speed on this board is 25 miles per hour, a perfect amount to get around the area quickly. It has a max capacity of 290 pounds, and it charges in as little as 3 hours from empty to full.

+ Perfect for going off-road
+ Includes safety gear for beginners
+ Max weight capacity of 290 pounds

Why We Like It – We like this product because it comes with everything you need to get started. Even if you’re used to riding electric skateboards, safety gear is always a good idea to try out.

5. YWS Off-Road Electric Skateboard

YWS Off-Road Electric Skateboard

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The nine-inch tires on this off-road electric skateboard are very impressive. YWS promises that even an explosion won’t ruin them, but the most important feature of these large, rugged tires is that they will offer good shock absorption no matter what terrain you’re riding on.

Just like the tires, the battery is also powerful and large, and you’ll get approximately 28km of range from a full charge. It comes with an LCD remote that makes it easy to switch between the four different speed modes, as well as being comfortable to hold while riding on the off-road electric skateboard.

+ Explosion-proof tires
+ Quality, dual-spring shock absorbers
+ LCD smart remote
+ 28km range
+ Stable to ride

Why We Liked It – The nine-inch tires that are almost indestructible make this one of the best off-road electric skateboards for boarders who love to explore all kinds of rugged terrains.

6. ARQANJ Off-Road Electric Skateboard

ARQANJ Off-Road Electric Skateboard

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If you’ve been on the hunt for a high-quality electric skateboard to get you to and from inner-city destinations, you’re in luck. The ARQANJ Off-Road Electric Skateboard might be a little pricey, but that’s because it’s built to be a long-term solution. You can ride at speeds of 28 miles per hour on this seemingly indestructible board.

The built-in suspension system is literally as good as it gets. You can go off-road without an issue and take those ramps on with a smooth landing. There are three sizes, so choose which one you want and hit the road or trail!

+ Amazing suspension system and massive tires
+ Built to last for plenty of years
+ Three sizes to choose from

Why We Like It – We like this top-notch skateboard because it lets you take on transportation as well as off-road stunts without a problem.


Off Road Electric Skateboard Buyers Guide

Electric mountain boards are becoming increasingly popular – and they’re not just being used as toys. Yes, they are certainly a big hit among teens and pre-teens, and they even have a wide base of adult recreational users. But more and more people are choosing to use all-terrain electric skateboards in their daily commutes. They are a relatively cheap, portable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, and they are especially popular in urban and sub-urban areas – and particularly popular in college towns.

Finding the right board can be tricky, especially for first-time buyers. There are often a lot of nuances and lingo that can be confusing to even the most experienced riders, and more than a little intimidating for those who are new to the culture. To help, we’ve broken down everything you’ll need to know and sorted it into three categories:

What Is an Off-Road Electric Skateboard?

First and foremost, it is important to understand exactly what an offroad electric skateboard is – and what it isn’t. It is not a hoverboard, which you ride facing forward and which typically has safety features that aid balance and limit speed. It also isn’t exactly a toy – the heavy duty, off-road boards can be much more dangerous than a traditional skateboard.

The average electric mountain board or longboard can go as fast as 25 mph and does not come with any balance or stability aide whatsoever. At 25 mph, the speed may not seem very fast from a vehicular perspective, but it is a pretty significant speed to be traveling without anything between you and the road – or other cars. For that reason, most electric longboards and skateboards are not recommended for children under 13 years of age. You will also want to wear protective gear when riding one; you’ll need a helmet at a minimum, but kneepads are also highly recommended.

What to Look for in an Off-Road Electric Skateboard

There are a million different types of boards out there, and every rider is looking for something a little different. You stand a much better chance of making a satisfied purchase if you first figure out exactly what you want the board to do and what terrain you want it to cover.

Riders who care most about speed will want to look for boards with solid, non-pneumatic tires – the trade-off with these is that they are not as well-suited for the rough or slippery terrain. These boards are best for those planning to use them in an urban environment.

For those who want a mountainboard or electric skateboard for all terrain, pneumatic tires and a quality suspension system are a must. You’ll want to look for boards with high-quality, rubber wheels and dense shocks to help keep you stable.

The final thing you will want to look at is the range, or how far the board can travel on one charge. The range can vary greatly between models, from as low as 10 miles per charge to well over 30. Generally, the higher quality the board, the better the range. It’s important to keep in mind how far you will need to travel. Before buying, calculate the average distances you’ll want to cover. Some boards have replaceable batteries, but most must be plugged in and charged.

Where to Buy an Off-Road Electric Skateboard

Make sure to do a little shopping around before you buy! There are many retailers who sell the same boards at vastly different prices; you might not need to shell out big bucks for a high-quality board. Amazon is a great place to check, but sporting goods stores and skate shops will also have a large selection. However, the prices are likely to be lowest on Amazon. Sometimes you can even buy directly from the manufacturer!

Another thing to be on the search for is copycat or mimic boards, which can allow you all the features of the higher-end electric mountain boards without the price tag. For instance, the Q Dream 25 MPH 2000W is exactly the same as the much more expensive Ninestep 2000W Mountainboard. It’s even made from the same manufacturer but sold at a fraction of the cost.

Another important factor of board shopping is when to buy. Demand – and prices – go up around Christmas and right before summer, just in time for the holidays and the return of nice weather. The best time to buy is late winter or early spring.

Luckily for you, we’ve reviewed the Blitzart electric skateboard right here!


Electric mountain boards are quickly becoming one of the most popular modes of personal transportation around the country and are projected to be one of the hottest gifts this season! Unlike their cousin the Hoverboard, they seem to be here to stay.

Motorized boards are so much more than a child’s toy or even a piece of sporting equipment; for many, they are a fun, environmentally conscious, and budget-friendly alternative to other modes of transportation.

They come in such a wide variety that there is sure to be one for every rider. From the long range, urban commuter to the dedicated electric mountain board or off-road enthusiast, electric skateboards have something to offer for everyone. It takes a little patience and research to find the one that is best for you, but all that effort is well worth it in the end.

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