10 Best Ski Gloves for Alpine Protection

Last updated 03. April 2020

Many people don’t usually associate skiing with ski gloves, usually when you mention the word ‘skiing’, people will think of ski helmets, skis, socks, thick coats, warm ski pants and tough boots. While all of those pieces of gear are vital to have if you want to survive out in the cold wilderness, the best ski gloves are essential to have. Snowboarder? Check out our review on Snowboarding Gloves.

Your hands will be exposed to the cold elements for long periods of time and it’s extremely important to cover them. Your fingertips are especially prone to the cold and people who don’t wear ski gloves usually experience blue or purple fingertips. This is due to the lack of oxygen in the fingers due to the cutting cold, which is dangerous especially when your palms are locked in a tight grip.

Winter gloves will not only help keep your hands warm, but they will also give you much more comfort than if you weren’t wearing them. There are hundreds of choices out in the world today to pick from if you are looking for a good and durable set of ski gloves, but that also means that it may be hard to choose a pair that suits you specifically. If you don’t know a lot about ski gloves, we hope that we can help expand your knowledge and help you choose and a good pair of gloves from our list. We hope that both the reviews and the FAQ section will prove to be useful in making a good, solid decision! P.s. Don’t forget your Ski Mask.

The Best Ski Gloves for Comfort & Warmth

1. Outdoor Research Mount Baker Modular

Whenever someone says the keyword “mitten”, people usually associate it with a knitted pair of mittens that you would give to a toddler on a particularly frosty morning. While that scenario is definitely prevalent in the world today, mittens can also be meant for adults! Mittens, like the ones we have here from Outdoor Research, are a fantastic choice if you don’t like to fiddle with trying to put all your fingers into the finger holes. One of the best features of these mittens is that they are breathable, that ensures that you will get some airflow coming through so that your hands won’t get sweaty and slippery and make your riding difficult.

Unlike many other pairs of ski gloves, these are eligible to be washed in a washing machine, which is a great convenience, especially for people that are tired of hand-washing their old ski gloves. These mittens won’t weigh you down since they are made of a very light-weight material, they have 3 layers of material stacked up and have a modern, boxy construction with a slick curve. This design will help keep all of your fingers warm thanks to the heat they will be insulating when being stacked together, unlike you would get in a usual glove. The material these are made from is definitely top notch and customers are often surprised at ow such a thin material can keep you so warm!

+ long cuff to cover forearm
+ thin but insulating material
+ eligible for washing machine

Why We Liked It – These mittens are the best winter companion, they work like a charm even below freezing weather. They are a bit longer at the cuffs so that you can overlap them under your coat, this will keep all of your forearm warm and cozy, too. Outdoor Research definitely went a step further with these mittens and made them one of the best, quality skiing gloves on the market!

2. Hestra Morrison Pro Model

Hestra has been on the market for a long time, and it’s easy to see why they are many people’s first choice when it comes to buying ski gloves. The customer gets to choose from five colors: black, cork, red, navy and white. They are made of 90% leather which is effectively the best material to use for gloves if you want to keep your hands warm for a long-time and not only one or two hours! These are perfect, heavy-duty ski gloves and are the best for anyone that wants to have fun out on the slopes for hours. They have a fleece lining on the inside that is very pleasant to the touch and the thermolite insulation will keep your fingers nice and toasty.

The ski gloves are also waterproof and breathable, therefore if some major snowfall will appear in the mountains (or rain!) you can be sure you will be kept dry and warm. The hook and loop cuff will keep all of the snow out and will prevent it from entering under the cuffs and up your forearms, something that undoubtedly everyone hates! You will also be provided with Hestra handcuffs that will allow you to secure your ski gloves to your wrist. That way if they slide off or if you will temporarily need to take them off you will not have to worry about losing them.

+ waterproof and breathable
+hook and loop cuff technology
+ handcuff attachment

Why We Liked It – If you are looking for a pair of sturdy and comfy ski gloves, Hestra will give you all of that and more. They are the best brand to look up to if you want to feel comfy, the fleece liner will make sure that your hands will be cozy and warm while the outer layers will do their best to help keep you protected!

3. KINCO 901 Pigskin Leather

If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on simple ski gloves or if you simply refuse to give so much for a bit of fleece that will protect your palms, KINCO has got you covered with their ski gloves. You can usually catch them at fantastic prices, too, even if the original price is 30$, these can usually be found to be sold as low as 20$. That’s a great price for ski gloves that could cost twice or thrice as much and rival 80$ gloves on the market. You definitely get more for less here and it’s a great investment. You will be able to choose from 4 sizes: small, medium large and XL.

These ski gloves have a comfy knit wrist that will help avoid you having any cold spots when you put these on to accompany your winter snowboarding jacket (click here for the full guide). The shirred elastic wrist will help avoid any snow falling inside of the glove, like is common with the typical, normal gloves you would wear. The back of the glove is covered in leather pig skin which is great for staying dry. The seamless wing thumb is a great addition to help to allow you to have more mobility when moving your hands. The double layered thermal lining will not disappoint you here and will repel cold and moisture better than any other glove.

+thermal lining
+very affordable
+ all-around protection

Why We Liked It – KINCO’s ski gloves are not only extremely affordable, but they have all of the features that other, even 80$ gloves have. This makes them a steal, even if it’s for back-up protection! The thermal lining and form fitting material will help you break-in these ski gloves within minutes and they are some the best on the market today.

4. Hestra Leather Fall Line

This Hestra mitten design is definitely one rarely seen out on the market. Instead of just having ski gloves that are advertised as mittens or as gloves, Hestra has made a pair of gloves that combines both. This 3-finger mitten pair of ski gloves is best for someone that wants to combine the all-around comfort and coziness that normal mittens offer with the mobility of normal gloves. These are available to be purchased in 9 colors: white, black, yellow, red, black, green and in three shades of brown. These mittens are praised all around with 5-star reviews.

These ski mittens are insulated with fiberfill, which is an insulating fabric that is made from polyester fiber. The polyester lining is soft and cozy and will provide the utmost comfort. The outseam sewing technology here also helps your fingers feel comfy and undisturbed when out on the slopes, it’s easy to have mobility with these mittens and the cuff will overlap with your forearm easily to fit together with your winter jacket. This will in turn help keep you safe from any cold spots that other types of gloves are prone to, since not every brand includes cuffs with their ski gloves.

+ insulated fiberfill
+ cozy inner lining
+ long cuff

Why We Liked It – Hester has once again supplied the market with a very efficient and durable pair of ski gloves that have a very original design. Many customers say that the wrist strap is very useful, that the ski gloves are very flexible and that the index finger being free gives a lot of mobility and comfort.

5. Gordini GTX Storm Trooper II

Gordini’s storm trooper gloves are made from 94% nylon and 6% spandex which makes them one of the best candidates for repelling moisture and snow. The pre-curved construction helps greatly in improving the mobility of the hands, the seams are made to go around the design in a curved pattern to not hinder any movement. There is an index finger and thumb reinforcement, that is a perfect addition since those parts of the glove are often the most used, too. There are four color options to choose from here, too: black/tan, black, gun metal/black and legion blue/tan.

Gordini has also provided everyone with very accurate sizing charts to make sure that no one ends up buying a pair of ski gloves that is either too small or too big, but just right. The gauntlet design can be easily dragged over the coat sleeves and are enforced at all the right spots where the usual wear and tear kicks in quickly. These are definitely the best gloves when it comes to endurance, some people report that they were able to use the same pair with the same great effect for 10 years! That is definitely an achievement int he ski glove market, and not a small one, either.

+ reinforcements all around
+ comes with wrist straps
+ a pocket to put glove warmers in

Why We Liked It – Gordini’s gloves definitely have everything that good ski gloves should have. They have a special pocket in which you can put glove warmers in, which in itself is something incredibly rare, and the wrist straps will help you keep your gloves by your side at all times, even if you decide to take them off.

6. Hestra Heli

These Hestra Heli gloves have a very modern and fashionable design, they are double-colored and the inside of the palm is a completely different color from the outside, which makes for an interesting pattern. You can get these gloves in three colors, black and white, red and white and gray and white. If you are looking to have a good-looking pair of ski gloves that you will be excited to put on each time you will be hitting the slopes, Hestra is definitely the best candidate here. These ski gloves are made of 70% leather and 30% synthetic and have a removable polyester liner, which means you won’t have any trouble washing these gloves. You will be able to throw the liner into the wash without damaging the outer, protective layer of the gloves.

If you grease the leather every night, the day before you go on the slopes each day, you will be able to keep these ski gloves for years. They will repel moisture better when they are oiled up and the wear and tear won’t be as severe. A polishing cloth is commonly used to oil these up, after this, the leather will be saturated with the substance you will be able to hit the slopes with no worries. The wrist leash here is very useful and the craftsmanship is one of the best.

+ 70% leather material
+ modern color design
+ removable polyester liner

Why We Liked It – Hestra has provided the market with all types of ski gloves over the years, and this pair is definitely one to look at thoroughly if you are looking for a reliable pair of ski gloves to help keep your hands warm. With the gloves oiled up you will be able to have these gloves repel moisture for hours during your skiing adventures on the slopes.

7. FURST Hyper Tech Touchscreen

These mittens have one of the best, most attractive, most colorful designs out on the market. You can rest assured that you won’t be able to lose these mittens easily thanks to the bright colors. There are five designs to choose from: blue/pink, pink, black/blue, black/grey and black/yellow. They are really some of the best looking mittens out there and you will have no trouble spotting your relatives if they end up buying the same kind of mittens but with a different color scheme. One of the best features of these mittens is their ability to allow you to use your smartphone thanks to their advanced touchscreen capabilities. You can do this with both the exterior mittens and with the glove liners underneath.

The zip pockets that are located on the back of the hands are big enough to fit your ski passes, keys, hand warmers etc. without reducing the flexibility of the gloves themselves. They are naturally waterproof and breathable and should any snow or water fall on the fabric it will slide right off thanks to the water repelling finish. These mittens are designed not only for skiing but for all kinds of winter sports, therefore if you like to be a bit more adventurous and have interest in other winter activities, these mittens should serve you well all around. The insulation here is light, thin and warm, you won’t feel any extra weight on your hands and they will be kept warm regardless.

+ 90 day warranty
+ insulated material
+ water repellent

Why We Liked It – Furst’s ski mittens are perfect for anyone that wants to have warm and toasty fingers when the temperatures outside are below zero. These mittens are breathable, waterproof and very light-weight, all of these features ensure that you will only have the best skiing experience when you put them on.

8. Black Diamond Mercury

Black Diamond’s ski gloves are best for anyone that is looking for a durable pair of mittens that will protect from the cold and moisture reigning outside. They are 100% waterproof and they will be sure to keep you dry even during the heaviest of snowfalls. These mittens also have a removable velcro liner which is fantastic for those people who like to throw all of their dirty wash into washing machine instead of using sprays. The removable liner is also insulated which adds to the extra warmth insulation you will be getting when you will be out on the slopes.

The gloves are made of 92% nylon which is also the perfect material to repel all the cold and moisture you will be encountering. They are light-weight and resist abrasion very well, therefore if you run into some sharp ice or snow you will be able to be worry-free knowing you’re safe. The large gauntlets will easily allow you to drag the mittens over your coat or jacket to help avoid any cold-sports. These are definitely the best mittens if you are looking for full protection, both from the cold, moisture and accidents. There are also straps where you can attach a lanyard so that you won’t have a chance to lose these.

+ 100% waterproof
+ solid stitching
+ 92% nylon made

Why We Liked It – Black Diamond’s ski mittens are some of the best mittens on the market, they removable liner is perfect for when you want to take it out and let it dry quickly. The gauntlets are big enough to help cover your jacket and keep your forearms warm and cozy, too. The straps are also very helpful so that you can always have an eye on your mittens, wherever you are.

9. Marmot Expedition

Marmot’s ski mittens are made of 100% nylon, that means that you can safely throw them into the washing machine without worrying about them losing their strength. They are naturally waterproof, immediately repel water and snow and don’t have any bulk that could trouble you while skiing. After all, a tight grip is often needed and bulky winter wear doesn’t help and Marmot knows that.The wrist straps are well integrated into the design and look like they belong there, they will help you keep an eye on your gloves at all times.

The gauntlet drawcord will make it easy to keep the snow out and to pull it across your jacket or coat. The reinforced palm design helps make this one of the best pairs of mittens; you will be able to put these mittens throw a lot of wear and tear before they will finally give out. Many people report that these mittens help eliminate numbness in the hands even at the lowest of temperatures.If you have poor circulation or need to spend time in states where temperatures drop below -40, Marmot makes the best and warmest gloves for the coldest of nights and days.

+ anti-bulk design
+ thin but insulating outer layer
+ warmest gloves out there!

Why We Liked It – While there are many mittens out there that are perfect for temperatures below zero, not many ski mittens are able to withstand a -40 temperature and still keep the person’s hands warm. Marmot however manages that splendidly and is the best brand to turn to if you are looking to keep yourself warm even in weather that is below freezing.

10. Black Diamond Solano

These Black Diamond Solano gloves are a bit more expensive than the previous ski gloves we have listed, but nevertheless they are a fantastic investment and are some of the best looking ski gloves out there. The way the leather pattern is curved around the glove gives a very attractive, modern design that looks more like daily, fashionable gloves than skiing gloves. If you care about how you will look out on the slopes, this pair of mittens is definitely the best you can get. They are 100% breathable and waterproof and are made of goat leather that has two layers and a long gauntlet, this will ensure you can pull it over or under your jacket.

Thanks to the LED button controls there are three different heat levels that you can control when you are