7 Best Trail Bikes in 2021

Last updated 24. June 2022

When you’re serious about getting yourself a trail bike, one of the hardest challenges you’ll come up against is making sure you choose the one that’s right for you. At first glance, you probably thought how overwhelming it was to see just how many options out there, and how many different features are to think about.

However, today we aim to make things simple by highlighting our top 7 recommendations for trail bikes available right now in 2021, as well as detailing everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the bike that’s ideal for what you’re looking for.

Let’s get straight into it!

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1. Mongoose Impasse Full Dual-Suspension

Mongoose Impasse Full Dual-Suspension

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Kickstarting our list we have the Mongoose Impasse, a mid-range trail bike that’s more than enough for beginners to get their teeth into trail biking, but with enough features to satisfy an experienced rider.

The Impasse sports a sturdy aluminum frame that’s designed to maximize both performance and comfort while you’re out and about, complete with a premium Element suspension fork for absorbing the shock from crossing bumpy terrain.

You can also enjoy high-density yet lightweight alloy wheels (complete with a quick release valve for fast tire changes), and alloy brake discs on both wheels. With a 21-speed Shimano gear shift system, this is a fantastic bike that ticks all the boxes.

+ Premium quality parts that are built to last
+ Measures in at 29-inches; suitable for most riders
+ The affordable price tag

– Will have to semi-assembly once the bike is delivered
– Parts will need adjustment to suit your riding style

Why We Like It – The best bit about this bike is just how all-rounded it is. While it doesn’t specialize in any particular feature, it brings premium quality features to you at an affordable price tag suitable for all budgets.

2. Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

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The Schwinn Traxion is an extremely popular mid-range bike that’s ideal for hitting any kind of trail you wish to venture out on and guarantees you’ll be able to pick up speed, maintain full control, all while remaining comfortable and focused.

The mountain bike sports Schwinn’s renowned aluminum dual suspension frame and a premium suspension fork for the ultimate in shock absorption. Regarding speed, this bike features a quality 24-speed Shimano EZ-fire gear system for lightning fast gear changes whenever you need them.

Some of the other awesome features include aluminum front and rear brake discs for controlled stopping, and 2.25-inch rocky tires which ensure you’re able to travel over any terrain effortlessly.

+ Extra-wide double walled alloy wheel rims for extra strength and durability
+ Sporty neon color that looks great and increases visibility
+ Designed by Schwinn, founded in 1895

– No assembly instructions included (search online for details)
– Slightly heavier than other trail bikes

Why We Like It – One of the handiest features of the Schwinn Traxion is the crank value levers found all over the bike. Whether you’re changing the tires or adjusting your ride settings, these values make these processes take no time at all so you can focus on doing what you love.

3. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension

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Our second entry for Schwinn, Protocol 1.0 is a fantastic affordable option for riders looking for a riding experience that’s both satisfying and high octane. Like the bike above, the Protocol feature the same coveted Schwinn aluminum dual suspension fork, complete with a 24-speed Shimano EZ-fire trigger system for quick-fire gear changes.

However, this bike differs in the fact it offers a V-brake system for fast stops that are reliable and provide you with full control over the bike. In true Schwinn fashion, the bike features durable alloy wheels and rims for stable riding every single day, and Schwinn’s classic alloy cranks.

This specific model is available in three color variations designed to suit your personal preferences, and prides itself that it’s one of the most lightweight trail bikes available right now!

+ The bike is built using high-quality parts and systems
+ A price tag suitable for all budgets
+ Assembly upon delivery is quick and easy

– A few reports of damaged bikes arriving in customers

Why We Like It – While the reviews for the Protocol 1.0 are most positive, most negative reviews come from people receiving faulty bikes or damaged parts. Nevertheless, we love that Schwinn’s stellar customer service team are always on hand to ensure you have the best experience and get you back on the trails as quickly as possible.

4. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

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The third and final Schwinn bike to enter our list is the High Timber Mountain Bike. If you’re looking for a lightweight, highly durable, and affordable mountain bike you can trust to take you round the trails, you may not need to look further than this!

With all the awesome features typically included with a Schwinn bike, including a 21-speed rear gear system, alloy tires and wheel rims that are designed to last on any trail, and high-performance rubber-gripped tires, this bike has enough to satisfy every kind of rider.

While this bike is typically smaller than most, measuring in at 18-inches, this makes it ideal for those of you who have trouble using the larger trail bikes, or even for introducing your children to the pastime!

+ Powerful front and rear pull brakes
+ High-performance suspension fork
+ One of the most popular Schwinn bikes in the product range

– Some experienced riders may want to upgrade some of the parts

Why We Like It – Schwinn is renowned for producing all-rounded that are great for all kinds of uses. Thanks to the design effort that’s gone into the High Timber, you can enjoy this bike not only on trails but also in your daily life, giving you the best in all aspects of your life!

5. Diamondback Bicycles Hook

Our second Diamondback selection this time focuses on the coveted Hook, one of the most popular mountain and trail bikes in the Diamondback range. While more expensive than other trail bikes, this is a premium experience for riders taking their trails seriously.

Every detail of this bike, like the aluminum hardtail frame complete with low-slung geometry is designed by nature to maximize your performance, speed, and comfort; ultimately giving you the most out of what you can achieve as a rider.

Complete with a single ring drivetrain and a durable, professional-level suspension fork, if you’re looking to take your trail riding experiences to the next level, the Diamondback Hook is by far the right tool for the job.

+ Only takes around 30 minutes to assembly
+ High-quality parts and materials built to last
+ Awesome suspension device designed for maximum comfort

– Maybe out of some entry-level budget ranges
– This model is not compatible with tubeless tires

Why We Like It – What you’ll love the most from this bike is the level of durability you’ll get, and simply put, how long this bike is going to last. Every element of the bike is made with longevity in mind, meaning you invest now and it’s safe to say you’ll still be enjoying this bike for many years to come.

6. RALEIGH Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike

RALEIGH Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike

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There’s no denying that Raleigh bikes are premium within the bike industry, so it should come as no surprise that Raleigh’s mountain bikes are some of the best. While this is reasonably more expensive than other bikes on this list, it’s truly worth every cent.

While the bike arrives partially assembled, putting everything together is easy thanks to the design and included instructions. Once put together, you’ll be able to enjoy all the features like high-quality branded wheels to help you get over every terrain, and tires that will stand the test of time.

All the parts used to manufacture this bike have been directly sourced from premium suppliers, so this includes the SR Suntour suspension forks, the Tektro hydraulic brakes, and Shimano gear system, all coming together to create the highest quality trail riding experience.

+ Effortless to assemble and piece together
+ Premium parts that are built to last and keep performing
+ Fully adjustable to suit your individual riding style

– Doesn’t support tubeless wheels

Why We Like It – What we love most about this bike is simply the riding experience it creates. Since all the parts are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers, it doesn’t matter what aspect of the bike you’re looking at, whether that’s performance, speed, durability, comfort, or control, this bike exceeds all expectations.

7. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Comp

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Comp

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Heading back over to the Diamondback brand now, the Overdrive Comp is a hardtail mountain and trail bike you don’t want to miss. Let’s get right into it. With a 6064 lightweight aluminum frame, Shimano hydraulic disks and SRAM drivetrains, this is a bike built to keep up with your riding style.

This bike also comes with 27.5-inch Diamondback’s premium Blanchard wheels. Couple this with the affordable price tag and the ability to be taken advantage of by both experienced and beginner riders, there may not be any need to look further than this!

+ Compatible with tubeless wheels
+ Affordable and suitable for all budgets
+ The bike only uses high-quality, coveted branded parts

– None!

Why We Like It – Easily the best aspect of this bike that you don’t typically find with other trail bikes is the tubeless wheel compatibility. This, of course, prevents the wheels from bursting unexpectedly while you’re racing around a trail, maximizing safety, comfort, and overall performance.

Trail Bike’s Buyers Guide

As you can see from the bikes we’ve listed above, there are lots of bits and pieces you’ll need to think about when it comes to choosing the mountain bike that’s right for you. While you’re guaranteed to find a bike you love from the list above, choosing one is the next step you’ll need to take.

Fortunately, for the best of this article, we’re going to explore everything you need to look for when choosing a trail bike that suits what you need. Here’s the complete trail bike buying guide you need to know in 2020.

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when choosing a trail bike is what kind of frame your preferred bike is using, and how this relates to what you’re looking for. What’s more, there’s a lot you’re going to need to think about.

You’ll first want to make sure the bike frame you choose is the right height for you, which should be easy since most bikes are available in multiple sizes. You’ll then want to think about the weight of the frame to see how well you can carry it around, as well as considering how fast you’ll be able to go.


The next most important thing you’ll need to think about is the suspension that your chosen bike has to offer you. When traversing trails in the mountains or countryside, the chances are it’s not going to be as smooth as a freshly paved sidewalk.

This is why suspension is important. The suspension you choose will define how much shock and vibration your bike will absorb. The higher quality the suspension, the more shock will be absorbed, and more comfortable and stable your ride will be.


Of course, a more personal consideration you’ll want to think about is making sure the bike you’ve chosen will fit into your budget. Before you start looking into trail bikes, set yourself a budget for what you’re willing to spend, but make sure you think about what kind of experience you’re looking for.

If you’re a beginner and you’re just trying trail biking out, getting yourself a bike between the $100 and $300 should be ideal. For regular bikers looking for a great experience, $300 should $700 should be a good price range.

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If you’re looking for a premium experience and the best quality bike that keep up with your style of riding, you’ll be looking around the $700 price range. Of course, this is completely up to you, but when it comes to bikes, the more you spend, the more you’ll get out of your bike.

You might be interested in these mountain bikes under $1000.


The wheels that your bike uses are super important because this is the part of the bike that will create and define your riding experience. Ideally, you’ll go to want to think about getting thick wheels that are durable and will stand up against the terrain you’re riding over.

However, if you’re looking for a professional experience, it’s highly recommended you look into getting a bike that’s compatible with tubeless tires. This means you won’t need to worry about the tires bursting while riding over rocky ground.

You’ll also want to think about the wheels themselves and how durable they are. Look for alloy rims and aluminum spokes that are durable enough to withstand whatever trail you attempt to tackle.

See our favorite mountain bike tires here.


There’s no point in spending a small fortune on a new bike only to find it’s the most uncomfortable ride going. You’re not going to enjoy yourself, and you’ll quickly fall out of love with your trail riding passion.

Instead, look at what kind of seat the bike is offering. While mountain bike seats aren’t going to be the most comfortable thing in the world, getting a cushioned seat, or choosing a bike with the ability to upgrade, can be a great way to maximize the enjoyment of your experience.

FAQs on Trail Bikes in 2020

Can you use trail bikes on roads?

Of course! While trail bikes are designed for extreme trail environments, there’s no reason why you can’t use these bikes in other areas of your life, including while you’re going about your day!

Is there only one type of mountain bike?

In short, there are two types of mountain bikes; hardtail and full suspension. The difference is hardtail bikes have solid suspension at the front, whereas full suspension, well, have full suspension on both the front and rear of the bike.

What’s better; hardtail or full suspension?

This completely depends on what you’re after. As a rule of thumb, the more uneven and rockier the terrain, the more suspension you’ll need. If you’re traversing countryside tracks and forest paths, the simpler hardtail will be fine. If you’re going for extreme mountain courses, you’ll need full suspension.


As you can see, the landscape of mountain trail bikes is a vast one, but with the top recommendations and all the information you need to know, you’re sure to have everything you need to get the bike that’s best suited to you!

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