How do you Lace Skate Shoes?

Last updated 14. September 2018

How do you lace skate shoes?

Skateboarding is a fun activity. Those who like it can spend hours in the park to learn and master new tricks. When it comes to skateboarding, the fun part is often attached with risks.

These risks come in the form of falling down and injuries. Many of these falls and injuries are because of improperly or loosely tied shoe laces. In order to avoid lace brakes or getting them caught in the skate, the boarders need to properly tie down their laces.

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This small write up is all about skateboards and laces.

How to tie skate shoes without a bow?

This method is a no brainer but many people even those into skateboarding are often found wanting. Tying a lace without a bow doesn’t only loos good and stylish but can also prevent many injuries. Also, once you have properly done it, you won’t have the need of tying laces (at least for a couple of weeks). Enough said, let’s learn how to tie skate shoes without a bow.

1.  When lacing up the shoe make sure that you have the lace inserted through the last loop going down.

2. Next bring both ends of the laces out and place them crossing each other at the toe of the shoe.

3. Place the right lace over the left one (or vice versa) and tie two single knots ideally at the toe of the shoe.

4. You can also adjust the length of the knot.

5. It’s time to tuck the tied laces under the tongue of the shoe and push it all the way down to the front of the show, making sure that they don’t get in way of your toe.

Here is what it will look like:

How to wear skate shoes?

This is tricky one. Skate shoes should ideally be put on without any socks. Socks are not bad look wise but when it comes to the sport, socks can be a dealbreaker. They can make a boarder highly unstable, which might result in injuries and more.

Secondly, you should never wear skate shoes with a worn out sole. These shoes indicate that they have lived their useful life and can no longer provide the stability and comfort. Shoes like these are prone to slippages.
You should also propety tie the shoelaces on your skate shoes. Either do it tightly or try tying the laces without the bow (as explained above).

Last but not the least, we also recommend our readers not to wear the skate shoes for skating when they are not fully dry.

Can you wear skate shoes casually?

You wash your face in a wash basin and take a bath standing under the shower. Now, you can also wash your face under the shower, no one is going to stop you and the end result would be same as well. Thing is as showers are not built for face washing – skate shoes are not built for casual dressings. They are special shoes designed for special purpose.

However, some skate shoes are so visually attractive that people want to wear them to casual gatherings. There is no harm in doing that but we won’t recommend it.

Whether to wear skate shoes casually or not will also depend upon the fact that how seriously and how often do you skate. If you are a pro, you would never want to do that – and you even don’t need our advice for that.

However, if you’re just a beginner who skate occasionally, you can wear your skate shoes casually.

How do you lace vans?

There is no alternative to vans – they are cool, trendy, comfortable footwear loved by skateboard fanatics and casual wearers alike. There are some vans which are pretty expensive as well, they are more like fashion symbols and usually celebrities wear them.

One of the best thing about vans is the fact that they can be laced up in so many different ways. We have identified top three of them and have included in this write up.

1 – The Criss-Cross

Criss-Cross are never out of fashion. They have been in the business for decades. Just place the lace at the tongue – should be in line with eyelets. Through these openings, bring the lace up. For the remaining eyelets, bring the lace up through them all the way to the top.

2 – Straight Bar

Place and insert the lace through the bottom eyelets. Now run the left end of the laces up throgh the eyelets on the same side. Then over the tongue and right down through opposite eyelet. Do the same on the right side as well. Continue doing that until the end of the laces come out from the top most eyelets. You can now tie the knot behind the tongue.


Other common methods include: The sawtooth, and over under.


No matter how you lace them up, they will always be looking stylish and trendy. Which method you chose depends primarily on your choosing and the comfort. We would suggest that you try all the known methods of tying lace vans and then keep on switching between the ones you like.


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