Is a Longboard Safe to Ride?

Last updated 28. May 2019

Is a Longboard Safe to Ride?

Before discussing the question first, let us break down the most common debate. Longboard and Skateboard are the two most confused terms. Basically, a longboard is a longer version of the skateboard.

People ride both, longboard and skateboard but most prefer a longboard for beginners as it is much stable and easier to ride. The wider deck makes longboard more stable and balance off and on the air.

Although longboards are safer to ride, you need to take some precautions for making the experience safer. Below we’ll list down some points to note while you are riding a longboard.

– Longboard is more stable and balance but it doesn’t mean that incidents can’t take place. You need to wear all protective gears like a helmet, shin, and pads while riding to make sure that everything is covered up.

– Just don’t buy a longboard and start riding in the middle of traffic as you need to practice before stepping up the game.

– Wear skateboard shoes as it is all about the motion and movement of legs.

– Practice in an open space and be sure to follow the correct guides.

So yeah, a longboard is safe enough to ride when compared to a typical skateboard. By going thoroughly through the mentioned points your experience will be more secure and sound.

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Which is safer, Longboard or Skateboard?

Longboard is a type of skateboard that was designed to cruise for miles while enjoying uninterrupted journeys all along, especially with the use of an Electric skateboard for longer journeys. On the other side, a skateboard was manufactured to hit the parks for applying those crazy tricks.

Although both require some basic skateboarding skills for a safer ride, longboard tops when it comes to safety. Longboard features a broader and wider deck that allows you to position your feet in a wider stance which offers a greater balance as that of a typical skateboard.

Addressing more towards the safety side, a longboard is basically designed for beginners who can’t balance the small skateboard. Similarly, longer length allows greater stability and firmness making longboard a safer option.

Now as we know that a longboard is safer than a skateboard, we’ll list down some points to note for making the journey more sound.

– Always suit up with every single protective gear before stepping on a longboard as you never know what life brings to you.

– Don’t invest in cheap gear as nothing is more precious than human life.

– Practice before going outside on roads.

So now you know which option is safe and how to make it even sounder.

How to Longboard safely?

Longboarding is fun, just like skateboarding you need to concentrate on some bits for riding it safely. We’ll take you from scratch to rest on how to longboard safely the right way. Keep up with us and follow the steps listed below.

– No matter what you say but longboarding, it can be, at times, risky – especially if you’re riding an electric longboard. To tackle bumps and humps you need to buy every single protective gear. Some essentials are longboarding/skateboarding shoes, a helmet, elbow and knee pads.

– After suiting up well with every protective gear find a flat and smooth surface with plenty of space. Double check that there should be no vehicles or obstacles around.

– Now place the longboard on the ground facing the direction you want to travel in. Place your standing foot according to the personal preference and push off the ground with your opposite foot in a smooth movement.

– Make sure to push with low force as you are just a trainee. When you feel that the board is moving forward life your pushing foot onto the board and bend your knees to maintain stability.

– Now when you feel that the board is slowing down repeat the process but make sure that you can handle the ride.

– If you want to turn left, slightly lean your body towards the left and vice versa. Try to balance the speed of board and your body motion for avoiding any mishap.
– For applying brakes gently lower dow
n your pushing foot from the deck and aim to come in contact with the ground. Don’t abruptly put too much pressure on the ground as it will result in a sudden change of force.

Go thoroughly through this guide and you’ll learn how to ride a longboard safely.

How to Longboard downhill safely?

Speeding or longboarding downhill packs thrill and danger at the same time. You need to be fully prepared before longboarding downhill as it can be a matter of great risk. With an Electric Longboard, you also have added spped.

– Suited Up

Before actually thinking about going down the hill you must have a helmet that is certified. Similarly, knee pads and wrist guards are next in line to make your experience safer.

After you are covered up by the gear thoroughly inspect the longboard to make sure that every inch is tight and steady.

– Getting Ready

You should have a proper grasp of braking techniques and smooth carving style before you decide to take on a downhill. Practice and master sliding techniques and make sure that you have a good command over the board.

– Go for it!

Get comfortable with basic techniques, suit up well and you are ready to take down a downhill. Just to make sure that everything goes well judge the distances and measurements of the hill and plan an exit out if anything goes wrong.

Do you have to wear a helmet when riding a Skateboard or Longboard?

Without prolonging the question the answer is YES! You have to wear a helmet when riding a skateboard or longboard as it is illegal to ride without a helmet in the majority of countries.

Don’t get frustrated by a helmet as it is there to save you from major incidents.

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