Razor Ripstik Ripster Review

Last updated 02. April 2020

Quick Summary

The Razor RipStik is a very chic caster board that attracts attention right from the get-go thanks to its engaging design. It’s made of high tech polymer and has a removable deck that is both durable and slip-resistant. The Ripster is also shorter than the original RipStik, and comes equipped with high-quality, durable urethane wheels that will let you skate anywhere, anytime. Read on for the full product details! Looking for four wheels? Check out the Razor dirt quad review here.

Ripstik Caster Board

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What you need to know about Razor Ripstik Caster Boards

Key Features

Razor Ripstik Ripster deckEvery parent knows that forcing your child to have fun outside doesn’t usually go according to plan. Most of the time, they prefer the safety and security of their own room where they can interact with their friends online.

The trick is to gift them something that will make them want to run out and play outside for hours on end. We think that the Razor RipStik is the ideal product to help you get that kind of reaction from your child. Need something more stable for younger children? Check out the Razor dune buggy right here.

Not only does it have a fantastic, engaging design that fits the appeal of many kids, but it’s compact and easy to carry around. If your child will want to go the park, take it on a trip, on a holiday or to a friend’s house, there will be no problem with that as the design allows east transportability. The board is light weight, relatively short and can be transported easily. This is one of the reasons many parents flock to buy this product: it’s not as heavy as a skateboard, and can accompany and occupy your child wherever you go. With the rubber padded steel torsion bar, you can be rest assured your child will have safe fun.

Since Razor ripstik caster boards are still relatively new to the market, we decided to compile a quick overview of the features that a Razor brights caster board has. Ranging from information about the deck, to tips about riding and staying safe!


The Rip-Stik has been designed to attract many modern-day audiences. The thunderbolt design allows you to associate the product with speed, adrenaline and fun. If you are looking for a board that will allow you to do more tricks than the RipStik Classic, then the RipStik Ripster should be the go-to choice. Looking for a bike? Check out the Razor MX650 motocross dirt bike for something a little different.

Color & Appeal

The Ripster is available in several colors: blue, red and black. No matter what kind of attire you like wearing when you are out skating, one of these three color variations will undoubtedly end up suiting your style. Other color variations like blue-pink can also be found in limited edition sales, or you can of course purchase one from a previous buyer.

Regardless, Razor has put a lot of emphasis on the design of their RipStik Caster Boards, and it definitely shows. The pattern looks fun, engaging and makes the kids want to jump on straight away.


Thanks to the compact design of the deck, it’s ideal for kids learning to ride. It allows them to quickly grasp the basics of riding as they adjust to the ideally-designed size. This will help build confidence that could have turned into disappointment if they were trying to ride a bigger board to no avail.

The deck itself can carry up to 143lbs, which means that it’s ideal for kids, young teens and adults alike as long as they fit within the weight range. It has a snowboard-like carving ability, or twisting motion, and removable deck plates.

Overall, Razor’s intent with this board was to make it light weight.

In essence, they managed to design a board that is targeted for both kids learning to ride and adults who want to do more complex tricks.

Deck Specifics

The shorter wheel base is perfect for those riders that have a narrower stance and find it difficult to control bigger boards. No matter if you just prefer smaller boards or if you want to do more tricks with a more compact RipStik, the Ripster is ideal for both scenarios.

The high tech polymer used to make the board is durable, reliable and wear-resistant, meaning that it will take years before you will start to see signs of wear and tear. The concave deck platforms also add additional aid to the anti-slip features for simple weight transfer.


The wheels on the board are about 66mm and are made of high-grade urethane. The previous model from Razor, the RipStik Classic, had 76mm wheels. It’s quite a significant change going down a whole 10mm, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to do more tricks or gift the board to a younger child.

Urethane wheels are ideal for caster boards since they don’t absorb any water, oil or grease. This means that they can carry you through any unexpected occurrences that may appear on the road.

Urethane Wheels

Urethane manages to combine the rigidity of plastics and flexibility of rubber. The thing about urethane wheels is that because of this, they have a wide density range. They are neither rock solid nor soft, which makes them ideal for a smooth ride on several terrains, whether it’s hard or smooth gravel or a pavement. Going over bumps will not phase you, and the ride will be painless.

All of this means that the urethane wheels featured with the RipStik Ripster are ideal for both carrying you on hard gravel, and for doing tricks mid-air, or simply sliding past on the ramps. Wheels made from this material generally have phenomenal anti-tear and abrasion resistance qualities. If you like being more aggressive with your riding, then you will definitely benefit from purchasing this kind of coaster board. Similarly, if you are planning on riding very regularly this is a great investment if you want to keep a board as a companion for several years.


Despite the changes made to the RipStik Ripster, it’s still a very efficient caster board that allows for even more tricks and fun to be had. The Ripster still has Razor’s classic features. Features such as the inclined caster trucks and pivoting deck provide stability for snowboardlike carving. There is no specific speed-limit to the RipStik Caster Board, that’s why it can be unpredictable sometimes. The best thing you can do is take safety precautions, and that’s what we will quickly address next.


Under the description of every Razor caster board that Razor manufactures and produces, there is a safety warning.

This especially applies to people who are just starting out and have never ridden before, since it can take a while to figure out how to ride a Ripster, and quite a few bumps, falls and scratches may occur.

Razor recommends purchasing kneed pads, elbow pads and a helmet before starting to ride.

After you get used to the deck and you can control it and predict its moves, the knee and elbow pads can come off since they can be cumbersome when you want to do tricks. The helmet, however, should always stay on: you never know when you can slip on a caster board, or when a bump leads you to go in a different direction than desired.

Caster Trucks and Pivoting Deck

The pivoting deck allows you to turn anywhere, anytime, towards any direction. It can take a while to learn to maneuver the deck due to its many possibilities, but once you get a hang of it, you will be able to make the board do whatever you like, just like with riding a bicycle.

The 360 degree caster trucks with ABEC5 bearing casters enable you to go in virtually any direction you desire; although this sounds fun and promising, it may take a while for a beginner to get used to the unpredictably of the board before they learn to control it. That also means that you have to constantly be moving and establishing the direction and destination of riding toys, otherwise you can quickly veer off course.

+ 360-degree inclined caster trucks
 with ABEC5 bearing casters
+ Urethane wheels with replacement wheel
+ Slip-Resistant
+ No assembly needed & frustration free packaging
+ Lithium-ion battery
+ Simple weight transfer
+ Snowboard like Carving ability with Twisting motion
+ Removable deck plates
+ Rubber Padded Steel Torsion bar
+ Spiked traction pads
+ Kick tail and nose

– May be too compact for some

Who Is It Suitable For?

Like all Razor products, the RipStik Ripster is very versatile. As long as the person riding is within the 143lbs weight range, there should be no problem in letting both kids, adults and teens ride it.

There is, however, a learning curve, and that’s why generally the youngest kids allowed on the board should be at least 9 years old. If you have 6-7 year olds that are mature for their age, are eager to learn and stay safe on the Ripster, then there is no reason to not allow them to try, but make sure that they have proper safety gear and instructions first!

Why We Like It

The RipStik Ripster is one of our favorite caster boards from Razor thanks to its light weight, compact shape and urethane wheels. The board is ideal for tricks, and for familiarizing kids with coaster boards. It will help anyone gain confidence in riding, and it’s a lot of fun to learn to control the 360-degree caster trucks and pivoting deck. It’s definitely a challenge, and it’s 100% worth its price!

Alternative Product – Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board

Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board

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If you are looking for other riding toys, Razor has plenty to offer. Like the Razor RipStik Electric Caster Board. The powerful 100 watt kickstart motor will help you kick off and smooth ride with power and style. It can go up to 10mph, however going downhill can significantly accelerate this speed. If you’re looking for more stability, the Powerwing caster scooter by Razor has handlebars.

It’s ideal for kids above the age of 9 and can carry anyone that weighs up to 143 pounds. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows for regular, constant fun that will keep you and/or your kids entertained for hours on end.

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