Finding a good, decent electric scooter for adults that will take you from point A to point B can be difficult. However, we think that the EcoReco M5 (the predecessor of Ecoreco’s M3) might be the best candidate for the job. With its lithium iron phosphate battery, the charging times are quick and painless. The silent engine is ideal for neighborhood settings, and the energy recovery braking system will make sure you stay in control at all times.

Ecoreco M5 Features

As we mentioned above, finding a reliable eco scooter can be difficult. Most scooters are also meant to be used by kids or young teens, not adults. Adults who want to have a new, comfortable way of transporting may find it hard to find a big, suitable electric kick scooter to support them. EcoReco was well aware of this problem, and that’s why they made it their goal to design a scooter that will satisfy both young teens and adults. The frame is comprised of aircraft aluminum for durability.

The EcoReco M5 kick scooter by Evo Powerboards is meant to carry you all across your neighborhood and town roads quietly, and quickly. No matter if you are looking for something to cruise with on breezy summer nights, or if you need something to help you get to work, explore outdoor recreation or get to the grocery store, the M5 is the ideal solution. Trips to and from work will become more fun and more engaging within seconds of getting onto the M5.

foldable electric scooter for adultsOne thing is sure; the EcoReco M5 kick scooter for adults was designed to be energy efficient, slick, and quiet. We think that EcoReco managed to include all those features within this compact, sturdy scooter.

It looks great, works great, and will be able to accompany you through many adventures, no matter if they are fun to ride, work, or chore-related. You will definitely be enriching your life by including the EcoReco M5 in your life.

In the following paragraphs, we will give a quick EcoReco m5 review that will look at the key Ecoreco M5 features, and explain as to why you should think about investing into the EcoReco M5 Kick scooter for adults:


The EcoReco M5 e-scooter has a simple, hands-on design. It doesn’t include any of the daredevil patterns or thunderbolts that are commonly used when designing an electric scooter for kids. It’s a straight, professional, formal looking eco scooter that will help you look good as you glide down the roads and pavements.

Just like most scooters, we can safely say that the EcoReco M5 scooter has the common, sporty eco scooter look. However, it will still fit with the appeal of just about any rider.

The Ecoreco M5 Scooter for Adults comes in a simple, black matte color and many customers report that the finish is very durable, and doesn’t succumb to any quick wear and tear. Thanks to this minimal design, EcoReco managed to focus more on the functionality of the scooter, and its mechanics.

Fold & Go

Folding electric scooterOne of the best features of the M5 air electric scooter is its foldability. Even though some people may think that 36 pounds is still heavy when folded, the common opinion is quite the contrary.

Many customers report that the M5 is portable, easy to carry, and doesn’t take up much space. It’s folding size is: 3’x1’x1/2′.

You can go onto a train, a car or a bus with your electric kick scooter in hand, and it won’t bother anyone.

If you travel a lot, or want to go on holiday, you can easily pack your eco adult scooter and take it with you. Its description also states that it can comfortably fit under chairs, and in small, compact places.


The EcoReco M5 e-scooter also has one of the best charging times in the scooter industry: it can charge up to 70% in just 2 hours. If you are often in a hurry, or find yourself tied up whether you should take a taxi or the scooter, you can quickly plug it in and get going within an hour or two. Comparing this charging time with the 12+ hrs of other adult electric scooters, there is simply no comparison in the efficiency of the EcoReco M5 e-scooter and the other scooters available out there.

Regardless, it’s still important to make a quick note of how such an electrical scooter can impact your bills. Charging in the long run can prove to have a bit of an expensive price tag, and that’s why we recommend taking a look at how it could affect your electricity plan. It can also be worth the effort to go and ask friends or neighbors who already own such a scooter, as to how, if at all, it impacted their electricity bills.


Man holding folded up e-scooterThe EcoReco M5 electric scooter by Evo Powerboards can go up to 20 mph, and has configurable top speeds, which are :7 mph, 12 mph and 20 mph. Depending on how long you charge your scooter, it can go anywhere from 10 to 20 miles of range on a single charge.

This is definitely more than enough to reach close destinations such as work, stores and/or friend’s houses. If you should run out of battery life midway, you can easily fold and carry the electric scooter thanks to its portability.

Another good feature of the electric scooter for adults is the fact that doesn’t get you as sweaty as a bicycle would. You can cruise without any trouble, not worrying about getting your clothes soaked during hot, summery days. If you are going up more vertical hills, you can use a kick or two to get going, but you won’t have to put too much effort into riding overall.

Front Wheel and Rear Wheel

With the EcoReco M5 electric scooter and it’s rubber hard tires, you will be able to ride over cracks and even grass without much trouble. Customers who have tested the M5 in daily life scenarios stated numerous times that they can still maintain 10mph even on grass fields. If you live in a more rural, urban area, the EcoReco M5 electric scooter will be the ideal eco scooter for you and your needs. One thing is sure; with the M5 electric kick scooter,  you will be getting a quick, smooth ride without any surprises.

You won’t get any flat hard tires, and the front wheels themselves are very grippy and sturdy, letting you ride around sturdily, yet smoothly. They are definitely more sturdy than traditional bicycle tires, and will be able to hold out for years.

Weight Capacity

The speed also depends on the weight of the rider; and most customers report that the M5 ecoreco adult kick scooter is not particularly good when going uphill. The more light weight the rider, the quicker the M5 adult kick scooter will be able to go (even up to 25mph on a straight road) and the scooter can carry up to 400lbs of weight, so it can really suit just about anyone.

Girl riding Ecoreco MiNaturally, the limit listed on the box is 250lbs, however many heavier people have tried and tested the EcoReco m5, and saw no drawbacks.

With a 250watt motor, it’s easy to see that this little adult scooter may be small, but it sure is powerful.

With the 36 volt lithium battery, the M5 ecoreco is more than capable of carrying an average adult for 20 or so miles per charge.

Display Pad

Other interesting Ecoreco M5 features include the display pad. When turning it on, you will see the LED lights light up, and they will show you all the data that you need to know. Data such as: your speed, your trip distance travelled, an odometer, a charge bar, and a speedometer.

All in all, you will get a complete display of all the important information that you will need to know when riding. Whether you just like the trivia or actually need the data to see how well the Eco reco scooter works, the display pad is a great addition.

If you are curious about how much battery life you have left, you can easily check the data on the pad. This is extremely useful for those times when you still have a ways to go home and aren’t sure if you should use the full battery life now or leave it for a possible time of greater need. .


+ Rides on various terrains

+ Features a display pad

+ Charges up to 70% in 2 hrs
 with good Battery cycle life

+ Goes up to 20-25 mph

+ Configurable top speeds

+ Range of 15 miles per charge

+ Lithium iron phosphate battery

+ LED Backlit dashboard

+ Front and rear suspension


– Front tire may need to be replaced after regular use

The Eco Reco e-scooter can go about 15 miles of range per charge, and needs about 4 hours of charge time before each ride. This quick charging time is definitely a huge plus, especially for busy people who need to use the adult kick scooter regularly each day.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Ecoreco iPhone app previewThe EcoReco e-scooter is ideal for adult or collage students that want to have a new way of getting around. If you find yourself in an urban area and need a new way to travel around, then the M5 Eco reco electric scooter for adults is the ideal solution.

It’s fun to ride, has a relatively cheap price tag and will be able to serve you for years to come. It’s also ideal for young teens that need help moving around the neighborhood, too.

Why We Like It

We like the EcoReco electric scooter for its versatility and efficiency. The EcoReco electric scooter can ride on both grass and pavement terrains, has sturdy, rubber front and rear wheels, can go up to 23mph, has an energy efficient display pad showing you all the data you need to know, and can charge up to 70% in less than 2 hrs.

The M5 EcoReco electric scooter is definitely one of the most energy efficient scooters available out there, and that’s why we think you should definitely take a chance in Ecoreco scooters, and invest!

Alternative Product – Segway Ninebot ES1

Segway Ninebot ES1

Check Price on Amazon

If you’re interested in similar products to the M5 Eco Reco, we recommend taking a look at the Segway Ninebot ES1. This electric kick scooter is lightweight and foldable with a one-click folding system. This scooter has an upgraded 300-watt motor and can reach up to 15MPH. The front, shock-absorbing wheel makes for a safe and comfortable ride.

You can also try the Razor E300 electric scooter, the Uberscoot 1000w electric scooter or the Segway ES1 E-Scooter as other alternatives. Looking for an electric skateboard? Try the Razor Ripstik Ripster!


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A Quick Look on Segway ES1 eScooter

The Segway ES1 Scooter has large, 8” tires, a no chain engine,front LED lights and and a digital display that will tell you all the data you need to know. The scooter is also equipped with front heavy-coil suspension that will help in the front shock absorption. The easy to clean foot pads featured on the scooter can be easily cleaned, and the Segway is lightweight and easy to carry.

Segway ES1 eScooter

Check Price on Amazon

Key Features

Scooters first appeared on the market around the year 2000, and since then they have only been getting more advanced. From normal scooters, to electric kickscooters with advanced mechanics, there are plenty of options to choose from. That, of course, means that it can be difficult to choose one specific kick scooter to buy. Whether you are looking for a gift for your child or for yourself, the amount of choices out on the market can be overwhelming.

Whether you are looking for an adult electric scooter to ride around your neighborhood, or for a an alternate means of transportation for when you go to work, the Segway ES1 can be a great solution. Not only is it a great investment for every day errands, but it’s ideal for those days when you just want to relax and cruise around the park.

Either way, the Segway is a great source of fun, no matter if you need it for work or if you want to give it as a gift. Since Electric kickscooters are still quite new on the market, we decided to compile a quick review that goes over all the functions of the Segway eScooter and why you may want to invest in it.


child on segway escooterThe fuss-free design of the ES1 is definitely something that Segway was focusing on when manufacturing this scooter. The Segway has a basic Segway Kickscooter ES1 design and does not have any useless accessories that could clutter the frame and make riding troublesome. All you need to do is get on, and ride away.

The simple design allows the kick scooter to be lightweight, compact, and easy to carry no matter where you go. Taking the ES1 onto buses or trains can be done quietly, and without any inconveniences.

Color & Appeal

The Segway electric Scooter has a very simple, black appeal that fits well with a sporty theme. The handlebars are also covered with a comfy, gray grip that is designed to have an anti-slip design. The brand marks are located around the top bar in a light gray color that doesn’t distract from the overall appeal of the adult electric scooter. There are also bright, red reflector stripes on the sides of the easy to clean foot pads that will help keep you safe at night.

Front Wheel & Back Wheel

The Segway ES1 eScooter is a significant improvement from its previous sister model. The main difference being that the ES1 now has rubber wheels. This means that you will no longer have to deal with inflatable tires, that are bothersome to change and can be punctured easily and go flat.

This was a huge problem with the previous Segway models since it was common to get a flat tire in the middle of a ride. Luckily, Segway decided to take a step forward and eliminate this inconvenience.The tires are the front measure around 8”, while the tires are the front a bit smaller, measuring in at about 7.5”.

Heavy-Coil Suspension

adult on segway escooterThe front of the Segway Kickscooter has also been designed for front shock absorption.

The heavy-coil suspension located on the front wheel will help minimize any sort of bouncing that could occur when riding without it.

The wheels have been attached in such a way to give the rider a good variety of speed, self balancing, precision and comfort, no matter where or how long they ride.

Many customers have reported that the wheels deal very well when going over small bumps and curbs. This makes the Segway electric an all-around great companion for riding around the city and neighborhood. Check out the Segway MiniPro as an alternative.

Electrical Brake Systems & Kickstand

The antilock brake system is manual and located on the rear wheel. You will need to step on it manually with your foot so that the friction stops the Segway Kickscooter from going faster. This may be quite troublesome to learn for beginners, but once you get a hang of it it should become like second nature.

On the left side of the footpad you can also find an alloy kickstand that is easy to put up with just your foot. This is definitely an improvement from Segway’s previous models, where you had to bend down to set up the stand. It’s easy to see that Segway has taken many steps forward in improving this model from its predecessors.


The Es1 is also 1kg lighter than its predecessor. Some assembly will be required when first opening the box. This is vital to know if you are planning on giving the Segway Kickscooter as a gift that will want to be used immediately. Luckily, the assembly shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, and can give a good sense of achievement to kids and adults alike.


The base of the adult electric scooter has a very effective, anti-slip layer of rubber that will help you have a good grip when cruising around. It will ensure that you won’t slip, or should you run over a bump you won’t immediately start wobbling.

Segway is well known for having very stable and reliable scooters, and the Segway ES1 Scooter is no exception.

You can go over unstable pavements and rocky roads and you will still be able to easily maintain self balancing techniques. All of the materials used to manufacture this adult electric scooter are of high-quality and have been approved by various safety organizations.


The ES1 electric scooter can go up to 15.5 miles on a full charge, which is a stunningly long time when you compare it to other scooters in the same niche. This is more than enough time to run all your errands. Should you run out of battery at some point, you can easily pick up the Segway Kickscooter and carry it thanks to its lightweight features.

It’s easily foldable and can be folded in half within seconds when you need to get onto a bus or a train. Segway was definitely trying to manufacture a very effective and efficient adult electric scooter, and the ES1 is a great example of such qualities.

Cruise Control & LED Lights

When riding, you will be able to choose your desired speed from low to top speeds on the digital screen that is located between both of the handlebars. This will save you the trouble of having to constantly ride the accelerator paddle.

lady with segway es1 escooterSegway also decided to integrate LED lights in the design of the Segway ES1 eScooter to help make it more safe and all-around versatile.

The lights will help illuminate the path you are riding when it gets dark, as well as helping you see where you are going They will also help to make you more noticeable when you are riding.

This is a great feature to have, especially if you want your children to ride electric scooters safely when the sun starts setting.


If you want to ride double the distance during your time outside, you can also purchase another battery. This is a common practice among riders who want to travel longer distances, and proves to be very effective. An extra battery pack can increase the amount of miles you travel, the speeds you travel at and the acceleration of the scooter

It’s definitely a good idea to purchase an additional battery if you are planning on using the Segway Kickscooter on a daily/regular basis. It will help reduce the daily wear and tear that you will be putting it through, helping it last longer.


+ Heavy-Coil Suspension
+ Anti-Slip Deck
+ Goes for 15.5 miles on a full charge
+ Sturdy, rubber back & front wheel
+ Front Antilock Braking Systems (electrical brake)
+ LED Display
+ Easy to clean foot pads
+ Cruise control
+ Digital display
+ Segway App available


– Maybe too heavy to carry for some

Who Is It Suitable For?

segway electric kickscooterThe Lightweight electric ES1 scooter is suitable for both kids, teens and adults alike. It’s important to take a look at the specific dimensions of the Segway Kickscooter ES1 to see if it will be the best fit for you or a relative. As long as your kids are mature enough to handle the device, then there shouldn’t be a problem in giving it to kids as young as 12. It’s a great means of transport for anyone that wants to cruise around the neighborhood, to school or to work.

Why We Like It
We like the Segway ES1 eScooter high performance thanks to its new and developed features. Mainly thanks to the new and improved rubber wheels, the 15.5 miles run time and the heavy-coil suspension. The LED lights also help to keep you safe when you are riding after nightfall. All of these features help make this scooter versatile, effective, and safe. See the Segway ES1 Ninebot Kickscooter as an alternative. The Ninebot by Segway as well as the Razor Ripstick caster board is another fantastic choice. There is now also a Segway ES2 eScooter high performance toy, also.


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