Getting to work on your bike can really change the way you live. Whether it’s because you want to beat the traffic, get some fresh air, or start your day with some exercise, cycling has so many advantages that you can only really understand once you’ve started doing it. A commuting bike is designed to take you to work through urban environments.

You should expect a fairly comfortable ride with features like fenders and a rack. In addition, a commuter bike should be able to handle the varied terrain that a city can throw at you: potholes, curbs, and maybe even cobbles. You should expect a riding position that will make stopping and starting easy. Beyond that, there’s a lot of choices when it comes to commuter bikes.

You can often choose between speed and comfort, and there are plenty of other features to look out for to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase.

In this article, we’ve taken a look at ten different commuter bikes. In each case, we’ve told you what we think makes them worth a look. There’s plenty to consider so afterward we’ve written a buyer’s guide which takes you through the key features.

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1. sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step-Through Hybrid

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This is a very good-looking commuter bike. It has a women’s step-through design which is particularly useful if you ride while in a skirt or dress, or if you have limited mobility. It is designed for maximum comfort. The bike has a low center of gravity which makes it very stable and easy to control. In addition, the front-forward chain geometry encourages a completely upright seating position.

The pedals are positioned so that you will remain seated when you’re in the standover position, while also offering full leg extension while pedaling. This makes it a great bike if you face a commute where you might frequently get stopped at the lights. It has an aluminum frame which means it is surprisingly lightweight and won’t be a struggle to get up hills.

The bike comes with a range of gearing options from single-speed to 21-speed. The wheels are nice and wide and feature attractive contrast rims. Fenders and a rack come pre-fitted.

+ Aluminum frame
+ Comfortable geometry
+ Step-through frame
+ Attractive color scheme
+ Gearing options

Why We Like It – This bike will turn heads as you glide to work. It’s lightweight and will, therefore, be easy to ride. Just choose your gearing option depending on how hilly your hometown is.

2. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle, 26-Inch Wheels

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle, 26-Inch Wheels

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This Schwinn bike comes with a slightly more aggressive geometry. It too has an aluminum frame which will mean that it will accelerate quickly and be much lighter to handle, especially on the hills. It comes with a suspension fork which will even out any particularly bad bumps in the road.

It does, however, add a little bit of weight to the bike. The handlebars are swept up which encourages an upright seating position. It has a good level of focus on comfort as both the handlebars and the bike seat are cushioned. This can be important, especially if you’re not currently used to riding a bike.

It has a built-in rear rack which means you can invest in a pannier and keep your back free from the extra strain. The fender’s match the bike’s paintwork and will keep your clothes safe from any mud or splashes. There’s a 21-speed gear system with a Shimano rear derailleur.

+ Swept up handlebars
+ Aluminum frame
+ Well-treaded tires
+ Front suspension fork
+ 21-speed gear system

Why We Like It – This is a versatile bike that could handle some difficult urban conditions. The suspension is particularly useful if you live in an area that isn’t brilliantly maintained

3. sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s Cruiser Bike

sixthreezero Around the Block Men's Cruiser Bike

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This is the men’s version of the sixthreezero bikes. It comes is a classic, curvy, beach cruiser design. The frame is made from steel which is somewhat heavier than aluminum and will result in a bike that is a little slower to accelerate. The handlebars are swept and up quite dramatically, referencing the traditional Dutch design. This means that it’s an extremely comfortable ride, offering you plenty of control when you need it.

It’s a bike that has comfort right at the center of its design: it has 26-inch wheels that are 2.125 inches wide which makes for more easy rolling and a high level of stability. It comes in a striking matte black with additional black finishes. A rack and a chainguard are finished, but there are no fenders. Like the women’s model, there’s a range of gearing options to choose from.

+ Classic, curvy frame
+ Extremely comfortable to ride
+ Striking look
+ Gearing options
+ Chainguard

Why We Like It – This matte black bike looks incredibly cool. It is a super comfortable ride, and the thick wheels make it very stable. An excellent option.

4. Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bicycle

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bicycle

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Folding bikes are extremely popular with commuters. If you live in a large city with a developed public transport system, they’re a great option because if you’re too tired to cycle home after a long day, you can just fold it up and carry it with you on the bus or train. The bike features a very handy 7-speed Shimano system, meaning that it can tackle hills with easy. There’s a rear built-in rack which can carry your pannier.

Additionally, a nylon carry bag is included to keep it protected when you’re carrying it about. It folds up into a very reasonable size of 29.5 x 29 x 19 inches. This means it is very portable and it’ll never get stolen because you can take it almost anywhere with you. The twenty-inch wheels strike a balance between portability and stability. The frame can fit even up to a six-foot rider.

+ Folding design
+ 7-speed gear system
+ 20-inch wheels
+ Built-in rack
+ Small folded size

Why We Like It – This is an extremely affordable folding bike. If you’re looking for something that’ll give your commuting that extra level of flexibility, then this would definitely be something worth looking at.

5. sixthreezero Ride in The Park Men’s Touring City Road

sixthreezero Ride in The Park Men's Touring City Road

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This is a beautiful bike that comes in an incredibly stylish green-grey. It has a much more angular geometry, and the frame is made of aluminum. This means it’ll get you around town nice and quickly and give you good acceleration once you’re starting after the lights. The handlebars are partially swept back, offering a comfortable ride. The geometry and the frame material do mean that this bike has a slightly higher potential for speed, meaning that you should be able to race through your morning commute easily.

There’s a 7-speed gear system that’ll help you out when it comes to any hills. It comes with a matching rack, fenders, and chainguard to maintain the uniformity of the paint job. The saddle and handlebars are made using stitched leather and contribute to the complete aesthetic. The saddle is also sprung, giving you that extra level of comfort.

+ Traditional geometry
+ Coherent aesthetic
+ Leather grips and saddle
+ 7-speed gear system
+ Lightweight

Why We Like It – A bike that you’d be proud to ride around any city. It looks extremely chic, and the lightweight aluminum frame will mean that you won’t have to work too hard to build up a good speed.

6. Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

This single-speed bike is something a little bit different to everything else we’ve looked at. Single-speed bikes have been growing in popularity with young commuters because they’re fast and reliable. There are fewer moving parts to go wrong, so you’re more likely to stay on the road. This bike has a hand-built steel track frame. It has front and rear Promax brakes, which will give you confidence when stopping.

It features a flip-flop hub in the rear wheel which means it can be turned around and turned into a fixed-gear bike. This is a different style of cycling that means the wheel can’t turn without moving the pedals. It means you can’t cruise, but you can apply the ‘brakes’ by pedaling more slowly. Another advantage is that you’re guaranteed a workout every time you get on your bike. Of course, if you don’t like it just turn your back wheel round again.

+ Steel track frame
+ Flip-flop hub
+ Promax brakes
+ Puncture resistant tires
+ Comes in a range of striking colors

Why We Like It – Single speed and fixed wheel bikes are a speedy option for the urban rider. They’re great fun to ride, and this one is no exception.

7. Retrospec Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter

This is another great bike by Retrospec. It is designed much more with comfort in mind than the Harper. The step-through frame makes for much easier mounting and dismounting. The frame is made out of steel which is nice and durable. The bike is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain with twist-shifters at the handlebars. The tires are Kenda 700x35c which is a traditional size for a city bike.

They’re well-treaded so will cope well in wet conditions. It comes with an in-built rack, fenders, and chainguard, meaning it is already kitted out for any commuting needs. The chainguard will save your work clothes from getting oily. It comes in a range of sizes and stylish colors so you can get the one that’ll precisely suit your tastes and needs.

+ Hand-built frame
+ Step-through design
+ Linear brakes front and rear
+ Kenda 700x35c tires
+ 7-speed gears

Why We Like It – This is a lovely women’s bike for urban environments. It has all the traditional features you would expect without becoming overcomplicated.

8. sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

This is a stylish bike that is designed with a swooping frame. It is made from aluminum which means that you’ll have a lightweight bike that is easy to accelerate on. It’s perfect for a range of uses cruising, leisure, or commuting rides. It’s a hybrid in the sense that it offers something slightly closer to a mountain bike geometry, with a sloping crossbar. This makes it a more comfortable ride.

Additionally, the handlebars sweep up substantially, meaning that sitting in a fully vertical position will feel the most comfortable and natural. It comes in a striking matte black and the fenders, rack, and chainguard all match. It’s a bike that’s sure to turn heads.

+ Hybrid geometry
+ Aluminum frame
+ Swept back handlebars
+ 7-speed gear system
+ 26-inch wheels

Why We Like It – It’s a hybrid bike that would be well suited to a variety of conditions. It could take some light off-road trail usage as well as performing well in urban environments.

9. Huffy Mens Commuter Bike, Hyde Park 27.5 inch

This bike is designed for taller adults of over 5’10”. The lightweight aluminum frame is at the core of the bike, making it fun and responsive to ride. It has large, 27.5” wheels which further improve acceleration. It has a ‘Perfect Fit Frame’ which provides a very upright riding position without compromising on full leg extension. It places the seated father back and lowers the center of gravity ensuring that comfort doesn’t mean you compromise of stability.

It features an extremely well-padded saddle which helps to promote a comfortable ride even when the road is a little bit bumpy. In addition, there’s an all-Shimano drivetrain with a 3-speed Shimano Nexus internal hub. Hub gear systems offer a straightforward and low maintenance option. There are alloy linear pull brakes which mean that you can stop with confidence every time. It comes in men’s and women’s frame designs.

+ Perfect Fit Frame
+ Large wheels
+ Aluminum frame
+ Comfort-orientated
+ All-Shimano drivetrain

Why We Like It – A bike that is extremely comfortable. The 3-speed gear system is good for people who live in mildly hilly locations.

10. sixthreezero Explore Your Range Men’s Hybrid Commuter Bicycle

This bike comes in 3-speed or 7-speed models. The bike has a low-profile, lightweight aluminum, diamond frame that allows easy mounting and dismounting. The diamond frame geometry is something you tend to spot on road bikes so expect this bike to be able to gain some decent speeds. The 3-speed model comes with a front brake and coaster brake. The coaster brake allows you to stop by just cycling backward.

It can be less precise but does make for fewer moving parts. The 7-speed option offer front and rear brakes mounted on the handlebars. The tires are 700x38c and are well-treated. This means that your bike is likely to cope well with wet conditions. The comfortable geometry makes longer rides seem like much more of a possibility. It comes with a built-in rack but no fenders or chainguard.

+ Different gearing options
+ Diamond geometry
+ Lightweight aluminum frame
+ Well-treaded tires
+ Fitted rack

Why We Like It – A nippy hybrid commuting bike with traditional diamond frame geometry. This would be one of the quicker bikes that we’ve surveyed.

Commuter Bike Buyers Guide

A commuting bike needs to be something that you can rely on to get you to work. It isn’t necessarily something you should consider as a sport unless you’re desperate for speed. This is why commuting bikes often have their own design conventions. As such, it’s really important to know what you’re looking for when you’re shopping for your bike. In this short buyer’s guide, we’ve discussed some of the things you should have your eye on.

Speed or Comfort

This is really the big question when it comes to commuting bikes. Do you want something that can get you to work in record time, or is it important that you get there in comfort?

It is worth remembering that cycling is exercise and if you’re chasing speed then you’re likely to get hot. Think about whether or not your office has shower facilities before you think about how quickly you want to race somewhere.
That being said, sometimes it is possible to go quickly without over-exerting yourself. A bike with an aluminum frame would be able to accelerate without too much effort. And sometimes it is important to keep pace with the traffic when you’re using busy roads.

Commuting Accessories

A lot of these bikes come with built-in features that are extremely useful for commuting. Fenders, chainguards, and racks. The first two are sure to keep your clothes from getting dirty. Clean clothes matter, however, and if your bike doesn’t come with fitted fenders, you should really look into fitting your own because otherwise, you could end up at the office covered in mud or oil.

A rack is a more functional piece of kit. It’ll allow you to attach a pannier to your bike which in turn will mean that you can keep your back sweat-free. Take a look at the manufacturers as sometimes they design specific bags for the bike you might be about to buy,

Frames: geometry and materials

The frames we’ve surveyed come in a very wide range of shapes and sizes. The most obvious of these is the difference between men and women’s bike geometry. With any women’s bikes, you should expect a step-through design with a dipped crossbar. Initially, this was so that women could wear a skirt or dress while cycling without having to ‘overexpose’ themselves. Nowadays it makes for a really comfortable riding option.

Other frame geometries include hybrid designs or swooping low-slung models. They often have inherited some characteristics from mountain biking which promotes sitting vertically. The closer a frame is to a traditional racing diamond, the more likely it is to be somewhat faster.


Gears become the first ‘optional extra’ for a bike. Several of the bikes we’ve surveyed can be purchased as single-speed options. This is a great option if you live in a flat location. Single-speed bikes are fun to ride and require very little maintenance.

If you do, however, live somewhere with hills, then there’s every chance you’ll need a gear system. A hub system will often provide a slightly narrower range of gears. There’s also less to go wrong. A 3-speed hub system would be sufficient for light usage, but it would struggle with steep environments.

An external gearing system, which works by moving the chain onto a different range of cogs, is a more traditional system that can offer a greater range. If you live somewhere with plenty of uphills, this is probably where you should be looking.


Most commuting bikes don’t come with suspension. They’re designed specifically for urban environments where it’s envisaged that you won’t need any suspension because you’ll always be on the tarmac. From experience, many riders know that some roads in cities can be uncomfortable and dangerous because of the number of potholes they have. If your commute takes you down one of these roads, then maybe considering suspension is worth it. The more comfortable you are, the more you’re going to enjoy your cycle.

Folding Bikes

A folding bike is a very strong commuting option. It gives you the opportunity to go almost anywhere with your bike. They allow you to have much more flexibility when it comes to commuting. Never again would you be hampered by having to carry your bike around with you to every stop.

The wheels in a folding bike tend to be quite small to reduce its overall footprint. This can mean they feel a little unsteady at first. Soon though, you’ll become familiar with the slightly different sense of balance and be riding without a problem.


There’s an extremely wide variety of commuter bikes. The most important thing when deciding is what your commute on a bike will actually look like. If you’re planning on gently pedaling down quiet back streets, then something laid back and comfortable would suit you well. If there’s going to be lots of up and downhills, then you should definitely consider choosing a commuting bike with a good set of gears on it. Similarly, if you’re planning on cycling a long way on busy roads, then it might be worth looking at a bike that can mean you’ll keep up with traffic

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